Karuna Goswamy


1. Natural body that revolves around a planet
6. Tributary of the Ganga at Varanasi
8. Anger; wrath
11. ____noster, ‘the Lord’s prayer’ 
12. A court can take notice of a situation ___ moto
13. Japanese unit of currency
14. President of the US
17. Game played on horseback with sticks
19. Against; opposed to
21. Capital city of Karnataka


2. Mulish animal
3. ___ Kazan, celebrated film director
4. A stringed musical instrument
5. Licence plate for a motor vehicle
6. The man whose Fables are a legend
7. Cylindrical piece on which something is wound
9. Member of a large group of people who entered India in very early times
10. Boredom; weariness
15. Bjorn ____, great tennis player
16. Injure or bruise by rough beating
18. Lyric poem
20. Dark coloured viscid product