Sunday, January 2, 2011, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Chandigarh based New Zealand settled Hindu Khatri family Seek STATUS Match for their Australia settled Mechatronics Engineer son(18/08/1984 14.20 Chandigarh). Draws handsome salary & owns house in Australia  0064210470418. C0-105971

Well settled reputed family of USA seeks match for their handsome, intelligent, MD Doctor, turbaned 29/5'- 6" son with strong moral and family values. Born in India, raised and educated in USA. Family visiting India soon. Please respond with complete biodata and pictures to Email: C0-107256


Suitable match for Bhati Chang Manglik boy, 29/5'-7", B.B.A, MFC. Own High School. 35000/- monthly. 094180-75935, 098826-86835. C0-104118

Suitable alliances are invited for UK born & educated Kumhar (Parjapat) Dentist, 36 years old, 5'-7", tall, fair complexion. Girl should be fair, slim, attractive and of a friendly personality. Girl should be happy to move to the UK. We do not require any dowry. Please reply with full bio-data and a recent photograph.  Box 9763M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for NRI (Canada) Muslim, B.Com., PGDCA boy 31/5'-8", Visiting India Jan. 2011, B.Sc. Nursing girl preferred. Contact: 098764-22177. C0-102981

Muslim: Match for Mulsim boy, NRI (citizen Europe) tall, fair, handsome and well-settled abroad for 15 years having family in Australia, Middle East and Europe. Boy in India for early marriage, more detail contact with photo, Phone +61433712744. Email:  C0-104461B

Suitable match for 29 yr, 5'-8", Mair Rajput Sikh boy, cleanshaved, Graduate Business Admin. Only child. Family settled in USA since 1980s. Upper caste welcome. Email:  C0-100798

Suitable match for Doaba Rajput Minhas boy 5.6.1972, 5'-6", Diploma Mech. Engg. Employed Ltd. Co. 099157-68380. Box 9718M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for 29/5'-10", MCA fair Kashyap Rajput boy, Nationalised Bank Officer Delhi. No bar. Email:  Ph. 094166-36022. C0-104164

Well settled and respectable Mair Rajput family of Mohali invites alliance from the parents of intelligent and beautiful, educated girl, for their son, cleanshaven, Graduate, 26/5'-7", very handsome, smart and active businessman boy. Having annual income of +18 lakhs. 98725-57555, 0172-4642449,  Box 9794M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Brahmin handsome boy 5'-10", 31.01.1983, 6:15 a.m., Chandigarh, Advocate Pb. & Haryana High Court. Father retd. as Group 'A' Officer and Mother as H.T from Pb. Govt. Having good urban and agriculture property very near Chandigarh. Both the elder sisters are married and well settled. Box 9697M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM4 Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin Bhardwaj Gotra (Veg boy), 5'-10", 15.06.1984, Adampur Doaba (Pb.), 12.45 a.m., N.Madhya, B.E. (E&C) from PEC Chandigarh, working (IT) MNC Gurgaon. Presently in UK, seeks working girl NCR preferred. Contact after matching kundli. Send BHP. E-mail:  Box 9698M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Himachali Non-manglik vegetarian Brahmin, 29/5'-5", B.Tech., transferable Govt. service Himachal/India, 28000/-. Preference Medical/Engg., TGT, PGT, Govt. service in Himachal. Kundli must. Box 9702M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Himachali Non-manglik Veterinary Doctor, M.VSc., confirmed Nutrition MNC Officer around Chandigarh, 36000+perks p.m., 27/5'-7". Preference HP Tricity/others with Govt. medical, Lecturer TGT. Only vegetarian. Kundli must. Box 9703M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Doctor/ Engineer/ MS/ MBA tall girl for 26/ 6', Punjabi Brahmin B.Tech. M.S. USA boy, working in Germany, from highly educated settled status family. Send biodata, kundli:  Box 9704M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Saraswat Brahmin 5'-11", 21-01-82, 4:32 p.m., Kalimpang, Distt. Darjling (W.B.), BCA, MBA, MNC Gurgaon. Belongs to HP/Pb. settled Delhi. 098181-03132. C0-103677

