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Robbers shoot at 2 students
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 21
Two first-year MBA students of Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) were shot in the leg by highway robbers near a resort on the Ferozepur road late last night. The victims have been identified as Chandan Goyal and Saurabh Jain, both from Faridkot.

They were going to Mullahpur on a motorbike to have dinner at a roadside dhaba. According to Chandan, when they reached near Baddowal, three youths, who were also on a motorcycle, started chasing them.

When Chandan and Saurabh reached near the resort on the Ferozepur road, the robbers intercepted them. Before they could react, the robbers shot at them thrice from a .32 bore pistol.

A bullet hit Saurabh in the leg while another grazed past Chandan’s leg. The third bullet missed the target. The robbers then took away their Pulsar motorbike (PB-04-1466) and fled. The victims were rushed to hospital where Saurabh was operated upon.

According to the SHO, Mullahpur station, Jungjit Singh, the police was investigating the matter and personal enmity was also suspected. “There are several eating joints which remain open throughout the night in the city. Why did the students head towards Mullahpur at midnight to have dinner is our only concern. We have initiated proceedings and the assailants would be nabbed soon.”


Despite warnings, sweet shops using silver foil
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Unsafe for health: Doctors

Even so-called pure silver foils are not suitable for consumption. Doctors are of the opinion that consuming more than a miniscule amount of silver can result in throat and lung lesions, abdominal pain and infections. Silver is a bioaccumulative metal and the body fat and the nervous system tends to collect the silver. If consumed since childhood this silver can lead to a buildup of potentially high toxic levels causing irreparable damage to various organs

Ludhiana, October 21
Most sweetmeat shops in the city are openly disregarding the health department’s warnings against using silver foils and synthetic colours in their products, thereby posing a health hazard to consumers.

The cost of an original silver foil is Rs 8,330 per 10 sq cm whereas the sweet shops are selling even expensive varieties rapped in silver foil for Rs 250-Rs 600 per kilogram.

Compromising on the quality of silver foil, aluminum instead of silver is being used to prepare these foils, popularly referred to as ‘vark’, which is highly toxic and is harmful to health. Sometimes contaminants like copper, lead and manganese are also used to cut down on the costs.

Sweetmeat sellers are reportedly using an excessive quantity of synthetic food colours like erythromicine, carmoicine, indico caramine, brilliant blue, tatrazine, sunset yellow and fast green to make them attractive and saleable without realizing the long-term ill effects on human health.

Any synthetic food colour used in sweets should not exceed 100 parts per million. Overuse leads to allergy and stomach, eye, liver and kidney problems. In small sweet stalls synthetic food colours such as avromicine, metanyl yellow, lead chromate and rhodamine, which are not permitted, are used.

District health officer Dr Jagpal Singh said the traditional ‘halwais’ (sweetmeat sellers) as well as the contemporary shops have been warned against any infringement of the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act so as to provide people fresh and healthy sweets in the festival season.

"However, reports from rural as well as urban areas point towards violation of the act, which will be dealt with sternly. No sweetmeat seller will be allowed to use nonedible colours or contaminated silver foils," he went on to add.



Fanciful day for transport department
Nets Rs 3 lakh for 0001, Rs 45 lakh in all
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, October 21
A public auction of vehicle registration numbers conducted by the transport department at the Nehru Sidhant Kendra here today evoked a huge response with hundreds of bidders turning up to grab “fancy” numbers of their choice for which they had applied earlier.

The “fanciest” of all - number 0001 - in the PB10 CX series went under the hammer for Rs 3 lakh by a firm, Liquor World, which also outbid the other applicants for number 0002 that went for Rs 51,000. The bidders for these two numbers were not present in person but were represented by an agent who declined to make any comments about the vehicles for which these numbers were to be used.

Balraj Singh, a real estate dealer, made the highest bid for number 0003 at Rs 1 lakh for his fully loaded Toyota Innova. With this he will now have three vehicles - all with the same registration number (0003) in different series. Incidentally, the last five digits of his cellphone number are also the same (00003).

