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AIEEE Results
Three musketeers do it again
Sukaran second in state; Aayush and Karan 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in city
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 30
A number of students from the city have cleared the All-India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE), the result of which was declared this morning.


The trio’s success in the AIEEE has come close on the heels of the IIT entrance exam in which they had clinched top positions and were among the city’s first four toppers

Sukaran Singh, Aayush Gupta and Karan Jindal have once again done the city proud by bagging the top spots in the AIEEE. While Sukaran Singh has topped the city with a state rank of two and all-India rank (AIR) 40, Aayush Gupta has stood second in the city with state rank 12 and AIR 282. Karan Jindal is third in the city with a state rank of 13 and AIR 301.

The trio’s success in the competitive examination has come close on the heels of the IIT entrance exam, in which the three boys had clinched top positions and were among the city’s first four toppers. Karan Jindal was the city topper with Sukaran bagging the third position and Aayush standing fourth in the city in the IIT entrance.

The others who have cleared the AIEEE include Siddhartha Bahl (state rank 87), Babandeep Singh (state rank 124; AIR 3439); Abhishek Vats (state rank 145; AIR 3834); Ashish Jindal (state rank 164; AIR 4441), Jashandeep Singh (state rank 212; AIR 5000), Raghav Singla  (state rank 314; AIR 9649), Archit Bhatia (state rank 473; AIR 15049), Shreya Aggarwal (state rank 647; AIR 21,307), Simarpreet (state rank 720, AIR 23000), Ravi Noor (state rank 812; AIR 24,009), Adeesh
 (state rank 1064), Himanshu (state rank 1200), Gaganpreet Singh (state rank 1200; AIR 34000); Deepali Goyal (state rank 4000; AIR 97 in architecture stream), Sonali Bhanot (state rank 435), Ashish Gupta (state rank 213), Pawandeep Singh (state rank 17), Garvit Bansal (state rank 67),  Saurav Gupta (state rank 49), Maninder Singh (state rank 364), Chetan Chopra state rank 361), Inderpreet Singh (state rank 765), Rajat Pandhi (state rank 1134), Uparika (state rank 1072), Sanchit Kapoor (state rank 132), Bhavjeet Singh (state rank 347), Navdeep Singh (state rank 416), Ritesh Bhatia (state rank 440), Prabhsimran Singh (state rank 441), Harnoor Singh (state rank 750), Arshbir Singh (state rank 828), and Navraj Singh (state rank 969).


Punjabi weddings ‘fat’ no more
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 30
Talk about a Punjabi wedding and the first thing that comes in ones mind is the extravagance, flamboyance and grandeur. And the endless list of sumptuous mouth-watering, calorie-loaded dripping-in-oil delicacies, which are hard to resist even for the determined dieter.

However, off late, growing health consciousness had been keeping the eaters away from the weddings, because as they say, “if at a wedding, one doesn’t eat, then what is the use of going at all”.

Thus, cashing in on the dilemma of the health conscious and choosy eaters, enterprising wedding planners have found a novel way to pull back the crowd to the “fat” Indian weddings.

Low-calorie, low-carbohydrate, health food is the latest addition to the already lavish wedding party menus. So, you now have exotic appetizers like fruit salads, sandwiches, sprout chaat and olives competing with “pao-bhaji”, “aloo-tikki”, noodles, “aloo-chaat” and spring rolls for starters and snacks at your best friend’s wedding. These snacks are the latest favourite as quite a few are low in fat content.

As for the main course, you will find fresh salads, porridge oats, veggies, fruits, sprouts, spaghetti, yogurt, muesli, pastas, bakes bread rubbing shoulders with butter chicken, chicken masala, dal makhani, shahi paneer, paneer tikka masala, butter naan.

Desserts, perhaps the best part of every meal, too, have a list of interesting low-calorie items, including sugar-free sweets, low-fat ice creams, baked cheesecake, tarts, Italian, tiramisu, sugar-free pie. The usual sweet dishes like jalebi, gulab jamu, rasmalai, ice cream, cake, and puddings are also served!