Match for handsome Saraswat Brahmin B.E. Comp. Science, 26/5'-7", working Software Engineer MNC Chandigarh. Box 9731M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik match for Saraswat Brahmin boy 20.12.1981/6:40 pm, Phagwara, 6'-5", 5.5 LPA. Working in Corporate Office at Ludhiana. Early marriage. Contact: 099062-30502. Box 9734M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, educated match for Saraswat Brahmin boy 06.06.81, 2:20 a.m., Delhi/5'-9", doing Govt job in UAE. In Chandigarh on one month leave. 98781-33059, 98155-59363.  C0-104022

Suitable match for Engineer boy Slim, Smart 27, 6'-1", Status family, Working reputed Company 9 LPA. Contact with biodata, photo E-mail:  9041899495 C0-104042

M4 Mglk Pb Brahmin boy BE, 5'-8", 30, SW in MNC Gurgaon, package 12 LPA. Cont: 01244082711, 98715- 89711. C0-104543

Beautiful qualified match for Brahmin boy 5'-6''/ 15.11.80, 6:42 am. B.Sc (Medical). (Master Professional Accountant). Accountant Melbourne, Australia. Permanent resident Australia. 9888801680, 0183-2571300. Email:-  C0-104731

Wanted beautiful, well-educated girl for manglik handsome, smart, Prasher Gotra boy. 25.8.1981 (3 p.m) Ambala, 5'-8", M.Sc., MCA, Network Engineer Muscat (Oman), good salary, MBA or M.Sc. preferred. Kundli Milan must. Visit India in Jan. 2011. 01734-284277, 098132-01777. Box 9784M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for Manglik Himachali Brahmin boy 5'-7", 15.11.1981, 5:55 p.m., Bilaspur, M.Sc. Physics, B.Ed., MBA, working MNC, Mohali. 98722-05081. C0-104857

Wanted B.Sc. Nursing, MBA, Dentist, Engineer, Doctors match for Punjabi Gaur Brahmin non-manglik, teetotaller 1968/5'-9" Technically qualified Australian PR boy looks younger. Sister Doctor, no demand, simple marriage. Send biodata, kundli at 273, Housing Board, Sector XI, Panchkula. Contact after 5 pm. 0172-2590719, 0172-2210845,  C0-104883

BDS, MDS/Medico slim, beautiful upto 28 yrs minimum 5'-3" girl for Manglik MDS Doctor 32/5'-10", smart, handsome boy Saraswat Brahmin. Upper caste no bar. Early marriage. Ph: 0172-4005686, Email:  C0-105057

Well qualified, beautiful, cultured match for very handsome Manglik boy, M.A., 5'-7", April 76, Established business, income above lac p.m. Commercial & residential property. Chandigarh based family. E-mail:  Box 9796M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Required professional working girl/Lecturer in NCR for MBA Brahmin boy 5'-10", 10 September, 1980, 5:58 a.m., Jalandhar. Working MNC Delhi, package 10 Lac. Contact after matching kundli. Khatri match welcome. 0181-2257938. Email:  NA0-73478

Match for Punjabi Khatri Anshik Manglik boy, 5'-5", 11- 06-1984, 4:45 p.m., Chandigarh, Bachelor's Degree in Management from PU, working in Pharma MNC, 4.50 lakhs per annum. 98159-10690. Email:  C0-103243

Alliance for smart Khatri MBBS, MD, 30/5'-10", rich affluent family owning rural urban property, brother PR Australia minor foot defect. 94656-28363. Box 9693M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome, smart Khatri boy 27 yrs./5'-8", running Chemist Shop. Parents in Govt. job. Contact: 97807-21009. Box 9700M Tribune, Chandigarh.

