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Factory worker killed in late-night robbery
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
A supervisor in a hosiery unit in the city’s Industrial Area was allegedly murdered by two unidentified assailants at the factory premises late yesterday night. After strangulating the deceased, identified as Baljinder Singh, 25, the suspects fled-away with Rs 1.5 lakh in cash and bank drafts worth Rs 2 lakh from the factory.

The police is making inquiries into the incident and is also recording statements of employees working in the factory.

According to reports, two young men entered the factory premises at about 11:30 pm on Monday and slit Baljinder’s throat with a sharp edged weapon while he was sleeping.

Police division no 6 SHO Gurinderjeet Singh said the incident occurred inside a hosiery unit, King Knit Knot, near Janakpuri in Industrial Area A last night.

"According to witnesses two youths entered the factory premises late on Monday night. Today morning when a worker went to the factory he found the body of supervisor lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He raised an alarm and workers from other factories soon gathered there. The suspects also broke the factory’s safe and took away cash and bank drafts. The deceased was strangulated with a sharp-edged weapon", said Gurinderjeet.

Baljinder, who hailed from Kathu Nangal village in Amritsar district, was working in the hosiery factory, owned by Inderjeet Sharma, as supervisor for the past three years. On receiving information about the murder, a police team led by assistant police commissioner Naginder Rana accompanied with CIA staff arrived at the scene. A case under section 460 was later filed by the division no 6 police.

An employee of another factory located near the hosiery unit said: "The police has recorded the statements of he employers and workers at the hosiery factory. Some one who knew cash was lying at the factory premise is probably involved in the murder".


Official goof-up leaves school students in lurch
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Lack of coordination between the state government and district administration caused a lot of harassment to school students in the city today. The government had on Monday evening passed an order instructing all schools in the state to shut classes up to the primary level till January 9 in the wake of the severe cold conditions prevailing in the region over the past few days.

However, district administration officials were not aware of the development, as a result of which they failed to convey the government’s instructions to schools.

While many privately run schools in the district held all classes today in the absence of any communication from the administration, the government schools sent back their primary students home today morning after getting information about the government's directive from various media reports. Braving the wintry morning chill, children could be seen heading for their schools . Government school students were the worst hit, as no sooner had they reached their schools in the harsh weather they were told to return home.

DC Rahul Tewari said there were no instructions from the state government on closure of primary schools in the state due to the inclement weather. He, however, added: “The district administration had passed an order directing all city schools to delay their opening timings to 9 am till January 18”.

Damage-control exercise

In an attempt to conceal the district administration's folly, Ludhiana deputy commissioner Rahul Tewari today ordered all private schools in the district to comply with the government’s instructions failing which strict action would be taken against those who did not do so. His warning formed part of his order stating that it had been brought to his notice that, despite the state government's directions to shut all primary schools in the state till January 9, numerous private schools in the city were found to be holding primary classes.

Parents want more

While the state government's decision to shut primary classes till January 9 was whole-heartedly welcomed by parents, they regretted what they termed ‘apathetical treatment’ accorded to senior students. Parents demanded all classes should have been shut keeping in view the prevailing cold conditions. They reasoned that, like their junior counterparts, senior students were also susceptible to harsh weather.

Confusion prevails

Despite the orders, most of the city schools had not declared holidays for primary classes till the filing of this report. Numerous queries by parents, too, were turned down by school officials who refused to comment on the issue. This led to widespread confusion among parents and students. Newspaper offices were also flooded by frantic calls from concerned parents in this regard.



MC bows to criticism
To discuss many F&CC agenda items at next meeting
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Facing criticism due to the inclusion of a large number of items in the agenda of the high-powered Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC) despite the shortage of funds, the Municipal Corporation (MC) authorities decided to take up almost half of the agenda items at the next meeting.

At a meeting held in the official residence of MC Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura, F&CC members, including MC Commissioner AK Sinha, Additional Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Bansal, Deputy Mayor Sunita Aggarwal, Akali councillors Simarjeet Singh Bains and Pal Singh Grewal, met to discuss the 600-point agenda for the development of the city. But in the wake of the criticism by media over the inclusion of such a large number of items despite shortage of funds, the committee members only approved around 250 items of the agenda a majority of which were from the operation and maintenance (O&M) branch.

However, knowing well that it might annoy the leadership of the BJP, which is an important constituent of the ruling alliance, as they had got their files added in the supplementary agenda, the MC authorities asserted that they would discuss the remaining agenda in another meeting of the high-powered committee on next Tuesday.

