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Showers choke city’s low-lying areas 
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
Rain that lashed the city today left roads and a few low-lying areas inundated.

People residing in the low-lying areas, that got waterlogged, and commuters faced a lot of difficulties while venturing out of their houses or anticipating their way through the inundated roads to reach their destinations.

The city experienced just 4 mm of rain today and even then all major roads were inundated. Many houses in the low-lying areas were flooded and people were seen draining

out the rainwater manually. It was a hard day for schoolchildren especially those of government schools, who had to reach their educational institutes in different parts of the city.

‘‘My scooter broke down near the Domoria bridge as the road was flooded. I had to drag it to a mechanic nearby and got late, ’’ said Divleen Kaur, a student of Pinewood Schhol, Division No. 3 area.

A few residents faced difficulty in going to their workplaces. ‘‘I left my house in Dugri in the morning only to get stuck in the flooded road. Water entered my scooter and I was stranded in the middle of the road that had turned into a pool. I decided to return instead of returning to my office in Bhadaur House,’’ said Ravinder Kumar, a resident of Dugri.

His is not an isolated case. A few employees and schoolchildren failed to reach their destinations due to miserable condition of the roads. 


Hospitals, health dept differ over gastro cases
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
Privately run hospitals and the district’s health officials are giving varying figures of the number of gastroenteritis cases in the city, adding to the confusion about the disease’s prevalence. The former, which include SPS Apollo Hospital near Sherpur Chowk, Toor Hospital in Basti Jodhewal and Sai Charitable Hospital on Tibba Road are regularly getting new patients with symptoms of diarrhoea, gastroenteritis and other waterborne diseases.

Dr BS Kapoor, a consultant at a privately run hospital on Tibba Road said the situation in the area was grim with more and more patients were coming in with severe stomach infection.

However, health officials have said the situation in the city is "under control", adding no new cases had been reported from any of the hospitals today. District epidemiologist Dr GP Mangla said: Private hospitals are fuelling the gastro scare. Even mild cases of diarrhoea are being referred to as gastroenteritis”.

“We’ve given instructions to privately-run hospitals, particularly those located in the disease prone areas, to refrain from using the word gastroenteritis without confirming a case thoroughly. People need to be educated about hygiene,” Mangla averred.

Do’s and dont’s

l Boil water before drinking

l Wash hands properly before eating

l Avoid eating raw and uncovered food

l Dispose of kitchen waste in covered bins

l Keep the environs free of houseflies



Lack of funds hampers MC
No hope in sight for residents for years
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
Even as most parts of the city get inundated after heavy rain year after year, there is no hope for proper drainage of rain water in the coming years as the Municipal Corporation feels crippled to solve the recurrent problem owing to the shortage of funds.

Since the city needs hundreds of metres of storm sewerage pipeline, which requires Rs 500-600 crore for laying the pipeline and subsequent repairing roads, it does not plan to go ahead with the project for at least next five years.

Despite having identified the low-lying areas in city, the MC has not been able to handle the situation arising out of floods. The storm water management (sewerage), an additional drainage system used for managing the rainwater is the only solution to the water-logging problem in the city.

But the storm sewerage remains a distant dream as the cash strapped MC is not able to provide the sanitary sewerage alone in all areas. As per the data available with the MC, the city's 32 per cent population remains without sanitary sewer lines till date.

VP Singh, Superintending Engineer, Operation and Maintenance Cell, who is responsible for the maintenance of sewerage in the city, told The Tribune that it resulted in floods during rain as the sanitary sewerage was not able to drain the rain water and got overloaded.

He said the industrial city had 90 per cent sanitary sewers and just 10 per cent storm-sewers. Most of the areas needed the storm sewers. “Water-logging is because of the heavy rain and overflowing sewerage. For laying the remaining sanitary sewer lines, the department needs at least Rs 249 crore. And for the storm -sewer management, at least Rs 300 crore will be needed apart from construction of roads, which will be dug up for laying pipes. “, said Singh.