SM4 Arora boy 17.9.78, 6.24 pm Amritsar 5'-8'' MBBS, MBA working NCR 5 Lpa. 9417071009. Mail  C0-103865

Professionally qualified slim, fair match for handsome convent educated B.Tech., non-drinker boy, Senior Software Engineer MNC Noida, 6 lakh, 5'-6", 04-09-1984, 02 a.m., Chandigarh. Educated well settled family at Panchkula. 9814106807.  C0-103919

Suitable match for Hotel Management Graduate boy, 5'-11", September 1982. Working on Cruise USA. Boy in India for early marriage. Contact 080541-46139. Email :  Box 9732M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Khatri Punjabi handsome wheatish 29+/5'-8", MBA, employed Nationalised Bank at Dubai. Salary 2 Lac P.M. Educated family. E-mail:-  Box 9745M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Compatiable working match for 8/82 Amritsar born Arora handsome boy 5'-10'' MCA Senior S/W Engineer Accenture Gurgaon 8.85 lakh perannum. No bar. 9855022121.  C0-104260

Looking slim, fair, beautiful girl 5'-3"/5'-5" for handsome boy slim 5'-10" (29.6.83, 12:30 pm) B.Com., business with father own showroom/kothi in Chandigarh. Send kundli/photo must. Email:  NA0-73026

Well qualified, beautiful preferably working match for Engineering Graduate, 84 born very handsome Sikh boy, 5'-8", working with MNC. High status & highly educated well settled family. 088947-23405. Email:  ;  C0-103339

Well settled simple, status family seeking beautiful, homely match for their handsome, fair, teetotaller Kashmiri Sikh only son, 27, 5'-8", MBA. Established business in Own Showroom in Mohali. Urban properties in Mohali. No Bars. Office: 0172-2223651. Residence: 0172-2273847.  C0-103673

Well educated, NRI, beautiful match for handsome Only son Lobana Sikh Multani boy, 22 years, 5'-5". Diploma in Software, Working in Mohali. One sister married and 2nd doing B.Ed in Chandigarh. Father Central Govt employee. Mother own business. Family Chandigarh settled. Email :  Box 9723M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well-settled Canadian citizen Kamboj Sikh Engineer, 1981 born, 5'-11", seeking professionally qualified suitable match, preferred alliance from Canada/US. Contact:  C0-104212

Gursikh Ramdasia handsome boy, 1976, 5'-10", Advocate High Court Chandigarh, good practice, Govt. Empanelment, Handsome income. Brother Class-I, Father retd. well-settled small family, Mohali. Contact: 0172-2224458, 97814-03579. C0-104931

Jat Sikh family well-established in US are looking for a girl for our intelligent and handsome son (M.D. Degree), 26 year old, 6'-3", USA citizen, doing Residency. Looking for tall (at least 5'-4"), slim, beautiful girl who is goal oriented and has strong cultural/family values. Serious inquiries from U.S. or Canada with recent photo. Contact at:  C0-92590

Dowry givers excuse. Handsome cleanshave 31/6', BE India, Software MS USA $ 120000/yr. Couple will get greencard in few months. Parents Chandigarh based. Father retired CEO of large company.  94174-41170. A0-103470-OL

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh Cheema boy, 28/5'-8", M.Tech. (CSE from PEC Chd.), working Infosys Chandigarh, salary 40,000/- p.m., minor defect, fingers missing from right hand. 01679-282403, 95010-23563. C0-103545B

Well educated beautiful, tall, simple/sober girl cultured with rural background for handsome Jat Sikh, only boy 28/5'-11", Graduate, having huge rural/urban properties near Mohali. Sisters married, well settled abroad. 98724-55745, 95017-69255. Box 9713M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Looking for a well educated, good personality, decent, caring and refined match for very intelligent Architect. Grewal, Defence background, Reputed 5'-8", June 80. 98151-94080. C0-103789

Beautiful, educated match for Jat Sikh, 5'-8", 34 years, handsome Engineer boy, settled USA, salary 90 lakh year. Commercial/residential properties around Chandigarh. Issueless divorcee. Visiting India January. Chandigarh based family. Preferred high status family. E-mail:  Box 9730M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for 28 years, 5'-10", cleanshaven, vegetarian Sandhu boy, Australian citizen. Master of Accounting, doing CPA Australia, earning 10 LPA. Urban Rural properties. 94666-90877.  C0-103859

Seeking English speaking girl for 23.8.84 born, 5'-9" tall, U.K. born Jat Sikh boy, Settled in Australia. Boy has his own Truck business and has studied upto High School. Mother runs her own Cafeteria. Contact with photograph at :  C0-103903B