Sources also revealed that most of the members were of the view that the agenda was very lengthy, so there was every possibility that some wrong estimates might have also been included in it. The members have also decided to get a fresh review conducted for the agenda so that wrong estimates could be checked, added the sources. Meanwhile, apart from the items of the O&M branch, the F&CC also approved some items of the Building and Roads (B&R), which were required immediately.

When asked to comment on the matter, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Bansal said there was neither shortage of funds nor the agenda was enhanced under the pressure of BJP leaders. However, he asserted that as they wanted to check all estimates before passing them, they had just passed a few important items and the rest of the items would be passed at the next meeting. "We do not want that any wastage of public money should take place," he added.



Army to restrict detonation exercise
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Keeping in mind the "welfare" of the residents of Sekhewal, Kalewal and Haider Nagar, the Army has restricted its ongoing drive to defuse undetonated explosives.

Minimum defusions with very low intensity were carried out today and the area involved was even less than 30m, said Lieut-Col Vinod Bhatt, officer in command, who is looking after the operation to defuse latent ammunition and explosives.

Bhatt further stated that they had not carried out the drive during the past six days, adding "it was not wise to evacuate the villagers from their homes in freezing cold and we will not do so till the weather is conducive".

The officer in command also said that the detonation drive would be carried out from just 12 noon to 2.30 pm in case the sun shines and there is rise in day temperature.

Rauni Singh, a daily wager from Sekhewal while expressing relief on the orders, stated that they were feeling the "pinch" of the winter chill even inside their homes.

"How can the village residents, especially small children and old men/women, bear the severity of weather outside the four walls of their houses? The decision of the officer in command is wise but we will request him to defer the detonation drive till the month of February," said Rauni Singh.


Consideration for residents

The drive had been initiated by the Army on the request of the state government on November 16. Out of the total 50 days, the Army has lost 22 days of work which in turn has caused delay in the completion of the defusing exercise. The reason: The authorities gave in to the requests of villagers following religious ceremonies, weddings, harvesting and severe weather

Medical Assistance

A medical team of experts, including surgeons, medical specialists, and nursing/paramedical staff along with fully equipped ambulances, is present at the detonation site round the clock. The arrangements have been made by the district administration



MC fails to get its land vacated by petrol pumps
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

The HPCL fuel station near the local bus stand.
The HPCL fuel station near the local bus stand.

The BPCL fuel station near the Old Sabzi Mandi.
The BPCL fuel station near the Old Sabzi Mandi.

The BPCL fuel station near Panjabi Bhawan.
The BPCL fuel station near Panjabi Bhawan. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, January 4
Petrol stations set up on public land near Vishkarma Chowk, the local bus stand, Old Sabzi Mandi and Punjabi Bhawan continue to function in complete defiance of the government’s orders to vacate these sites. The petrol pumps have become a major cause of traffic bottlenecks on adjoining roads, causing great inconvenience to commuters.

Officials of the municipal corporation’s public works department (PWD) and the state food, civil supplies & consumer affairs department have been unsuccessful in getting the land vacated, which has brought to the fore the administration's laxity in implementing various laws.

The land had been given on lease to the three state-owned oil companies - Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd (BPCL), Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd (HPCL) and Indian Oil Corp (IOC) - to set up fuel stations. Their lease was renewed ever year by the PWD.

Following some changes in the department’s functioning, the PWD issued the orders to the oil companies asking them to vacate the government land but they failed to comply with the directive.

Thereafter, in 1992 the petrol stations came under the MC’s jurisdiction as the land adjoining the major roads in the city was handed over to the corporation by the 
PWD. As a result, the power to renew the land lease with the oil firms was transferred to the civic body.

Interestingly, ever since there have been no serious efforts made by the authorities concerned to look into the matter, which has now become a big problem for city residents.

On the other hand, the oil companies have been enjoying benefits of subsidized rentals for the government owned land, with the approximate rent not more than Rs 1,200 per month.

When contacted, MC officials expressed ignorance about the issue, adding to the enigma over the authority governing these petrol stations in the city. So much so that even the district controller for the food, civil supplies & consumer affairs department was not aware of the matter.


Admn officials in dark

I have no clue about the problem. I enquired about the matter after receiving a call from the Ludhiana Tribune. The oil companies had filed a case against the PWD in the Punjab & Haryana High Court. However, I was unable to find records of the petrol pumps.
— Rakesh Bhaskar, District Controller, Department of Food, Civil Supoplies & Consumer Affairs (West)

The orders must have been passed long ago by the concerned executive engineer. The executive engineer has the power to get the land vacated and it isn’t necessary to bring it to the superintending engineer’s notice. 
— KK Garg, Superintending Engineer, PWD

Officials of oil firms speak

z GS Bhasin, official spokesman for HPCL, said the company had not received any notice from the PWD or the municipal corporation to vacate the land on which its petrol station was located

z Rajesh Sharma BPCL said he was not aware of any such notice. "All such matters are handled by our legal department in Noida. If you want any further information on the issue, you send us a request for the same”, he added

z Mahinder Srivastava, manager at Indian Oil Corp, said the lease was between the dealer and the MC. “I’m not aware of any orders for vacation of the land. There was an objection pertaining to violation of the explosives norms, which was taken care of.”



