Sunday, July 18, 2010, Chandigarh, India

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Grooms Wanted

A suitable Khatri/Arora/Brahmin match preferably employed in/around Chandigarh for Khatri girl, fair complexion, July, 1976 looks younger, 5'-2", MBA, Ph.D., Permanent University Lecturer, Chandigarh. Salary Rs. 34,000/- p.m. plus perks. Early marriage. Send Horoscope. E-mail:-  Box 4121F Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 slim, fair, B.A., B.Ed., Khatri girl, 5'-5", 5-2- 86, 3:20pm, Ludhiana. Parents retired. 2 Brothers settled at Australia. 97804-44232 C0-39936

Teetotaller match for Anshik Manglik fair vegetarian Khatri girl, 5'-4", M.A., B.Ed. 24.4.1981/6 p.m./Chandigarh. Box 4190F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable Manglik match for homely Khatri girl M.Sc. IT, 30 Dec. 1984, 10:45 a.m., 5'-5", govt. Computer Teacher, ad-hoc basis. Preferred govt. job/ well settled. Contact after matching Kundli. 98767-18585. C0-41216

I'less, convted, well mannered, caring, status match up to 48 from cultured, progressive urban Hindu/Sikh male either NRI or India based, for v. pretty, fair, slim, Khatri Sikh girl, 44/165, Pgrad, noble profession and sound values. Defence family, (girl can reloc), send biodta/photo to  C0-34320

Professionally qualified suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh girl 22.9.81, 4:32 a.m., 5'-4", M.Sc., B.Ed., UGC/NET, ICMR/SRF, doing Ph.D. 94632-88822.  C0-36605

Professionally qualified Gursikh match for beautiful, slim girl MBA, April 1985, 5'-1". E-mail:-  098156-53232. C0-39728

Suitable match for Mazbhi Sikh girl smart, slim, fair 29/5'-4", MCA. Seeks educated, professional match. Phone: 94786-64186. C0-40024

Suitable match for USA born and raised in India beautiful Lubana Sikh girl, 21 years, 5'-5", presently doing Degree in Radiology, MRI/CT Scan in USA. Boy in Medical line preferred. Only Lobana families contact: 97799-66822. C0-40454

Lobana Sikh Dentist 23 years 5'-5" fair and tall. From UK based reputed Lobana family. Wanted cleanshaven professional or well settled business boy. E-mail:  00447884061761. C0-40764

Suitable match for beautiful 26 year old Ramdasia Sikh, 5'-4", widow girl, 4 year old son, Canadian permanent residency holder. Father retired Pb. Govt. Mother Class-I Officer with Punjab Govt. Belong to Doaba area. Email:  with details. Box 4302F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Lubana Sikh non-drinker, B.Tech, MBA preferred match for convent educated, B.Tech, CSE, 26/5'-2", fair, slim girl, working in top MNC at Team Leader, package 5 Lakh. Contact: 095921-08935, Email:  C0-41354

Chandigarh based Jat Sikh educated family seeks cleanshaven alliance for their pretty, very fair, slim, beautiful, B.Sc. degree in Interior Design, 31.8.84, 5'-4" girl, 8 LPA. Doing Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. Caste no bar. Father retired CEO of large company.  94178-70435. A0-37784-OL

Professionally qualified match in India/abroad for Jatt Sikh 27/5'-6", beautiful Army officer's daughter. Hotel Management/BBA from premier institute, currently pursuing MBA. Working in American 5 Star chain in Dubai at Sr. Management position. Early marriage, girl willing to relocate. Email photo with biodata.  Box 4149F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh parents seek compatible match for daughter convented higher education from US, 25/5'-3", preference US India, Canada. Kindly send biodata, photo and family intro. E-mail:  Box 4205F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh Dhindsa parents seek compatible match for charming, smart, homely and intelligent daughter, Jun '82/5'-3", M.Sc. Psychology, pursuing MBA, father Gazetted Officer. Brother Engineer in USA. Email: 98762-08900. A0-38675-OL