Areas affected by heavy rain

l Transport Nagar, BRS Nagar H Block

l Dholewal, Gill Chowk, Mata Rani Chowk

l Domoria Bridge, Focal Point, Janakpuri

l Sunder Nagar and Ghumar Mandi



Meanwhile, covers of many hues
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
When it rains, wet weather can always put a serious damper on anyone's morning or worse it can even spoil a fun Sunday shopping. Why not add some excitement by adding some colour to these rainy days.

Monsoon is the perfect time to use colours boldly. The best way to fight monsoon blues is to wear something bright and cute.

Waterproof rain gear can be a great addition to one's wardrobe. Besides, trendy umbrella is a must-have to complete that glam monsoon look.

This monsoon splash colours all around by way of attractive, bright and colourful umbrellas and raincoats.

Gone are the days when the umbrellas used to be black, bulky and boring. Now, one can select from a whole range and variety, an umbrella or a raincoat to match your dress and be playful with colours.

Pink or a transparent umbrella with delicate prints embellished with laces and frills over it adds vibrancy to your clothing. If carrying an umbrella is a task for you, one can look even more attractive in a bright coloured raincoat. You can wear the most colourful clothes underneath, as the transparent raincoats will give a soothing effect to one’s attire.

“Pick up sprinted or Indian designed umbrellas with elephants, butterflies, lady bugs, tomatoes or with other intricate designs on them. They define ethnic chic to the hilt. Deep tone Indian palette umbrellas in colours like deep red or bright and colourful shades of pink or deep purple from FabIndia are quite fashion savvy, too,” says designer Kanishka from the city.

“Transparent and translucent plastic umbrellas decorated with frills is a trend this monsoon. Colours of umbrellas are also getting brighter and bolder. One can also go for electric pink, green, blue, red while neon hues are quite a favourite. Floral prints on umbrellas, wind-cheaters and rain-coats also look cool,” adds Salina, a college student.

Kids also have a whole lot of range to choose. They can select an umbrella with their favourite cartoon character printed on it.



Price hike pinches poor
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
The revised rate of full-cream Verka milk from Rs 26 to Rs 27 per litre has added to the kitchen expenses of the economically weaker sections and lower-middle income groups.

Already reeling under the impact of all-time high inflation, the poor are finding it hard to manage their kitchens.

It has become a tight situation for the lower -income groups, as they have to think twice before buying one litre of milk daily to make tea in their kitchens.

Saachi, a sweeper at a private school, says, "During every visit to the hospital, the doctor says that I should feed my children with at least two glasses of milk every day but it is not possible with an income of Rs 3,000- Rs 4,000 per month. The cumulative cost of two litre of milk for one month is Rs 1,620 and I can not afford that".

Till now, Verka was the only brand in Punjab, which was considered to be "people friendly", as the milk of other brands were unaffordable for the poor. The costs of other milk brands vary from Rs 30 to Rs 34 per litre.

Ajmer Singh Bhagpur while speaking to The Tribune said that increasing the price was the need of the hour as Verka had revised the rates of the “milk producers” to Rs 36 per litre. “Thus in order to save the plants from going into loss and to provide quality milk to the people, Verka had to take the decision of hiking the price. However, the rates of the toned milk and milk products have not been increased,” Bhagpura went on to add.

Dr JS Bhatti, professor at the Extension Department of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU), held the “government responsible for the hike in milk price”. He further said that the cost of production could be controlled by taking proper measures.

“The government should ban burning of wheat straw (the feed of dairy animals) in furnaces and other industrial units. It costs the farmers Rs 400 per quintal. Instead, it should be made available to the farmers at cheaper rates so as to decrease the cost of production of milk,” said Bhatti.



I Tax staff strike brings cheer to business, traders
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
The city’s business community are glad no income tax officials will not be able to conduct any surveys and raids due to the ongoing “noncooperation movement” by I-T staff. The department’s group B, C and D employees, who are protesting again nonfulfillment of their long pending demands, have decided not to accompany I-T officials on raids and surveys.

In pursuance of their 12-point charter of demands, members of the Joint Council of Action of Income Tax Employees Federation and the Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association are taking part in the “noncooperation movement”.

Said a local trader: “We’ll get timely respite till the income tax employees continue their agitation. The fear of I-T surveys and raids always lurks large on the business and trading community. At least now we can relax for some time”.

