Go for these golden marbles

Reclaim for a few moments your long-lost childhood with sunahare kanche

ONE doesn’t come across kids playing with marbles very often these days. We have never been able to get over the bewitching spell cast by small balls of colourful glass that swirl and swerve as they dance on the floor — smooth or rough. Part of the reason, perhaps, is that we, as children, were prohibited to play with these ‘dangerous’ things. Beloved father, who was a doctor, had to cope with a naughty infant, who had swallowed one of these things and landed up in the emergency.

Another, argument against marbles was that it was a waste of time, lured one into ‘bad’ company. It is true that most youngsters, who spent hours showing off their breathtaking skill with marbles, did indulge in betting and one champ wasn’t inhibited about showing off smoking bidis, it seems in retrospect that what reinforced the taboo was a social class prejudice. Abacus Mechano, Braino, plastic modelling clay, and later, Scrabble were considered much better pastime that kept us out of mischief and harm’s way.

To cut a long story short, we have never been able to get marbles out of our system, including the swallowing bit. That’s the reason when hungry grandchildren pushed us in the kitchen what we concocted at short notice without compromising on nutrition was sunahare kanche — literally golden marbles. You may consider dear readers that we have spilt our marbles but what fun we have had cooking and gulping these reclaiming for a few moments long lost childhood.

Sunahare  Kanche 

Paneer (crumbled) 50 g

Potato (medium-sized boiled, peeled and mashed) one

Oats 2 tbsp

Besan 1 tbsp

Onions (diced very fine) 1 tbsp

Carrots (diced very fine) 1 tbsp

Green chilli (diced very fine) (optional) 1 tbsp

Fresh coriander (diced very fine) 1 tbsp

Ginger (chopped fine, optional) 1 tsp

Dried mixed herbs ˝ tsp

Salt to taste

Oil to deep fry

Mix together the paneer, potato and oats after adding the salt. Shape into mini balls only slightly larger than the marbles kids play with. Flatten pressing between moist palms and place a small portion of chopped vegetables and a small pinch of herbs in the centre. Roll back into marbles.

Make a medium thin batter by adding sufficient quantity of water to the besan. Dip the marbles one by one in this batter to ensure even coating.

Heat oil to a smoking point in a deep pan and then reduce heat to medium. Fry the marbles in batches till they acquire a golden hue. Remove and place on kitchen towels to get rid of excess oil. Serve with tomato sauce or green chutney.