Rhyme Time
Story of a computer

I am a good tutor

My name is computer

My father is Charles Babbage

But I donít eat cabbage

I have won many awards

But virus takes me to a

hospital ward

I do calculations very fast

As my memory is quite vast

I have small mouse

I can live with you in your house

I never let you get bore

I can give your more and more

Chanchal Bajaj, X-B, Tribune Model School, Chandigarh

School days

Get up quickly are the words I hear every morning

So I comply with a sigh as they are my motherís warning

I get up quickly and have a bath

And I reach the school on a familiar path

As I reach school, I hear children talk

And here comes our teacher, shouting

We take out our books

Giving her nasty looks

We learn boring chapters

Finding out factors

Triing, triing...we listen with jo

Bícoz that is our school bell


Abhishek Lubana, VIII-C, Bhavan Vidyalaya, Chandigarh