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Mayor cancels firefighters’ recruitment process
Wants MC General House to clear file first
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Ten days after the municipal corporation (MC) conducted interviews for 40 vacancies of firefighters in the fire department, city Mayor Hakam Singh Gyaspura cancelled the entire recruitment process today stating that the MC failed to follow the right procedure.

Objecting to the process followed by MC officials, the Mayor said they did not take mandatory sanction of the MC House, inserted advertisement in the newspapers and even interviewed the candidates.

The Mayor said the advertisement inviting the applications of the candidates could not be given in the media unless it was approved by the General House. His decision has, however, created a furore in the MC. Sources say a political leader wanted to adjust his own men, while officials were almost done with the recruitment process and orders to those selected were to be issued shortly.

Gyaspura said, “There were certain discrepancies. The process will be started again after the approval by the House. We will certainly not consider these applications.”

According to the sources, the Mayor asked for the particular file on June 8, which was sent to him. He raised the objection that the recruitment process could not be continued without the approval of the General House. The next meeting of the General House is on June 15.

An official on the condition of anonymity disclosed, “Now everything has been done. The orders were to be issued to the selected candidates but it seems that the Mayor wants to start everything from the scratch. Why should the General House raise any objection? We are running short of staff, which needs to be recruited at the earliest. The efforts seem to have gone dry.”

Mahinder Pal has been asked to put this item on the agenda for the General House.

Additional Commissioner KP Brar when asked about it said, “The file will be represented before the General House on Tuesday.” She refused to divulge in more details.

Major setback for fire dept

The city’s fire department has had to grapple with its daunting task with only 48 firefighters, as against a sanctioned strength of 86, for the past many years. The announcement to begin fresh recruitment had brought some relief but, with the mayor calling off the process today, the department appears to be losing hope of the situation improving. Fire officials said they needed many more fire fighters than the number sanctioned by the government in 1991. With the city having expanded exponentially in the last 20 years a much bigger area has come under the MC limits. ‘‘We need thrice as many firefighters than the number sanctioned. This is an industrial city and fires keep on breaking out, but we have to make do with only 48 firemen who at times have to work almost round the clock”, said a fire official requesting anonymity.

340 applied for job

Advertisement in sections of the media inviting applications from candidates was given in April. About 340 candidates had applied for the job and a majority of these candidates were more than qualified to work as firemen in the department. About 150 candidates were shortlisted and their practical tests were conducted by MC officials at SCD Government College on June 1, 2 and 3.

100 fires in six months

At least a hundred major and small fires have been reported during the past six months in the city. Fire officer Amarjit Sharma said summer saw more fires breaking out with an average of three or four incidents reported during very hot days.



Lack of commitment cost Minhas his job: Kang
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Coming out in the public for the first time after the unceremonious exit of Punjab Agricultural University's director research, Dr PS Minhas, Vice-Chancellor, Dr MS Kang today said that lack of commitment and misbehaviour with subordinates cost him his job.

Dr PS Minhas was relieved from his post by the university administration on June 9.

In an exclusive interview with the Tribune today, Dr Kang said, “It was lack of commitment, misbehaviour with his subordinates and his constant attempt to seek a job outside the university that prompted me to write to the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). After learning about the whole issue, the ICAR has called him back,” Dr Kang went on to add.

The Vice-Chancellor said Dr Minhas sought job at several institutions during his stint with the university. “This is a clear indicator that he lacked interest to work for the university,” said Dr Kang while producing the documents having dates of applications forwarded by the PAU director research.

“It was after I took up the issue with the director general of the ICAR that he issued orders for ending his stint with the PAU and report back,” said Dr Kang.

Dr Minhas, who was earlier assistant director-general, irrigation and water management, at the ICAR was appointed the PAU research director in January 2007 for a period of four years.

Meanwhile, his removal has the university divided over the issue. Some senior faculty members feel that he has been targeted by a lobby working against him. They feel that if Dr Minhas had applied for job elsewhere it was no reason to terminate him. “Everybody looks for better options,” they said in unison. At the same time, another group in the university has welcomed the decision taken by the authorities.


Stage-managed Robbery
Police to screen all collection agents in city
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
A day after the police cracked the stage-managed robbery, scripted and executed by two employees of Cash Management Securities, collection agents of the firm were again seen carrying huge amounts of cash on motorcycles, while its security van was used only to visit selected places.

Taking a serious note of this practice, police commissioner Ishwar Singh said: “Employees of all collection agencies and private banks will now be verified in the ongoing police verification drive. We will soon hold a meeting with officials of all private business establishments in the city to verify the antecedents of people hired for cash collection”.

Sources close to CMS said its collection agents, who routinely carry huge amounts of cash on their vehicles, are hired at meagre salaries, though they are also offered incentives according to their performance.