Chandigarh based Jat Sikh family seeking alliance for their handsome son, 28/6'-2", B.A., LL.B., P.U., Chandigarh. Working under Govt of Punjab. Urban/Rural property. Girl should be above minimum 5'-6". Email :  Box 9743M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Jat Sikh Sidhu clean shaven Ludhiana 6 feet, B.Tech., working in MNC, age 28 looking for well educated nice girl minimum 5'-4", preferably from a sound rural background family from Malwa belt. Ph: 98152-45840. C0-104208

Suitable match for Jat Sikh divorcee boy 34 years, 5'-10", running own Computer Software Company. Father retired Senior Air Force Officer, mother retired Senior Lecturer. Email:  Mobile: 093572-50519. C0-104312

Seeking very beautiful, Convent educated girl, not more than 28 years from Cultured Urban background for a very handsome Army Officer (A.S.C.), 32 years, 6'-2" (MBA). Family owns urban property. Contact Early: 08950212671 or Email:  C0-104607

Well educated match for Jat Sikh boy November 1978, 5'- 7", teetotaller M.V.Sc. Ph.D. (Veterinary Microbiology) Asstt. Prof. (regular) 48000 monthly. Simple decent well settled family. Email:  C0-104749

Professional match for Jat Sikh, 6', 1983 born. Handsome boy from status family. M.S. from US, now on H1B visa. Box 9790M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Very handsome Jat Sikh Australian boy, 29 yrs., 6', B.Sc. (IT), Diploma Management Sydney. Only brother citizen married. Urban property. High status officers family. Looking for beautiful decent educated noble girl. India/Aust preferred. Email:  Contact: 0061-432023758. C0-95610

Well-settled Jat Sikh parents seek tall, professional/Doctor match for their 28 year old, 6'-3", tall US born, Doctor son doing Residency in California. Please respond with picture and biodata to:  C0-98300

Seeking beautiful girl in Medical Field (RN, BDS, MD) for handsome, tall Jatt Sikh boy from Canada. He is working as a consultant in Toronto. 6'-2', 30 years old, clean shaven, Canadian citizen. Born and raised in Toronto. Mom and family will be visiting India this January. No dowry. Please respond with complete biodata. Contact information and a recent picture to:  C0-98704B

A smart pleasant Jat Sikh girl between 24-28 above 5'-3" for Jat Sikh Merchant Navy Officer, 5'-9", 31 yrs, based in Mumbai. Please send details with picture to:  C0-98980

Match for Jat Sikh boy British born 30 years 5'-9", doing good job in London. Only highly professional qualified or on study visa to UK is required. Contact: 00442085185390. Email:  NA0-72618

Wanted MCA, M.Sc. or Govt. employee or NRI girl for Jat Sikh Maan clean shaven boy 26+/5'-7", MCA, MNC Chd. Salary package 4 LPA. Sister married settled in USA. Send biodata and photo must at: E.mail:  98888-29587, 97808-16167. NA0- 72729

Match for Jat Sikh cleanshaved boy Sept. 1980/5'-11", B.Tech. (Punjab) MS from USA, working USA on H1B visa in reputed company very good package, Green Card in progress. Father Retd. Govt. Officer, mother Teacher. U/R property Punjab. Only Engg./Doctor on H1B Visa/USA citizen minimum 5'-4"/above. Send biodata/recent photo  98144-07009. NA0-73481

Match for Saini Sikh vegetarian boy, 28/5'-11", B.A., PGDCA, working as Accountant in Pvt. Ltd. firm Chandigarh. Contact: 9357512333, 0172-2210218. C0-103831B

Suitable match for Saini Sikh handsome boy (Cleanshaven), 24.06.1983, 6'-2", MCA, working as Software Engineer in Wipro, presently in U.K. on company's project. Coming back for 15 days on 17.01.2011. Looking for beautiful, tall, homely and well-educated girl. Contact: 9815737353. C0-104537

Kamboj Sikh Canadian citizen only son 27/6', raised in Canada, Law Enforcement Diploma seeks MCA/M.Com., B.Com, under 25, slim, beautiful, well versed in both culture with good family values, affluent in English and Punjabi. Contact only Kamboj Sikh 97791-54325, 0016474096208. Email:  A0-102700-OL

