Sunday, June 27, 2010, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Beautiful educated match for extremely handsome businessman Khatri issueless divorcee boy 1985, 5-11 from decent status family Ambala. Simple marriage.  Box 5926M Tribune, Chandigarh. 

Match for M.Sc handsome himachali kumhar boy, 06.11.1981, 11:54pm, Bilaspur, 5'-8", Lecturer (Engineering College) Chandigarh. Email:  Mobile: 09988160928. C0-32583

Suitable beautiful, tall, fair match for Sunni, Syed, Shah Alvi, November
1983/5'-11", handsome boy Software Engineer B.Tech. MBA, working with MNC in Gurgaon. Family settled in Chandigarh. Caste no bar. Contact:  092164-64145. A0-31751-OL

USA based Mair Rajput Sikh family invites correspondence from cultured etiquette Rajput/Kashatrya families, for their only son 29 yrs, 5'-8", Graduate in Business Administration & Real Estate professional. Include exact age and recent picture of the girl. E- mail:  C0-24939

Beautiful, employed match around tricity for suniar bhola boy, only son,
11.04.1981, 04:05pm Ganganagar, 5'-5", BCA (PU) wholesale crockery business. Mohali based well settled family. Upper caste no bar. Box 5953M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Hindu Rajput handsome boy own business in Australia,
Graduate, PGDCA, Automotive Engg, 5'-8", 27-09-83, 11 p.m. at Ferozepur, small landlord educated status family. Girl should only be from Hindu Rajput educated status family. E-mail:  98149-57586. C0-32709

Match for Himachali Brahmin 5'-7", 24-10-79, 04:45 p.m., Hamirpur, MBA,
SAP certified, working with top IT Company Mumbai. Lower Himachali preferred. 09816317755. Send BHP:  Box 5300M Tribune, Chandigarh. 

Match for Executive, Reputed Company, Posted Chandigarh. November
1975/158. Father Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) settled Panchkula. Girl from Defence background preferred. Caste no bar. Box 5873M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Saraswat MBBS boy, 29/5'-10".
Working as R.M.O. Around Chandigarh preferred. Upper caste no bar. Box 5900M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Handsome boy, 5'-10", 26.01.1981, 12:45am, Batala (Gurdaspur) B.Com,
doing MBA. 16,000/-pm, pvt. company Mohali. Required beautiful, homely graduate girl. 0160- 3295528 (Kharar). C0-31947

Slim, beautiful, educated match for Chandigarh based smart, handsome,
Non-Manglik Saraswat Brahmin boy 16.10.82, 5:42 a.m., Moga,5'-8", B.Tech. (CS), working Software Engineer MNC Noida. Contact matching kundli. 98147-08905. Box 5983M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Slim, beautiful match for smart, fair, Brahmin under Graduate boy, 29.8.81,
1:45 a.m., Chandigarh 5'-8", salary Five figures. Khatri can also contact 97808- 24724. C0-32887

Suitable match Hindu Khatri Arora Manglik/Non-Manglik Advocate boy
04.09.79, 5'-6", well-settled handsome only son. Father retired gazetted officer. Box 5965M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for handsome teetotaller Khatri 16.06.1979, 00:35, Paonta Sahib,
5'-7'. Own settled business. E- mail:  Box 6024M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Non-Manglik, fair, beautiful girl, upto 24 years for tall, very handsome, cleanshaven Brahmin Sikh boy Feb. 1980, six figure salary, status services Delhi NCR based. Call: 099976-72939 and Email:  C0-18450

SM 4 CL shaven V.h'some NRI Sikh boy 32/172 cm, MBA, 40 Lakhs INR PA.
Girl Medico/Engrr/Profnl/IT.  , Ph: 004741555069. C0-26131B

Really beautiful, tall 5'-4", slim, Khatri Sikh bride 23-25 from status family
for handsome Sikh boy 5'-11", 2.8.81, Transporter. Owns Bunglow, Car, Fleet of Buses. Income six figures per month. Only son. Bank employed preferred. Early marriage. Box 5907M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful alliance for Sikh Businessman, Nov. 1975/5'- 7", Graduate. Caste
immaterial. Contact:  C0-31352

Wanted pretty bride for 27, 5'-9", smart MBA turbaned Sikh boy working for
MNC in Mumbai. 10 lakhs per annum. Father senior Govt. officer. Box 5922M Tribune, Chandigarh.

