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Sugar’s sweet? Ask traders!
Second auction put off amid protests
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
Eight months after 115,796 quintals of hoarded sugar was confiscated by the food, civil supplies and consumer affairs department, it is yet to reach households.

Its second auction, scheduled for today, was cancelled amid protests by traders that it was “expired” sugar.

The process of auctioning the sugar started at the wheat auditorium of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) at 11 am today.

A group of social workers objected to the auction of “expired” sugar without getting it tested from the state laboratory of the department of health and family welfare.

The department had kept Rs 2,700 as the reserve price, but none of the traders came forward for the auction, fearing action from the department of health and family welfare under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act.

This correspondent called up Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari, who promised to look into matter. He sent the ADC to the venue, who cancelled the auction.

The department had seized 97,500 quintals of “expired” sugar from Khubi Ram Johari Mal, 8,516 quintals from Yashika International and 9,780 quintals from Chandi Mal Roshan Das at Seehra, stated to be one of the biggest such seizures in Punjab.

The hoarders had specially rented godowns in the city to stock the sugar. Following raids, the city police filed a case against them under the Essential Commodities Act.

Officials of the department auctioned the seized sugar stocks on February 26, declaring that the sugar was good and safe for human consumption and asking traders to sell it in the open market within 72 hours.

Exasperated over the apathy of the department, sugar traders from various districts demanded that the department pay them back their earnest money of Rs 200 per bag, which they had deposited before the last auction.

“A total of 159 traders from Punjab had deposited Rs 1 lakh for 500 bags and Rs 2 lakh for 1,000 bags of sugar before they came to know that it was expired sugar,” said Ashwani Mittal, a sugar trader from Jalandhar, who was present today.

It’s jinxed

The sugar seems to be jinxed as the food, civil supplies and consumer affairs department tried to auction it on February 26, but traders failed to lift it despite a
72-hour deadline. Desperate to get rid of it, the department scheduled the auction for today, but the lobby of sugar traders refused to bid for it. DFSC(East) KR Singla floated the idea of using the sugar in animal feed or manufacturing wine and liquor, but the apprehensive traders were not convinced.

They’re active

Arvind Sharma, a social worker, in a letter to the Punjab Health Minister, has demanded laboratory tests of the sugar. He has referred to the tags on the sugar bags carrying 2007-08 as the date of manufacture, followed by the message ‘best before within two years’. Gursimran Singh Mand, office-bearer of the Congress, in his representation given to the DC, has demanded that the sugar be destroyed if it fails the laboratory tests.


One booked for accidental death
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
A 43-year-old private security guard died after an accidental fire by his colleague at car sales unit of Toyota, Dhandari village, here late last night.

The victim was identified as Sanjiv Kumar, a resident of Sahnewal.

The incident occurred at 11:30 pm when Yashpal, victim’s father-in-law, came to Toyota to meet him.

According to Yashpal, Raghuvir Singh, Sanjiv’s colleague also joined the conversation.

In the meantime, an accidental fire from the private weapon of Raghuvir went off and struck straight into the stomach of Sanjiv.

Yashpal said the bullet pierced his stomach veins and blood started oozing out of the victim's body.

The duo immediately rushed the victim to the hospital, where he was declared brought dead. The victim apparently died due to loss of blood.

Focal Point police, however, has seized the weapon and registered a case under Section 304 of the IPC for accidental death against the accused.



False Claim
No action likely against Parteek
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
A day after 17-year-old Parteek Bajwa took everybody for a ride claiming that he bagged a job with NASA, no action is likely to be taken against him for want of a complaint.

The police yesterday ordered a high-level probe into his claims but the Commissioner of Police today said they were not mulling any action against him.

“A claim is no crime. Parteek made tall claims but did not commit a crime," said Commissioner Ishwar Singh adding that in the absence of any complaint, the police would not be able to register a case against the boy.

"We can take action only if someone files a complaint. Otherwise, we cannot do anything against him," he said.

Parteek had on Friday claimed to have made a record-breaking discovery by which humans could live for 10-15 years more. He had also claimed to have been invited by NASA by a chartered flight and offered the job of a senior microbiologist at a salary of Rs 1.65 lakh per day. The teenager had also claimed to have figured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the discovery.

Parteek had corroborated his claims with the help of fake documents and certificates with forged signatures of the authorities at NASA as well as that of US President Barrack Obama. He had also produced a document of the Guinness Book of World Records, with forged signatures of the signatory authority.

Meanwhile, Parteek and his maternal uncle Vikas Seth are changing statements. Yesterday Parteek said he was forced to fake an achievement under immense parental pressure. His parents wanted him to excel and he wanted to make them happy.

Though Seth has been claiming he had been kept in the dark just like Parteek's entire family, his contradictory statements depict a different story.

