Spare the rod
save the child
Recent measures to check corporal punishment should send out a strong signal to schoolteachers, principals and others that they have to take up positive methods to discipline children, writes Usha Rai
FOR three years, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, the Education Department of the Ministry of Human Resource Development and UNICEF have voiced their concern on the mounting violence on children in the form of corporal punishment.

Children’s concerns
Specialist speak

Gifts for a princess
Native rulers would send presents to Jahanara, the much-loved daughter of Shah Jahan, along with their arzdasts to plead their cases before the Emperor, writes Ajay Bahadur Singh
ahanara, the eldest daughter of Prince Khurram (Shah Jahan) and Arjumend Begum (Mumtaz Mahal), was born in April 1614 A.D. According to Francois Bernier, who was in India during the war for succession between Shah Jahan’s sons, wrote in his Travels in the Mougal Empire, "Jahanara, the eldest daughter of Shah Jahan, was very handsome, of lively parts and passionately loved by her father.

Upside-down tree

The flowers of Baobab (Adansonia digitata), a fruit that grows in tropical Africa, are not pollinated by bees or insects but by bats. Baobab fruits contain a powder that is dissolved in water to make a drink. This drink is considered to be very nutritive and is quite rich in vitamin C. Baobab is a succulent tree with a large trunk and few branches. Due to its intriguing shape, the local people also call it an upside-down tree.
— Dr Chiranjit Parmar

Love really is a drug
Research has found that a romantic affair makes physical pain more bearable, reports Steve Connor
OVE is a smoke made by the fume of sighs," wrote William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. Love is also an effective painkiller as good as many of the strongest drugs, scientists have found.

Troubled waters
In Bihar, it is common to see children and cattle bathe together in the same water. Drinking water has become contaminated and sanitation facilities remain negligible, reports Bula Devi
Access to safe drinking water is an important millennium development goal, but in Bihar, which is ironically enough blessed with innumerable rivers, it is proving to be a huge concern.

Lifestyle and happiness
External factors like religion, social participation, working hours and partnering options have been found to have an impact on the levels of happiness of people
Genes and early life experience don’t set a limit on the level of your happiness, a new study has claimed, challenging the long-held belief that feelings of satisfaction are predetermined by genetics and upbringing.

Dress to look slim
You can easily look slimmer if you wear certain types of clothing, says Homai Sagar
You can appear to be slimmer, while wearing certain styles, colours and types of clothing. In fact, you can easily look 10 to 20 pounds lighter if you know the secrets of looking slimmer. First you have to decide as to what type of dress you want to wear, Indian or western. For, a lot of your efforts depend on your usual couture.

Spell of old Manali
Aradhika Sharma is bewitched by the old-world charms of Manali village
This summer it was the beginning of a love affair with magical Manali. I was especially fascinated with what they call ‘Old Manali’, which is a charming part of the town, so quirky and filled with a variety of fantastic people from all over the world. Interestingly, I’ve always resisted going to Manali, intimidated by the long drive (8 to 9 hours) from Chandigarh. But this summer, however, I worked up the courage and went off with a friend, who is a veteran on Manali.

Theatre is not only a form of entertainment, but it also cures, says Reeti Srivastava
The healing act
Expressing oneself through drama has been deemed as one of the best therapies to facilitate personal growth and health. Keeping this in mind, many individuals and organisations are increasingly using it as a popular method to teach people with special needs.

Tagore in letter and in spirit
A retrospective of Sharmila Tagore’s films is being held in the UK, writes
Shoma A. Chatterji
Sharmila Tagore wears her royal heritage lightly. By birth, she is an aristocrat. Her lineage is traced back to Rabindranath Tagore. With a marriage of three decades and three successful children, Sharmila has come a long way from the girl who posed for the cover of a film glossy in a two-piece bikini many years ago.

The ‘unfilmable’ book on the big screen
Andy McSmith
After a literary career spanning three decades, Sir Salman Rushdie will at last see one of his novels transferred to the cinema. A Toronto-based film company has been awarded a grant, which means that production of a screen version of Rushdie’s 1981 novel Midnight’s Children can begin.



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