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It amounts to defending corruption

The editorial “Destructive politics” (December 24) is itself retrograde. If anyone honestly analyses the obdurate stand of the Congress inside and outside Parliament, one will understand the real intentions of the party.

One spokesperson of the party after the other is hell-bent to tell the people that nobody has the right to challenge the acts of corruption by its leaders because it enjoys the majority support in the Lok Sabha.

It seems that with the present attitude of the Congress people will have to wait for an opportunity when this high-headed dispensation is shown the door. Only then a sage and meaningful debate will be possible in the sanctum sacrum of democracy.

Dr. TIRATH GARG, Ferozepur


It is unfortunate that a majority in the print and electronic media has failed to blame the Congress solely for the waste of the entire winter session of Parliament on the issue of a joint parliamentary committee probe into the 2G scam.

There cannot be any denying the fact that the demand for a JPC is very legitimate and any sane government should have accepted it.

But the Congress party’s top leadership has turned down the demand persistently.

While the attitude of the Congress is deplorable, the media too has shown its pro-Congress stance, which is bound to erase its  credibility further.

Dr. JIA PRAKSH GUPTA, Ambala Cantt.

Girl child quota

This refers to your editorial “ Girl child quota” (Dec 25). You have rightly applauded the initiative of the Himachal Pradesh University for its proposal to reserve seats for the lone girl child in a family in professional courses in all colleges. The proposal infact needs to be scaled up further to cover the lone girl child’s admissions into medicine and engineering studies as well. In matters of making opportunities available, there should be no restrictions in choices available as talent and merit should not be allowed to be suppressed, where it can flourish the most. Needless to say that only those who qualify a certain criteria alone would make it to such professional courses.

The country today is blessed to have a woman president, a woman chairperson of the ruling government at the center and an equally able woman leader of the combined opposition in the lok sabha and the trinity of such a combination on the top can really inspire and motivate the parliament to enact a bill for uniform application of such a move across the country, so that further anomalies are also not created in laws governing people of different communities and states in one republic.

Nation’s leadership needs to look at reforming laws across the states to ensure equality of life, education, health care, settlement under same common conditions and regulations rather than adhoc policy reviews here and there that finally cost the State’s exchequer much more.


Well done, HPU

Regarding your editorial “Girl child quota” (December 25) I would say that the proposal of Himachal Pradesh University to reserve seats for the lone girl child in a family in professional courses in all colleges is commendable and must be adopted by other states as well. The extension of this facility to medicine and engineering will create more confidence amongst the parents to have a girl child.

With the present attitude of sons towards parents, avoiding the joint family system, it is quite right to say that “Your son is your son till he is married. Your daughter is your daughter till the end of your life”.

HARISH K. MONGA, Ferozepur

‘Desi babus’

The IAS is passing through a disturbing phase (“IAS: Bring the corrupt to justice”, December 23). A Hong Kong-based agency in a survey has stated that the Indian bureaucracy is the “worst”, “suffocating” and “least efficient”. The unholy nexus between politicians and bureaucrats leads to favouritism, cronyism and vendetta administration.

There was a time when joining the civil services was a matter of prestige. Now it has become self-seeking, greedy  and corrupt. The honest and public service-minded bureaucrats are sidelined. The Chief Secretaries are appointed by the political bosses .The ICS officers during British rule were much better than the “desi babus”.

M L GARG, Chandigarh

Discipline dilemma

The article “Discipline dilemma” (Dec 21) made a painful reading. The photograph depicted physical abuse (a hand being hit by a wooden stick) and the article itself was an effort to justify punishment to make our children learn to distinguish between right and wrong. It is very important for the educated members of society to be responsible in their actions to eradicate emotional, physical and verbal abuse from our system and they should not justify any form of punishment in the name of teaching ethics.


Internal terror

The views expressed by the Prime Minister in the page 1 report “Internal terror big challenge” (December 25) are very impressive. However, he should have used the words “tackling and handling strongly” instead of “sensitively”.

There should be no checks of human rights for those who do not care for the rights of the peaceful-living common people. Law and order is effective only when it is enforced strictly.


Teaching religious diversity 

Recently my seven-year-old niece told me that she had lost one mark in her examination in a high-profile convent school in Mumbai. The question asked was: Who goes to a church — Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, all of the above. Since she had visited one in Goa, she wrote “All of the above”.

I had to explain to her all the various religions and their festivals.  Her next innocent but logical comment made me speechless. She asked: “If we are Hindus then why does madam ask us to make Christmas charts, decorate the Chrstmas tree and distribute sweets on Chirstmas?” I felt sad on our status, what should we teach our young ones — division or unity !

Dr. A.R. CHAUDHRI, Associate Professor, Department of Geology, Kurukshetra University



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