Unanswered questions

  • Where did Parteek get the forged documents from?
  • Where did he get the Guinness Book of World Records certificate printed?
  • Who helped him in his "misadventure"? 



Life term for daughter-in-law’s murder in Canada
Punishment right, say fellow villagers
Mahesh Sharma

Saharan Majra, June 6
"People who kill women should be given the worst of punishment so that nobody can dare to eliminate them.” This was a common sentiment echoed by villagers of Saharan Majra village in Ludhiana district near here, whose native Kamikar Singh Dhillon was ordered life term in Canada yesterday.

Not even a single family of the village, including relatives, showed sympathies with the alleged killer, as they said this was the right treat to him.

Visibly upset over repetition of same questions they had faced on the first day of the year 2009, when Kamikar Singh Dhillon had killed his daughter-in-law Amandeep Kaur by stabbing her multiple times, the villagers said they had snapped links with the family.

“Even if he was a native of our locality we could never think of showing sympathy with a person who was found guilty of murdering his daughter-in-law,” reacted villagers led by Gurdeep Singh.

Terming character assassination of Amandeep after her murder as another monstrous crime, villagers alleged Dhillon had acted against tenets of the village where daughter-in-laws were treated as daughters.

Showing sympathy with parents of the victim, the villagers on contrary vouched for her good moral character. Referring to information collected from residents of her locality Gurjit Kaur, sarpanch of the village, maintained that she (Amandeep) had a good moral character and there was nothing unusual about her behaviour. “Even if there was anything wrong with her behaviour her husband should have discussed it with her parents,” argued Gurjit Kaur.

48-year-old Indian Canadian Dhillon was earlier employed as a salesman in the Cooperative Department of the state government. Not being able to adjust in the village he had shifted to local town and then to Canada in search of greener pasture. He got his son married to Amandeep of Issru village in 2005.

Dhillon pleaded guilty to stabbing Amandeep Kaur to death on January 1, 2009, saying he feared she would leave his son for another man with whom she was having an affair.



‘He must prove charges on her character’

Issru (Ludhiana): “We do not comment on decision of the Canadian Court to award life sentence to killers of our daughter. But we do want that he should be asked to prove allegations he levelled against her character in the court.”

This is the common demand raised by residents of this village, whose native Amandeep Kaur (22), was brutally murdered by her father-in-law in Canada on January 1, 2009.Her fellow villagers have one view on the issue, as they feel that levelling false charges on her character was more heinous crime.

Visibly shaken over reports about justification given by Kamikar Singh Dhillon, the villagers argued that the administration should not have allowed the accused to level baseless charges during proceedings of the case.

Avtar Singh and Kulwant Kaur, father and mother of Amandeep Kaur were again in a shock over reports of character assassination against their daughter.

Nirmal Singh, deceased’s uncle said, “As we had already settled the marriage of my daughter in an NRI family in Canada I asked my brother to marry Amandeep too with some Canadian boy. Had I known about the

antecedents of Kamikar Singh, I would have never let that marriage happen”. Nirmal Singh, accusing Dhillon of murdering Amandeep twice, once in their family grocer store and again by levelling false allegations in the court.

The family was keen to marry their daughter off to Canada even though Dhillon’s son was not mentally fit.

Investigations had revealed that Amandeep was taken to the store on a holiday early in the morning as a part of a conspiracy hatched by her in-laws, settled in Canada.

The in-laws did not even bother to inform her parents back home about her death. It was only after the Canadian police and insurance companies started making calls that her parents came to know about the incident.



Tab on tormentors in place
Mohit Khanna/Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
To keep a tab on snatchers and eve-teasers, the city police installed eight close-circuit television cameras (CCTVs) in the posh Sarabha Nagar market here today. The CCTV cameras were installed in collaboration with shopkeepers. A mini-control room with televisions to monitor activities was also installed in the market.

Sources in the police disclosed that CCTVs were installed following a rise in snatching and vehicle-theft cases in the area.

A public announcement system had been launched recently, with which cops made visitors aware of the presence of pickpockets and eve-teasers in the market.

The physique of miscreants and the clothes they wore were also being announced on loudspeaker to alert visitors.

Police Commissioner Ishwar Singh had expressed zero tolerance against snatchers and eve-teasers.

Giving details, the Sarabha Nagar SHO said the police was planning to connect the CCTV cameras directly to the control room for effective policing. The police would use CCTV footage as evidence against rowdy elements, often involved in creating ruckus in the market.

If the experiment was successful, CCTV cameras would be installed near educational institutes and religious places in the area, a favourite hunting ground for snatchers.

Sources said the footage of CCTV cameras would be helpful in keeping a tab on criminal activities in the area.

Due to the increase in anti-social activities, families had stopped visiting Sarabha Nagar, which affected the business of a majority of restaurants.