School sans building, students forced to study in open
Charu Chhibber
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
It's 9 am and a thick blanket of fog has engulfed the city, throwing normal life out of gear. Amid chilly winter winds, two small groups of school students sit on tattered rugs and bed spreads and learn their lessons. However, one group is a little better off than the other as it has a tarpaulin roof over its heads while the other shivers under the sky. Shivering and shaking from cold, the children find some solace in the small bonfire burning in front of them.

Behind them stands a completely dilapidated structure with no roof, no classrooms and just crumbling walls in the name of the school building.

This is the typical winter scene outside Government Primary Schools 1A and 1C situated on Jail Road. The situation is no better during the rainy and summer 

Since the schools neither have any infrastructure nor a single classroom, classes are held in the open, outside the area where the remnants of the building stand.

What is worse is that the 95 students of the twin schools and their two teachers are deprived of even the basic amenities like a washroom and proper facility for safe drinking water.

In such circumstances, the lone tap on the school campus quenches their thirst and open space serves as the washroom.

The twin schools, housed on a common campus, are the real picture of the neglect the state's education system is in.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, a staff member said, "The situation of the schools has remained the same for a long time. Numerous complaints to the education department have failed to bear fruit, as nothing has ever been done for the schools."

She added, "It is heart rending to see the children shiver in cold like this. I have been spending money from my own pocket to buy wood to light this small bonfire which keeps all of us warm. Even the tarpaulin has been bought by me."

She went on to add, "Most of the students of these schools belong to the lower sections of society and what pulls them to the school even in the prevailing extreme weather conditions is perhaps the mid-day meal, which comes from the government school situated nearby."

It is pertinent to mention that, for the past three years, Ludhiana Tribune has been constantly highlighting the plight of the students and teachers of the twin schools but to no avail.

Meanwhile, officials of the education department express helplessness and say the school site is disputed which is why nothing is being done. "The schools are a classic case of official apathy," remarked an official.

"A years-long land dispute is the reason behind the sorry state of the schools, which have been running in the same condition for the past many years," he said.



Sun brings some respite, chill to persist
City records maximum temperature of 12.4 °C and minimum of 7 °C
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Sunshine brought some relief to residents of Ludhiana from damp and misty afternoons, but the weatherman said the cold wave would continue to sweep the region.

As soon as sun started playing hide and seek in the partially scattered clouds, residents started coming out in open to get the warmth of sun. The minimum temperature of city, however, dipped to 7 degrees Celsius.

Dr KK Gill, assistant agro-meteorologist a Punjab Agriculture University (PAU), said the trend of acute chilly weather was seen in the region after 2005. "In the last 4-5 years, there have been many variations in weather conditions. As per the data available, December used to be the coldest month earlier, but now January is considered to be the coldest with temperature falling down to -1.6 degrees on January 24, 2008. The weather trends have changed with the passage of time. The gap between the minimum and the maximum temperatures has decreased. Last year on January 11, the maximum temperature was 8.6 while the minimum was 6.4 degrees. But this time, the maximum temperature came down in the first week of January itself,” said Dr Gill. He said the prevailing cold conditions would continue for another two-three days.

Dr Gill added that in normal conditions, seven hours of sunshine was needed for crops to grow normally in this weather. "But there was no sunlight in for the past two-three days. This kind of prolonged chilly weather can be harmful to some delicate crops. Though the standing wheat crop will not be damaged, the colour of leaves change to yellowish due to respiration losses. So, farmers are hoping fort bright and sunny days, said Dr Gill.

Meanwhile, residents, especially senior citizens, were seen out in the open to get the warmth of the sun. The weather remained bright for just an hour or so but it was enough for residents to get respite from the chilly conditions.

Sadhu Singh, a septuagenarian, said, “My residence is in a shadow zone and I cannot get the warmth of the sun. I cannot go on first floor to sit under the sun due to Parkinson (disease). So, I have come here on the road with my grandson to get respite from the chill. I wish, the weather remains sunny for another couple of days,” he said.



Some schools reopen, others yet to recess for winter
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, January 4
While some schools in the town reopened today only to shut again and others changed their timings, there are still others that are yet to close for the winter recess.

