Rhyme time
A little guest

I have a pretty little guest

Its house is made up of twigs Which are one of the best

In here, the little eggs rest

It is their cosy, little nest

At the side of the nest

Sat the mother bird

As if saying

‘Dear children come out into the world’

As she goes for food

She prays to god

‘My dears should not get any wound

As I leave them to you lord’

After many days, I saw the nest

There were no little birds to rest

I realised they were gone

And I couldn’t see any guest in my lawn

Watandeep Singh Sidhu, VI-E, Sacred Heart Convent School, Ludhiana

Good friends

Friends are more precious than gold

They help us in achieving our goal

Friendship is like a mango slice

Friends are like cream on ice

With friends, we love to dream

Friendship is evergreen

Garima Garga, VIII-B, D.N. Model School, Moga