No party is complete without a fair share of drinks. To cater to the calorie-watchers, there are a host of choice like fresh juices, lime sodas, flavoured but skimmed milk and lassi, age-old favourite beverages tea and coffee along with Bacardi and Diet Coke, lemonade, low-calorie iced tea, coffee and hot chocolate, hot apple cider, sugar-free smoothies and veggie detox. Liquor and aerated drinks, too, manage to find place on the guests’ tables.

Confirming that the health food has made its way into the menus of Punjabi wedding parties, that too in a big way, S Ahuja, a wedding planner from Mumbai, says, “Yes, they have indeed, with more and more people wanting them on their party menus.”

“Weddings are all about happiness and enjoyment and if one has to constantly watch what one is eating, all fun is taken away from the celebrations. But if one is given a choice of health foods and drinks, the fun and joy are sure to double,” she added with smile.

Novel Invites

Invitations, too, are aimed at attracting the attention of food lovers who prefer to practice caution while choosing what to eat. An invite reads: “Plenty of snacks, drinks, food and entertainment will be arranged. And yes, for all those carbohydrate-conscious women, we have special diet and sugarless drinks and food. Lots of salad too.” Going by the trend, weddings are all set to become the biggest business for those in the health food industry!



Probe panel on felling of trees jumps deadline
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 30
Despite 15-day deadline laid down by the forest minister to probe the illegal felling of trees at National Highway 1 and alongside Sidhwan canal, the 15-member fact-finding committee has yet to start investigation.

It was on May 18 that state forest minister Tikshan Sood constituted a team and gave 15 days time to probe the matter and file a report pertaining to the alleged illegal felling of trees in the name of six-laning project of the NH-1 and expressway alongside Sidhwan Canal.

Punjab State Forest Development Corporation general manager Mewa Singh and managing director Kuldip Singh headed the 15-member team following a complaint filed by Kulwinder Singh, a resident of Ahmedgarh.

According to Kulwinder, he recently wrote a letter to the state forest minister in which he highlighted the issue of state-wide illicit axing of saplings conducted by timber traders, who got the government contract of chopping trees.

He said the timber traders who got the contract for axing the trees on the NH-1 and alongside Sidhwan Canal have allegedly even chopped those trees which were not marked by the government to cut.

Kulwinder said the contractors made moolah by chopping trees, paying scant regards to the fact that they have ruined the ecological balance of the state.

It is learnt that the minister took prompt action and constituted a 15-member committee to probe the matter.

“Despite the attempt of the forest minister, the committee is not initiating the probe, reason best known to the member of the team. I personally went and visited the office of MP Rai, additional principal chief conservator of forest, but I was made to return after the senior bureaucrat told me that I should not interfere in their job,” complained Kulwinder.

Neither the forest minister nor forest officers were available to comment despite repeated attempts.



Man killed by wife, paramour; 3 held
Our Correspondent

Raikot, May 30
A women, mother of two daughters, allegedly killed her husband with the help of her paramour and his friend here last night.

The accused, Simranjit Kaur (40), from Boparai village was married to Charanjit Singh of Burj Naklian around 12 years ago and had two daughters — Amritpal Kaur (10) and Jagdeep Kaur (8) — from the wedlock.

Around three years ago, Charanjit Singh had gone to Dubai to work there as a labourer.

Around one and half years ago, Simranjit Kaur developed illicit relations with Harbans Singh, an auto-rickshaw driver and a resident of Heran village, near Jagraon. He had two daughters and a son. He originally hailed from Joga Ralla village, near Talwandi Sabo, in Bathinda district.

When Charanjit Singh returned from Dubai around two months ago, he learned about their relationship.

He was to go back to Dubai after a fortnight but made up his mind to settle here permanently. On Friday, he announced this decision to his wife.

Simranjit Kaur, baffled by the decision, decided to get rid of her husband with the help of Harbans Singh.

As per the plan, Harbans Singh on Saturday went to Joga Ralla along with his father on the pretext of getting his land demarcated, thus making a perfect alibi for him. In the evening, he came back and committed the crime.

The woman’s daughters said they had slept in the front room of their house, while their parents were in the adjoining room.

In the night, they heard a vehicle approach their house and later saw Harbans along with three others enter the house. However, the two girls went back to sleep.

When they woke up later, they found their parents missing from the house. Initially, they thought they had gone out to get medicines, as their father was not well. However, later their mother returned alone expressing ignorance about the whereabouts of their father.