Another businessman who deals in hosiery goods said on condition of anonymity: “We feel relieved as for some time we need nod fear I-T surveys or raids that are regularly conducted on business establishments by income tax officials, causing us unnecessary harassment”.

Taxation Young Lawyers Association president Jatinder Khurana said income tax department employees had earlier gone on strike on June 7, 8 and 30 and on July 15. “Since their demands were not met they were left with no option but to go on strike again”.

A department official said the chief commissioner of income tax (Ludhiana) had conducted 253 surveys and collected Rs 132 crore of undisclosed income during the previous fiscal. “Now surveys and raids have come to a halt after Group B, C and D employees began their protest. Senior income tax officials are worried as revenue collections are going down due to the stir”, the official added.

Employees’ demands

l Stop outsourcing

l Central processing centre must function strictly according to agreement reached with joint council of action

l Reimburse cellphone charges to all department employees, sanction laptops for all gazetted officers and provide desktop PCs to all Group C employees

l Publish civil list on the lines it was issued till 2006 without any further delay

l Transfer I-T deputy/assistant commissioners who have completed two years

l Fill up vacant posts in the department



Hockey Olympian’s LPG godown raided 
Used to directly steal gas from tankers 
Our Correspondent

Mullanpur Dakha, July 22
The food and civil supply department and the Ludhiana police jointly raided godowns of Sant Paramjit Gas Agency (HP) near Humbran and caught its employees red handed while they were directly stealing gas from gas tankers. The agency owned by Hockey Olympian Hardeep Singh is located near Jalandhar bypass.

The Humbran police was tipped off that the employees of the gas agency were directly stealing gas from the tankers using some homemade technique. The employees, inconvenience with the tanker drivers, used to first fill the gas in cylinders with the help of weighing machine and then sealing them with old seals available in abundance with them. Each of the gas tankers contained 35,000 cubic centimeters and could prove to be risky for people and the surrounding areas if handled by incompetent persons.

These tankers were owned by Shakti Oil Carriers (HR 38 C 9654) of New Delhi and Padmawati Carriers private Ltd. (HR 38 F 6325) of Panipat. Both drivers escaped on seeing the police. These tankers were coming from Uttar Pradesh and were bound to HP gas bottling plant at Hoshiarpur. These people were experts in stealing gas from the tanker that otherwise could only be taken out at the bottling plants where the gas cylinders are filled following security norms.

Hakam Singh, an employee of the godown, confessed that they had tried it for the second time. He said that he had seen these tankers selling the gas to a few dhaba owners nearby and the lust for easy money made him to contact them. They used to steal 15 to 20 cylinders from a tanker during every trip. They, however, maintained that they were stealing the gas on their own and their masters were not aware of their deeds.

The accused have been booked under Sections 379, 420 and 120B of the IPC and the Essential Commodities Act.

The police has also recovered 126 entry books of gas consumers from the godown that were being used.

This also indicated the role of the gas agency owner as these carried subscription vouchers with them. The food and civil supply inspector said fake consumers were created for selling the gas cylinders in black market at a premium price. A few passbooks were in operation much before 1995.

Hardeep Singh unhappy for being implicated in the case in which he had no role to play. He said he was out of the twon when this incident took place. 

Drivers escape

These tankers were owned by Shakti Oil Carriers (HR 38 C 9654) of New Delhi and Padmawati Carriers private Ltd. (HR 38 F 6325) of Panipat. Both drivers escaped on seeing the police. These tankers were coming from Uttar Pradesh and were bound to HP gas bottling plant at Hoshiarpur



Residents protest, burn MC chief’s effigy
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, July 22
Residents of Amloh organised a protest march in the town today and raised slogans against municipal council chief and executive officer. They burnt the effigy of the council chief for not being able to provide proper sewerage system.

The march was held by former council chief Baldev Sedha, Mohalla Sudhar Committee chief Surjan Singh Mehmi, general secretary Mange Ram and other residents of the town. Former minister and member of the Scheduled Castes Dalip Singh Pandhi also visited the affected areas, including Ward No.5, Ward No. 6 and main market where the drainage water had blocked the road.

