Ulta Pulta
Teaching tales
Jaspal Bhatti

AAMIR Khan recently said in an interview that teaching should be made the highest paid job in India. It is another thing that even if it is done, Aamir is not going to become a teacher. It was very well highlighted in Aamir’s movie 3 Idiots that one should enjoy whatever one learns.

Talking about the teachers, I classify teachers in three major categories:

The first category is of transient teachers. They grab teaching jobs and stay as long as they are preparing for some entrance exams and get an appropriate job of their choice. Their heart sings, "Dil dance mare re" when students play truant.

Then there is another category of teachers, who are in this noble profession because of their husbands’ positions. These are wives of bureaucrats and police officers, who take up teaching, just to break their routine of boredom. They are not much bothered about their pay packets. Then there are people who really are in the field for the love of teaching. They spend most of their time fighting for their pay scales or managing their postings near their hometowns. Those who really excel in the teaching skills, leave their jobs and open coaching centers of their own.

Once a teacher in a private school asked for a raise, pleading his salary was too low to survive. The management scoffed at him, comparing him with Sharmaji, "Look, he has got five children and he’s getting less than you, whereas you have only one child." The aggrieved teacher said, "Sir, I thought we get paid according to the results we produce in the school and not at home."