“The business of the Sarabha Nagar market thrives on visits of couples and children. I hope that the experiment will be successful,” said Dheeraj, a resident of the area.



Tapping the right foot is in
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
With changing times, especially with the introduction of reality shows, dance seems to be changing it’s meaning with youngsters.

A dance workshop under way in Ludhiana
A dance workshop under way in Ludhiana. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

A few years ago dance to youngsters meant twisting and twirling on filmi numbers, but today every one wants to excel in a specific dance form.

A few years ago, disco dance was the only dance that became famous among youngsters, but today everyone wants to shake a leg by doing a Salsa, hip-hop, popping-locking, B Boeing, Zumba and many more. Today various dance forms also help in shedding those extra kilos. For some, dance is their new fitness mantra. Vinay Verma, prince of "Dance India Dance" fame is in the city, holding workshops for Salsa, hip-hop, popping and locking, B Boeing etc.

B Boeing (or break-boy) is a male dancer, who practices breaking or b-boying, the acrobatic hip-hop dance style also known as "break dancing".

"Breaking or B-Boeing is a style of dance that evolved as a part of hip-hop culture among Black and Latino American youths in the South Bronx during the 1970s. The term b-boy came from the term of beat boy, because they danced to a specific beat," said Vinay.

Popping and locking is another dance form that is catching fast among youngsters. Popping and locking is a dance style and one of the original funk styles of dance that came out of Fresno, CA, in the 1970s.

"It’s based on a technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause a jerk in the dancer's body, referred to as a pop, tick or a hit. This is done continuously to the rhythm of a song in combination with various movements. Popping is also used as a term refer to a group of closely related illusionary dance styles and techniques that are often integrated with popping to create a more varied performance, but it is distinct from break dancing, with which popping is often confused. A popping dancer is commonly referred to as a popper," said Prince, king of popping and locking from Mumbai.

While Amit Verma, choreographer, said apart from the various dance forms, fitness dance workshops are also catching fast among youngsters. "Zumba dance fitness workshop" is the new in thing these days. Youngsters in Mumbai are going crazy about it. It’s the movement of hips, thighs and stomach which helps in burning 800 calories at a time," said Amit.



Unwelcome Return
Hostile villagers ensure couple’s ouster
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 6
Succumbing to social pressure, a Dalit of Tota Puri Colony in Kup Kalan village in Sangrur district, near here, disallowed his son and daughter-in-law to live in his house. His wife was also asked to leave the house, as she had sympathised with the couple, who had married against the wishes of their parents two years ago.

Refuting reports of “khap” attitude in the case, civic body office-bearers maintained that village elders, led by civic body office-bearers, had only intervened to maintain peace in the locality.

Residents of Tota Puri Colony had reportedly turned hostile to the family headed by Kirpal Singh, who had allowed his son Jasbir Singh and daughter-in-law Ramandeep Kaur to stay with them a few days ago.

Bhinder Singh, Raman’s father and a neighbour had sought the intervention of the police in the matter.

Swayed by arguments of elders and social leaders of the locality, Kirpal Singh preferred to undertake that his son, daughter-in-law and wife would not be allowed to live in his house.

Confronted by the hostile behaviour of their parents and residents of the locality, Jasbir and Raman had sought the intervention of the Punjab and Haryana Court to get married around two years ago. Fear of social boycott had forced their parents to disown them by submitting sworn affidavits then.

Believing that hate and anguish against them might have diluted over the past two years, the couple visited the locality on the pretext of paying obeisance at some religious place related with the clan.

However, the apprehension of their permanent settlement in the village infuriated residents, who pressured Bhinder Singh to lodge a complaint against Kirpal Singh.

Maintaining that the couple had not approached either the village panchayat or the police, panchayat members led by Darshan Singh Sarpanch said they had intervened in the matter to maintain peace.

“The matter was not discussed in any of our meetings. As it is purely their family affair, we did not interfere in the matter, except that we persuaded two families to resolve the issue amicably,” said Darshan Singh, adding that Bhinder Singh had withdrawn his complaint after Kirpal Singh gave in writing that he would not allow the couple and Surjit Kaur to live in the village.

As the couple had left the village for some unknown place shortly after their arrival, their future plans could not be ascertained.



City Concerns
Allot separate place for protesters

Ludhiana is a city burdened with traffic, accidents are a norm here and administration has no solution. Ferozepore road being the busiest road causes a lot of trouble for the commuters.

Despite the efforts of traffic police there seems to be no solution. The road has turned into protesters venue. Employees are often seeing marching and obstructing the traffic, causing inconvenience to commuters.

Shifting of the venue for protesters may work to some extent. Protesters should be allowed to address their problems at some park or open place like anajmandi or allow them to submit their memorandum in a group of not more than eleven persons.