According to sources, Rs 2 crore was granted by the Punjab government for sewerage system, but the council failed to provide relief. Mehmi said with constructions coming up on bypass road from petrol pump to Mandi Gobindgarh bus stand, the main drain had been encroached upon by raising structures on the PWD road above the existing road level.

The PWD and BR had not raised any objections upon these encroachments so for, he added.

It is pertinent to mention that during the past two years the level of bypass road has been raised beyond the required level. No cleaning efforts have been made by the municipal committee for the past five years. The “nala” has been chocked, no water moves beyond the petrol pump because the natural flow of the water has been blocked as a result of which the dirty water from Ward No. 5 and 6, main market, police station, municipal committee office, Quila road etc. accumulates on the side of petrol pump.

Mange Ram said the matter was brought to the notice of SDM Amloh, president and executive officer municipal committee on various occasions in 2009-10 and recently on 7 July by the affected residents of the area. But no action seems to have been taken so for the by the officials concerned.

Mange added that municipal committee wanted to raise the level of streets instead of giving any solution. The raising of streets would destroy the public property. The municipal committee was arranging for the disposal through another channel, but the area beyond petrol pump was not connected with the said proposal. This problem was not related to monsoon, but created by influential persons.

The residents feel that considering the present situation the Punjab and Haryana High Court must also intervene and save them.



Encroachments removed near Chandigarh road
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
More than 334 permanent extensions were removed by the Building Branch Department of the Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana (Zone A), near 33-feet road, Bhamiyan Road, Mundiyan road and Radha Swami road, near Chandigarh road here today. About 40-50 police personnel accompanied the MC officials led by Town Planner Harpreet Ghai.

Talking to The Tribune, Ghai said the removals include permanent extensions, thadas, ramps, stretches etc. As many as 33 extensions were removed from Bhamiyan Road while 301 from various other parts. "These were all outside commercial establishments. Though violators assured that they would remove encroachments on their own but we did not rely on them. The step was taken after many warnings were issued to them", said Ghai.



Museum no fun for village kids
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
For children living in villages, a shopping mall is akin to a museum and caters more information than an educational trip to a museum depicting the Punjab’s culture.

The fact came to light when at least 110 students from four government primary schools located at villages near Khanna visited Punjab Agricultural University (PAU).

These children showed no interest in the cultural museum. Most of them were seen telling their teachers that the museum was no different from their home.

“Except for the utensils and the well everything was just like my home. My mother still cooks food on a hearth,” said Gurpreet Singh of Daudpur village. The PAU museum was constructed to give an insight of a village life to people living in cities. Krishan Kumar has issued Rs 4,000 to every primary school for the educational trip.

Students from government primary schools at Baho Majra, Iqolahi, Daudpur and Libra got excited when someone told them they were visiting a shopping mall.

While talking about escalators installed in all shopping malls of the city, Ranjit Kaur said: “I really want to visit a shopping mall, I heard my uncle saying that you don’t have to climb the stairs.” Three teachers Paramjit Kaur, Avtar Singh and Sukhminder Singh besides centre head Renu Bala are accompanying the students.

Giving details about the trip, Sukhminder Singh, teacher, Daudpur Government Primary School, said the student would also be taken to war museum near Amaltas. Here, too, the children encountered an unusual scenario.

English translation of Kargil war- Operation Vijay- was beyond comprehension of these students who thronged Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Memorial Museum near the Jalandhar bypass following their visit to the PAU.

Students were excited, as it was the first time that they were visiting the war memorial.

But when the light and sound show depicting the victory of the Indian soldiers in the Kargil war was shown, the students were seen looking at their teachers’ face. Even the teachers were unable to translate the programme.

“We could not understand it, except for the Jai Hind, I tried to ask my teacher about the act. But even he wasn’t able to tell it,” said Charanjit Kaur.



Contractual workers to be affected in 31 FCI depots

Ludhiana, July 22
The Ministry of Labour has prohibited implementation of exploitative contract labour system in as many as 60 depots of FCI of which 31 depots pertain to Punjab Region. This action of the government gave impetus to achievement of social justice by protecting the interest of unorganised labour. It was expected that corporation would also adopt the same policy with regard to the implementation of such a notification by absorbing erstwhile contract labourers in these notified depots instead of rendering them employed as was done where similar notifications prohibiting employment of contract labour were issued during the years 1985 and 1991.