A frustrated student of a local school, where the holidays are yet to begin, remarked: “I don’t know when our school is going to announce the long awaited winter break. In such severe weather it’s really difficult to go to school early in the morning and study.”

“The schools should relieve students, at least in such cold conditions. What’s the sense in not closing the schools when the students are not able to put in their best in studies? My child has already caught cold twice this winter, for which he had to stay back from school, but not without the pressure of his studies being missed due to his absence” complained the mother of an LKG student.

Some of the privately run schools, contrary to the past practice of closing for the winter break along with the Christmas-New Year holidays, are still holding classes. The few children who were seen somehow making their way towards their schools through the dense fog in the morning today said in a shivering voice: “It’s really very difficult to study in such chilly weather. We can’t keep ourselves warm in the classrooms, and in the playgrounds it’s even worse”.

“School officials fail to understand the problems faced by small children who can’t move about freely or concentrate on their studies. Even after their December exams they’re still going to school and haven’t been granted holidays till today. When it’s difficult for the grown-ups to work in such conditions, how can the schools expect kids to attend school regularly?” complained another parent.

In the wake of such severe weather parents and guardians of are demanding the immediate closure of schools - government or private, primary or senior classes. “The cold wave is increasing day by day and in such inclement weather it becomes difficult for children to go to school and study .A common policy should be framed as far as the breaking up for winters is concerned. Putting the students to test every time has become a common practice with majority of the schools” complained the father of a class 7 student.

“If the senior students can fight with the adverse weather conditions and are sensible to the extent of saving themselves, the smaller ones are not even aware of how they can protect themselves from the cold once they leave their homes” rued many parents.

One of the school principals contended his school had to extend the winter break every time due to fog and chill and hence they had decided to break late this time.



Rail services not yet back on track
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, January 4
Most of the trains arriving at the Ludhiana railway station are running late by several hours, causing inconvenience to passengers. Several passengers are also cancelling their tickets.

Several factors like low visibility due to dense fog, ongoing work at the Jammu Tawi railway station and diversion of trains bound for western parts of the country due to Gujjar agitation in Rajasthan have thrown the rail traffic off track.

The 12925 Bandra Terminus-Amritsar Pashchim Express arrived at the Ludhiana railway station 22 hours late and the train scheduled to arrive in the city this afternoon was said to be running behind schedule by almost a similar duration. The 12715 Nanded-Amritsar Sachkhand Express was running late by three hours, the 15707 Katihar-Amritsar Amrapali Express was delayed by three hours while the 11057 Dadar-Amritsar Express was delayed by over 3 hours.

Among the down trains, the 12472 Jammu-Mumbai Swaraj Express was running late by over four hours and the 14674 Amritsar-Jaynagar Shaheed Express was running late by over three hours.

The erratic train schedule has left the passengers high and dry, especially those who had booked their tickets much in advance. With uncertainty prevailing, not only the travel plans have gone awry, but passengers are left with no alternative travel mode also as rail booking was not available on any of the long distance trains on a short notice.

Railway officials said during last few days, especially when one or more trains on any trunk route were cancelled at the last moment, there had been heavy rush for cancellation of reserved tickets and refund of current tickets. "At times, we have had to put up additional counters to cope with the large number of passengers seeking cancellation and refund of tickets."



‘Cheap’ Politics 
Gill flyover inaugurated yet again
Cabinet minister Gabria, who was present earlier too, opens it along with Dy Speaker, Mayor a second time
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

A file photograph of Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, accompanied by Cabinet Minister Manoranjan Kalia and Hira Singh Gabria, Deputy Speaker Satpal Gosain and Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura, inaugurating the Gill Chowk Flyover.
A file photograph of Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, accompanied by Cabinet Minister Manoranjan Kalia and Hira Singh Gabria, Deputy Speaker Satpal Gosain and Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura, inaugurating the Gill Chowk Flyover.

Ludhiana, January 4
Political leaders leave no stone unturned to take the credit of every work conducted in the city. The perfect testimony to this was the inauguration of an arm of the Gill Chowk flyover by leaders of the SAD-BJP alliance today. However, Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal had already inaugurated the project amid much fanfare a few months back.

It was on May 26 last year that the Deputy CM had inaugurated the project after which a part of it was made operational while the work on an arm from the Malerkotla side was still on. It took more then six months for the civic body to complete the project after which the MC officials had been waiting from last fortnight to start the movement of traffic from the road to ease out the traffic in the area. But it was not opened for the general public as politicians wanted to take the credit for the development work.

