Thriving in twenties

Even before they touch the milestone age of 30, a large number of Indian women are stepping on the higher rungs of fame. And this trend is likely to carry on in 2011
Devita Saraf, head of luxury brand Vu Technologies, is one of the youngest CEOs in IndiaA
ccording to social observers, several current factors are promoting the rapid march of Indian women towards the pinnacle of career success at a young age. The first among these is the simple fact that India has the world’s largest young population under the age of 30 — almost a stunning 30 per cent or 350 million. Even at a rough conjecture, this means that there are 170 million young women in that age group in India. Second, India is one of the two world economies that are surging ahead — it is expected that it will leapfrog into the third largest economy of the world by 2012. Third, and most important, one of the driving engines of the Indian economy is the huge number of educated women now entering the workforce.
Devita Saraf, head of luxury brand Vu Technologies, is one of the youngest CEOs in India

Role Call
Going by the report cards of 2010, our movers and shakers are ready for fresh jobs. Here is unveiling the tongue-in-cheek Task Force 2011...
I Hate Luv Storys
hough 2010 saw its share of star break-ups, some grabbed more footage than others. While the top Break ke Baad tale that kept even the media on tenterhooks was that of the Dabangg and his Diva (Salman and Katrina), it was another split saga — of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir — that caught the attention of talent scouts with its spicy ‘post’ script.

Brain spot where fear resides found
nakes, spiders, haunted houses and horror movies may frighten most of us, but there is one woman who doesn’t seem to be afraid of them or anything else. Identified only as ‘SM’, she is the subject of a new study that looked at how a certain part of the brain experiences fear.

Star trek 2011
P. Khurrana predicts what is in store for various zodiac signs
March 21 to April 20
A progressive year though you will have to struggle a lot before you achieve any gains. The beginning of the year sees you signing fresh contracts, or starting a new job, which has the potential to grow rapidly during the next couple of months. You will make substantial gains around March and during May/June, but thereafter, a slight decline in income or profits is foreseen either due to neglect, or over-stretching your budget, causing a minor setback.

Prints, prints everywhere
With multiplexes releasing many simultaneous prints, the silver and golden jubilees that the films earlier celebrated are no longer relevant as a movie is declared a hit or flop after just three days of release, writes V Gangadhar
all it the flood, the saturation point, but the print media is reaping its rewards. Film ads are getting longer and longer because thousands of prints of single films are now being released in umpteen theatres located in multiplexes, there are more shows for each film and it is quite common for a multiplex to organise half a dozen shows on the same day. If one is not careful, one can land up in the wrong auditorium for the wrong film at the wrong time.

Master craftsman
Ranjita Biswas pays a tribute to the legendary Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, one of the most influential filmmakers in the history of cinema
ife is for living and enjoying; to live life meaningfully is even more rewarding. Kanji Watanabe, a bureaucrat, who died of cancer, seems to say it silently to the mourners who have gathered to pay respect to his departed soul. Watanabe is the protagonist of Ikiru (To Live) by Japanese film icon Akira Kurosawa.


`ART & SOUL: Warmth from the Arctic
by B.N. Goswamy

Food talk: Quick korma

Disastrous year for the common man
by Pushpa Girimaji

ULTA PULTA: Ethics in lobby
by Jaspal Bhatti


Architect of Partition
Reviewed by Parshotam Mehra
Road to Pakistan: The Life and Times of Mohammad Ali Jinnah
By B. R. Nanda
Routledge. Pages viii + 373. Rs 745.


Phenomenal crusader
Reviewed by Kanchan Mehta
Milestones: A Memoir
By Indrani Jagjivan Ram.
Translated from Hindi by Tara Joshi.
Penguin. Pages 297. Rs 550.

‘Decent work’ a distant dream
Reviewed by Ram Varma
Improving Policy Coherence in South Asia
Ed. Manas Bhattacharya.
ILO and Academic Foundation. Pages 426. Rs 1,295.

In the heart of darkness
Reviewed by Shalini Rawat
Black Light
By Rimi B. Chatterjee
HarperCollins. Pages 272. Rs 299.

Writing for every reason and season
From scams to shams, all major happenings inspired books, a trend likely to spill into 2011
Humra Quraishi
one are those days of Munshi Premchand, when books made way rather too subtly or when authors were few and fewer in the making. Today, there is a book for not just every single season but for any of the relevant reasons of a particular season — scams, scandals, shams and sexual escapades.

Woman of many hues
Nonika Singh
ne moment she mesmerises audiences with her sterling performance in M. K Raina’s much acclaimed play Buhe Baariyan. With effortless `E9lan, she fits into the part of a mother in many a Punjabi film. Anchor of several television shows, this associate professor of fine arts is as comfortable pouring her feelings on the canvas as emoting on stage. So, which is the real Neeta Mohindra?

Short Takes
Of folk theatre, tribes and communal politics
Reviewed by Randeep Wadehra
Hoor Menaka: The Seductress
by Rajbir Deswal
Pages: 48. Rs. 50