Ulta Pulta
Twist in the arm
Jaspal Bhatti

WHEN David Blain, a famous American illusionist, twists his arm 360 degrees, every onlooker is mesmerised. Had he offered his arm to the CBI, the Indian Police or the Income Tax to get it twisted, he would have forgotten his magic long ago. These agencies are the real magicians in the art of arm-twisting.

When Amit Shah, a former Gujarat Minister and a close associate of Narendra Modi, was made to surrender before the CBI, the BJP blamed the Congress for using the CBI for arm-twisting purposes. Whether he masterminded the fake encounter of Sohrabuddin or not is another matter, but the BJP must understand that arm-twisting is the fundamental right of any government to settle political scores. After all, one day the Opposition is also going to come into power and use these agencies for arm-twisting. In fact, all political parties should press for arm-twisting reforms. An all-party political committee should be set up to identify, which government departments and their rules could be used for this purpose.

I asked a minister of an insignificant department, "Shouldn’t there be a separate ministry of harassment and arm twisting?" He lashed out at me saying, "Why do you say so? Every ministry should have its own harassment wing with more teeth to it."