Doughnut delight

Preparing this delectable dessert is a child’s play

SOME time back, a confectionary company had run a teasing ad campaign to increase the sales of its peppermint. The copy punned on the ‘hole’ to get the better of competition. To be honest, that’s what prompted us to meditate on other edible holes. Don’t get us wrong. We have not yet become senile.

We know it well that a hole is a void, a shunya. It can’t fill the belly. What we mean is the ad gave us ideas about filling up the hole with (pardon the pun) a whole-lot of wholesome things. A leftover lonely doughnut staring at us from the plate one evening tempted us to tinker and dare we say design a delectable dessert.

Now we ‘compose’ this sweet symphony regularly to delight our guests. Saves a lot of trouble in the kitchen or the embarrassment of serving the same old stuff from the neighbourhood halwai. Kids love it and demolish it in a wink without discovering that they have in the process imbibed a lot of nutrition that they normally detest.

The normally ‘sinful’ sweet deep-fried and rich in carbs and fat can easily be transformed into a healthy bite to still the pangs of hunger.

You can play around with whatever you can spot on the kitchen shelf, just stay loyal to seasonal fresh fruits, a bit of dairy and some nuts. You can’t go wrong with this one. We mean no offence but the recipe is idiot proof or child’s play. Had poor Tiger Woods not in such dire straits, he would have loved this hole in one.

Doughnut  special

Doughnuts 1-2

Srikhand/mishti doi/cream/hung yogurt 100 ml

Plums/pears/peaches/kiwi fruit/pineapples 100 g

Walnut kernels/almonds/raisins 1-2

Mint leaves 1-2

Honey (optional) 1 tsp

Place the doughnuts on a plate. Fill the hole with srikhand/mishtidoi/cream/yogurt. Top with walnut kernels or almonds and raisins. Wash the mint leaves and garnish with it. Remove the stones from the peach or plum. Slice and arrange on the plate round the doughnut. You may add as much fresh or canned fruit as you like. Pour some honey on the rim of the doughnut to make a pattern of streaks. Now, don’t wait for anyone, start sampling.