NRI Kamboj Sikh boy, 28/5'-11", PG Computers London, owns business in
India also seeks NRI alliance from well settled families abroad. Contact: 99147-00397. C0-31681B

Prof qlfd wkg girl for smart well settled Arora Sikh boy, 30/5'-6", MCA,
working in Pune. Phone: 0161- 2402250. Email-  C0-31823

Beautiful, homely match for fair, handsome, teetotaller Kashmiri Sikh only
son, 27, 5'-8", MBA. Established business in own showroom in Mohali. Vast urban properties in Mohali. Well settled status family. Upper caste no bar. Office: 0172-2227501. Residence: 0172- 2273847.  C0-32007

Beautiful professionally qualified match from USA/Canada for handsome
Arora/Khatri Sikh, clean shaven, Doctor of Pharmacy, 26/5'-9", well settled/established US citizen, six figure salary. Caste no bar, H1 visa, students ok, respond with particulars and latest snaps.  425-891-9215. C0-32059

Atleast MBBS, professionally qualified bride for handsome, Ramdasia Sikh
(Weaver) Government Doctor 31/177. Box 6040M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Reputed industrialist family of Amritsar seeks alliance for their very smart
clean shaven Sikh boy, B.Pharma 27/5'-11", fair, handsome, fully involved in industry, slim, tall, well-educated girl from business or industrialist family. Interested please may contact at Cell 80544-03386.  NA0-22045-OL

Suitable match for handsome cleanshaven July 81, 6', MS, MBA, Engineer
settled USA Nai Sikh boy, educated family. Simple, early marriage. Beautiful equally educated, cultured studying USA preferred. Email:  , 94644-88958. NA0-22684-OL

Suitable match for Jat Sikh boy 24 years, 5'-8", study diploma in
Horticulture, one year complete in Australia. Preferred PR girl well-settled in Australia, Canada, England & Norway. Caste no bar. Contact: +610422097611, Indian Phone No. 98787-19914, 01682- 252157. emailid:  A0-30793-OL

Well-settled, educated Jatsikh Australian parents seek professionally
qualified, preferably (Dentist/Medical Science) girl for their MBA, Computer Science professional son, 28, 5ft-10" clean shaven, IT Manager in MNC in Australia. Please respond with biodata and recent photos. Contact on 061-416896309. Email:  C0-26344

US born, 28 yrs old Jat Sikh boy, cleanshaven, 6'-2", Degree in Business and
very well settled in family hotel business in USA is looking for slim, beautiful Doctor, Dentist or Engineer girl 23-26 yrs. with strong family values. E-mail:  Box 5742M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Australian well settled Jat Sikh family seeking suitable match for their
handsome Australian born boy 25/5'-11", working as Web Developer with IT degree, looking for fair, slim, tall, beautiful, educated Jat Sikh girl. Biodata without picture will not be considered.  Early marriage. C0- 28891B

Wanted professionally qualified, tall, slim, very beautiful bride for 6'-2" tall,
handsome 82 born Jat Sikh cleanshaven MBA boy, having his own business, urban property, running 25 year old prestigious Education Institution at District Head Quarters in Malwa region, in personally owned land. Only son of reputed Educationist parents. The education background of the girl and the social status of the family being the only consideration. Call: 98767-53490. E-mail:  Box 5787M Tribune, Chandigarh.

