Karuna Goswamy


2. Tower or mast carrying high-tension wire

6. Top card

7. Was she fashioned from Adam’s rib?

8. The choice or best of anything

11. Great ‘Buddhist’ city in Japan

12. Revise a manuscript or correct it

13. Vital fluid in a plant

14. Quote

16. The same as previously given

18. Destroy by slow consumption

20. Period marked by distinctive character

21. Covered vehicle carrying loads

22. India’s premier cricketing trophy


1. Tenacious things that cling to ship botto

2. Member of the House of Lords

3. Hawaiian wreath of flowers

4. Necessity; want

5. Mental feeling; emotion

9. Device that throws high energy beam

10. Lukewarm

15. Saline drop from the eye

17. The Goddess, in Indian terms

19. Possess; be master of