When villagers came to know about the disappearance of Charanjit Singh, they questioned Simranjit Kaur, who could not give any satisfactory answer. The villagers then informed the police.

After a brief investigation, the police registered a case against Simranjit Kaur, Harbans Singh and his friend Jasvir Singh of Talwandi Rai village under Sections 364 and 34 of the IPC.

The police arrested the three and during interrogation they confessed to having committed the crime.

They stated that in the evening, Charanjit Singh had consumed liquor and as per the plan, Simranjit Kaur served him dinner spiked with drugs. After consuming the food, he fell unconscious.

The three took the victim in the auto-rickshaw of Harbans Singh to Bardeke village, near Jagraon.

They threw him in a canal but Charanjit Singh regained consciousness and tried swim out.

The accused then inflicted four fatal wounds with a sharp-edged weapon on the head of Charanjit Singh and another wound on his forehead, killing him on the spot.

By dusk, Simarjit Kaur returned home and went back to sleep.

The police later recovered the body of Charanjit Singh near a bridge over the canal at Daudhar village.

Jasvir Singh was to be paid Rs 1 lakh for helping the other two in the crime.

The police, after recovering the body, today added Section 302, IPC, to the case. The murder weapon is yet to be recovered.



Forest dept lax as fire incidents continue
Mahesh Sharma

Ludhiana/Mandi Ahmedgarh, May 30
While the department of social forestry is all out to impress upon social organisations by adopting tree plantation projects, officials in the parent department have failed to protect trees growing along river banks and roadside in the area falling under Ludhiana and Sangrur districts.

Providing ideal growing conditions for trees and saplings seems far from their objective, as officials do not even bother to save them from unexplained fires caused during recent weeks. It is suspected that fires were deliberately lit to clear the ground under tree canopies.

Regrettably, volunteers who tried to save some saplings by putting off the fire were discouraged by officials to do so.

Admitting the damage caused to trees due to frequent fires, range officer Kuldip Singh maintained that all available sources had been utilised to look after and protect trees growing along Abohar branch of Sirhind Canal in this region. He said formal complaints would be lodged after exact cause of recent fires was established.

Investigations by The Tribune revealed that thousands of saplings, shrubs and trees had been destroyed due to unexplained fires in this area during the past couple of weeks.

There were still others which were dying due to lack of proper care.

Dozens of employees posted for protection of forest cover watched the fires silently, but none bothered to either call fire fighting teams or try to put it off.

Gurmit Singh of Bilaspur, a social activist, who tried to put off fire, regretted that the officials instead of appreciating his role discouraged him to interfere in government affairs.

“Even the passers-by, for obvious fear of government officials, did not extend help to me in extinguishing fire. One of the government workers rather tried to stop me from doing so as according to him the fire was lit to clear garbage around the trees,” said Gurmeet Singh.

Sources revealed that the department had spent huge amounts on planting saplings at nude places along river banks and roadsides during the past few years.

Long stretches had been covered with saplings due to alleged illegal activities by owners of commercial organisations and farmers.



SCD Govt College for Boys
Smoke from burning leaves chokes residents
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 30
Educational institutions in city have been trying hard to teach students and others not to pollute the environment and keep their surroundings clean and green. However, there are always a few who act contrary to what they have been told.

In a typically irresponsible manner, dry leaves and even garbage are being regularly burnt by gardeners maintaining the new hostel of the SCD Government College for Boys here. This not only leads to air pollution in the extremely hot weather but also affects breathing. Residents of Udham Singh Nagar and nearby localities feel suffocated due to this easy way of getting rid of the refuse.

Prem Kumar, a resident, said earlier this way of disposing garbage did not cause him much trouble but in the sweltering weather he found it difficult to breath. “When heaps of dry leaves are burnt in summer it causes suffocation. Throughout the day heat is generated. We have asked the gardeners not to burn garbage like this but they refuse to listen”, he complained.

Another resident rued: “The educational institutes preach not to generate pollution - be it noise, water or air, but here things are different. Nobody is paying attention towards air pollution caused by burning of leaves. Secondly, due to this kind of disposal there are chances of fires breaking out in dry fields”.

