Re-visiting King Tut

In Tutankhamun — Secrets
In Tutankhamun — Secrets 
of the Boy King
, new research looks for answers to many mysteries about the legendary king

IN 1922, Lord Carnarvon funded the excavation of King Tutankhamun’s tomb that captured the world’s imagination. Eighty-five years later Lord Carnarvon’s great-grandson travels to Egypt to find out how new research is helping to reveal the real pharaoh behind the mask. Tutankhamun — Secrets of the Boy King on Sunday at 9 p.m. on the History Channel goes back to the ancient times of the legendary king, who is as well known today as he was thousands of years back. 

Grandson and the present Lord Carnarvon works closely with leading Egyptologist, Dr Zahi Hawass and other experts, re- examining the artefacts on display at the Cairo museum and at other places, which have never been publicly displayed. The idea is to look for answers to many mysteries about the life and reign of the boy king, who ruled over one of the world’s greatest civilisations from the age of only nine. 

Tutankhamun’s treasures attract record-breaking visitors in exhibitions around the world. The programme, which combines new research, location filming and dramatisations, shows how much of what we thought we knew about Tutankhamun, is now being challenged. — NF