Professionally qualified tall, slim, fair match for handsome Punjabi Khatri (Kapoor) PR Australia boy, 14.12.1981, 5:45 am Patiala, 5'-11", B.Tech, MBA (Australia), Financial planning job with AMP, Adelaide Australia. AUD 60,000 p.a. Respectable, well settled family of Panchkula. Boy in Chandigarh upto 15th January. Send Bio-data, photo. E-mail:  Box 9652M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted beautiful tall girl for Jat Sikh boy, 29/6'-2", USA Green card holder Preferably girl should be B.Sc. Nursing etc. Contact Telephone 76965-65129. C0-103755

Wanted beautiful girl for Jat Sikh boy 28, US citizen, 5'-7". Early marriage. 98159-94775. C0-104058

Match for handsome Punjabi boy, 27/182, Graduate in Comp. Sc., MBA, working as S/W Consultant. Handsome salary. Well-settled family in Toronto. Defence background. Seeks professional, homely, vegetarian girl from an educated family.  or 0019057897247 or 094173-54938. Box 9746M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well qualified match for Saini Sikh cleanshaven handsome boy, 1980/6', M.Sc. (IT), worked in UK for two year, presently working in Australia on Managerial position, earning 65K annually. Preferred UK/Canada/US Citizen girl. 98159-62667.  C0-104445

U.S. citizen Jat Sikh parents, presently in Chandigarh, looking for a pretty, fair, slim, sweet natured girl with high moral values, well versed in both Eastern and Western cultures, for their U.S. citizen, tall, handsome, clean shaven son 44/6'-0", never married, banker in a leading bank in U.S. Son visiting India end of January. No consideration to dowry, religion or caste. E-mail:-  C0-97968

Gupta MBA boy, 28/5'-11", extremely handsome, teetotaller Australia. Sister Doctor, rich family. No demand. Caste immaterial. Girl NRI.  NA0-71038

Punjabi Khatri well-settled parents in USA seek serious matrimonial proposal for their Engineer son 27 years. The girl should be tall, beautiful with professional education and good family values preferably from a medicore family with ambition to settle in USA. Response only from serious parents. Parents visiting India in January 2011. Contact:  with photographs and biodata. A0-101786-OL

Professionally qualified match for Sood Manglik boy 02/11/84, 5'-11", fair, B.E.(DCE), MBA (MDI), working reputed Finance Company, very handsome package. Well educated Sood family settled in Delhi. Father Professor, working abroad. E-mail:  Mob: 98113-56590. C0-100846

Hindu Sahni Khatri boy 21.11.1981, 5'-8" Kurukshetra, M.Sc.(S/W), MCA, pursuing M.Tech side by side (Last Semester), own academy, excellent income. Preferred Bachelor/Master Degree in Computer-Science, Math, Physics. Email:  Box 9673M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome boy 82/5'-10", 9.55 a.m., working in reputed Company. 6.5 LPA. Contact: 98764-80225.  C0-103059

Suitable match for smart Khatri boy MBA, 5'-8", 1.9.1984, 3.35 p.m., Jalandhar reputed job with handsome salary contact only after matching kundli. 098554-80980, 098140-75495. C0-103317

Suitable beautiful match for handsome Canadian immigrant Khatri boy, 29/5'-11", BA, MA, Gold Medallist, M.Phil., UGC. Elder brother married & working as Manager (Sales) of B.C. State of Canada in MNC. Contact: 94174-92988. Email:  C0-103605

Match for Manglik Khatri M.Tech. boy 5'-7", 14.8.1984 at Chandigarh 11:30 p.m., working as Lecturer in Engineering College near Chandigarh. Qualified and working girl in tricity preferred. Contact: 98720-04648. Box 9738M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Preferred Teacher/Govt. job girl for 5'-6", June 1985 born, Chandigarh based Khatri boy (B.Tech., MBA). Working as Key Accounts Manager in Limited company at Chandigarh. Educated nuclear family. Father retired Govt. Servant, Mother Government 'A' Class Officer. Box 9744M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Khatri MBA boy 5'-8", 6.7.1980, 8.10 a.m. Delhi, employed MNC in Ludhiana. +12 LPA. Well status family. 93575-11700. Email:  C0-104174