M.B.A./B.Tech/M.Sc. girl from status family for very handsome reputed
family Jat Sikh Brar boy 26/5'-11" B.Tech, running IT Company at Chandigarh. Earning 50,000/- per month. Contact: 98727-74135. C0-30303

American citizen 28/ 5'-8'' need slim pretty educated girl . 9815860691,
9815789924, 01871-243627. C0-31102

Beautiful match preferably B.Tech, B.Sc Nursing / Govt. employee for
handsome Jat Sikh Bal 27/5'-8" non drinker boy Mechanical Enggr. Doing job huge rural/ urban property. 9988133800.  C0-31104

Really beautiful, tall (main consideration) professional degree match for Jat
Sikh Masters Engineering (USA), brilliant, outstanding consultant engineer working WashingtonDC, 33 years, 5'-9", Permanent resident. USA highly educated family. Properties USA/Mohali.  C0-31587

Manglik match for Jat Sikh Grewal 30/5'-11", Graduate, Engaged in own
business, owns substantial properties at Mohali and Malerkotla, Educated, well connected family. 98146-20805. Box 5934M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeking beautiful, convent educated, professional girl for handsome,
clean-shaven boy, 33/5'-10", Software Engineer in Toronto, Canada, presently in India. Well- educated status family. Interested may send complete details, photo. 98723-98756, Email:  C0-32122

Qualified match for Jat Sikh tall, cleanshaven, handsome boy 1981/6',
working as IT Engineer with MNC. Boy belongs to well-known family, having considerable U/R property in Punjab and Haryana. Contact: 98880- 84170, Email:  C0-32215

Professionally qualified/B.Sc. Nursing match for handsome Bajwa boy, 28,
6'-2", PR Australia, Electrical Engineer Draughter in US based Company. Email:  C0-32249

Looking for tall, beautiful BDS/Engineer/Professional girl for tall, handsome,
Jat Sikh 25/6'-3", Mechanical Engineer, Canadian PR Holder. Father Joint Director. Mother Lecturer. No dowry, reply with photo and full particulars of the girl and family's background. E- mail:-  Mobile: 98788-68367. C0-32351

Suitable match from 22 to 26 for handsome Jat Sikh boy, Feb.
1983/5'-10", B.Tech., MBA (IIM), Pvt. Bank Manager, package 10 lakh+bonus, Urban/Rural property in and around Mohali. Send Bio-data with Photo. 99156- 71199.  Box 5984M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for clean shaven, handsome, intelligent, teetotaller Jat Sikh boy, US
citizen, height 6'-1", age 27, MS Computer Science, Software Engineer in USA. Army officer family background. Girl should be at least 5'- 7", Engineer, Doctor, Dentist, Ph.D., Pharmacist, MBA aspirant preferably willing to study abroad. Caste no bar. Contact:  93567-17453. C0-32647

Match for handsome UK born, educated hospital Doctor, 37 years,
cleanshaven, slim, 5'-10", MBBS (Honours), Ph.D degrees, currently working in the UK, plans to relocate to the USA. Highly respected Jat Sikh family of doctors well settled in the UK. The ideal match would be tall, slim, beautiful, highly educated from highly respectable family. boy is innocently divorced (no children). E-mail:  Box 6011M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Tall S/M for Jat Sikh clean shave 6'-1" tall handsome boy born October 80. Done B.Tech. MS (CS) US citizen/green card preferred. Kindly send biodata and snap on E-mail:  C0-32939

Jat Sikh (Sandhu) boy, 25/6'-3", BBA E-Commerce, permanent resident
Canada. Girl above 5'-6", well educated required. No demand. Contact: 98152-31655, 78373-02889. NA0-21974-OL

Suitable match for 28/6', handsome teetotaller turbantyng USA immigrant
Jat Sikh boy B.Tech., M.Phil. from UK, know working as Manager Operations in MNC at Chicago. Seeking MBBS, BDS, Veterinary Doctor or professional girl. 98554-07085.  NA0-22834-OL

MBA/MNC employed match for handsome Mahajan Manglik B.Tech., MBA
boy 24.4.1982, 6:55 p.m., Ambala, 5'-11", serving with reputed IT company (Madras), currently in Sydney Australia likely to return December, qualified girl main consideration. No demand, simple marriage. Contact: 094160-23971.  C0-31120