The Food Corporation of India Workers’ Union in a press note issued here stated that the management had deviated from its past policy and now decided to operate these notified depots not by absorbing the existing contract labourers but by transferring workers from other depots. — TNS



Excess fluoride harmful for children 
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, July 22
Excessive and inappropriate use of fluoride containing dental products, including toothpastes and mouth rinses are threatening the oral health of children.

Despite higher percentage of fluorides in the underground water in this part of the state, defluoridation technique is nowhere to be seen. Dental surgeons of the area have urged parents of schoolchildren to follow instructions of only qualified dentists instead of entrusting dental care of their wards to quacks and unqualified practitioners.

Investigations by The Tribune revealed that the residents of this belt of Malwa, known for higher percentage of fluorides in underground water, were falling prey to alleged unethical and medically harmful advices of unqualified dentists and practitioners. Children are worst affected by the menace.

Least bothered about the consequences of increasing concentration of a few minerals in blood and other tissues, the practitioners were prescribing fluoride containing dental products, obviously to pocket their commission on sale of these pharmaceuticals.

A few drug store owners reportedly sold fluoride containing toothpastes and mouth rinses without getting prescription by a doctor. There were still others who, instead of returning balance amounts in cash, gave their customers these products.

Dr Vikas Hind and Dr Meera said the tendency of inapt uses of fluoride containing dental products was prevalent among residents of areas falling on threshold of districts identified for higher percentage of fluoride ions in underground water. Children from more prosperous families suffer the most.

Referring to information collected from their patients and relatives accompanying them, both doctors regretted that a few dentists and practitioners had been prescribing poor quality toothpastes and mouth rinses on the pretext of strengthening dentures through oral absorption of the fluoride salts.

“At times they (practitioners) prescribe calcium tablets along with fluoride containing dental product ignoring the fact that these minerals were already present in higher concentration in the tissues of those residing in this area,” lamented Dr Hind admitting that imbalance of mineral could affect human physiology adversely.

This area, which is situated on the border of Ludhiana and Sangrur districts, had been identified for higher incidence of flourosis.

While mild form of dental flourosis characterised by the white, opaque areas on tooth surface, was rarely noticed by the doctors, severe form manifested as yellow brown to black stains, was attributed to smoking.

Normally, the degree of dental flourosis depends on the amount of fluoride exposure up to the age of eight to 10, as fluoride stains only the developing teeth while they are being formed in the jawbones and is still under the gums.

Overuse of fluoride containing dental products and eatables can be harmful for the bones as well.

Skeletal flourosis affects children as well as the adults. Deposition of mineral ions in the joints of the neck, knees, pelvic and the shoulder bones causes symptoms resembling sodalities and arthritis.

Physiological aspect of flourosis is often overlooked by health authorities because of the prevailing misconception that fluoride only affects bones and the teeth. Doctors ignore the fact that the excessive consumption of fluoride could lead to muscle fiber degeneration and low hemoglobin. 

Visible Symptoms

l Chalky white patches on teeth

l Yellow and brown stained teeth

l Discoloured teeth

l Weak teeth 

Risks of Overuse of Fluoride

l Deposition of mineral in joints may restrict mobility

l May lead to muscle weakness and chronic fatigue

l Advanced stage may be manifested as osteoporosis

l Vertebrae may fuse and victim rendered crippled

l Low hemoglobin and muscle fiber degeneration may affect efficiency of individual 

Lurking Danger

Due to the high concentration of fluorides in the underground water in Malwa dental surgeons have warned parents to keep away from quacks. Least bothered about the consequences of increasing concentration of a few minerals in blood and other tissues, practitioners were prescribing fluoride-based dental products, obviously to pocket their commission. A few drug store owners reportedly sold such toothpastes and mouth rinses without seeking doctor’s prescription. Others, instead of returning the balance amount were handing over these products to customers



13-yr-old needs monetary help
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
“Please help me,” are the words of a 13-year-old boy suffering from a painful condition of chest as his father is not able to afford his treatment.