Suitable professional match for IT professional, beautiful, slim Jat Sikh girl Oct. 75/5'-3", Canadian citizen, US Green Card Holder. Email:  A0-40059-OL

UK based Jat Sikh Gill family well settled, educated, cultured, looking for compatible match for their duaghter 1981/5'-2", passed HND business management. Boy should be Jat Sikh unmarried professionally qualified. Girl runs business and owns several properties in UK, also 14 acres of urban land in Jalandhar city. Contact: 00447850125995, E-mail:  C0-10395

Jat Sikh parents seek Ph.D. Master in Engineering, or MBBS/USMLE cleared match for their US born Doctor daughter 31/5'-6". slim and fair. Legally divorced. Very brief issueless marriage. Visiting India in September. E-mail biodata and picture to  or call 510-799-7691. C0-30814B

Educated match for Dr of Pharmacy Jatsikh girl 28, 5'- 6" just graduated in US. Boy should be 5'- 9" and taller, cleanshaven and a US Citizen. Please send picture and family details to:  C0-36699

Match for 29/5'-8", Jatsikh, convent educated, MBA girl currently studying in Canada. Sister settled in Canada. Parents visiting Toronto. Ph: +919988421210 or +1647- 885-2135. Email:  C0-38422

Qualified settled match for beautiful girl, 22.12.1983, 5'-4". Permanent Assistant Professor in Commerce, Prestigious Chandigarh College. Monthly salary 35,500/- . Email:  C0-38846

Prof. qlfd. clean shaven Jatsikh match for beautiful, slim and intelligent girl. Jan. '83 born, 5'-3", MBA- HR. Father, brother, sister and sister-in-law Engineers. (Family settled in Sri Ganganagar and Delhi). 099293-59651.  C0-38856

Seeking an Engineer Jatt Sikh vegetarian match from USA, for a slim, beautiful well cultured 25/5'-8", U.S.A. Immigrant Science graduate girl. Contact with photo and biodata at  C0-39078

Suitable qualified match well settled in Service / Business in India for 26 yrs, 5'-7", fair, slim, beautiful Jat Sikh girl, BE, MS Finance, pursuing M.S. Accountancy in USA. Father retd. Class-I Officer. Tricity preferred. Mobile: 093166-50111, Email: MATRRIII@GMAIL.COM  C0-39358

Jatt Sikh parents seeks match for their professionally qualified daughter USA Green card holder beautiful slim girl March 1982/5'-4" working as a Medical Claims specialist in California. Preferred professionally qualified US/H1 with strong family back ground. Please respond with latest picture & bio-data at  C0-39366

Suitable Jat Sikh clean shaven match for convent educated, B.Com., Masters of Business Administration, 5'-6", Oct. 83 born, beautiful girl. Father retired Army officer. Family seeking professionally qualified, well settled boy from India or Australia preferably with defence background. Contact: 9041977450. Email:  C0-39368

U.S. based highly educated family from Defence background looking for handsome medico 24-28, 6+, non- drinker, cleanshaven groom for their 86 born, 5'-10", fair, slim, Doctor of Medicine, US citizen daughter. Email biodata and pictures to  C0-39386B

Jat Sikh parents seek a well educated professional match for their US citizen only daughter University degree holder working in her field daughter 30 yrs. old 5'-3" tall, slim & fair. The boy should be clean shaven Jat Sikh with professional degree willing to locate to New York. Early marriage. Call 917 670 3261. C0-39394B

Preferably Canadian/American well-educated Jat Sikh boy for slim, beautiful, cultured Jat Sikh 1983/160. Post- graduate Diploma in HR from Canada, presently there on work permit. , 98721-22264. C0-39512

Educated match for Jat Sikh girl 26/5'-4", healthy, MCA, regular Lecturer in Chandigarh college, UGC Net cleared. Retired Officer family settled Mohali. Vegetarian teetotaller boy from urban family preferred. Email:  C0-39926