"Number three has been very lucky for me and I’d go to any length to have this number for everything that I own," Balraj remarked.

To the surprise of most of those present at the venue of the auction and even officials conducting the proceedings, number 0013 (considered “unlucky” by many) commanded a price tag of Rs 1.01 lakh and the bidder was a local businessman, Sarbjit Singh. Other “fancy” numbers that fetched handsome returns to the department were 0007 (Rs 1.2 lakh), 0009 (Rs 1.1 lakh) and 0011 (Rs 1.19 lakh).

District transport officer Ashwani Sharma, who conducted the auction, told The Tribune the bidding for the PB-10-CX series of vehicle registration numbers yielded a total sum of Rs 45 lakh to the government.

"In all 247 numbers were on offer for bidding for which we had received 817 applications. 37 fancy numbers had just one applicant, and as per latest notification of state transport department, fancy number with sole applicant can’t be allotted at the reserve price as was earlier practice. Of the remaining 210 ‘fancy’ numbers, 200 were auctioned while the rest have been carried forward for the next auction”, Sharma stated.

A new phenomenon observed at today's auction was that, unlike earlier occasions, agents and middlemen appeared to take centre stage. Having been authorised by the actual applicants, most of the bidders taking part in the auction proceedings were seen constantly on their cellphones seeking instructions from their bosses.

Requesting not to be identified, one of the bidders (a car ‘bazar’ dealer) said: "Who knows in whose name the vehicle has been purchased and who’ll be the actual owner. Those spending huge money on fully loaded luxury cars and then purchasing fancy numbers for a hefty price feel shy of publicity lest taxmen should come knocking at their doors."



2 injured in colony brawl
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 21
Around 70 irate labourers vandalised a house and damaged two vehicles, including a police motorcycle, at Gajja Jain Colony, near Gyaspur road, here today. The mob fury was triggered after two labourers, identified as Ravi and Gollu, working at a garment factory, were thrashed by one Rupinder Singh this afternoon. The house of Rupinder Singh is located adjacent the garment factory.

The labourers were thrashed for teasing Rupinder Singh’s sister. After the incident, the labourers reached the factory unit and narrated the tale to factory owner Sumit Arora.

Ravi and Gollu claimed themselves to be innocent and said they were unnecessarily beaten up. This triggered anger amongst other labourers working at the factory.

The mob then attacked the house of Rupinder Singh. Though Rupinder managed to flee the place, his SUV (Scorpio) was damaged by the irate mob. Later, the police reached the spot and the mob attacked the cops as well. The policemen also fled from the scene and the labourers damaged their motorcycle.

In the meantime, more cops from Focal Point, Gyaspura, reached the spot and controlled the situation. No case was registered till the time of filing of this report.



Police Commemoration Day
For martyrs’ kin, life is full of struggle
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 21
Tears roll down the cheeks, cries rent the air as the family members of 52 personnel, who laid down their lives for the safety of the city residents during the dark days of militancy, assembled here and laid wreath on the memorial of their loved ones.

Unfortunately, the families of martyrs themselves became victims of the same “corrupt” system and society for the safety of which their young sons and husbands had laid down their lives.

Madhuri (20), who was only eight months old when her father constable Sham Sunder died in a bomb blast that took place in 1992 in front of the residence of the then education minister Harnam Das Johar, is amongst the long list of complainants, who are facing constant departmental apathy.

“For the past three years I was sent back home on the pretext that I have yet to complete my Class XII and only then I would be eligible to take a job in the police. This time I was confident to get a job but the officials are saying that due to my short stature I would not be eligible to get into the armed forces,” said Madhuri and added that her family was living life in penury since the time of her father’s death.

“My family was pinning all their hopes on me and now the department has refused to recruit me in the police force. My father did not think about his family before laying down his life for the safety of the people, but sadly the very people whom my father saved are making me run pillar to post in pursuit of a job,” rued Madhuri.

Though the sacrifice of the cops, who laid down their life during the dark days of militancy, was great, but the sacrifice of the widows of those police personnel was even greater.

They lost everything at the prime of their life. They faced hardships social stigmas and greedy relatives who were eying to grab the property of these women. For these brave women, struggle never stops.