Girish Arora, a student of Class IX, has been grappling with a condition in which he has lumps in his chest that hurts. He disease was detected five months ago. His parents don’t have resources to help him get the treatment.

His father took him to a hospital in New Delhi on Wednesday and got him treated. But he requires to go there twice and for this he needs Rs 80,000.

Son of a teacher in a private school, Girish was advised by doctors in Delhi to go in for injectible treatment. Otherwise Ludhiana doctors had advised him under
go surgery.

Raj Arora, his father, said he was feeling uncomfortable asking people for money. ‘‘But what can be done? I cannot see my son crying while waking up in the middle of the night. Only good Samaritans can help me now, ’’ he said. He can be contacted on his cell phone No. 99158-03492. 



500 examined at dental camp
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
Baba Jaswant Singh Dental College and Hospital organised a free dental check-up and awareness camp at DCM Presidency School, Jamalpur.

As many as 500 students availed the benefit of comprehensive dental check-up extended by a team of senior dental surgeons led by Dr Pawan Arora and Dr Ashish Kumar. The camp started with dental awareness talk educating children about common dental aliments especially tooth decay and gum diseases that lead to mobile teeth and eventually the need for replacement.

Dr Arora further added that eating patterns and food choices among children and teens were important factors. It was emphasised that to control the amount of sugar consumed one should choose foods and beverages that were low in added sugars. "Added sugar is usually present in soft drinks, candies, cookies and pastries," he said.



Training to make ‘babus’ public friendly
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
General public generally faces “harassment” at the hands of government officials/employees. To make these employees public friendly and sensitive towards public, the Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration, Patiala, organised a course to impart training to A, B and C grade employees of 10 municipal councils falling under Ludhiana district.

Self motivation, positive attitude, decision making, conflict resolution, team work and stress management were some of the important areas to focus for the employees.

Institute director SK Ahluwalia informed that the focus of the training would be to enhance the presence of mind of the employees.

The training to “babus” is basically a Central government-aided project with an objective to improve their behavioural skills.

Ahluwalia informed that detailed lectures would also be given by leading resource persons. On July 29-30, similar training will be provided to the employees of the Municipal Corporation and Zone D office. 



High drama witnessed at SAN school
10 shown the door for not performing well in surprise test
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
A high drama was witnessed at SAN Jain Public School near Daresi here this morning when the school authorities shown the door to 10 non-medical students of class XI for scoring less marks in a surprise test.

School principal Sunita Jain conducted the test, following which 10 students were told to either change their stream or quit the school. It is learnt that the test was taken after school teachers raised doubts over the ability of the students and feared that the students would not be able to clear the board examination.

The decision of the authorities did not go down well with the students, who then called their parents on the school premises and raised slogans against the school authorities.

The parents alleged that they paid a fee of around Rs 7,700 at the time of admission. “Our children were studying the non-medical subjects from April. The school did not raise any objection in all these months, but now in the middle of the session they are telling us to change the stream. It is uncalled for. How can the children concentrate on the other curricula now when they have already started studying these subjects,” said the parents.

Sources said out of 100 marks, the students scored merely 20 marks, which led the school authorities to take the decision. Following the protest, the school principal allowed the students to continue their studies in the non-medical stream. But she also allegedly took a written declaration from the students that they would have to perform well in the next examination. Otherwise the students would be solely responsible for their poor performance.

These students were given provisional admission before the declaration of board exam results but they weren’t able to score well. They barely scored passing marks. This is the first batch of non-medical students. We fear these students may not be able to handle the pressure of studies after we held an interim exam in which they performed badly. After their parents refused to change their wards’ stream we took an undertaking from them. — Sunita Jain, Principal



Education consultant accused of fraud; row resolved
Mohit Khanna/TNS

Ludhiana, July 22
An 18-year-old girl allegedly duped by a city-based educational consultant that promised to send her abroad on a student visa approached Lok Bhalai Party leader Avtar Singh Mullapuri after the agency refused to return the money she had paid it.

Surinder Kaur, a resident of Sudhar, went to the Sarabha Nagar police station along with her parents on Tuesday morning and filed a complaint against the BRS Nagar-based consultant.