Secondly, political rallies should not be permitted on the road.

Narinder Singh

Awarness campaign

On one side traffic congestion is increasing and on the other hand social unrest in the form of protests and agitations adds to commuters’ woes. Hours of delay and gallons of fuel is consumed due to congestion on roads and particularly on the Ferozepore road. Causes of congestion are many and varied, but commuters have to face a lot of difficulties especially due to sudden and long road blockades.

The administration should earmark a separate place for protesters. The government must not use power against protesters, but it has a duty to maintain peace and order. The only solution is to make people aware how these protests cause inconvenience to people.

Dr Mohd Saleem

Introduce laws

Civil disobedience or public demonstration is a breach of law undertaken with an aim of bringing about a change in laws or government policies. In other words, we can say that civil disobedience is one of the many ways people have rebelled against what they deem to be unfair laws. A person or group of persons may be supposed to have a right to engage in civil disobedience, hold demonstration when these conditions are met- in response to an instance of substantial and clear injustice, as a last resort and in co-ordination with other minority groups.

Government must introduce some laws to minimise or control public demonstrations. Such as every demonstration should be held within the terms of Sections 11 to 14 of the Public Order Act, 1986 (POA).

Besides, organisers must give six-day notice to the police, stating the date, time and proposed route of the procession or a demonstration along with the name and addresses of the person or group of persons responsible so that traffic could easily be handled. Security personnel's must impose conditions if they believe the procession or holding of a demonstration may result in serious public disorder, serious damage to property, serious disruption to the life of the community, or intimidation.

All actions and demonstrations should be non-violent. No one should get hurt, including police officers and protesters.

Ravi Chander Garg

Protest at outskirts

I agree with the suggestion of shifting of the venue of the agitations. District administration should fix some place outside the city for dharnas and agitations from where the traffic may not be affected. It is true that we have right to protest peacefully in our democratic setup. But at the same time, we have no right to disturb public life. The government should amend the right to protest and no agitation should be allowed without permission from district administration. If any organisation wants to protest, it should take permission so that district administration could take security measures. The administration should give permission conditionally after undertaking from the agitators that no public property would be damaged and would not create any traffic problem during the agitation. In case of violation, it should be considered as a non-bailable offences.

Parminder Singh

Allow parks for protests

On Ferozepore road from Bharat Nagar Chowk to Aarti Chowk one can witness protesters laying a siege on the road. Commuters face a lot of difficulties while passing through this stretch.

A few options to solve this problem are space for protests inside mini-secretariat. Permanent shamianas, along with daris should be made available for protesters. Drinking water should also be provided. Space should be provided inside Rose Garden.

— Dr Paramjeet Singh



Plantation drive by pollution control board
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB), Ludhiana, has launched a plantation drive on the World Environment Day. The campaign was started by planting saplings at Ason Industries, Bhagwan Chowk, Ludhiana, by Lalit Sharma (board member) and MChauhan (Xen), PPCB, in co-ordination with the United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers Association, Ludhiana.

As many as 1,000 plants were planted in the Industrial Area.

United Cycle and Parts Association has also started its project of ''go-green'' and has started plantation drive in Industrial Area and Focal Point. It has also resolved that at least two plants would be provided to all members.

Award for sharing vehicles

To commemorate the World Environment Day, Ludhiana Beverages Private Limited (LBPL), partners of Coca-Cola in India, today announced a series of environment and community development programmes in keeping with its efforts to protect the environment. LBPL is organising a number of awareness programmes in Ludhiana like drawing and poster-making competitions, quiz competitions, slogan competitions, documentary, film screening etc.

To spread environmental awareness, the company will have three trucks painted with messages on saving environment running on the main routes of the city.

It has also launched a programme to reward employees who share vehicles (cars, two-wheelers etc) to come to the office during the first week of June.

A tree plantation drive has also been undertaken at LBPL plant with a target to plant 50 saplings.



Toppers honoured at school

Doraha, June 6
The PSEB class X merit holders of Guru Nanak Model Senior Secondary School (GNMSSS) were felicitated at a function organised on school campus here today.

President Roop Brar, vice-president Prof Balwant Singh Pangli, secretary Tarlok Singh Jaggi, director Jaswant Singh Gill, Harjiwanpal Singh Gill and principal DP Thakur bestowed a commendable honour on Jaspreet Kaur, who had brought laurels to the school and district by standing first in the science group and securing overall second position in the state at the same time. Similarly, Navpreet Kaur who secured 20th position and Abhishek Mohindra, who secured 24th position in commerce, were also honoured. — OC



500 NCC cadets attend camp
Our Correspondent

Khamano, June 6
A combined annual training camp under the aegis of the 19 Punjab Battalion NCC, Ludhiana, is being held at JNV, Farour, near here,

The camp is being attended by 500 NCC cadets from 35 educational institutes from district Ludhiana, Moga, Abohar, Ferozepur, Sangrur and Fatehgarh Sahib. The camp is being organised under the directions of Col GPS Sawhney, Group Commander, NCC Group HQ, Ludhiana.