Looking for a professional match for Jat Sikh, beautiful, very fair & slim 24/5'-2" New Zealand citizen, born in Chandigarh, BE (Software) from the University of Auckland. Working as a Software Engineer in a reputed MNC for the past 3 years. Respects family- values and belongs to highly-educated family well- settled in NZ. Contact: ,+64- 211889362. C0-40130

Preferably Defence Officer/Professionally well-settled in & around Chandigarh match for slim, beautiful Jat Sikh girl, Born 83, 5'-5", Post Graduate (Hons), pursuing MBA, working MNC, Chandigarh. Father retd. Airforce Officer. Email:  Contact No. 98158-87777. C0-40196

Professionally qualified match for MBA, M.Sc. IT, Jat Sikh girl, 83 born 5'-4". Well-settled Mohali based family.  94632-88450, 0172- 5063251. C0-40204

Suitable match for beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 33/5'-4", B.Sc., B.Ed., School Teacher. Only Jat Sikh families contact 097800-09719.  C0-40276

Jat Sikh professional match from status family for very beautiful, fair, smart, 5'-6", 27, BE, MBA, working in Wipro. Belonging to educated very well connected status Defence family. Email:  C0-40278

Status Grewal family seeks match for their 82 born, 5'- 7" MBA and SAP qualified daughter. Running own Global HR Establishment. Father and Brother Senior Pilots in Airlines. Senior Executive in Reputed MNC/Airlines Pilot preferred. Contact: 0124-4002719, 9872229977, E- mail:  C0-40400

Well-settled match for Jat Sikh M.D. Doctor girl Dec. 79/5'-4", smart, fair, homely, respectable family.  Mobile: 99883-05253. C0-40468

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl, MCA, 28 years, 5'-4". ; 99159-34657. C0-40486

Sidhu Jat Sikh parents seek suitable match for their daughter 25 years 5'-3" Canadian born with strong family values, University graduate Registered Nurse working at Toronto. Boy should be Canadian born well educated, preferred from Ontario around Toronto with good family values. Respond with Photo and family background :  C0-40537

Match for Jatt Sikh girl born 82/5'-5", Scale II in SBI, father landlord.  C0-40577

Jat Sikh parents from status family seeks Doctor, Engineer, MBA match for their US Citizen 27/5'-5", beautiful, fair, slim, homely daughter, presently working in High Tech Company in Silicon Vally, Calfornia. Please respond with complete biodata, family background & photos to:  C0-40743

Suitable 6 feet or above for Jat Sikh 32 years, 5'-7", MBA girl. Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali preferred. E- mail:-  Box 4250F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Parents looking Jat-Sikh boy age 31-36, never married, University graduate for 33 year old, never married, USA citizen, B.Sc. in Education , girl will be visiting India soon. Respond with photo & biodata to  C0-40819B

Match for Postgraduate 31/5'-4", beautiful, working Jat Sikh girl. Contact: 99141-77191.  Box 4261F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Jat Sikh girl 25/5'-5", convent educated, MA English, Cheerful, fair complexioned, soft spoken. Family oriented, from educated and well connected family. E-mail:  Box 4282F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for 5'-5" MBBS girl, doing Govt. job 1980 born, middle class family Ludhiana preferred.  Box 4291F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh family from UK seeking match for their daughter. We are a well-respected long settled UK family. Our daughter is 34/5'-6" slim, highly educated and working professionally. We are looking for a suitable match from India or UK. He should be professionally qualified, settled or willing to settle in the UK. Please respond with biodata and recent picture to:  C0-41232B

SM for 27, 5ft. 3" smart Jat Sikh girl BE MBA working in reputed MNC in Delhi. Salary 9 lakhs. Father ex-Army Officer. Elder sister Dentist married. Younger brother Capt., mother educated housewife. Ph: 94630-70777. Email  C0-41240

Match for US citizen Jat Sikh professionally qualified girl, 30/5'-3", looking for Doctor/Dentist/Engineer match, 5'-9" or taller. Email:  C0-41260B