Beautiful well educated match for smart Mahajan boy Chemical Engineer
(from Thapar Institute), working in MNC at Baddi (HP), Height 5'-8", 24.6.1982, 10:30 p.m., Amritsar, Pay 35000 pm. Father Chief Manager in Bank. Contact: 98789-42218. Box 6026M Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 Sikh family Saini boy, 1981 born/5'-11", Gotra Bola Dhamrait, B.Tech.
IT, presently in Dubai. Only Sister married in Australia. Father Class-1 retired. Contact: 98789-01186. Email:  Box 5910M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified beautiful, slim (atleast 5'- 4") match for Saini Sikh
M.Tech. (Electronics), Sep. 83 born/5'-7" Australian PR holder, boy currently in India. Father reputed Doctor, mother University Professor at Ludhiana. Contact: 94638-83588.  NA0-23068-OL

Wanted Sikh match for NRI, well settled businessman, 30 years, 6',
handsome, non-drinker/non-smoker, three Degree Holder (Chartered Accountant, M.Sc. Financial Economics, MBA. Norwegian citizen, divorced boy. He is leading his own real estate company. With the grace of GOD enjoing all modern necessities of life but believes in simple and honest living. The girl must be well educated, 5'-5" (minimum), beautiful and have respect for family values. No dowry, respond with recent photograph and biodata on  or by Phone: +47 952 97 337. C0-23785

Doctor, Engineer, Nursing match for US Citizen Sikh Tonk-kashtriya 28, 5'-9"
Engineer boy Mother visiting India July. 94171-96190,  C0- 30754

Australian Citizen, cleanshaven handsome punjabi sikh khatri boy, 26+,
5'-10". Master of Accounts, well settled at Perth; seeks beautiful, educated girl. Parents govt. employed at Chandigarh. Middle class family preferred. Early marriage. Contact: 0-98880- 80169. C0-31242

Professionally qualified match (NRI Canada, USA prefrred) for Punjabi Hindu
Khatri handsome, intelligent boy 28 yrs./5'-9", Postgraduate, Diploma in Statistics, LL.B., doing MBA from reputed University of Canada on student visa.  098784- 45749. Box 5938M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Ahluwalia Australian citizen Electronics Engineer boy 25/6'-1", Permanent
MNC job. Own House. Early marriage. Contact with photo. E-mail:-  Mobile: 97801-09913. Box 5948M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Khatri non-Manglik 25/5'-11", 6 Lacs, BE, working in TCS, Mumbai seeks
professionally qualified, beautiful girl. Father businessman in Delhi. Send BHP to  Mobile: 098910-57096. NA0- 22051B-OL

Beautiful B.Tech IT/B.Pharma match for Ramgarhia handsome Sikh boy, 29,
5'-8", BCA, M.Sc (Marketing U.K.) PR & job in U.K. Contact: 0-94177-44135, 0-96465- 14330. C0-31234

Australian Citizen, cleanshaven handsome punjabi sikh khatri boy, 26+,
5'-10". Master of Accounts, well settled at Perth; seeks beautiful, educated girl. Parents govt. employed at Chandigarh. Middle class family preferred. Early marriage. Contact: 0-98880- 80169. C0-31240

Suitable match for IAS Sikh Khatri boy, 38/5'-9", issueless legally divorced.
Looking for smart, educated, homely girl, around 30 not working, not married. No demand. Early and simple marriage. E-mail:  Box 5936M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Slim, beautiful match for handsome 29 years 5'-8", Khatri Sikh cleanshaven
US citizen, Graduate boy from educated status family Chandigarh, running his own Transportation Business in New York. Contact No. 001914-2029672, 098150-47598. Email:  C0-31863

Match for very attractive, handsome, very young looking, never married,
39/5'-7" M.Com, Diploma in Computer Application, Khatri Sikh, highly talented, own established business, very handsome income. Own rural & urban property, status family. Early marriage without dowery. E-mail:  Box 5970M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Ravidasia (Chamar) teetotaller, vegetarian, M.A. (English), B.Ed., M.Ed.,
UGC, NET, STET regular Govt. Teacher Chandigarh. 32+/5'-8" fair complexion is looking for a slim, beautiful girl, Pref. Govt. employee or B.Sc./M.Sc., B.Ed. No demand. Box 5913M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ravidasia, 29/5'-10", B.E. (PEC), studied in Canada, worked in
London, currently self-employed Consultant dealing with Foreign Companies. Doaba family settled in own house at Chandigarh. Preference Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula. Contact 94637-02277. Box 6004M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for 28/5'-11", B.Tech. PEC, Chandigarh, MBA, FMS Delhi Ravidasia boy. Handsome package in MNC.  097366-18857. C0-32997