The cadets are being trained to develop character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, community living, secular outlook, and spirit of adventure and the ideals of self-less service.

The cadets are also being trained for active participation in the inter-battalion competition, Thal Sena camp, and Republic Day camp by Commanding Officer LT Col VK Singh.

During the camp, drill competition, debate, firing, weapon handling competition, drawing, painting and other competitions are also planned.



Insurance employees meet
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
The eighth divisional conference of the Northern Zone Insurance Employees Association (NZIEA), divisional committee, was held today.

The conference was presided over by Harbans Singh, divisional president. Annual report of the Ludhiana divisional committee was presented by Amarjit Singh, divisional secretary, on behalf of the outgoing committee.

Kamal Kumar presented the accounts of the past three years.

AK Bhatnagar talked in detail about the attempts of the international finance capital to capture the domestic insurance industry. He explained the ill-effects of the two insurance bills, which would jeopardise not only the interest of policy holders, but also the national economy.

He said soaring prices, increasing un-employment, closure of industry and wrong agricultural policies were main problems.



200 examined at medical camp
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 6
The Rising Youth Association (RYA) organised a free medical check-up camp in association with Ludhiana Medicity at Rotary Bhawan here today.

More than 200 patients were examined and were given medicines free of cost.

A team of doctors, including Dr Gaurav Sachdeva, Dr Raman Singla, Dr Rajiv Kapila, Dr Puneet, Dr Brijesh, Dr Neeraj Bansal, along with supporting staff, examined the patients.

Diagnostic tests like ECG, blood sugar level, uroflometery and HB level were done free of cost by Ludhiana Medicity while thyroid function test was conducted at subsidised cost.



‘New-genre poetess, writer assertive of rights’
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
"New genre writers/poetess have come out of the shackles of subjugation by men and have become assertive of their rights as is evident from their written accounts," said Dr Sukhjit Singh during the release of Dahleez, a book by Kamalpreet Sanghera.

The book was released at a special function organised at Punjabi Bhawan yesterday.

Dehleez, an anthology of poems, implies to the age old "parameters" set up by men for women and the newfound aggression in them, which prompts them to "rebel" against the dictates.

The book is a self-retrospection of the poet wherein she has imbibed her turmoil as an individual at every step of life. "Be it as a daughter, be it as a sister, be it as a mother or be it as a wife and daughter- in-law, a girl/woman is expected to step aside for the sake of men in her life," says Sanghera.

A homemaker from Bilga near Jalandhar, Kamalpreet has taken 20 years to come out with the poems, which are evocative of the "rights" of a common Punjabi girl which for long have been suppressed in one way or the other.

Dr Gulzar Singh Pandher while referring to the poems "jhanna", "mirgtrishna", "dosti", "dhukdi agg" said that every phrase points towards the self-hurt which gradually becomes the voice of various. "But it is the intensity in the progression of thoughts that unveils the fury that has been masked for long,”observed Pandher.

Another woman writer present on the occasion stated that the new era of capitalism had given women a chance to prove their worth outside the four walls of their homes adding, "sensing the winds of change, men are trying hard to give up on their chauvinism and accommodate women in every venture."

A large number of writers, poets and critics of Punjabi language had come to attend the function.



New 66 kV grid to supply power to 52 villages
Gurdeep Singh Mann
Tribune News Service

Khamano, June 6
Residents of 52 villages in Fatehgarh district can now hope to get uninterrupted power supply with a 66 kV grid having been commissioned in Hargana village near here a few days ago. The grid was inaugurated by former Lok Sabha deputy speaker Charanjit Atwal.

“Since 1992 we have been struggling to get this power grid set up and have held demonstrations and sit-ins besides forwarding several representations to senior officials. Many politicians sought votes after making promises to set up the grid but none fulfilled them,” said Kuldip Singh, director of Milkfed, Ludhiana and a resident of Hargana village.

The inhabitants of these 52 villages have been reeling under acute power cuts for the past many years with the proposal to set up a 66 kV grid in Hargana hanging fire since 1992.

A 400 kV grid in nearby Bhari village was serving all the 52 villages since 1970. Since then the demand for electricity has risen tremendously and people began demanding a separate power grid to relieve the load on the Bhari grid.

The area residents had resorted to agitations and blocked roads and organized rallies besides giving numerous representations to the department officials concerned and even the Punjab chief minister to get the proposed grid functional.