Surjit Kaur (60) is one such widow. Her husband constable Kulwant Singh died on September 15, 1990. She did not remarry and raised her children. But little did she know that her relatives were slowly trying to grab the share of property in her husband’s name.

“I came to know about the evil designs of my brother in- law after my son flown to Italy a few years ago. Joga Singh, brother-in- law, allegedly grabbed the land belonging to my husband. In order to free the land I am camping in Hoshiarpur for the past two years, but to no avail. Had my husband been alive I would not have to face similar situation,” rued Surjit Kaur.

Tributes paid

Police Commemoration Day was organised at the Central Police Lines here this morning. Contingents of the Punjab Police personnel paid tributes to 52 martyrs who laid down their lives for the safety and security of people during the dark days of militancy. Names of these officers were read out during the parade.

A police band also performed on the occasion. Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh was also present on the occasion. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police RK Bakshi read out the names of officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. “For those who have not seen the dark days of militancy, I must remind that there was a time when buses did not use to commute on road after 5pm. It was in those times the men in Khakhi came forward. The cops bravely fought with the militants and laid down their life for the welfare of the state. The development of the state would not have been possible without the sacrifice of the police personnel. The Punjab police is the only police force in the world which has been successfully eradicated the terrorists from the state,” said Ishwar Singh.

There was a word of caution also, he said though the police had been successful in tackling militancy in the state, but anti-social elements were still spreading their tentacles. The city police also invited 77 families of the martyrs and organised a small get together.

Khanna: The district police, Khanna, organised ‘shahidi diwas’ in the memory of police jawans who laid down their lives during the militancy in Punjab. DP Singh, SSP, Khanna, and other officers paid tributes to the martyrs of the district police. In his address, the SSP appreciated the role played by the police personnel during the militancy.

He recalled that 38 policemen of the district had lost their lives while saving people at that time. In his address to the district police, the SSP appealed them to fight against the menace of drugs to save lives of youths in Punjab. He said the police was committed to the welfare of the families of the martyrs and also heard their grievances.

The affected families were also honoured by the district police. The SSP said seven ambulances of the police were working in the district to save accident victims. A blood donation camp was also organised by the police.

SP (H) Gursharan Singh Bedi, SP (D) Amarjit Singh, DSP, Samrala, Ravinder Loomba and other police officers of the district were also present. Meanwhile, some family members of the martyrs demanded that they should be issued identity cards so that they could get their problems resolved on priority basis.

Success story

Jasmine Kaur, an MBBS student, Rajindra Medical College, Patiala, also attended the function. She was two months old when her father ASI Jarnail Singh (26) was killed in cross fire between the police and dreaded terrorist Joginder Singh Nikku. Jarnail died on the spot. Before dying, he along with others killed Nikku and 18 of his accomplices in the encounter. “My father’s brave act gave me strength and courage and helped me in focusing on my studies,” she added.


The day is being observed since 1959 in memory of a small contingent of police personnel, which was attacked by Chinese troops. At least 10 men were killed. Since then all states and UTs pay homage to the valiant officers and soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.

Kin tell lies

A few women complained that their elder sons had deserted their homes after getting jobs.They demanded that their younger sons’ should also be accommodated. Police officers, who were addressing the grievances of the women, found that they had lied to their seniors for getting their children recruited on compassionate grounds.


Former ADGP JP Virdi died following a prolonged ailment this morning. Gurbachiter Singh, a constable, also succumbed to his injuries in the wee hour after he met with an accident near Chand Cinema late last night.

Callous admn

Bhag Singh and Amarjit Kaur, parents of late police personnel Gurmakh Singh of Bhadson, who had come to participate in the function, presented the sorry figure of the state police when they revealed that they had to move the high court to get the salary of their deceased son. They stated that they were only given pension, and not the salary, by the state police and the Punjab government. Now, the court has directed the state to give full salary to the affected party in two months. Though the court passed the order one-and-half month ago, the state has failed to take any action so far. Bhag Singh and Amarjit Kaur urged the SSP and other top police officials to immediately release their dues.



