Rhyme time
Letís be kind

A quality which only great people possess

No matter, how much kind you are, it is never excess

This quality makes you different from the crowd

It is a virtue of which you should feel proud

No quarrels, no fights for a kind man in this world

He forgives everybody whether a human or a bird

It is not every garden where this flower grows

It is a symbol of sweet cuckoos and not cruel crows

Be a kind person and the world will be in your hand

You will strengthen relations made of sand

Be kind but donít give sermons to others

Realise that all are your sisters and brothers

Donít bother about others, just do your duty

Intimating politely is a personís real beauty

Let there be kindness in your smile and on your face

Letís make a kind place, this worldís every phase

Ankita Sharma, X-B, B.B.M.B.D.A.V Public School, Talwara, Hoshiarpur