With the grid being commissioned residents of Hargana village will get round the clock electricity. Three feeders have been set up under this grid in Lohar Majra, Hargana and Dullawan villages.

Villages that have been connected with the newly constructed grid include Suhavi, Burj, Loharmajra, Hargana, Baur, Dullwan, Bhamian, Dholewal. Eight more villages - Kheri, Kalewal, Raipur, Majri, Mullapur, Kotla Maksud and Muskabad - would also be connected soon.



Rs 214.30 cr for sewerage
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
Hira Singh Gabria, minister for jails and tourism, Punjab, yesterday said the state government was spending Rs 241.30 crores for providing sewerage facilities to the city residents. Gabria made this statement while laying the foundation stone of sewerage lines at Preet Nagar, ward number 7. The cost of laying 6-km sewerage lines at Preet Nagar and Baba Jeewan Singh Nagar will be about Rs 1.75 crores.

Gabria claimed that in the next two years, all basic facilities would be provided in Ludhiana, which would bring it into the category of the developed cities. He said the work of widening of the Ludhiana-Ferozpur road was at full swing. Once it was completed, residents would be able to get rid of the traffic congestion problem.



Timber shop gutted
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
Fire broke out at Amar Singh Mohan Singh and Sons, at the Timber Market here, on Friday night. Two fire fighting vans were sent to douse the fire.

Giving details of the incident, Pritam Singh, owner of shop, said that due to short-circuit, the fire broke out 1.30 am. It took two hours to douse the fire. "The shop was gutted and the machinery was damaged. The loss is worth several lakhs of rupees", claimed Singh.



Public Parks
Haven for lovebirds, headache for others
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
Public parks of the city are fast becoming a haven for all sorts of unlawful activities, be it gambling, eve-teasing, snatching, suicides and even drug addiction. Those visiting these parks are experiencing the best and the worst of both worlds.

Obscene postures of couples, smoke and liquor consumed by addicts and gambling have left the residents worried.

The parents are concerned about their children getting exposed to such activities.

Instead to taking their kids to public parks, parents prefer to visit shopping malls these days.

“Whenever we visit public parks with children, we come across unpleasant situations. My five-year-old son, after seeing a young couple in compromising position, asked me ‘what they are doing’ to which I had no answer. It is safer to be in shopping malls rather than visit a public park these days. At least, children do not get exposed to such evils,” said Anju Rana, a resident of Chander Nagar.

Following the commissionerate system, the police got strict with those indulging in immoral and illegal activities. However, such activities are still on the rise around these parks.

Rakh Baag situated near the Bharat Nagar Chowk and Rose Garden located near SCD Government College and Leisure Valley in Sarabha Nagar have become perfect dating spots for young boys and girls, who indulge in open romance, giving scant regard to the fact that they are catching the attention of onlookers.

Rakh Baag is the worst of the parks as it turns into an open bar in the evening.

Investigation by The Tribune team revealed that mineral water, juices, soda and snacks were served to tipplers in their vehicles.

Miffed over the presence of eve-teasers, who used to hang around near the cafeteria in Rakh Baag, the authorities of the Government College for Women were forced to increase the height of their college wall.

Though the police has taken strict action against dating couples for creating obscenity in public places, NGOs have often criticised it for conducting moral-policing drives against young people.

The dating couples have their own take. “Where shall we go? The city is squeezing day by day. There is hardly any secluded space available in the city except the public parks. These parks are cost-effective too as visiting a decent restaurant creates a hole in the pocket.

Further, we get ample time to talk to each other while sitting in a park,” said a couple.

A majority of youths demanded that the government should provide a separate space for lovebirds to avoid obscenity in parks. Morning walkers at Rak Baag demanded that strict action should be taken against drug addicts, tipplers and gamblers.



2 tipsy cops suspended for extorting money
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, June 6
SSP, Ludhiana, Rural, Harinder Singh suspended two cops of the Jagraon police, when they were found in drunken state collecting money by stopping the vehicles on the National Highway near Chowkiman village.

Yesterday, SI Davinder Singh of Jagraon along with head constable Raj Singh, constable Avtar Singh and driver head constable Resham Singh had gone to Ludhiana for a hearing of under trail accused at the Session Court.

They had picked up the accused from central Jail and after the hearing at Ludhiana Session courts, left him back in the jail. While returning Davinder Singh got dropped at Mullanpur Dakha at his official residence and asked the remaining three to park the vehicle at the police line at Jagraon.

In the evening, SI Mukhtiar Singh, In charge of Chowkiman police post, was informed that two armed cops in drunken state in uniform along with the police vehicle had set a police naka and were stopping the vehicles on the road and extorting money from them. He reached the spot and found Resham Singh and Avtar Singh has laid out a naka and were stopping the vehicles plying o the national highway and misbehaving with them. Mukhtiar Singh over powered them and took them to Jagraon civil hospital for medical examination and briefed the Jagraon SSP of the incident. The SSP taking a serious note of the incident immediately suspended them and initiated departmental inquiry against them. 