Suitable match for cleanshaven Sikh Tonk Kashatriya B.A. boy, 5'-11"/ (6
July 1981, 00.20 a.m. Moga), own business. Preferred educated girl.  98884-33774. A0-31122-OL

Handsome Purba Sikh clean shave boy 5'-8"/25, B.Tech. (Electronics &
Communication) pursuing M.Tech. NRI/College Lecturer preferred. 94649-21112.  C0-30962

Handsome Purba Sikh turban boy 5'-8"/27, B.Sc. (N-M), M.Sc. (Math) B.Ed.
working in S.G.P.C. School NRI/M.Sc. College Lecturer preferred. Early marriage, 94649- 21112.  C0-31050

Suitable match for convent educated MBA sikh cleanshaved boy, 23 August
1980, 9:45am Chandigarh, 5'- 10", Asstt. Manager in MNC Noida. Contact: 0172- 2220173, 9888190953. C0-31951

Match for well-settled GC holder, Sikh cleanshaven boy, BE, MS & MBA (US),
innocent, issueless divorcee. Oct. 1978/5'-9". Educated, mature girl with family values required. Contact  C0-33089B

B.Tech. MCA/MBA girl for Garg boy 5'-9", 9.11.78, 2:15 a.m. Chandigarh, Sr.
S/W Engg. in Cognizant (MNC) Puna. Package 7.62 LPA. Contact: 98150-17425, 98782-03859. C0-32036

Match for handsome Sikh Tonk-Kashtriya issuless divorcee boy, 46 years,
5'-5", University Professor. No bar. Issueless, widow/divorcee considerable. Box 5955M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Employed match for legally divorced Gupta boy MA, LL.B., 32/5'-6", Govt.
employees. Salary 24000/- pm. Own House at Chandigarh. Tricity preferred. Caste no bar. Box 5959M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for non-drinker non-trimmer April 1978, 5'-11", own shop,
E.Commerce, pursuing MBA. Preferably working girl around Chandigarh preferred. Parents retired employee. 98554-31219. C0-32107

Match for very fair, handsome Manglik Garg boy working Manager MNC,
34/5'-9", B.Tech., MBA. 10 LPA. Chandigarh based. E-mail:-  098729-32286. C0- 27838

Match for a handsome, vegetarian, Aggarwal Mittal boy, 29/5'-8" MS
(Comp. Sc., USA), Software Engineer at Cisco Systems California (USA), H1B visa, handsome salary, religious family. Visiting India in July. Send bio-data and photo at , Phone: +91- 97790-04289. C0-30828B

Professionally qualified, pretty, tall match for handsome, non-manglik,
teetotaller, vegetarian Garg Engineer, 27, 5'-11", Govt. Class-I job, NFL Nangal. 0- 93122-00677,  C0-31266

Suitable match for Canadian immigrant, 25, Tayal, 5'- 10", slim, Schooling
St. John Chandigarh, currently final year BBA (part-time) in Toronto. Working as Financial Adviser with financial institute. Parents well-settled in Canada, own Import/Export business. Only son, also helps in family business.  C0-32675

Professionally qualified match for Arora Gursikh boy, October 1982, 5'-8",
B.Tech, working MNC Chandigarh, 3.5 lpa.  C0-31575

Professionally qualified, beautiful match for 30/5'-9" handsome,
cleanshaven Sikh (MBA) employed with leading Telecom in India as Manager. Australian Residency holder. Mobile: 97799-99914. Email:  Box 6015M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match Arora Sikh boy, fair, handsome 27, 5'- 11", MBBS, working
RMO, teetotaller, non-trimmer. Parents Gazetted Officers. 094661-39011, Email:  Box 6025M Tribune, Chandigarh

Suitable match for cleanshaven Khatri Sikh only son, 27/5'-7", studying &
working as Chef in reputed concern in Australia. Both sister married PR Australia. SIR/PR Australia New Zealand preferred. Email:  A0-28355


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