She accused the agency of charging her Rs 25,000 as consultancy fees for sending her to the United Kingdom on a student visa. She said the agency also took a demand draft for Rs 3 lakh from her and charged her another Rs 12,000 as visa processing fees.

She further claimed that the consultant charged Rs 52,000 to arrange a student education loan.

Surinder’s visa application was reportedly rejected by the British High Commission, following which she asked the consultant to return her money. She said the agency refused to return the consultancy and visa processing fees and the amount paid for arranging an education loan.

The matter apparently did not end there with the consultant reportedly demanding Rs 10,000 to return her demand draft. High drama was witnessed at the Sarabha Nagar police station after the consultants were summoned there. The latter even claimed that Surinder had not paid any money to the agency.

Later, during the day, both sides reportedly struck a compromise on the matter.



100 saplings planted at college
Tribune News Service

Khanna, July 22
The Rotary Club, Khanna, has organised a tree plantation drive at AS College, Khanna, wherein 100 saplings were planted on the college campus.

President of the club HS Ghai said the plantation drive was launched to reduce pollution level and to increase greenery.

Club members, college professors and students were present.



Role of teachers discussed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
Asit Ghosh, director of Tuff Track International from Shanti Niketan, delivered a lecture on faculty development programme sponsored by the PTU at Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology here today.

Workshop titled "A tryst with learning" deliberated upon the subject and enlightened the audience how to improve goodwill and image building.

He said: "Teachers must understand their role and must stress on personal effectiveness; create rapport, trust and confidence among students.”

He also advised the faculty members to become a role model and be a self-starter. He discussed the role of interpersonal relationships and team work and importance of responsibility, accountability and self-awareness.



From Schools & Colleges
Lecture to promote NCC

The NCC unit of Government College for Women, Ludhiana, organised a lecture under the leadership of NCC in charge in the college auditorium here today.

Commanding Officer Lt Col Subhash Sehgal was the chief guest. In order to inculcate an interest in NCC, the Commanding Officer delivered a lecture on the aim and benefits of NCC training, adventure activities etc.

He encouraged students to remain active throughout the year. The clips of various activities of NCC were also shown to them.Meanwhile, a motivational lecture was organised by NCC wing of Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town, here today.

Lt. Col. Subhash Sehgal, Commanding Officer, 3Pb. Girls Bn. NCC, Ludhiana, was the resource person.

Lt. Col. Sehgal motivated the students to become a part of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). He informed the students about the special entry for cadets holding CEE certificate for commission in Army. He explained them that cadets having CEE certificate could go for direct interview for commission in Army without appearing for the UPSC examination.

Principal Dr. Charanjit Mahal also motivated the students to join NCC.

Talent hunt contest

The junior humanities forum organised the much awaited talent hunt contest at KVM here today. The programme was chaired by headmistress Namita Raj Singh. The judges included Anshu Sharma and Anjali Gaur.

Plantation drive

“Love your environment” was organised on the premises of Bal Bharati Public School to make students aware of clean and green environment.

Youngsters were exhorted to take steps to safeguard the environment. Tiny tots of Montessori department came forward and joined the global campaign of creating a new world with greenery all around.

“Our budding environmentalists carried out plantation drive and planted self-brought saplings in pots exhibiting their love and care for nature,” the school principal said. The benefits and uses of trees and plants to humans were told to children. — TNS



Youth booked for raping cousin
Suicide bid by the victim foiled, now recuperating at DMC Hospital where her condition is said to be serious
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
The police today booked an unemployed youth on the charge of raping his cousin. The case was registered after the girl, who tried to commit suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan on July 19, narrated the tragic tale to her mother.

The victim was rescued by her sister, but the girl sustained injuries on her neck due to overstretching. The victim is recuperating at DMC Hospital and her condition is reported to be serious.

The accused has been identified as Hardev Singh (27), who was residing in the victim's house in New Partap Colony, Jodhewal. The victim is the fraternal cousin of the accused.

According to the victim’s mother, the accused had been raping her of past two years and was blackmailing her. The parents after hearing the horrific tale lodged a complaint with the police.