Widening Of national highway no.1
People seek more subways for safe passage
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, October 21
Construction of subways, even as the widening of the National Highway No. 1 is at its peak, is being felt all more as pedestrians are not at ease while trying to cross the busy National Highway or for that matter using the service lane, which is no less risky.

A senior citizen of the town, angry over the ‘unconcern’ shown by the highway authorities towards the pedestrian safety said, “We are at fault to understand as to which way we should take both for entry and the exit. With a flyover above and the service lanes on both sides of the National Highway, there is practically no space left for us to walk on. Crossing the Grand Trunk road is not a child’s play for anybody and what of kids and grown ups? The elderly, with reduced visibility and failing limbs, can never ever think of crossing the busy road and that, too, in a fraction of a second”.

“There have been numerous instances, when due to misjudgment and lack of time not only numerous serious accidents have taken place but also untimely deaths. The only way left is to cross the subway if one has to ply on either side but that too is unsafe. Local traffic and the ones following the route other than the National Highway take to the service lane and use the subways especially erected under the flyover. How can the highway authorities assume that the pedestrian can walk on these roads safely? Amidst heavy traffic the pavements, too, solve little purpose,” a local said.

“If the National Highway Authority of India can spend crores on erecting flyovers for the convenience of the highway routers, how can they so easily overlook the plight of the pedestrians at Doraha or for that matter at any other town or the city? It is high time when the authorities give a serious thought to this grave issue or it would be useless to cry over the split milk later on. Now, when the process of six- laning is rife, an alternate provision for the pedestrian subway, if overlooked, can make the pedestrians or the road users pay through their nose,” said another.

At Doraha especially, the crossing of the highway has become an uphill task as the descending traffic from the flyover coupled with the otherwise fiery speed of the vehicles have not only made the pedestrians fed up of the ‘least bothersome’ attitude of the authorities but have also made the latter question about the safety and security of the man on foot.

“It is the duty of the National highway Authority of India to make movement safer and convenient for pedestrians in general and the ones with physical disabilities or for that matter the visually challenged persons in particular. In order to meet the ever increasing demand of the motorized vehicles, the pedestrians are always sidelined and the question of their safety and security is considered to be a secondary issue,” a social worker of the area.



Paddy Procurement
Labour unions’ protest keep admn on toes
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh/Raikot, October 21
Leaders and activists of various organisations, who were protesting against the alleged unconcern on the part of the authorities towards the slow procurement and lifting of the paddy, kept the administration on toes for the past 24 hours.

Administrative officials were busy clearing the road blockades put up these farmers, labourers and commission agents of the area who are fighting for their rights.

Most of their demands centered around the slow procurement and lifting of paddy thereby increasing the problems faced by various communities connected with the production, procurement and handling of the paddy.

To protest against alleged interference of a few rice-sheller owners in process of procurement at the Gopalpur procurement center, affected farmers lead by Karam Singh Rurka and Baljinder Singh Rangian blocked the traffic on the Ludhiana-Malerkotla road near Dehlon yesterday afternoon. Those travelling on the highway had to remain stranded for more than two hours due to this.

The harassed commuters heaved a sigh of relief when Naib Tehsildar Joginder Singh and SHO Dehlon Harvinder Cheema persuaded the protesting farmers to lift dharna with an assurance to get pass their charter of demands to the officials concerned. Forwarding memorandum received from the agitators, Joginder Singh recommended intervention of higher officials of procurement agencies concerned in connection with allegations of interference by a few rice sheller owners.

“We don’t mind rejection of heaps of paddy with higher moisture content, but they should purchase and lift at least dry paddy,” argued Kaura and Lal alleging that the officials were rejecting the produce on flimsy grounds. Paddy equal to 1.5 lakh bags was dumped in the market, said commission agents.

The conflict between rice sheller owners and commission agents at Malaudh had triggered activists of labour unions to stage protest rallies and marches. Activists of the Palledar Union (AITUC) and the Punjab Palledar Union (CITU) blocked the traffic on the Kup-Malaudh road on Wednesday. Alleging that the issue had prolonged their working period from one month to two months, the labourers demanded higher wages. They have also decided to stage a dharna in Ludhiana on November 8 in this regard.