Match for Jat Sikh Sept. 83/5'-8", MBA, well placed girl from respectable Chandigarh settled family. Tricity preferred. E-mail:  97793- 01696. C0-41262

Suitable well-settled match for extremely beautiful, slim, Virk girl from good status family 1981/5'-1", M.Com and Computers. Working in Delhi with good profile. Also B1/B2 (10 yrs), USA visa early decent marriage.  Contact: 098960-07082. C0-41358

Professionally qualified match for Canadian PR Jat Sikh girl 29/5'-2", MCA/M.Com. Send biodata, photo:  99159-22080. C0-41435

Manglik/Non-Manglik professionally qualified match for Mahajan girl 5'-3", 02-07-86, Jalandhar, M.Sc. and PGD in Human development, belongs to an educated professional family. Caste no bar. E-mail:  Box 4258F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Saini girl, 29/5'- 4", M.Tech. (ECE), College lecturer. Highly qualified, well settled family. NRI, Professionally preferred. 98726-06454. E-mail:  C0-40236

Match for slim Saini girl, 30/5'-1", M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil, College lecturer. Highly qualified, well settled family. NRI preferred. 98726-06454. E-mail:  C0-40238

Chandigarh based beautiful, slim, fair, Manglik Hindu Saini girl 12 Oct. 1981, 5'-4", 8:20 p.m., Pathankot, BA, N.T.T. Diploma, Teacher. In/around Chandigarh Khatri/Saini preferred. 0172-2612192, 92562-12055. Box 4227F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Ramgarhia Sikh girl, 5'-1", B.Sc. Nursing, DoB 23 March 83, IELTS cleared, looking for US/Canada based Ramgarhia Sikh boy. Send details with photo at  or Box 4243F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for U.S. citizen girl Nai Sardar/mother Jat Sikh landlord family 22/5'-6", girl doing RN looking for Doctor or Engineer match. Must be 5'-11" or taller. Parents are vising to India in August. Please contact:- C0-34304

Wanted Govt. employee/ teacher for fair Hindu Ramdasia girl 163/ 78 M.A, B.Ed. & ETT (Punjab) MOP. phone 01871-247970. Box 3939F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Teetotaller match for non-Manglik Nai N.P. slim, fair, beautiful, vegetarian girl, 1982/5'-4', M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed. Email:  C0-39530

Match for Prajapati girl 14.10.1984, 5'-2", B.A., PGDCA, M.Sc. IT, MCA. Mandi Gobindgarh. 98140-43899. C0-39588

Match for Chaudhary girl, April 1980, 5', M.A. (History), presently Pvt. Job in Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 09418502009, 01975-202617. C0-39806

Kanojia Kashyap unmarried Hindu girl 38/170 smart, looks younger, convented, Graduate, PGDCA, Manager in own export business. Required status match, bank officer/Engineer/businessman. Upper caste no bar. Early decent marriage. Send BHP. E-mail:  C0-39918

Modern Sikh Ramgharia family seek groom for their 28 yr. old daughter settled in Canada last 20 years, high school from Canada. Did Dentistry from South India, preparing for board exams. looking for Dentist from good school, Architect, Computer engineer Contact E- mail:  Phone: (604) 531 5909). C0-41214

Suitable match for Himachali Thakur Rajput beautiful girl 5'-2", 19.01.82 (7:20 a.m.), Mandi, MA English, B.Ed., PGCTE. Father Govt. Officer. Contact: 9463741458. Box 3775F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Manglik/Non-Manglik Jaswal Rajput Graduate, Computer knowing girl, working in MNC, 5', May 1983. Preferred in and around Chandigarh. Contact: 98156- 84177. C0-39290

Suitable match for HP Rajput Chandigarh based working girl, 21 Sept. 1979, (2:06 a.m.), Bilaspur, 5'-3", M.Com. Upper Caste no bar. E-mail:  094188-08797. C0-39342