Though these agents have been saddled with great responsibility and perform a very risky job, the company has not had the police verification done on any of them, the sources added. "If one is carrying a huge amount of cash every day it’s natural for him to get tempted. The right method is to conduct verification of employees hired for the job," said PAU police station SHO subinspector Surinder Singh. He complained even as the police faced criticism for not maintaining law and order such incidents occurred due to the gross negligence of companies in properly screening their employees.

“As the amount of these collections companies are insured, the latter receive their claim and do not take interest in the case whereas, the police has to face criticism for inaction”, he said. Sources close to the police said the recent robbery at the Western Union Money Transfer franchise located on Pakhowal Road had also encouraged the CMS employees to carry out another such heist.

"They were thinking they would stage a robbery and the cops would grope in the dark. However, they were caught on the wrong foot and arrested. We have also told the collection agency we will take stringent action it if it is found violating the rules”, the SHO said.

It is learnt all the suspects belong to lower middle-class families and were aspiring to become instantly rich.

Meanwhile police sources said Varinder Singh and Aman Sharma, employees of CMS, tried to persuade their close friends to be part of the robbery conspiracy. However, the latter refused. They then roped in Navdeep Singh alias Navi, Jatinder Singh alias Pappu, Inderpreet Singh, Gurpreet Singh, Parminder Singh and Jatinder Singh Minhas, who agreed to join.



Docs finding angiography a money spinner
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Angiography is the X-ray study of blood vessels. An angiogram uses a radiopaque substance or dye to make the blood vessels visible under the X-ray.

Angiography if done unnecessarily can subject the person to internal bleeding or haemorrhage, as the procedure involves puncturing of the artery. Catheter can cause complications as the heart may also become irritated by the movement of the catheter through its chambers during pulmonary and coronary angiographic.

The contrast medium used in the angiography has known to cause allergic reactions, which include swelling, difficulty breathing, heart failure or a sudden drop in the blood pressure.

Ludhiana, June 11
Incidents of cardiac surgeons resorting to medical malpractices by performing invasive coronary angiography on patients complaining of chest pain or other heart problems without first diagnosing them are on the rise in the city’s leading hospitals.

The procedure, which is a medical imaging technique involving insertion of a catheter into an artery of the patient, is essential in controlling coronary heart disease. However, when performed for the sake of making quick money, it is not only a violation of medical ethics but also a fraudulent practice that may adversely affect the patient’s health and even cause injury.

In one such recent incident, a doctor was admitted to a leading heart care centre in the city after he complained of severe pain in the chest. He was taken to the emergency ward and then sent for an angiography. The doctor and his relatives were later aghast to learn the procedure was conducted without the physician concerned thoroughly studying the patient’s previous reports.

“However, what was more shocking was the fact that the cardiologist later apologized and said I only had a pneumonia patch and the angiography was not required,” the doctor stated.

A senior physician, while alluding to the hefty commissions involved in the procedure, said residents in cardiac care centres are given targets to get the maximum number of patients for invasive angiography.

“Each resident gets Rs 1,000 to Rs 3,000 per patient for performing angiography. Similarly, stenting too has become the best way for easy money as doctors are getting commissions up to Rs 40,000 for every stent. So much so that even the doctors who refer patients to cardiologists are offered a commission of up to 10 per cent”, the physician stated.

In another example, Harbhajan Singh, an NRI residing in Britain, was admitted to a leading cardiac care hospital in the region after he suffered a stroke. He was taken for angiography followed by three stents without even being told by the attendants. Later, a bill of Rs 6 lakh was charged from the patient.



Earning huge revenue but not a penny for bus stand
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 11
Despite generating huge revenue through entry fees of buses and rents of shops situated at the local bus stand, the authorities have failed to provide even the basic amenities to commuters despite repeated requests to the authorities concerned in this regard.

What the residents fear the most is that the boarding and disembarking will become a nightmare for commuters during the monsoon. Even though the PRTC (Pepsu Road Transport Corporation) earns a regular income through the entry fee and the rents, it has failed to provide the basics amenities at the bus stand.

Residents of the area have been seeking clean lavatory and potable water at the bus stand since long. While disclosing that no grant had been sanctioned during the past few decades, officials concerned said they had written to the higher authorities for the repair works to be carried out immediately, but no action had been taken so far.

The condition of the bus stand had been deteriorating as the corporation is spending a very less amount on its upkeep. Stinking smell from lavatories and adjoining portion makes the bus stand miserable.

Sources revealed that grants were sanctioned for construction and renovation of the bus stand more than once during past decades but the authorities, instead of making amendments, remained inactive on the pretext that a new bus stand would soon be constructed.

The residents, led by councillors Bimal Sharma and Dilshad Khan have asked the higher authorities, including the Chief Minister, and the Transport Minister to improve the condition of the bus stand at the earliest.