When contacted, SCD Government College principal Jasbir Makkar said: “Burning of leaves is strictly prohibited. I have been made aware of the incident and will hold a meeting on this issue. Strict action will be taken against the gardener or anyone else responsible. I’ll make sure such a mistake is not repeated again”.



Protest over possession of land, 20 hurt
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, May 30
The panchayat department, along with the duty magistrate and Sidhwan Bet police took the possession of about 33 acres of land at Talwandi Nauabad village near here on Friday from 17 families that were occupying the land since 1947.

Interestingly, defying the orders of Punjab and Haryana High Court, village sarpanch Manjit Kaur in support of other panches had denied to take the possession, as she said the families had developed this barren land since 1947.

She further added that the panchayat was not in the need of the land occupied by them rather she preferred that the government should allot the land to them permanently.

Sources revealed that on May 12, the high court had directed the DDPO to get the possession and hand it over to the village panchayat so that the panchayat could earn rental income from it. When he asked the panchayat to take the possession, sarpanch Manjit Kaur refused to take the possession and after dismissing the panchayat, BDPO Sidhwan Bet, Amarjit Singh, along with duty magistrate from Sidhwan Bet, Gurmail Singh, and the police from Sidhwan Bet, Bhundri and Dakham, reached the spot where 100 protesters resisted the move of the BDPO to take the possession from them yesterday.

The operation took around two hours after the police fired in the air and cane charged the protesters in which more than 20 persons, including five women and 2 policemen, were hurt.

The BDPO Sidhwan Bet handed over the possession of the land after ploughing it to administrator Harbans Singh.



CICU decries MC drive
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 30
The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation’s (LMC) campaign to stop parking of cycles/scooters by industrial workers by the side of the industrial gate of the factory has been condemned by the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertakings (CICU).

CICU general secretary Avtar Singh, Ludhiana, condemned the MC’s campaign, who is out to remove the parking of cycles/scooters of the industrial workers parked by the side of the industry gates, treating such parking as an encroachment of the municipal land.

“Needless to remind and apprise the local municipal authority that this practice of parking of the industry conveyances outside the factory gate is the precedent for the last more than 50 years in Punjab and the running of industry without this parking facility to the industrial workers will affect the growth of the industry in Ludhiana,” said Avtar Singh.

Avtar Singh and CICU joint secretary Upkar Singh requested Manoranjan Kalia, minister for local bodies and commerce and industry, to intervene immediately and direct the municipal corporation that the aforesaid drive started by the MC to remove the parking of cycle/scooter should be stopped immediately for smooth working of the industry, which is already suffering from the anti-industry policies of the Punjab government.



Tewari raps state govt for misuse of grants
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 30
The Congress-led UPA government at the Centre had released grants worth a whopping Rs 6,000 crore to Punjab during the last six years under different Centre-funded welfare schemes, but unfortunately the money has either been misdirected or misappropriated by senior functionaries of the SAD-BJP government in the state. These allegations were levelled by Ludhiana MP Manish Tewari while addressing a series of public meetings in Beelan, Jassowal and Chupki villages today.

He said he had asked the authorities to provide information of work done on the Centrally-funded welfare schemes at the village and block level so that he could visit the places to ascertain the truth. Tewari announced a grant of Rs 2 lakh each for the aanganwari centre in Beelan village, development works in Chupki village, community centre in Sarabha Nagar extension and development project in New Rajguru Nagar.



85 get prosthetics, wheelchairs
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 30
A total of 85 physically challenged persons were given prosthetics, calipers, wheelchairs and tricycles at a free artificial limb distribution camp organised by Maharaja Aggarsain Sewa Sangh at Shree Laxmi Narain Mandir here today.

The Bharat Vikas Parishad Charitable Trust provided expert assistance at the camp.

In order to spread awareness and to sensitise members of the society about the needs and abilities of differently abled children, a cultural programme was presented by the children from the Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Centre, Deaf and Dumb School, Ashirwad, Ek Paryas and Ek Jyot.

Meanwhile, more than 500 patients were examined at a free dental and eye check-up camp organised by the Ma Bhagwati Club at Bal Vidya Mandir School in Bhagat Singh Nagar locality near Salem Tabri here today.

Punjab Small Traders Board deputy chairman Madan Lal Bagga while inaugurating the camp, lauded the initiative of the institution towards serving the suffering humanity and providing free healthcare to the needy people.