Professionally qualified match for Himachali Kashyap Rajput girl, 28/5'-1", MDS (Ortho) Senior Lecturer in Pvt. Dental College. MDS/MD match preferred. 098782- 00894, 097364-00660. Box 4162F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Himachali Rajput girl, M.A., M.Ed., Lecturer, 5'-1", 17 Nov.1978, 2 a.m., Palampur. Upper caste no bar. Vegetarian preferred. 97794-55533. Box 4225F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for beautiful, 5'-3", Saraswat Brahmin homely girl, 15 Jan. 83, 3 pm, Ludhiana, B.Sc., MBA. Parents doctors. Contact after matching Kundli. 98787-46888. E-mail:  C0-35864

Vashisht Saraswat Brahmin girl 27 yrs., 5'-4", MBA, Manglik. Status family without dowry. Contact:  Box 4116F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Punjabi Brahmin Vashist girl Anshik Manglik 5', 27.11.87, 8:18 a.m., Haridwar. M.Com., Planning for B.Ed. Preference Veg. 098372-44375.  C0-38928

Professionally qualified match for Saraswat Brahmin healthy, fair girl (Gotra Moudgil/Vats), 01.04.1982, 0028 hrs Chandigarh, 5'-6", MBA, PGDCA, working MNC. Kundli matching must. Box 4123F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Brahmin girl M.Sc., M.Phil., UGC appeared, Lecturer adhoc in Pathankot 28.12.83, 2:44 p.m., Pathankot, 5'-3", fair colour, lower HP & Pb preferred. 094179-45333 (Mobile). Box 4133F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Manglik beautiful Brahmin Himachali girl, 21.5.83, 8:30 a.m., Shimla, 5'-2", B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Sc. IT, Asstt. Manager with reputed company Chandigarh. Contact after matching kundli. 94640-97349,  C0-39284

PQM for tall slim beautiful Bhardwaj girl 12/1984, 165 cm, M.Sc. (Engineering) from Univ. of Toronto. Presently emloyed with MNC in Calgary Canada. Contact:<  C0-39622

Suitable match for Garhwali Brahmin fair and charming girl, 1979/5'-2", M.Com., MBA. Freelance Professional. Family settled Chandigarh. Own house. Only Kumaoni Garhwali Himachali Brahmins apply. 098155-43221, 098155-43278. C0-39680

Professionally qualified Brahmin boy for slim, fair 28 years 5'-3", Vasishist Brahmin girl, M.Com., M.Phil, ICWA, currently pursuing Ph.D. Kundli must. Box 4160F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Pbi Saraswat Brahmin manglik girl, B.Tech. 26/ 5'-1'' working MNC Noida 3.80 lpa.  C0-40254

Suitable match for beautiful, slim, Brahmin girl. M.Phil Computer Science Lecturer Govt. College Chandigarh, 5'-4", 06-09-1979, 10:40 p.m., Delhi. Father Director Biomedical. Caste no bar. Contact 95487-66670, 94175-27260. E-mail:  Box 4214F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Non-Manglik match for fair beautiful 5'-0" Brahmin girl B.Sc. (C.Sc.) M.Sc. (Math) B.Ed, PGDCA, Sept. 82, school Teacher. Brother working MNC abroad. Father retd. govt. officer. Educated status family. Khatris also welcomed. 90417-40496, 98150-44333, E-mail:  C0-40667

Professionally qualified match for slim fair beautiful Saraswat Brahmin girl 5'-3", 12-02-1983, 1:00 p.m., Jalandhar M.Tech Biotechnology, Regular Assistant Professor in Govt. University. 95010-11002, E-mail:  C0-40829

Match for Saraswat Punjabi Brahmin fair, slim girl March 83/5'-3", M.Sc. (Micro-Biology) belong to Una. settled in Chandigarh. Send biodata, Photo kundli must. Box 4267F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Saraswat Brahmin girl 79 born 5'-3", Upmanyu gotra Nadi Madhya Senior Software Enngineer employed MNC Delhi. Mobile: 098737-36162.  Box 4284F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Amritsar based status/affluent educationist (Hindu) family seeks alliance for their extremely beautiful, fair, slim daughter, university Lecturer, 79/5'-2", (looks twenty), Ph.D. (Eng.), Director family institute (personal perks 4 LPA), qualified well settled professional/businessman at Amritsar preferred. 98559- 28777.  A0-38691-OL

