Karuna Goswamy


1. What we refer to as Atma in our land

3. Stinging insect

5. The great Granth of the Sikhs

6. Ancient civilisation in southwest Iran

8. Labyrinth; confusing network

10. Famous sports club of Goa

12. Flying saucers etc. belong to this category (inits.)

13. Widely cultivated cereal grass

14. Bake in an oven

17. Seaport of the Republic of Yemen

18. Is often sent out on Christmas

19. Head of an organisation (inits.)

20. Lake between Canada and the U.S.

21. Rows, one behind the other


1. Indulge in conjectural thought

2. Crippled in leg or foot

3. Weak, timid person

4. Aspirant or claimant to a throne, etc.

7. Worship; regard with great esteem

9. Conveys blood from the left ventricle of the heart

11. Our foreign ministry is so called (inits.)

15. At one time

16. Robert Bruce was one