Congress politicising judiciary: Majithia
Our Correspondent

Man of Power

Majithia, brother-in-law of deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal, holds no post in the government, but still carries a lot of weight. There was a virtual scramble among the SAD functionaries to be noticed by Majithia and get photographed. Elaborate police arrangements, a large entourage of police and civil officials, and a sizeable cavalcade of police gypsies and other vehicles with red beacons atop them, left no one in any doubt that even though the ruling party legislator has no authority but still wields considerable power

Ludhiana, June 11
Former minister and SAD legislator Bikramjit Singh Majithia today charged the successive Congress governments at the Centre with politicising the judicial system and failure to dispense justice to the victims of manmade disasters, communal riots, or in other major scams, letting the perpetrators of crime go scot free.

Addressing a news conference after a stormy session of the District Akali Jatha (Urban) at Gurdwara Singh Sabha in Model Town, Majithia, who has been entrusted the responsibility to tone up the organisational setup in this district, said the Congress governments had failed the people of India, and especially that of Punjab.

“Be it the Bofors scam, the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and now the verdict on the Bhopal gas tragedy. In all these shameful acts since committed in the country, the then Congress governments had, more or less, subverted the process of justice and failed to discharge their constitutional responsibility. Rather than bringing the culprits to the book, it has been a sad story of handing out clean chits to the guilty persons,” Majithia alleged.

The SAD legislator chided the Congress leaders for letting no opportunity go to launch attacks on the ruling coalition, particularly the SAD. “Now that it has come out in the open that the senior functionaries of the then Congress government in Madhya Pradesh were instrumental in the escape of Warren Anderson, the chairman of the Union Carbide Corporation from India, after Bhopal gas tragedy, how will the Congressmen face the people,” he wondered.

On the issue of organisational setup in the district, Majithia asserted that the party was a cohesive unit and there was no factionalism. “Ours is a democratic party, and there could be minor differences of opinion which can always be sorted out. The district Akali Jatha has been asked to submit the list of office-bearers which will be discussed with the senior party leaders and the organisational set up for the district will be announced by the end of this month.”

Punjab Minister for Jails, Tourism and Cultural Affairs Hira Singh Gabria, SAD general secretary and former minister Maheshinder Singh Grewal and party vice- president Amarjit Singh Bhatia were also present on the occasion.



Admn lax towards sale of liquor, tobacco outside institutes
Mahesh Sharma

What Rules State

  • No liquor vend shall be permitted at least 50-m from the main gate of a place of worship, educational institution and place of public entertainment.
  • The liquor vends on the national and state highways are to be located as per the provisions stipulated in the Punjab Scheduled Roads and Controlled Area (Restriction of Unregulated Development) Act, 1963.
  • The administration reserves the right to refuse permission for vend at a particular location for the reasons of public morality, public health and public order.
  • The Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 2003, says there should be no sale of cigarettes or tobacco products within 100-m of educational institutions.
  • No sale of tobacco products to minors.
  • No direct or indirect advertisements of all tobacco products.

Ludhiana/Mandi Ahmedgarh, June 10
All kinds of prohibited delights like cigarettes, tobacco, ‘gutka’ and ‘pan masala’ besides liquor are easily available to students and teachers of majority of educational institutes in this part of the state.

While the Constitution requires the state governments to prohibit its consumption except for medicinal purpose, the administration has been blatantly violating the law by allowing liquor shops and sale of tobacco products near the educational institutions.

Management committees of affected educational institutes and civic bodies of the localities have also failed to persuade those selling these delights to shift their vends.

While owners of kiosks selling tobacco products near schools and colleges showed ignorance about rules prohibiting the sale of these items within 100-m radius of the institutes, those of liquor shops maintained they had received permission from the authorities.

Investigations by The Tribune revealed that intoxicating drinks and tobacco products were easily available near all educational institutes. Though law prohibits sale of tobacco products within 100-m of any educational institute, there were a few institutions where such kiosks were situated just near their main gates. Regrettably these schools in villages, falling under Ludhiana and Sangrur districts have been inspected by higher authorities on numerous occasions but none has bothered to take notice of the violation. Situation is more grave in cities where mobile vends are common.

When questioned about running of liquor shops near a public school on the Gill Road and opposite to the Industrial Training Institute, excise and taxation officials concerned maintained that the owners had submitted in writing that these shops were not situated within 50-m of any educational institutions or religious places.

These shops and kiosks located just a few steps from the schools and colleges boast of a regular clientele from these institutes, which includes teachers too.



Labourers drain their earnings
Take to drugs, liquor for alleviating fatigue

Mahesh Sharma

Taking a shortcut: A worker drinks liquor from a public tap at Ahmedgarh
Taking a shortcut: A worker drinks liquor from a public tap at Ahmedgarh. Photo by writer

Mandi Ahmedgarh/Ludhiana, June 11
Unaware of deleterious physiological, economic and social affects of use of drugs and narcotics, labours, in an effort to alleviate fatigue and depression, continue to drain major part of their daily earnings on consuming these banned delights.

Unfortunately families of these labourers keep only less than 50 per cent of their earning for the routine household expenses. Meager savings, women manage are later spent on treatment of ailments caused due to the addiction and reckless use of drugs and narcotics.

