The ultimate test

is designed to literally wipe out the contestants

Remember the zany Japanese game shows of the eighties that had participants teetering and twisting before falling into muddy waters or onto a safety net? They built a formidable global following even as they had viewers going into splits over the antics of the contestants. Wipeout every Thursday at 7 p.m. on AXN follows the same format somewhat but without the humour. This all-new game show puts a modern twist on the Japanese game show format, with a touch of Fear Factor gruesomeness thrown in for good measure. Each week, contestants go through obstacle courses in a bid to win the $ 50,000 prize money. Imagine, having to eat a disgustingly large lunch and other foods, Fear Factor style, before having to execute crazy stunts such as fighting with giant boxing gloves, or running on giant floating rubber balls! Wipeout is designed to literally wipe out the contestants. Find out who will be the last man standing in this exciting reality TV series. NF