Karuna Goswamy


4. Ganga is the premier one of our land

6. Savagely fierce; wild

8. Large tub-lime container

11. The holy city of Israel

16. The egg of a louse

17. Important and old city of Switzerland, as spelt in French



1. Track over which horse races are run

2. Cylindrical structure for storing fodder etc.

3. The Goddness, in Hindu belief

5. A title of rank in Rajasthan, Haryana

7. A cycle wheel has one, so has that of a car

9. Just; peaceful

10. Prefix, meaning ‘on the near side of’

12. Eve was fashioned out of Adam’s ____

13. Large state in the U.S., home of the Mormons

14. Supporter; associate

15. Ruminate or think in silence