Members of other professionally skilled personnel, requiring longer sittings are no exception to this tendency.

Dalwara Singh of Akbarpur Chhanna village, like many other labourers working with masonry contractors earns Rs 150 for working the entire day. But only less than 50 per cent of this earning is available to his family for running kitchen and other household affairs.

The delusion that drugs and narcotics alleviate fatigue and pain more efficiently that any other method, makes him drain Rs 75 to Rs 80 for purchasing a ‘half’ of country made liquor and a few eatables. However, he boasts of saving another Rs 10 note as instead of sitting at some tavern (ahata) he makes use of public tap for drinking the ‘fatigue reliever’.

“How can you say that we don’t bother about our families? I am feeling tired after working the entire day for earning the amount for feeding other members of my family. So what if I spend on me, a part of it,” argued Dalwara Singh when confronted by a social worker.

Like his other co-workers, he occasionally takes poppy husk to boost his stamina. “But we need not pay for the poppy husk as it is provided by our contractor free of cost during season when labourers are not available,” continued Dalwara maintaining that the worker undertaking extra duties were supplied this contraband daily.

Maintaining that oral administration of certain pharmaceutical preparations, including the pills and the capsules had enabled him work overtime, Nimma, a rickshaw puller in Ludhiana, argued he could have not afforded treatment of his ailing wife, had he not taken shelter of drugs and narcotics. However, he was silent over obvious side effects of abuse of these drugs.

Karmon, wife of another labourer of Khurad village, said she had failed to convince her husband about deleterious affects of liquor and drugs he was taking regularly. “Even the doctor has warned him of dire consequences if he continued consuming liquor like thus. But he damn cared about warnings,” said Karmon.

Investigations further revealed that members of other professional groups who had to work for longer hours also used the poppy husk and opium.



Life no less than an ordeal for Pardeep
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, June 11
Life was no less than an ordeal for Pardeep, who had to fight a single-handed battle against relations, circumstances and above all herself. It was in 1983 that Pardeep left Rampur, her parental village to start life a fresh after the marriage. Entirely oblivious of the crude reality, she was in no way welcomed but reduced to a mere homemaker.

Pardeep passed a stifled stint in her in-law’s house, where every single soul wore a stony disposition. Somehow, as every Indian woman does, she kept enduring, as it was the question of giving a legal name to her two kids-a son and a daughter- followed by their good rearing, which would have suffered, had she broken up with her in-laws.

But the fate had something more disastrous in store for her as one fine day she came to know that her seven-year old son was suffering from an incurable kidney disease and that his days were numbered. She ran from the pillar to post but failed to alter his fate. Lovedeep, her only son, died leaving his mother Pardeep and 11-year-old sister Anudeep to fight it out alone with society. Left with a girl child, the oppression of Pardeep’s husband took a terrible turn. It was then that she finally decided to leave her in-laws house.

Pardeep returned to her parent’s house with Anu, whom she could in no case leave, just to starve and suffer on her own. But the pain society had given refused to subside even at this point. The real tragedy befell on her, when though being accepted by her parents, she remained a social ‘outcast’ in the eyes of society, as her return was objected to, by one and all. The kid was no less than a liability for the young inexperienced woman at that point of time. It was at this stage that she decided to abandon her past, stopped expecting anything better from society and started another journey, this time a bolder one.

Her education came to her rescue at last. At Rampur village itself, she hired a cowshed and turned it into a classroom. She began teaching small village kids in lieu of a petty fee but in no case without taking their parents into confidence. Step by step, she got focused and bought a rickshaw in order to pick the children from their doorsteps, till finally she opened a school in the name of her son and named it Lovedeep Memorial School. She gradually saved some money for buying the infrastructure for the school and a generator set, too, in addition to the facility. She got her school affiliated to the Punjab School Education Board. It has been 11 years now that every year the result of her school is declared to be 100 per cent. Her only emotional support, her daughter, Anudeep Sharma, a postgraduate in English, is now settling herself in her recently attained government job. “At last! I have no regrets. I am satisfied with my today and tomorrow and have no time to think about the hoary past. There was a time when I had to make a strong resolve with myself but with god’s grace I sustained,” said a contented Pardeep.



Aggarwal Community
Unhappy, still sings paeans for govt
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 11
The Aggarwal community in the state might be unhappy over the failure of the SAD-BJP government to fulfill its promise of giving due political representation to them, but still the community stands behind the government which is writing new chapters of all-round development in Punjab.

These remarks were made by Amrit Lal Aggarwal, state president of Aggar Shakti, a new outfit of the community, while addressing a news conference here last night. Aggarwal, a former president of the Punjab Pradesh Aggarwal Sammelan, claimed that the state government had pumped in Rs 1,000 crore in various infrastructure development projects in the mega city alone.

