Rhyme time
Incredible India

Incredible in the true sense

Is the country where tradition did commence

The land of gods,

Where kings annexed territories with power of sword

The English came as culprits

Who ruled India for 200 years with their grit

But we marched ahead

Though the Hind got red

But see how far we have come

Now we have gathered a large sum

We have kept our tradition alive

Its food and dances are enriching our lives

Monuments from temples to forts

India is prospering in sports

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari we are one

India is rising like the rising sun

The most diverse land

India in itself is grand

The Gir, lagoons, seas add to our beauty

To keep this on is our duty

India has passed every test

This makes India incredibly best

Chandandeep Singla, IX, St Xavier’s School, Mansa