Hike in Wheat MSP
BKU calls it a cruel joke with farmers
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 21
Rejecting the meager rise in minimum support price (MSP) of wheat announced by the Centre, the Bharti Kisan Union (BKU) has made a strong plea for reviewing the MSP structure. It has urged the authorities to restructure the same in accordance with recommendations of Dr Swaminathan Committee.

BKU chief Ajmer Singh Lakhowal termed Rs 20 hike in MSP of wheat a cruel joke with farmers who were already debt-ridden and economically wrecked due to inadequate support price of the farm produce. He said persistent injustice inflicted upon the farming community had led to mounting debts of thousands of crores on farmers, many of whom were left with no other choice but to commit suicide.

Lakhowal said it was ridiculous that the Centre was running away from the implementation of recommendations of Dr Swaminathan Committee on support prices of agricultural produce even as it was set up by the government itself and it had determined remunerative support price after going into the entire gamut of farm economics.

“As per recommendations of Dr Swaminathan committee, the MSP of wheat worked out to be Rs 2,250 per quintal and the farmers are entitled to it,” Lakhowal asserted. He said support prices of other Kharif crops be also revised upwardly as recommended by the committee.



Prices of cotton yarn shoot up
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 21
Increase in the prices of cotton from Rs 22,000 per bale to Rs 41,000 has led to a hike in the cotton yarn prices. The dilemma of entrepreneurs can well be understood as spinning mills have extraordinarily hiked the converging cost. The cotton yarn export has affected domestic knitting and dyeing industries to a great extent.

“It seems that our cotton export policy is more concerned about the welfare of our neighbouring countries and a few cotton exporters. Our economy suffers badly at the cost of low-garment export and it will not be out of place to mention here that knitwear/textile industry is the second largest segment after agriculture, as we absorb highest number of employees in the industry, despite the stiff competition we are facing at the international level, which comes under pressure following these liberties in cotton export policy,” said Vinod K Thapar, president of the Knitwear Club.

Almost every dyeing and knitting unit is going through the recessional phase due to the shortage of cotton yarn.

“Nevertheless the problem, being perennial, needs an immediate remedy. We request the government to monitor the quantum of cotton arrivals, than first assess the domestic requirement to provide enough cotton to the local market so as to safeguard the livelihood of crores of textile-related labours with equal growth opportunities for every segment of knitwear/textile industry,” added Thapar.



Railway pensioners rue poor health facilities
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, October 21
Employees and pensioners of Northern Railways here are a harassed lot, thanks to delay in proposed upgradation of railway health unit (RHU) to sub-divisional hospital and the indifferent attitude of doctors as well as paramedical staff of the existing RHU.

In a communication to the Director General, Railway Health Services, a copy of which has also been forwarded to Chief Medical Superintendent of Northern Railway, the Northern Railway Pensioners Welfare Association chairman, Sher Singh, has complained that even for a simple procedure like blood pressure check, the elderly pensioners and the serving employees are made to stand in long queues and have to wait for long hours.

“It is ridiculous that the beneficiaries have to first wait in long queues to see the doctor, who issues a slip, and then they have to go to the ward where a nurse checks the blood pressure at her convenience. Why can’t the health unit have a nurse or paramedical employee assigned to carry out simple and basic things like taking temperature, weight and blood pressure to save the pensioners from undue harassment,” he wondered.

While the upgradation of he RHU still drags on despite the building being ready and most of the equipment having arrived or installed, the railways have failed to renew referral arrangements in emergency cases with any of the local hospitals in the mega city.

According to Sher Singh, none of the leading local hospitals is prepared to offer OPD treatment to railway pensioners and they have no other option but to go to the central hospital in New Delhi. “About the central hospital, the less said the better,” he stated while adding that most of the times the beneficiaries had no idea about OPD days for specific specialities at the central hospital, which added to their misery.