He further listed the efforts being made towards introduction of the city bus service in major towns of Punjab, waiving off the condition of “no objection certificate” for grant of electricity connections to small-scale industrial units and commercial establishments and commencement of work on new thermal power projects as major thrust areas of developmental process.

Lauding the initiative of Sukhbir Badal to seek funding for the proposed Rs 9,000 crore metro rail project for Ludhiana from the Centre, Aggarwal asked Congress MP Manish Tewari to come forward and appropriately make a strong case to seek adequate funds from the union government for this ambitious project.

Giving details of the objective of the new body, he said it was proposed to enroll at least 1 lakh new members all over the state within a month, set up state and district level units and undertake projects like providing free ambulance service, giving scholarships to poor but meritorious students and in due course, set up vocational training centres.



Engineers review pond project in Detwal village
Rakesh Gupta

Manpreet Singh Ayali, chairman of Ludhiana Zila Parishad, had initiated a pilot project in around 43 villages to solve the sewage problem of villages under the Total Sanitation Project (TSP). The project already operational in villages of Rurka Kalan, Detwal and Issewal was today visited by a team of 32 engineers of the Sanitation And Water Supply Department from 13 district of Punjab

Mullanpur Dakha, June 11
A team of 32 engineers of the Sanitation and Water Supply Department from 13 districts of Punjab on the instruction of the state secretariat today visited Detwal village to examine the model of renovation of village pond that helped solve sewage problem of the village besides aiding in the recharging of under-ground water level.

Manpreet Singh Ayali, chairman of Ludhiana Zila Parishad, had initiated a pilot project in around 43 villages to solve the sewage problem of villages under the Total Sanitation Project (TSP). The project already operational in villages of Rurka Kalan, Detwal and Issewal was today visited by a team of 32 engineers of the Sanitation And Water Supply Department from 13 district of Punjab.

They included RC Dewan, Superintending Engineer of Patiala, Rakesh Sharma, XEN, Patiala, Kulbeer Singh, XEN, Rajpura, Harbans Lal Gupta, XEN, Ropar, Sukhminder Singh, XEN, Mohali, Subhash Chand Gupta , XEN, Fatehgarh Sahib, RK Jhalli and XEN, Mohali, and others.

The delegation was apprised about the low cost and high productivity in the renovation of ponds. Dewan said the state government was trying its best to find ways to get rid of the village sanitation problem. He said, all technologies incurred huge costs but gave a very low result.

AK Soni, District programme director talking to Ludhiana Tribune disclosed that the project would soon cover around 200 villages in the Ludhiana district under the TSP. He said the ponds were cleaned around 35 years back and they had become ineffective to handle the sewage problems of the village rather were enhancing the problems due to over flowing.

The ponds that were earlier used for watering the cattle of the villagers had now become the main cause of health problems in the village and the water too had become poisonous. He added that the TSP was undertaken with the help of village panchayat and using the youth force through sports clubs and other such associations.



BKU rejects revised MSP of paddy
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 11
The Bharti Kisan Union (BKU) has rejected the revised minimum support price (MSP) of paddy while terming a hike of Rs 50 as a cruel joke with farmers. In a statement here today, BKU general secretaries Puran Singh Shahkot and Ajmer Singh Gill urged the Centre to review the MSP of forthcoming kharif crops, including paddy, and fix the revised prices on the basis of recommendations made by Dr Swaminathan Committee.

“As per the recommendations of Dr Swaminathan Committee, the MSP of paddy works out to be Rs 1,580 per quintal,” they asserted.

The BKU leaders said the Centre had always been pursuing anti-farmers and anti-Punjab policies. “Right after independence, the successive governments at the Centre have been exploiting the farmers by denying them remunerative prices with the result that the farming community is crushed under an unbearable debt burden and forced to commit suicides.”

Pleading for fixation of MSP of other kharif crops as per the recommendations of Dr Swaminathan Committee, they maintained that the MSP of cotton ought to be raised to Rs 4,000 and that pulses and oilseeds at Rs 3,850 per quintal.



Educational society accused of ‘misinformation’
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, June 11
In a complaint filed with the Punjab State Information Commission (PSIC), a city resident has charged the Mahavira Foundation, an educational society that runs a homoeopathic medical college and other institutions, with concealing as well providing incorrect information under the RTI Act.

The petitioner, Balbir Kumar Aggarwal, contended he had sought certain details from the foundation through its president, Hira Lal Jain, under the relevant provisions of the Right to Information Act. The information sought pertained to details of accounts, office bearers and byelaws of the foundation and whether the latter had taken any “consideration” money from a contractor for laying a sewage pipe from the homoepathic college compound.

At the first hearing on December 18, 2009, no one appeared before the commission on behalf of the foundation and a new date was fixed. Thereafter, the case was transferred to the PSIC chairman.

Counsel for the respondent, who appeared before the commission on the next date (February 18, 2010), pleaded that the foundation was not a public authority within the meaning of section 2 of the Right to Information Act, 2005. However the counsel did not submit any affidavit to this effect.

