Ulta Pulta
Corruption games
Jaspal Bhatti

WITH stories of corruption surfacing about the construction and preparation work of the Commonwealth Games, several enquiry committees are bound to be set up after the games. It would be prudent for the government to set up such panels side by side with the games. People may be more interested in the results of the findings of such probes than the results of various games. Actually, the winners of the events and the most corrupt agencies can be declared simultaneously. "The gold medal for the 400m swimming race goes to Rebecca Adington, while the gold medal in the underhand dealings in the construction of this swimming complex goes to the contractor Bhishambar Das.

Everybody knows that if any enquiry is held, nothing will come out of it except a few political statements and a couple of discussions on TV channels. Let us imagine one such hypothetic enquiry:

Enquiry officer: What are these bolts costing `1.2 crore that you have purchased from Jamaica?

Contractor: Sir, some important bolts were not available, so in lieu we purchased these bolts under emergency conditions.

Enquiry officer: Why didnít you use them?

Contractor: There was no time left to figure out where to use them.

Enquiry officer: Why did you purchase them in first place?

Contractor: There was a lot of pressure on us to make the bolt available from Jamaica. It`A0became a matter of prestige for our company.

Enquiry officer: You idiot! The bolt we were talking about was the Olympic gold medallist from Jamaica, Usain Bolt, who had refused to come for these games.