Five injured as auto-rickshaw overturns
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 6
Five passengers were injured following a collision of auto-rickshaw and scooter at Baba Than Singh Chowk, here, this afternoon.

The incident took place around 3 45 pm, when the overspeeding auto-rickshaw rammed into a scooter and turned turtle at Baba Than Singh Chowk. Rajinder Kumar, a scooter rider, who also sustained injuries following collision, said the speeding auto-rickshaw plying four passengers could not negotiate a sharp turn and collided with his scooter after which it overturned.

The driver of the auto-rickshaw fled the scene, while the injured passengers were rescued by shopkeepers of the locality and were rushed to CMC hospital. While three-accident victims returned home after receiving the first aid, the condition of the fourth was stated to be serious.



Smack, cocaine replace poppy husk, opium
Courier caught in police net
Mahesh Sharma
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana/Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 6
If disclosures made by couriers nabbed by the police are any indicator, the industrial city and surrounding localities have become the epicenter of drug addiction. Smack, cocaine and heroine are fast replacing poppy and opium among addicts in the age group of 19- 30 years.

Despite registration of large number of cases under the NDPS Act, the police has failed to nab real culprits, who enjoy the patronage of political leaders.

Revelations made by the accused arrested in connection with a number of cases registered at the local police station and surrounding localities in the past months suggest that the region had become the centre point of drug addiction.

Narcotic and psychotropic drugs are easily available on certain roadside dhabas, restaurants and tuck shops situated near factories and educational institutes. Hospitals canteens and hostel messes are no exception to the trend.

Investigations further revealed that smack, cocaine and heroine were fast replacing traditional poppy husk and opium as they were easy to transport by couriers and they were less bulky in nature.

“While poppy husk is transported in bags and opium has to be concealed under some bulky materials, smack and other contraband can be carried in small handbags. The traffickers can easily travel in a public transport, without being noticed and can leave the material in the vehicle in case of a police raid,” Harinder Singh, Investigation officer(IO) said.

Admitting that majority of suspects, including women, nabbed with banned products were couriers only. “In majority cases, the nabbed suspects do not know the whereabouts of actual suppliers. Even if they know they do not tell the exact information. And we can not initiate action against someone without having enough evidence in our hands,” argued the IO.

Investigations further revealed that easy recruitment of couriers from middle class families had facilitated the drug mafia run their illicit business from behind the scene. Unemployed educated youths, widows and women bearing burden of their families are easy prey to allurements of illicit traders.



One held for SIM card fraud
Rakesh Gupta

Jagraon, June 6
The police booked and arrested a shopkeeper on Friday for selling SIM cards on fake identities. The accused, identified as Raman Kumar of Karnail Gate, was running a provision store and a book store.

A social worker had informed the in charge of the economic offences wing, Krishan Dev, about the matter and requested him to verify the same.

Krishan Dev laid a trap through policemen in plain clothes, who identified him. The police recovered 50 SIM cards of Reliance Mobile from his bag, which he had activated prior to selling those.

All SIM cards were activated in the name of his firm. The numbers were activated from his demo number 9023751259. The police also recovered three new Reliance mobile phones.

The police also nabbed one youth, identified as Navdeep Goyal, on Saturday and recovered 41 activated SIM cards from his possession.

The police did not slap Section 420 of the IPC on him, but booked him on minor charges, making it easy for him to get bail.

Krishan Dev said Raman had activated SIM cards and gone to the market to sell those whereas Navdeep had no such intention.

An investigation by the Ludhiana Tribune revealed that the identities of unsuspecting customers were being sold for Rs 5 each in the region, including Raikot, Mullanpur Dakha, Jagraon, Hathoor, Pakhowal, Humbran, Sidhwan Bet and other villages, where photocopiers were installed.

The shopkeepers, tricking the customers, used to make additional photocopies of their identities proofs and then mkde bulk copies of those, to be sold for Rs 5 each.

All mobile companies had fixed targets for their dealers and offered attractive schemes to meet those. Shopkeepers selling SIM cards used to avail themselves of these schemes and activate SIM cards on the basis of fake identities.

In a recent incident, after a hoax call to blow the Ludhiana railway station, some sellers of SIM cards had been booked by the railway police for selling SIM cards on the basis of fake identities.



Three booked for land grab
Our Correspondent

Raikot, June 6
A septuagenarian, farmer at Rachhin village, has accused his neighbour of fraudulently getting his land transferred. Jagir Singh (72), in his complaint to Ludhiana SSP (rural) Harinder Singh Chahal had stated that he used to live alone in his 17 Kanal house.