The railway pensioners body has called for streamlining the available services at the RHU here along with speedy upgradation, appointment of specialist doctors and making suitable referral arrangements with some of the leading local hospitals for emergency medical services without any further delay.

The pensioners have sought personal intervention of Union Railway Minister Mamata Banerji, asking her to put an end to their woes and provide them with reasonably good medical and health services in the twilight of their life.



Unipoles: MC accused of favouring ad firm
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 21
If the bickering among advertising firms over securing sites for installing unipoles in the city is any indication, it is apparent they are minting several crores of rupees every year from this effective medium.

In the latest development Lacoste Marketing Co, an arm of the high-end multinational apparel company, has offered the municipal corporation Rs 50 lakh plus taxes for a period of one year to get some sites, which it has alleged were being allotted "free of cost" to another advertising firm.

Vicky Sharma of Lacoste accused the civic body of “being in the process” of allotting some sites (25 for unipoles and 18 for overhead signboards) to an advertising firm “free of cost”.

"Though the agency has never fulfilled the terms and conditions of its agreement with the municipal corporation, it is still being accommodated,” said Sharma, adding that he was ready to pay Rs 50 lakh to the Municipal Corporation to get those sites. "The amount is further negotiable with the F & CC committee and the advertisement committee", he added. Sharma also alleged that Greenline had illegally put up unipoles on the national highway.

Additional Municipal Commissioner Kamalpreet Brar, when asked about the case, said: " Sharma accompanied by Honey Bedi (son of local BJP MLA Harish Bedi had come to my office yesterday and we had a difference of opinion. The Municipal Corporation has removed the unipoles of this particular company (Greenline) from various sites, including Gill Road, Jalandhar bypass and Sherpur due to the widening of the roads. The firm is being given other sites to display billboards that have been dislocated and for this they have submitted the required charges. So they are not being offered sites free of cost, as claimed by Lacoste".



Students urge DC to fulfill demands
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 21
Members of the Punjab Students’ Union (PSU) today held a dharna outside the office of the Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner. The protesters were demanding fulfilment of their “legitimate” demands at the earliest. The delegation also presented a memorandum to the Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner.

Giving details, union leader Ramandeep Singh said their main demands included issuance of bus passes for all buses to the students on the basis of their college and university identity cards; fee hike rollback for the academic session 2010-11; issuance of the NCVT certificates to students of all ITIs across the state; resumption of scholarship schemes meant for students belonging to the backward classes; and compensation of Rs 15 lakh to the kin of both the students killed in road accidents involving the Punjab roadways buses at Jagraon.

The delegation also urged the Chief Minister of Punjab that their demands be fulfilled at the earliest to facilitate the higher education of students from the economically weaker section of society.



Youth festival begins at PAU
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 21
An inter-college debate competition at the youth festival started today at the PAU. Each of the four constituent colleges of the PAU had two teams with two students in each team. The students debated on the topic ‘Right to Education Act, 2009, would be ineffective in rural India’ and presented their views in favour and against the motion.

All 16 participants in the debate phrased their ideas comprehensively. Dr JS Dhiman, additional director, communication, PAU, in his presidential remarks said rural and urban gap in the country could be bridged through education.

He complemented the students for their excellent views both for and against the motion. National concerns, such as rampant malnutrition, lack of good teachers in rural areas, problem of child labour, drug addiction, indebtedness and inadequate health care services, were highlighted during the festival.

The panel of judges included Navdeep Singh from All India Radio, Jalandhar, DM Singh, eminent writer and columnist and Ravneet Kaur from GNIMT, Ludhiana.



From Schools

Valmiki Jayanti celebrated

LUDHIANA: Valmiki Jayanti was celebrated at Green Land Senior Secondary Public School, Jalandhar bypass, with fervour. The students of middle and senior section sang hymns in praise of Maharishi Valmiki. Speeches were delivered by students and teachers, throwing light on the life of the legendary sage.

The chairman-cum-director of the Green Land Schools, Rajesh Rudhra, implored the students to follow the teachings of the sage.

He said it was important to work selflessly for the humanity as service towards man was service towards God.