Teams of doctors and supporting staff led by Dr Ramesh, an eye specialist, and Dr Rachpal Singh, a dental surgeon, examined the patients in their respective specialties and rendered a follow-up advice.



Special kids’ performance impresses audience
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 30
Students of School for the Deaf Children, Rajpura road, enthusiastically participated in a fun-filled bonanza “Taare Zameen Par”, the concluding event of a summer camp aimed at bringing out the hidden talent of the special children.

The camp held under the guidance of choreographer Happy was a special treat for the special children comprising a song and dance extravaganza.

At the valedictory function yesterday, the students impressed audience with brilliant performances in mime, bhangra, classical dance, rock “n” roll.

However, the highlight of the event was the song sequence “Ye sach hai ki bhagwan hai”, which evoked emotional response from everyone present. School director Suvarsha Kalra thanked the guests and encouraged the students to keep up the good work.



World No Tobacco Day
13 per cent deaths in India by 2020
Rakesh Gupta

Jagraon, May 30
With the World No Tobacco Day falling on May 31, various campaigns against the consumption of tobacco have been started. It has been scientifically proved that tobacco causes over 20 categories of fatal and disabling diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases.

However, most smokers who attempt to quit, never use cessation aids and are usually unsuccessful.

Dr Rohit Singla says, “Quitting smoking becomes easier if a smoker gets an assistance in the form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).”

Globally, it is estimated that there are 3 billion smokers, of which 112 million are in India.

According to latest studies, tobacco causes approximately 5.4 million deaths around the world and kills approximately 9 lakh Indians every year. Of all smokers in the world, only 2 per cent are successful in quitting the habit every year, which shows that the quitting rate is far less compared to the growing rate of tobacco consumption which is 2 to 3 per cent per annum.

It is predicted that by 2020, tobacco related deaths would comprise 13 per cent of total deaths in India.

Having heard much about the ill-effects of smoking, it is true that it harms every organ of the body. A cigarette contains nicotine and more than 4,000 compounds of which many are cancerous.

About 65 per cent of various cancers in men and 33 per cent in women are tobacco related.

It is also established that passive smokers (a person who is not smoking but inhales air with cigarette smoke) are also at a risk of lung diseases.

Tobacco addiction requires repeated attempts to give it up. Most regular smokers are addicted to nicotine.

When one smokes a cigarette, nicotine gets into the bloodstream and immediately starts stimulating the brain, giving one a feeling of pleasure.

When the blood level of nicotine falls, withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, increased appetite, irritability, dizziness and craving for nicotine start developing.

This develops the craving for the next puff and it becomes difficult to quit.

“Nicotine Replacement Therapies currently available in the form of nicotine gum, patch and inhaler help smokers quit tobacco by maintaining stable nicotine levels in the bloodstream to avoid withdrawal symptoms caused due to smoking,” said Dr Rohit Singla.

Dr Rohit Singla feels that quitting is difficult but not impossible and that with some efforts and support from family and friends, one can fight his/her withdrawal symptoms and give up the habit forever.

With economical smoking cessation aid like NRT, smokers have stronger reasons to believe that winners quit and quitters win!



Regularise contractual staff, says PWD union
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 30
The Punjab State Employees Union, a faction of Punjab PWD Employees Union, held a meeting at the irrigation department office here yesterday.

State president Hari Singh Tohra while addressing the employees said the state government must regularise contractual employees of the department without any delay.

Besides, the Class IV employees should also be given promotions as per the rules. Tohra said the state government had still not released the grants to the employees as per the Pay Commission. He said there were about 1.75 lakh vacancies in various departments, the Punjab government should start recruitments and provide employment to 47 lakh unemployed youth.

Amongst others present on the occasion included Balraj Verma, Shiv Kumar, Nath Singh, Darshan Kumar, Nirmal Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Bahadur Singh, Sarabjit Singh, Kanta Singh, Baljinder Singh, Gurmel Singh, Ramesh Kumar, etc.



Rs 30-lakh grant for Latala
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, May 30
The civic body of Latala village, which falls under the Dakha constituency, received a grant of Rs 30 lakh for development work.

