Rhyme Time
Save the Earth

Today pollution is out of control

Where vehicles take a heavy toll

The ozone layer develops holes

And it causes melting of the poles

Sea level increases at an

alarming rate

And glaciers decrease day by day

The coastal areas will

submerge by any date

And the message I want to convey

“Let’s control pollution as

there is no other

Who can save the Earth — Our Mother”

—Lavish Garg, VI-Rose, St Xavier’s High School, Rampura Phul

Boon of winter

Winters in North India are approaching soon

For me they are like a boon

The tough pantaloons to wear

Its severity too difficult to bear

The cool breeze flowing by

And all stars disappear from the sky

Christmas, New Year come along the season

With lots of joy and fun

There are snowcaps on hilltops

The roads covered with the bogs

To remove this is the task of brave cops

This poetry would take you to great depths

For winters are already on the doorsteps

—Hardik, VIII-C, St Joseph Convent School, Bathinda