Match for Hindu Khatri homely Graduate, Diploma in Computer, 5'-2"/10.6.1982/10:00 a.m., Chandigarh. Business family preferred.  098146-35016. C0-39062

Match for beautiful Khatri girl 16-09-1981, 3:45 p.m., Jalandhar 5'-1", M.Sc. IT. Father class-I officer. Contact after matching Kundli. 098166-05906. C0-39134

Very beautiful Himachali Khatri girl, 154 cms, 24 years, B.Tech.(Computers), I.T. Professional, Working in Top IT company. Himachali preferred. Box 4156F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Looking for a smart, professional match for Chandigarh- based, Khatri Mehta girl, July 1982 born, 5'-8", fair, slim, homely, sober, Advance Diploma in Fashion and Web Designing. Presently studying/living in London with brother. Preference Chandigarh and surrounding areas. Decent marriage. Serious enquiries only. E-mail profile and photo to  or call 0172- 2714735. Box 4170F Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for nm b'ful Khatri girl 5'-4'' 31st July 83, 10:50 am Amritsar. B.Com (Prof.) PGDHRM. 9888869731.  C0-39946

Ludhiana-based well-settled business Khatri family seeks suitable Manglik/non-Manglik match for their highly educated, cultured, attractive and working girl, 5'-4"/52 kg, 24.2.82/8:23 am/Ludhiana. id: SH99092815. Contact: 0161-3269074.  NA0-27541-OL

Well settled teetotaller match for beautiful, slim, Ramgarhia girl, B.Sc. IT, 24/5'-10", from status business family. Dowry seekers to excuse. Send complete details to Email:  Box 3835F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Engineer/Doctor/Architect/Defence Officer handsome match from small educated family for Ramgarhia Sikh girl, July 83, 5'-2" slim, Architect, 5 LPA. Belongs small decent family. Father Army Officer. E-mail:  Mobile 98152-29651. C0-38296

Alliance invited for very beautiful, slim, tall, very fair, sharp featured, educated 24 years old. USA citizen Ramgarhia girl seeks tall, handsome, below 24 years. Doctor/Engineer/qualified match. Must be very tall. Parents currently in India visiting. Only Ramgarhias may apply. Please send biodata & recent photograph. Email:  C0-38924B

SQM 4 Manglik, Ramgarhia slim, fair girl 26/5'-5", M.Sc. (Phy), private job. NRI also welcome. Contact: 94646-19582. Email:  C0-38990

Suitable match for white complexion beautiful Sikh Ramgarhia girl 5'-7", Oct. 77 from well to do reputed family. Contact: 093300-46246. C0-39248

Suitable match for white complexion beautiful Sikh Ramgarhia girl 5'-5", Oct. 79 from well to do reputed family. Contact: 093300-46246. C0-39250

Dhiman girl, 28/5'-1", PGDMC, M.A. French Teacher. Upper caste no bar. 94642-59983, 0172-2700021. C0-39608

Match for Hindu Dhiman homely girl, Dec. 1982, 5'-5", M.Sc (Math), M.Phil, Lecturer in Engineering college. Father Sr. Manager Nationalised Bank. Brother B.Tech., MBA, working MNC. Mohali based Small educated family.  Box 4172F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well educated match for Ramgarhia Sikh Bharaj beautiful girl 30/5'-4", MBA, Bank service. 0181-5008062. C0-39913

Ramgarhia Sikh 31/5'-6" Canadian, Dentist, divorcee girl, boy should be highly qualified, educated. Email:  NA0-27484-OL

Looking for suitable, Ravidassia, well educated match for our daughter, Dec. 1980 born, 5'-3", slim, v.fair, beautiful, Govt. Teacher, Gurdaspur. Brother well settle in UK, working in MNC. Please email at:  C0-39074