Manpreet Singh Ayali, chairman, zila parishad, Ludhiana, presented the cheques to SAD leaders of the village. Gurmukh Singh Latala, chairman, Block Samiti, presided over the function held at Latala, near here, yesterday.

Of the total amount, Rs 13 lakh will be spent on construction and repair of streets, sewage lines and sanitation, Rs 2.25 lakh will be spent on the renovation of the village school and the rest of the amount will be used for cleaning pond and water treatment plant.



Girl teaches eve-teasers a lesson
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 30
Acting brave this young girl taught eve-teasers a lesson.

Vandana, a journalist, was on a rickshaw, when three motorcyclists followed her and started teasing her. They even passed some lewd remarks.

Unable to take the remarks, Vandana asked the rickshaw-puller to stop and slapped one of the eve-teasers.

The miscreants tried to overpower her but she did not give up and gave them a sound thrashing.

The incident occurred at Jagatpuri police station in Salem Tabri.

Vandana was today honoured by Asian Club.

While honouring her, Club’s chief organiser Raaz Thakur said Vandana had set an example for other girls.

Vandana said, “I don’t have a family but the God has always been there to support me.”



City Concerns
Earmark zone for protesters to vent ire

The Ferozepore Road passing through the city has become a road of protests for agitators. Despite being a busy road, the protesters often lay a siege on it thereby throwing smooth traffic out of gear. Commuters have to suffer as they are stranded during protests. Things have come to such a pass that the road is blocked quite often. There are some days when the protests go on throughout the day. The simplest solution to this problem seems to be the shifting of protest venue. The administration can identify a park and ask the agitators to go there. What else can be done to address the problem? The readers chip in:

Indisputably the Ferozepur Road passing through the city has become a road of protests and sieges hampering smooth flow of traffic even to the extent of paralysing life in the city on some days.

The Ferozepur Road is selected by protesters because of the location of Mini Secretariat, District Courts and offices of important functionaries of administration on this road.

Of course, there is an urgent need to earmark some park or zone where the protesters can give vent to their grievances and ire. The Chandigarh Administration tackled this problem by creating a special zone for protestors coming from all over the state.

The said zone in Chandigarh is called Matka Chowk near Sector 9 leading to secretariat and high court. There is a dire need of having a ‘Matka Chowk’ in Ludhiana as well on the pattern of Chandigarh.

In Ludhiana, the Club Road -- starting from Durga Mata Mandir to Fountain Chowk -- and the lawns of Rakh Bagh up to the Mall Road can be earmarked as zone for the said purpose. Protestors could give an outlet to their grievances and ire while the normal life of other citizens would not be put out of gear.

Prof KBS Sodhi

Citizens should act responsibly

The Ferozepur Road is one of the busiest GT Roads in Ludhiana. It directs its way to several other towns and is a common passage towards the interiors of the city. The morning hours are too crowded on this road as it is mainly occupied by the people paving their way to their offices or to other institutions.

Ludhiana is undergoing a major traffic problem which needs to be sorted out and these protests on the busy roads add to the woes further.

Democracy calls out to put forth your views before the government, but this does not means that one could start protest on any place leading to the incontinence of others who are not a party to it. Being a responsible citizen of a developing country people must think of this issue and not create a hassle for others in putting forth their demands.

The agitators can inform prior to their agitation so that the traffic can be diverted. A written demand of the action can be sent first and if there is no solution turned out then only a public agitation should be called for.

Besides, the protest can carried out on a road which is not plied by many commuters or the timing of the protest can be rescheduled.

Pratima Singh Maidh

Punish irrational protesters

It is easy to curse, but too hard to be on the other side of the road. In a commercial city like Ludhiana where people know that every minute is valuable, it is not easy to be on the road and block the traffic. People very easily curse those blocking the road without knowing the reason for it.

Most of the times it is the exploitation at the hands of the administration, be it by the police, municipal corporation or other government institutions. It is the unavailability and unapproachable attitude of senior administrators which results in such incidents. At times teachers and advocates jam the traffic on the Ferozepore Road, so that there ‘reasonable’ demands are attended to.

The government should make a policy where responsibility is fixed of the department concerned to address to such problems before they reach on the Ferozepore road. However, if the demand is not genuine a stern action should be taken against the road blockers.