Rebutting the claim, the complainant maintained that the foundation had taken land at a concessional rate and other benefits from the state government. The counsel for respondent, however, desired that the complainant be asked to provide written proof to this effect on the next date of hearing.

The complainant also sought information on allotment of land to Mahavira Foundation from the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) within a week. However, after he failed to appear before the commission on February 25, 2010 on account of illness, the complainant sought deferment of the hearing to another date, which was denied.

According to the petitioner, the LIT later provided him the information that in 1976 the foundation was allotted land for a college in Haibowal, adjacent to Kitchlu Nagar, at a concessional rate of Rs 25 per square yard on installments. The trust also informed the installments were not paid according to the schedule of payment.

Aggarwal has filed a fresh petition with PSIC to take “appropriate action” against the respondent foundation for "misinforming" the commission and "concealment of information".



‘India does not identify any religion with terror’
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, June 11
Ludhiana MP and national spokesperson of the All India Congress Committee Manish Tiwari said today that India had a dual role to play in world affairs. He said India was focused on elevating the living standards of its people back home and it was also emerging as a global power with sound economy. He sought to clarify India's stand on religious-driven terrorism and asserted that India was against branding or identifying any particular religion with terror.

Delivering Lowy Institute Roundtable address - India's Changing Role in the World - at Sydney today, the copies of which were circulated by his office here, Tewari remarked, "The role of India in the world is that of an old civilisation with a new economic relevance and voice; the role of an alternative narrative from Asia to the dominant discourse that sought power and material wealth for a few; the role of morality and ethics in global discussions obsessed with bottom lines and GDP growth rates; the role of reason and compassion within the cut-throat calculus of geopolitics and geo-economics".

Referring to the role India visualised for itself in engaging with the world, he listed three main features of Indian political and social landscape that, he said, summed up the Indian paradigm

"India is a vibrant pluralistic country and is a boundary civilisation - where cultures meet, compete, co-exist and syncretise through exchanges. It houses one of the oldest mosques built during the lifetime of the Prophet and indeed one of the oldest churches, both in the state of Kerala", he said.



Neil, Smriti take Ludhianvis by surprise at gurdwara
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
Devotees at Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha RajGuru Nagar were taken for a surprise when the lead pair of Zee TV's 12/24 Karol Bagh came there to pay obeisance. Soon a crowd gathered around them to have a glimpse of the stars that they watch on television everyday. Neil Bhatt and Smriti Kalra were in the city to judge Mr and Miss Ludhiana contest.

"The visit to Punjab would have been incomplete without visiting the gurdwara so we both thought of visiting it," said the duo.

Hailing from an Army background, this is Smriti's first serial. "Serials just came to me by chance. I did a play "The Breaking News" after which I got the role in this serial," said she.

Commenting upon her role in the serial in which she is shown as a simple girl she said, "Even I am a very simple person. Though in the serial she wears suits but in real life she wears jeans, but she is quick to add that she is simple at heart.

"I never make any plans and live life as it comes.," she quipped. Smriti confesses of being a die hard foodie. “Since I am in Punjab I am looking forward to eating tasty Paneer dishes," she smiles.

"It's a pleasure to judge Mr & Miss Ludhiana as it's not just a beauty contest. Simmi, my character in Karol Bagh, is not a very pretty girl. She isn't thin like a model. But that's not what counts. Simmi's character has become such a rage simply because her warm nature and inner niceness cannot go unnoticed. I will look for such qualities while judging the pageant," she adds.

Neil Bhatt was pursuing his law but then took to acting. Neil has been a winner of contests like Boogie-Woogie and Kaboom.

This is Neil's fourth show and has done Kismat Konnection, Jo Ishq ki Marzi who Rab ki Marzi and Arslaan before.

"Ludhiana has been close to my heart as I have wonderful memories from my childhood associated with the place.I keep visiting the place as I have lots of friends here. Coming back after so long to judge a contest is a great feeling," he added.

"Bollywood is the ultimate destination for any actor so it is for me. But apart from acting I would love to go in for direction," signs off Neil.



From Schools and Colleges
Stress on all-round development

LUDHIANA: Lord’s Divine Public School, Grewal Colony, Noorwala road, conducted a fusion summer camp on the school premises from June 1 to 11. Around 100 students attended the camp. School teachers, Mamta, Anu Sharma, Kiran Sharma and Baljeet Kaur, were camp in charges. The concluding function was presided over by school headmistress Ritu Soni. During the camp, due emphasis was laid on the all-round development of the students. General lectures based on the theme “Save environment, save world, save life” were arranged for providing complete knowledge regarding environment. The emphasis was laid on spoken English, including reading and writing. Art and craft classes based on pot painting, tie and dye, flower making, tailoring, spray painting, cotton teddy bears, box decoration, pen stands, greeting cards, wall hangings, etc. were also conducted.

