The first decade of the 21st century undoubtedly belonged to the electronic media and the Internet, having seen the birth of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, writes Pratik Kanjilal
OOKING back on a decade, one usually finds a splendid, eclectic smorgasbord of events. Hundreds of narratives compete to be heard, telling of the hopes, fears, triumphs and tragedies of the myriad nations and interest groups, which make up the human race.

Minimise stress these holidays
olidays are indeed a time to have unlimited fun, but they do bring a lot of stress, as people forget themselves while enjoying the festive period. Hence, here are the keys to enjoy this holiday season:

Blasting scrap
It is a huge task for the Army to dispose of tonnes of waste ammunition in Mattiwara Reserve Forest, near Ludhiana, writes Vijay Mohan
LAD in a Kevlar bomb suit weighing about 80 kg, a sapper uses a mechanised, battery-operated rod with a claw at one end, called a manipulator, to carefully extract a misfired bomb from a pile of metal scrap and place it on a sand bed.

New flavour to faith
Although Christians in India celebrate Christmas on the pattern adopted worldwide, they give it a distinctive Indian touch, says Anthony Kuriakose
NDIA is a secular nation and houses every religion in the world. Christians are a minority here and form only 2.3 per cent of the population. But that fact in no way lessens the observance of the festival.

In coffee country
From culture to nature, Chikmagalur offers it all within a radius of about 100 km, writes Sumitra Senapaty
OFFEE planters’ houses, dogs lolling on verandahs, coffee trails interspersed with pepper vines in the heart of India’s coffee country, this is Chikmagalur, a five-hour drive from Bangalore. Legend has it that a chieftain had two daughters.

Western music, Indian notes
World fusion music is being influenced by the Indian classical music, says Madhusree Chatterjee
F we tweak Bob Dylan’s immortal song and say the sounds they are a-changin, then the world fusion music is definitely going the India way, says veteran American fusion rock and jazz musician Larry Coryell, who has grown up on the music of Ravi Shankar and Ali Akbar Khan.

Colours of patriotism
Patriotic films are Bollywood’s way of reminding the nation of a past they cannot afford to forget, writes M. L. Dhawan
Y taking up nationalistic or patriotic themes, filmmakers have done a commendable job of instilling a sense of patriotism in a generation, which is separated from the freedom struggle by six decades.

Dharmendra young at 75
Manisha Rege catches up with Bollywood’s original He Man, who is all set to turn funny once again with his latest film after completing a golden run on celluloid this year
Ollywood legend Dharmendra, who celebrated his 75th birthday, recently, says despite his age and accomplishments he is still young, yearning for more from life and trying to find out why a human being is never fulfilled and satisfied.

Toon time
With Anusha Rizvi distancing herself from Peepli Live after a conflict with Aamir Khan, Ranjan Das Gupta looks at similar cases from the history of Indian cinema
ireet Khurana’s Ajay Devgn and Kajol starrer Toonpur Ka Superrhero is touted to be India’s first live action animation film — where living characters merge with the cartoons.



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Beware of ads on health claims
by Pushpa Girimaji

ULTA PULTA: Insecure jails
by Jaspal Bhatti


OFf the shelf
A crypto-imperialist
Reviewed by V. N. Datta
Macaulay: The Tragedy of Power
By Robert E. Sullivan.
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Sitting on a powder keg
Reviewed by D. S. Cheema
India, Pakistan, and the Bomb: Debating Nuclear Stability in South Asia
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Into the danger zone
Reviewed by Sukhpreet Singh Giani
The Absent State: Insurgency as an Excuse for Misgovernance
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Nuances of politics
Reviewed by I. L. Dawra
Political Elite: An Empirical Reconnaissance
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Grey areas explored with elan
Reviewed by Barry Forshaw
Field Grey
By Philip Kerr.
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Revisiting a romantic
Humra Quraishi
arayani Ganesh is a Delhi-based senior journalist, who has recently authored a book on her father, Gemini Ganesan, titled Eternal Romantic: My Father, Gemini Ganesan (Roli Books). Needless to say, that Gemini Ganesan was the reigning superstar of Tamil cinema. And, perhaps, keeping that in mind, this book was first released in Chennai by actor Kamal Haasan.

Talented twosome

Nonika Singh
n a land where the epitaph of the grand old musical tradition of dhrupad had all but been written, they carry forward the Dagarvani tradition of dhrupad with aplomb and effortless ease. Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha, better known as the Gundecha Brothers, sing with full gusto, eliciting applause, often standing ovation, at venues across the country as well as the world over.

Smart Santa
Modern-day Santa's gift-giving is driven by technology, says book
ontrary to the standard characterisation, Santa Claus is no wizard and his holiday wish-fulfilment operation is driven entirely by technology, not magic, reveals a new book.

Short Takes
Violence, meditation and spiritualism
Randeep Wadehra
The Man with Enormous Wings 
by Esther David
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Buddhist Meditation
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