Ulta Pulta
Cow tales
Jaspal Bhatti

Former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi has declared 62 cows and 42 calves as part of her assets before the Assembly elections. The reason could be to keep her opponents busy in counting the cattlehead while she moves ahead with her campaigning.  The other point is Rabri and Lallu never want their image to be associated with Mercedes or BMWs. Rather than be seen at a petrol station, getting her cars filled with petrol, Rabri would prefer to get her picture clicked while milking a cow to woo her mass rural base. This way both the cows and voters will remain happy.

Anyway, having 62 cows and 42 calves is better than declaring 2,000 crows, 3,000 parrots, 5,000 rabbits and 7,000 snakes as assets. Those who may have got the duty to assess these assets would have gone insane while counting them. It won’t be surprising if you come to know later that an income tax inspector got bitten by a snake while counting the snake holes.

If you ask Rabri Devi to write an essay about ‘My cow’, she may write something like this, “I have many cows. I don’t know how much milk they give but they eat a lot of fodder. Although I have about a dozen children but cows have managed to take strict birth control measures, as my 62 cows have only 42 calves.”