Suitable match for SC Ravidasi girl 23.12.82, 5'-4", M.A., B.Ed. Preference Govt. employee Engineer. No dowry. 99885-00824. Box 4130F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Balmiki match for MBBS, Doing job in HCMS, 26/5'-2", beautiful, slim girl. 98888-19048. C0-39892

Match for B.Tech., 24/5'-4", beautiful, Ravidasia girl, IELTS 6.5 Bands. Parents well settled, Radhasoamis, vegetarian. NRI preference. 098148-28331, Email:  C0-39978

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh girl, BHMS, MD, MBA, 1982, 5'-4", vegetarian. Professionally qualified, teetotaller from Tricity preferred. Contact with profile & photo at:  ; 9814301339. C0-40300

Suitable match for Ramdasia Sikh beautiful girl 79 born, height 5'-2", PCS (Judicial), B.Com., LL.M. Box 4254F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Hindu Himachali Manglik Jat girl, M.A. B.Ed. 5'-2", 22.11.1981/3.20 a.m., Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. Email:  C0-38910

Wanted suitable NRI/Punjabi match for slim, beautiful Sikh girl Nov.84/5'-7", MCA, doing job, 16,000/- p.m.. E- mail:  Box 4292F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Educated match for Canadian Citizen beautiful Sikh Rajput, innocentally divorced, 37/5'-3" (looks 30) working as Asstt. Manager. Send Biodata, Photo:  92161-31033 Box 4109F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Aggarwal Non-manglik 23 years 5'-2", M.Sc. C.S. fair, slim, beautiful girl. Call. 98551- 98760. E-mail:  C0-39462

Professionally qualified match for very affluent, high status professional, business educated small family convent B.E. (Comp. SC) & MBA (Reputed Institute), cultured very fair, pretty, charming, slim very beautiful Aggarwal Garg NM 28/162, Chandigarh girl SAP Consultant. Top S/W Co. NCR high package. BHP:  C0-40286

Suitable match for 23/5'-2" slim, beautiful MBA girl complexion wheatish Garg Gotra. Father doing business in Chandigarh. Box 4265F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Arora Sikh girl MA B.Ed 5'-7"/31 Senior Teacher. Box 4131F Tribune, Chandigarh.

Gursikh Amritdhari well qualified well settled match for Amritdhari Arora girl Feb 83/5'-3", BDS MBA Hospital Admn. slim beautiful modern, working at Chandigarh. Father Gazetted. 99882-94282, E-mail:  C0-40106

PQ match for Sikh Arora smart girl 5'-3", December 1985, B.Tech. CScience, MNC Gurgaon 4.43 PA. Mobile: 98147-43977. E-mail:-  C0-40936


Sweet Home: One/two kanal freehold houses Chandigarh genuine buyers.
Call 98551-23123. Visit:  A0-39417-OL

Hoshiarpur (Pb) Kothi 16.5 marla, adjoining Model Town, near all amenities, facing park, liveable, peaceful area. Dealers excuse. Genuine buyers. Contact: 098765- 26351. C0-41048

East facing, Park facing, 275 sq yards plot. 1204/19-B, Chandigarh. Contact
98140-69336. C0-39850

Commercial site available for Long lease on Airport Road, Sector 80, Mohali.
15000 sq ft area. Can be built as per requirement of lessee. 094642-97814. C0-39544

Partners, Investors invited for Web Business maximum investment 50 Lacs.
For detail enquiry please communicate  C0-39192

1996 Toyota Landcruiser Prado, Full time 4 wheel drive, automatic
transmission. Turbo Inter cool Diesel Engine, Climate Control, Navigation, Sun Roof, Disk Brakes with ABS etc. Very well maintained. Contact: 97803-78867, 98884-44777. C0-41158

CFDI (Centre for Forensic Detectives and Investigation) contact for all type
of Investigations and Detective field work. Phone: 0172-5013291, 94170-92753. E-mail:  C0-41078


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