In order to meet his day-to-day expenses he agreed to sell his one bigha to his neighbour Baljit Singh for Rs 3.70 lakh. He said Baljit had an ill-intention against him and in order to grab his entire land Baljit provoked him against his only son and he, under the instigation of Baljit, turned his son out of his house and disowned him.

Some time ago Baljit took him to Registrar office, Raikot, to get sale deed of one bigha registered in the name of his wife.

He paid him Rs 2 lakh in cash and the rest Rs 1.7 lakh was to be paid to him at the time of registration, which he never paid. He used to ask him for the balance amount and one day when he was tipsy he asked him to vacate the house.

Bhupinder Kaur, Baljit’s wife, and his son Rajinder Singh also confirmed that they had bought his entire property and asked him to vacate the possession.

Taking advantage of his illiteracy, Baljit Singh duped him of his land.

Shocked of the revelation about his property and fearing his life, Jagir left the house and went to a relative. Next day he visited Patwari village and was confirmed that his land had been transferred to Bhupinder Kaur. Following which, he approached the village panchayat. Baljit said he had bought Jagir’s land for Rs 34 lakh, but could not produce any proof of the payment made. Even the deed writer and the witnesses of the sale deed also refused that any payment was made by Baljit to Jagir Singh.

The panchayat asked him to return the land to which he refused. To this the panchayat accompanied Jagir and lodged a complaint with SSP Jagraon who after a brief investigation asked to book all the three accused at Raikot police station.

The police booked all the three accused, including Baljit, his wife Bhupinder Kaur and son Rajinder Singh under Sections 420 and 120B of the IPC and initiated inquiry into the matter. No arrest has been made so far.



Minor blackmailed into gangrape, case registered
No arrest made so far
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, June 6
A minor girl of Chuhar Chak village near Ajitwal has complained of being gangraped by a group of youths continuously for many days after blackmailing her as they had recorded the rape scene on their mobile phone.

The girl, pursuing her class X through private examination had complained to the Ajitwal police station that when she was waiting for a mode of transport on April 23 to go to school to appear in the practical paper, she was abducted in a car by Harman and Raman of Kaunke Kalan village Jagraon.

They were known to her. She alleged that she was taken to the house of Raman where nobody was at home. Both of them raped her taking turns and shot the video film on their mobile. After showing her the video clip they threatened to expose her and called her at their house the next day.

The youths also threatened to kill her and her entire family if she revealed about the incident to anybody. These youths kept on blackmailing her, fed up, she narrated the entire incident to her parents on Thursday, who then approached the Ajitwal police. The parents of the victim along with relatives approached Moga SSP Sneh Deep Sharma, who asked DSP Balbir Singh to investigate the matter.

The Ajitwal police after getting the victim examined at the civil hospital booked the accused under Sections 363, 366, 376, 506, 120B of the IPC. No arrest has been made so far but the police parties are raiding the possible hideouts of the accused to nab them. 



Mohit shines in Mahajan Juniors win
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 6
The Mahajan Juniors recorded an emphatic 67-run victory over the Coaching Centre to begin their campaign in a style in the 15th edition of the Chaman Lal Malhotra Cricket Cup Tournament (U-14) being played at MGM Public School, Dugri, here, today.

Batting first, the Mahajan Juniors scored 143 runs in 28 overs. The main contributors were Mohit and Rishabh, who made 34 runs each.

The Coaching Centre's Jaish captured three wickets for 25 runs, while Purnoor and Pranav Bajaj grabbed two wickets each after conceding 29 and nine runs, respectively.

Chasing the target, the Coaching Centre was bundled out for 76 runs in 26 overs. Not even a single batsman could reach the double figure.

For Master Juniors, Gokul Tiwari was the most successful bowler, chipping in four victims for 11 runs, while Shubham claimed two wickets for four runs.

Earlier, Chaman Lal Malhotra, chairman selection committee, Punjab, and senior vice-president of the Ludhiana District Cricket Association (LDCA) inaugurated the tournament. Office-bearers of the LDCA, along with parents of the players were present.

Six teams- Mahajan Juniors, National Club, Coaching Centre, Pankaj Club, Super Club and Mahajan Masters are taking part in the tournament.

Matches of 35 overs will be played during the fortnight-long tournament.


Mahajan Juniors: 143 all out in 28 overs (Mohit 34, Shubham six, Rishabh 34, Keshav 10, Kanav four n.o., Purnoor two for 29, Pranav Bajaj two for nine, Jaish three for 25, Raghav one for 37 and Ganga one for eight).

Coaching Centre: 76 all out in 26 overs (Raghav seven, Akshit four, Purnoor four, Ketan four, Gokul Tiwari four for 11, Akshit Bhardwaj one for six, Shubham two for four and Aayush one for 10).



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