Cultural bonanza

The premises of Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, Shaheed Udham Singh Nagar, resounded with the blend of cultural bonanza, fun and frolic on the closing ceremony of the 10-day summer workshop yesterday.

The show comprised of enthralling musical performances, along with mesmerising dances on the beats of “All is well” and melody of fusion. A skit was also enacted on Indian Idol auditions, demonstrating the music mania among Indians. The colourful fiesta ended with beats of dhol.

Yoga camp ends

An 11-day yoga camp conducted by members of Patanjali Yoga Peeth and Bharat Swabhiman Trust ended today with useful instructions from Krishan Lal Gupta, state president, Patanjali Yoga Trust, Ludhiana.

During the last day of teachers’ seminar, Ashok Sharma from Vishaw Yoga Sanstha guided teachers on good eating habits and Dr Khushwinder Kumar, principal, BCM College of Education, talked to the teachers on continuous comprehensive evaluation system. — TNS



‘Levy duty while releasing steel scrap’

Ludhiana, June 11
The Induction Furnace Association of North India and the Ludhiana Steel Re-Rollers Association jointly met PK Sirohi, Chief Commissioner, Centeral Excise, Chandigarh Zone. KK Garg, president, Induction Furnace Association of North India, talked about the problem faced by the members of both associations.

He further stated that imported scraps’ container must be opened in their prisms because there was theft of steel scrap in the container depot. While Sandeep Jain, vice-president of the association demanded that duty must be charged on the rate at the time of release of the material.

The Chief Commissioner listened to their problems and assured them of early solution. — TNS



8 overbridges to be constructed soon

Samrala, June 11
The Punjab government has given nod to eight over bridges that are to be constructed at the cost of Rs 4.6 crore within the next six months on Budha Nalah near Kohara.

Stating this, Punjab Agro Industries chairman Sharanjit Singh Dhillon said these over bridges would be constructed at Matewara-Rattan Garh to Khasi Kalan road, Kakke to Tajpur road, Khasi Kalan to Dhola, Dhnanasu to Doaba Bhaini road, Bhamman Kalan to Fatehgarh Jattan road, Kum Kalan to Nathu Bhaini road, Rattangarh to Partapgarh road and Mannewal to Gurugarh road on Budha Nalah.

He said an over bridge would also be made on the Kohara-Sahnewal road railway line too. — OC



Printers’ delegation visits UK

Ludhiana, June 11
A delegation of the Offset Printers Association (OPA) visited IPEX 2010 at Birmingham in the UK recently. The visit was organised by the North India Printers Association (NIPA).

Ipex 2010 event director Trevor Crawford said, "IPEX has played a key role in reigniting the global industry. One of the main talking points at the show was the coming of age of digital printing, which outstripped litho's floor space for the first time at IPEX 2010.” Kamal Chopra, general secretary, OPA, delivered a lecture at “India International Day” celebrated during the IPEX. — TNS



Conman dupes four aspiring cricketers
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
A con duped four aspiring cricketers on the pretext of getting them selected in a cricket team. The swindler also took their cash and mobile phones, educational certificates and left them stranded on a railway station in Jalandhar cantt.

The matter came to light today when the victims returned home and complained to the police.

Narrating the incident, Bhupinder, a resident of Filed Gunj, said he met the con on Tuesday while he was visiting a gurdwara in Filed Gunj.

The con posing as a national cricketer selector, told the youth that he would get him selected in the state team. The con even accompanied the youth to his house, where he introduced himself as Shiv Kumar, a resident of Rahon Road. He said he was currently based in Bangalore.

Rajinder Singh, father of Bhupinder, was also convinced by the antecedents of the con and allowed his son to accompany him to Jalandhar.

Bhupinder said three of his friends Manjeet Singh (17), Madeep Singh (18) and Pritpal Singh (20) also aspiring cricketers were also lured by Shiv Kumar. According to the plan, they boarded the train to Jalandhar.

"When we reached Jalandhar Cant, the con told us to alight from the train. He further told us to wear the cricket kit - white uniform- and made us sit on a bench. He took our bags containing two mobiles, Rs 2,000 cash, ATM, and education certificates, on the pretext of depositing it into a room," rued Bhupinder.

For few minutes he stood in front of the boys and kept on talking on the phone and later entered into a building.

"We kept on sitting on the bench for an hour. When he did not return we started looking for him. We could neither find Shiv Kumar nor our bags," lamented Bhupinder.A good Samaritan came to their rescue and allowed the boys to use his phone. The boys narrated the entire incident to their parents following which the family members of the cricketers reached Jalandhar cant and rescued them.The phone number of the conman is switched off following the incident.



Inter-state gang of thieves busted, 3 held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, June 11
With the arrest of three persons, the CIA-II police claimed to have busted an inter-state gang of thieves wanted in several cases of theft. Notably, the thieves were giving the state police a slip for the last three years. They have been booked in nine cases of theft in Phagwara alone.