It is only because the administration succumbs to such unlawful pressure after road blockades that every other day many of the institutions find it easy to get themselves noticed and highlighted.

I feel that genuine exploitee should not be cursed as it can be you or me on any given day owing to the culture of Indian politics. Besides, we the commuters should be sensible enough to keep a lane free for the movement of ambulance and fire brigades.

Rajesh Rai Dhanda

Tormentors not agitators

There is a spurt of blockages on important roads by protesters, politicians or religious congregations due to apathy of authorities in allotting a suitable place for such activities. People take pride in blocking major roads on trivial issues at the behest of some politicians.

Authorities must allot a place for staging such protests or rallies. Even the GT Road is blocked with impunity, but the Ferozepur Road is targeted for its proximity to Mini Secretariat.

It also passes through the city which facilitates to draw the attention of the district administration as well as of public. Each blockade leaves indelible marks of misery besides causing irrevocable losses of property and even life.

Vandalism and hooliganism are no means to register protests. Instead, these are cognisable offences. Offenders should be awarded model punishment to act as a deterrent.

DN Sharma, Ludhiana



Six-a-Side Hockey League
Satguru’s hat-trick wins Jarkhar Academy title
Our Sports Reporter

Jarkhar (Ludhiana), May 30
Satguru Singh scored a hat-trick to enable the Jarkhar Academy outplay Malwa Academy, Ludhiana, 3-1 to emerge champions in the inaugural edition of the Olympian Prithipal Singh Six-a-Side Hockey League organised jointly by the Jarkhar Hockey Academy and Ludhiana Sportsmen Welfare Association at Mata Sahib Kaur Stadium, which concluded here today.

The final witnessed a fierce tussle, as players of both sides battled it out for ball control. They dished out fine stick work as Sandeep and Sukhpreet Singh, both of Jarkhar Academy, moved like a well-oiled machine, whereas Malwa Academy’s Harmandeep Singh gave a good account of himself and figured in a number of moves.

The Jarkhar Academy surged ahead in the ninth minute when Satguru Singh after dodging past defenders managed to roll the ball into the net. He again found the target in the 17th minute to consolidate the lead 2-0. In the very next minute, Satguru pumped in another goal to further cement the lead 3-0.

Jarkhar Academy goalkeeper Gurwinder Singh was at the centre stage, as he thwarted a number of scoring attempts by Malwa players.

Undeterred at this, the Malwa Academy lads began the proceedings in the second session on a rousing note. They made forays into the rival’s citadel repeatedly but luck did not favour them.

Eventually, the Malwa Academy opened their account in the 35th minute when Jaswinder Singh scored a superb field goal to salvage some pride (3-1).

Earlier, in the match for the hard line cup, Sports Excellence Centre, Ludhiana, got the better of Grewal Hockey Academy, Kila Raipur, 2-1 to finish third.

In the veterans' section, the Friends’ Club, Doraha, defeated Lakhbir Grewal Club, Jarkhar, 4-2 to clinch the title.

For the winners, Sukhjeet Singh scored a brace, while Anil Prabhat and Baljeet Singh contributed one goal each. Mandeep Singh and Harminder Pal Singh chipped in one goal each of the losers.

The Sunday Morning Club, Ludhiana, overcame stiff challenge from the Army Club, Ludhiana, before romping home victors 3-2 to content with the third position.

Sandeep and Gurwinder Singh, both of Jarkhar Academy, were named man of the tournament and the best goalkeeper, respectively. Harmandeep Singh of the Malwa Academy was declared the best full back, while Sukhpreet Singh of Jarkhar Academy was adjudged the best forward.

MLA Darshan Singh Shivalik gave away prizes to the players. Zila Parishad chairman Manpreet Singh Ayali, Ludhiana, presided over the prize distribution function. The players were given cash prizes, besides medals and hockey sticks.

Jaspreet Kaur, Jatinder Sharma, daughter and son-in law of Olympian Prithipal Singh, along with sports promoters, Pehalwan Gurmail Singh and Hardial Singh Aman, Narinder Pal Singh and Harkamal Singh, chairman and president, respectively, of Mata Sahib Kaur Sports Club, Jarkhar, Prof Rajinder Singh Gill and a number of prominent personalities of the area were also present to watch the proceedings on the final day.



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