The Jodhewal police to nab the accused launched a massive manhunt. The accused was unemployed and used to rape the girl whenever her parents were away.

The victim told her mother that she could not endure the torture and tired to end her life by hanging herself from a ceiling fan on July 19.

The accused has been booked under Section 376 of the IPC.



Theft bid at apparel store
Thieves try to flee with locker after they fail to open it 
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 22
After failing to break the locker containing cash nearly Rs 8 lakh, thieves tried to flee with the locker itself.

The incident took place at a premium apparel store located in a shopping mall on the Ferozepur road last night.

According to the police, the thieves, suspected to be insiders, tired to flee with the locker after they failed to open it.

The matter came to light here this morning when the store authorities lodged a theft complaint with the police.

A dog squad was pressed into the service. During the search, the locker was found hidden on the third floor of the building.

The store authorities opened the locker and confirmed that there was no loss of cash.

Sources said the theft attempt was a handiwork of insiders. The police has further asked the store authorities to provide CCTV footages to them.

Meanwhile, the store authorities have withdrawn the complaint. It is learnt that some employees were also sacked after the incident. The sources said the accused tried to sneak away with the locker but the infrared alarm installed in the store went off, following which the thieves left the locker in the store and fled. 



Sahil lifts sub-junior title 
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, July 22
Top seeded Sahil Nayyar from Ludhiana proved his class and outstaged Sadawar Singh of Patiala by two frames to nil to emerge as champion in the sub-junior section on the fifth day of the Punjab State Snooker Championship being held at the Sutlej Club here today.

Sahil wrapped up the first frame quite easily at 55-28 but was made to fight for each point in the next frame, which he, however, eventually pocketed 42-32 that saw him clinch the title.

In the junior section, Kunwardeep Singh from Amritsar and Anmoldeep Singh of Patiala won their respective semifinal league encounters.

Kunwardeep quelled a stiff resistance put up by his spirited opponent, Sahil Sharma of Ludhiana, whom he overpowered 4-2, while Anmoldeep Singh registered a facile 4-0 victory over Sahil Nayyar of Ludhiana.

In the senior section, Ludhiana players dominated the proceedings and stamped their superiority.

The participants from Amritsar, Patiala and Jalandhar too recorded victories to make their presence felt.


Seniors: Sanjeev Bharti (Ldh) beat Manoj Thakur (Jal) 2-0; Rajat Kaura (Ldh) beat Waaris (Ldh) 3-0; Bharat Joshi (Ldh) beat Saurav Sharma (Jal) 2-1; Vivek (Ldh) beat Amit Dawar (Ldh) 3-0; Ramesh Gautam (Ldh) beat Sanjeev Bhalla (Ldh) 2-1; Sahil Nayyar (Ldh) beat Gaurav Munjal (Jal) 2-0; Nitin Bhalla (Ldh) beat Manu Chopra (Ldh) 2-0; Yogesh Jain (Ldh) beat Gaurav Terriwal (Ldh) 2-1; Sukhpreet Singh Rana (Ldh) beat Navdeep Singh (Ptl) 3-2; Dhiraj Soi (Jal) beat Chinky (Ldh) 3-1; Micky Grover (Ldh) beat Varun Chhabra (Ldh) 3-0; Kunwardeep Singh (ASR) beat Puneet Sharma (Ldh) 2-0; Parul Malhotra (Ldh) beat Gagan Murghai (Jal) 2-1; Dhruv Verma (Ldh) beat Harman (Ldh) 3-0; Romy Malik (Ldh) beat Bharat Joshi (Ldh) 3-1; Nitin Behl (Jal) beat Gaurav Taneja (Ldh) 2-1; Dharmendra Lilly (Jal) beat Bir Paras Singh (Pat) 3-0; SS Anand (Pat) beat Soun Jonal (Jal) 2-0; Parul Malhotra (Ldh) beat Manu Dada (Ldh) 3-2; Vijay Kumar (Ldh) beat Sunny (Ldh) 2-0; Abhimanyu Seth (Ldh) beat Abhivan Sehgal (Jal) 2-1; Sunny Sapra (Jal) beat Inder (Asr) 2-0.



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