Besides, they are wanted by the Raikot, Nakodar, Meatpur, Phillaur, Rahon, Machewara, Sahnewal, Chak Sawran Nath, Samrala, Khanna Khurd, Sahrind, Malerkotla, Sangrur and Neelon police.

They have also admitted that they have committed thefts in the Jalandhar city area by breaking the locks of houses abandoned by NRIs.

Accused Harbhajan Singh, alias Raju, a resident of Arjan Dev Nagar, was nabbed, along with his accomplices Suraj Kumar and Raj Kumar, alias Raju following a tip-off from Gyaspura.

During checking, the police found .32 revolver and live cartridges from the possession of the accused. Besides, two motorcycles were also recovered from the possession of the accused.

CIA-II in charge Varunjit said the accused cracked soon and confessed to have committed the crime.

Harbhajan Singh, kingpin of the gang, was recently released on bail from Uttar Pradesh jail after he was caught by the police in Ghaziabad.



Chemist arrested
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, June 11
The CIA wing of the local police has arrested a chemist and seized huge quantity of psychotropic medicines. The accused has been identified as Jagroop Singh of Sohian village near her. About 25 bottles of cough syrups, 2,500 tablets of various salts, 290 painkillers capsules used by addicts as shots and 50 grams of drug powder were seized from his possession.

The accused was carrying the medicines to sell it in the retail to addicts from his chemist’s shop. He was arrested earlier also on the same charges and was out on a bail.



10.50 kg poppy husk seized
Our Correspondent

Khamano, June 11
A man was arrested for possessing 10.50 kg of poppy husk during a routine police patrolling on the Bilaspur road. A police team headed by ASI Darshan Singh stopped a person and on being searched found the poppy husk hidden in a bag.

He has been identified as Dalbir Singh, a resident of Jalluwal village in Amritsar district. A case has been registered against him under the NDPS Act.



72-yr-old killed in accident
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, June 11
A septuagenarian was killed last evening while returning home. The victim identified as Zora Singh (72) of Jangpur village was returning home on his cycle when he was hit by a motorcyclist.

Zora Singh fell on the road just on the outskirts of the village and sustained head injuries and died on the spot. The unidentified motorcyclist managed to flee after the accident.

The Dakha police registered a case against under Sections 279, 304A, 427 of the IPC on the statement of a witness Darshan Singh of Jangpur village.



Bathinda restrict Ludhiana to 185 on Day 1
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 11
Irresponsible batting and poor fielding forced Ludhiana gasping for space against Bathinda on the first day of the second match of the Punjab State Inter-District U-19 Cricket Tournament for the Dhruv Pandove Trophy being organised by the Punjab Cricket Association at the Punjab Agricultural University campus ground here today.

Bathinda restricted home side, Ludhiana to 185 runs in the first innings and then made 62 runs for the loss of two wickets.

Ludhiana continued with their dismal form, as after losing their first encounter against Mohali, failed to make any impression today. They could not capitalise on advantage of winning the toss and were bowled out for a paltry total of 185 runs in 66.5 overs.

Abhinav Bhatia, Vikas Chadha, Gurinder Hara and Jashan Sidhu contributed 28 runs each, while Abhishek Talwar and Nitin Malhotra scored 22 and 12 runs, respectively.

For the visitors, Pawan Kumar was the most successful bowler claiming four wickets for 67 runs. Sangram and Sukhminder Singh accounted for two wickets each, while Akshay Kaushik grabbed one wicket for 11 runs.

In reply, Bathinda was 62 for two after 26 overs. Ludhiana fielders dropped eight catches, which helped Bathinda to enjoy an upper hand.

The two not out batsmen were Dhruv and Saurabh, who were at the crease with 19 and 20 runs, respectively.

Ludhiana’s Amrit Pal Singh captured one wicket for 26 runs.



Vishwanath, Deepin script Mahajan Masters win
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, June 11
Vishwanath Saini scored a century (119), while Deepin Chitkara excelled with bat and ball (64 runs and two for six) to script 169-run victory for the Mahajan Masters against the Super Club on the sixth day of the 15th Chaman Lal Malhotra Cricket Cup Tournament (U-14) being played at MGM Public School, Dugri, here today.

Batting first, the Mahajan Masters scored a huge total of 244 runs after losing two wickets in 31 overs.

Their innings revolved around Vishwanath Saini, Deepin Chitkara and Jaskaran, who made 119, 64 and 24 runs, respectively.

For the Super Club, Akhilesh and Deepak Mehta shared one wicket each after conceding 37 and 27 runs, respectively.

Facing an uphill task, the Super Club was shot out for 75 runs in 26 overs. The main scorers were Deepak Mehta (18), Akhilesh (10) and Gurpreet (8).

For the winners, Kunwar Makkar scalped three wickets for two runs and Deepin Chitkara took two for six. Jaskaran, Anirudh, Harnoor and Vishwanath Saini secured one wicket each to help their side to wrap up the issue comfortably.



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