Match for Punjabi Khatri boy 33/5'-11", FCI Diploma, innocent divorcee. 01733-224683, 098963-29159. C0-104230

Match for Dhawan Khatri handsome boy 5'-7"/27, Software Engineer in Accenture Hyderabad. Package 8 Lacks. Contact: 98726-56770, 98157-09529. C0-104651

Beautiful match for Punjabi Khatri, 36, 5'-8", Undergraduate, working with Private Company, 14,000/- pm. Owns car, house at Chandigarh, Shimla. 09015034288,  C0-104771

Seeking beautiful, educated, slim girl for handsome, smart 1983/160 cm, Graduate Khatri boy from small, educated family of Panchkula, enjoying all amenities, very well settled in family business. Contact: 95921- 29800, 95307-19800. E-mail biodata along with recent photograph.  C0-104813

Wanted B.Sc. (Nursing) or Medical line or well educated girl for Australian PR permanent job security officer Khatri boy 26/5'-5". 99142-84104, 98888-49982. NA0-72736

Medico/Non-Medico match for handsome non-manglik MD, 5'-8", 32 yrs. Medical Officer Chandigarh.  98144-28524. C0-104142

Suitable match for handsome Hindu/Arora Punjabi boy, 27/5'-11", Canada based employed Software Engineer, work visa, permanent resident status expected July 2011, born, brought up India. Master's Degree Computers (Canada), down-to-earth family. Uncle, grandparents Canadian citizens, well settled.  Box 9747M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Hindu Manglik Arora, 20.11.1982, 07:25 pm, Rajpura, 5'-8", B.Com ICWA, Panchkula based boy. Executive in Pharma company near Chandigarh. Contact after matching kundli. Employed tricity girl preferred. 97790-79091, Email:  C0-105035

Suitable match for Professionally qualified Ramgarhia/Dhiman boy, 27/178 cm, clean-shaven, Australian citizen (Settled in Sydney), working in Government job. Please send biodata and photo to:  C0-103435

Match for Sikh Ramgarhia boy, 29/5'-9", B.Tech, Project Manager (Gurgaon), 14.00 lac. Canadian PR. Caste no bar.  Box 9751M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Chandigarh based Ramgarhia Sikh widower boy 30/5'-9", having 3 months baby, BCA, 3 yrs. Diploma Software Engg., having small IT Co. Mohali. 98760-01012. C0-104383B

Medico Doctor Dhiman boy April 1983, 5'-8", MBBS, doing Ist year MD, Ph.D. Neurology, Nimhance Banglore. Prefer doing MD/MS girl. Father gazetted officer. Residence Chandigarh. Contact: 098722-02160. C0-105053

Professionally qualified beautiful match for handsome Khatri Sikh (Sodhi) boy, 6.8.1982/1:25 a.m.,(Derabassi), 5'-6". B.Tech. MS from USA. Working NewYork (USA). Coming India shortly. Family settled near Chandigarh. Phone 98148-18556, 094177-76754. Box 9726M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Alliance invited for Sikh Ahluwalia boy, 80 born, 5'-10". B.E. Computer Science from Thappar, Patiala, Masters in Computer Science from USC, U.S.A., settled in USA on H1B visa, working as Software Development Engineer with top MNC. Belongs to reputed business family Chandigarh. Boy in India for three weeks. Contact:  C0-104242

U S citizen Khatri Sikh cleanshaven Dentist 1980, 5'-11", completing DDS soon seeks Dentist/Medico/Professional Khatri/Jat-Sikh tall girl from reputed family. E-mail:  C0-104657

Suitable match for Sikh Khatri IAS 39 (looks younger), 5'-9", innocent issueless legally divorced. Girl should below 33, homely, not working, unmarried. Innocent divorcee accepted. Girl main consideration. No demand. Early, simple marriage. Email:  Box 9393M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful match for SC boy 1979 born, 5'-10", well qualified commissioned officer in Defence. Contact: 098720-26488.  C0-103349

Pretty, slim, qualified girl for Bhatoa SC clean shaven handsome 5'-6", 31 yrs., Graduate, Permanent Residence Australia. Caste no bar.  88727-40111. C0-104278