Principal of the school Baldeep Pandher told the students the importance of the day and exhorted them to follow the path of righteousness.


Floral tributes were paid to Maharishi Valmiki by students of SDP Senior Secondary School, Hazuri Road. A religious function was also organised on the school campus wherein students presented hymns and preached lessons.

President of SDP Sabha and SDP Institutions Balraj Bhasin gave his wishes to students while school principal Jasveer Singh Chauhan and other teachers paid homage to Maharishi Valmiki. Chauhan reflected upon the morals and ideals of the life of the sage and urged the students to follow the path shown by him.

Story-telling competition

Students of Ram Lal Bhasin Public School, Phase I, Dugri, participated in English story telling competition with great enthusiasm. They narrated their stories with different morals. The motive behind the competition was to develop confidence, power of imagination and expression, learning ability and clarity of words among them.

Some good entries were “The shoemaker and the gnomes”, “Androceles and the lion”, “Easier said than done”, “A left-handed fiddler”. Headmistress of the school Tarannum Fatma gave away prizes to all participants to encourage them.

Youth fest

DRV DAV Centenary Senior Secondary Public School, Phillaur, organised All-India Mahatma Hans Raj Sub-Zonal Youth Festival in the silver jubilee year of the school on October 19-20. Fifteen schools of Jalandhar Zone participated in the festival.

Students of various schools participated in solo song, ghazal, bhajan, skit, declamation, debate, greeting card making, painting competition etc. On the first day, Santokh Singh, former MLA of Phillaur, inaugurated the function with the lighting of the lamp and Pritam Singh, SDM, Phillaur, was chief guest.

On the second day of the festival, Amarjit Singh Samra, MLA, Nakodar, inaugurated the function. Competitions like quiz, rangoli, bhajan, giddha, bhangra, folk songs etc. were held. Spectators were thrilled to see the performance of the participants.

Trophies were awarded to all winners. Overall trophy was awarded to Daya Nand Model Senior Secondary School, Daya Nand Nagar, Jalandhar. The school manager extended his hearty gratitude to the chief guest. School principal Yogesh Gambhir congratulated all winners and participants.

Card making contest

Greeting card making competition was held in Guru Nanak Model Senior Secondary School, Doraha. In this contest, students of Classes VI-X took part. The handmade cards made by the participants impressed school principal DP Thakur.

Deepak Kumar of Class VI-A was adjudged first, Amandeep Singh of Class VI-A and Raj Verma Class VI-A stood second and Rafat Parveen of Class VII-B secured the third position.


The two-day inter-house annual athletic meet of BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Shastri Nagar, concluded here on Thursday. The meet came to an end with the National Anthem. — TNS



Man castrated
Our Correspondent

Samrala, October 21
In a bizarre incident a woman with the help of her brother-in-law allegedly castrated her husband in the wee hours today. The man, who has been identified as Mangat Ram (45), is struggling for life at the PGI in Chandigarh.

A few residents of Sihala village told mediapersons that Ramesh Kumar, a panchayat member, noticed Mangat Ram was lying in the blood pool. The panch was informed about the incident. He, in turn, informed the police.

Mangat Ram was taken to the civil hospital. From there, he was referred to the PGI, Chandigarh. His condition is stated to be serious.

According to the villagers, Mangat’s wife and his brother were having an affair since long. Mangat used to object to it. Finding no other way, they allegedly castrated him with an intention to kill him. Both accused are absconding.



Husband, in-laws get 10-year jail
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 21
The court of Additional Sessions Judge Manjinder Singh has convicted four members of a family in a dowry death case. They were ordered to undergo rigorous imprisonment for 10 years each.

Those convicted are Vinod Kumar (husband), Kamal Kumar(brother-in-law), Krishan Lal (father-in-law) and Kamlesh Rani (mother-in-law), residents of Rajesh Nagar, Haibowal.

Vinod Kumar’s wife, Neelam Rani, was poisoned to death after three months of her marriage. A case was registered against the accused in May 2003, following the complaint of Kishan Lal, father of the victim. His daughter had told him that her in-laws were not satisfied with the dowry.



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