Suitable match for Graduate cleanshaven boy of respected Ramdasia Sikh family 28.3.84, 5'-9". Brother settled abroad. Boy having his own respected business. Father Gazetted Officer. Mobile: 98555-12489. C0-104633

Suitable match for handsome Graduate Sikh boy of respected Ramdasia Sikh family boy settled in Australia 3.2.83, 5'-8". Only B.Sc. Nursing girl required. Father Gazetted Officer. Mobile: 98556-22489. C0-104648

Suitable match for SC Ravidasia handsome boy 29/5'-5", BAMS Doctor TR applied in Australia. Looking for beautiful, slim, professionally qualified girl. Preferably B.Sc. Nursing, BDS, B.Tech. (CSC) NRI from status family. Father retired Bank Officer. Sister Engineer. Early marriage. Contact: 98153-26552. Email:  NA0-72881

Gujarati vegetarian widower, 41, 5'-6", having 2 sons; seeks Life Partner. Highly educated, working senior position in Pharma MNC near Chandigarh. Caste no bar.  , 80547-64106, 0-98241-29109. C0-104983

Professionally qualified match for B.Tech. Rajput boy working NCR, 9 LPA, 31.8.1979, 5'-7", 2 a.m., Nahan, only son. Contact after kundli matching. Send BHP.  094181-26036. C0-104357

Professionally qualified match MBA, MCA, Engineer Lecturer for Non-Manglik, handsome Hindu Tonk- Kashatriya Senior Engineer, 30/174 cm, 5 LPA. Around Chandigarh preferred. Upper caste no bar. 78374-48137.  C0-105051

Match for Sikh Tonkshatriya handsome boy 1985/5'-10", B.Tech. Mechanical, M.Tech. Mechanical CADD. Working as Design Engineer. Preferred only US/Canadian citizen.  94174-01456, 94636-58458. NA0-72593

Well settled Canadian Tonk Kashatriya boy 26/5'-10", BCA. Preferred new immigrant or student visa girl at Vancouver. 001-604-931-3752 or 098720-80442. NA0-72738

Alliance invited for Sikh Ahluwalia boy Jan. 82/5'-9", 3.50 LPA plus incentives, employed as Senior Engineer Multinational Company, Mohali posted. Diploma Electronics Communications. Father Senior Executive. Respectable family. Girl only consideration. 98150-29999.  C0-104106

SM4 Gursikh 6', Dec. 81, Citi Bank Delhi 30000/- monthly, Khatri/Arora Teacher preferred. Email:  C0-104719

Slim, beautiful match for cleanshaven, handsome Khatri Sikh boy, Graduate, 30/5'-8", American citizen from well settled urban family of Chandigarh. 98887-43657,  C0-104829

Suitable match for Bansal boy 3.11.1977, 5:50 a.m., Bathinda, appears 27-28, 5'-4", well-established Business settled at Chandigarh. Contact: 95017-77722.  Box 9594M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Canadian citizen Goyal boy/family looking girl for their 25 year old (28.3.1985, 4 p.m., Ferozepur), pure vegetarian, Diploma in business administration, well settled preferred M.Sc. or B.Sc. Science, Nursing, Math and Tec. Email:  098550-30211, 098146-30214. C0-103015

Alliance invited from well educated girl of status family for fair, vegetarian, Manglik Aggarwal boy 27/5'-10", B.Com. from Government College, LLB from Government College, PGDCA, handloom (Manufacturing business) - retailer and supplier have 4 storeyed showroom at Dharmshala, Income in six figures per month. Urban properties in Himachal Pradesh & Punjab. 98880-03674.  NA0-72692

Well-educated, beautiful match for handsome Kamboj boy, 29/5'-10", M.Sc. (Maths), (UGC-JRF (NET) qualified, pursuing regular Ph.D. (Maths) from P.U. Chandigarh. Handsome income 30000/- p.m. Caste no bar. Contact: 097816-86282. E-mail:-  C0-103397

Radhasoami family seeks suitable match for son 29.3.81, 9:20 Hr., 5'-6", B.A. Govt. job. Urban/rural property. 99149-03838. C0-105083


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