But finally, Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura gave his consent to inaugurate the arm of the flyover on Tuesday. Subsequently, Giaspura, Cabinet minister Hira Singh Gabria, Deputy Speaker Satpal Gosain, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Bansal and a battery of other councillors and officials of the MC inaugurated the arm of flyover from the Malerkotla side and termed it as the biggest achievement of the city which would held in decongesting the traffic.

However, inaugurating the same project twice has not gone down well with councillors of the Opposition Congress, who termed it as wastage of public money. Congress councillor Rakesh Prashar said as the Mayor does not have anything to his credit, he was inaugurating the same project again and again. Prashar said residents would not be swayed away by such cheap tactics.

Sanjay Talwar, another Congress councillor said to attain publicity, leaders of the SAD-BJP alliance were resorting to such tactics. He said the arm had been ready from last more then a month but due to the desire of the Mayor to get publicity from the already inaugurated project, the residents were made to suffer.

MC Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura was not available for comments. When contacted, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Bansal said the city had witnessed unparalleled development during their tenure and the Congress councillors were opposing them for sake of opposition.



Police claims fall flat
No end to firing in air at parties 
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Tall claims of the Police Department of taking stern action against violators have fallen flat, as firing in the air at wedding parties and other get-togethers continues in the city.

In the latest incident, which took place at a park in Phase II, Dugri, late last night, two groups clashed over "competition" in “air-firing” during a post-wedding party of one Charanjit Singh (Sonu).

Interestingly, the "firing-rounds" took place in the presence of many police personnel invited to the party. The Investigative Officer Mandeep Singh said the incident took place around 12 am last night when friends of the bridegroom, under the influence of liquor, opened “air-fires”. The friends started "competing" with each other over fire-rounds. The incident took an ugly turn when friends started manhandling and abusing each other in this "competition". In this scuffle, Bhupinder Singh was injured and was admitted to a private hospital. His condition is said to be stable.

It is pertinent to mention here that Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh had issued orders in the marriage season, prohibiting “air-fires” aT wedding parties. He had warned that stern action would be taken against those found guilty. The owners, in whose premises such incidents took place, were also warned by the police.



Despite objections, F&CC nod to sewerage connections
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
Irrespective of the objections by the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board (PWSSB) and Senior Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Corporation (MC), the Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC) in order to appease political leaders and affluent colonisers, approved giving sewerage connections to the villages from where it is passing.

The matter, which was not on the agenda of the F&CC meeting, was raised by an Akali leader who asked the F&CC to provide the connections of the sewerage to be laid down at a cost of Rs 248 crore under the Jawahar Lal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) scheme to the villages from where it is passing.

When the F&CC members asked officials of the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) branch to give the report regarding it, they said it was not feasible as the PWSSB, which is the executing agency of the work, had raised objections to it as it would increase the burden on it. Similarly, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Bansal also asserted that with it there would the possibility of misuse of the connections by the illegal colonisers, which would not be in the interest of the MC.

However, as a few F&CC members also came openly in the support of the Akali leader who had raised the matter, Bansal asked the MC authorities to bring the item regarding it on the agenda. But here also he was overruled and the F&CC approved the matter.

Commenting on it, Bansal confirmed that the agenda had been approved by the F&CC despite objections by him. He said the only point of his objection was that the illegal colonisers could misuse the permission given to the villagers, which would not be in the interest of the MC and the city residents. "It will be a sheer wastage of the public money," he added.

The work for laying down the sewerage was started in December 2009 and illegal colonisers and politicians, for their vested motives have been pressurising the MC to give connections to the villages and colonies from where pipes are passing to connect it to sewerage treatment plants of Bhattian and Balloke. The matter was raised at a meeting of the F&CC held a few months ago also but then it was deferred after opposition by some members. 



VC exhorts employees to work as a team
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, January 4
PAU Vice Chancellor Dr Manjit Singh Kang exhorted the non-teaching employees to work as a team for the progress of the varsity and assured them that their demands would be considered sympathetically.

Speaking during a prize distribution ceremony organised in connection with the sports and cultural activities of employees on the campus, the VC said: “We all are a one team and its our duty to work together.” Wishing a happy New Year to the gathering, he quoted a few inspiring lines of the poem sent by Dr Bikram Gill from the US.

Speaking on this occasion, PAU Registrar Dr RK Mahey lauded the participation of employees in sports activities along with discharging their official duties. He stated that their demands would be placed before the board of management.

Comptroller of PAU AC Rana said it was the teamwork of employees, faculty and students that make the varsity shine and hold a place of credibility. Gurdit Singh Kang, an eminent storywriter congratulated the winners for excelling in sports and laid emphasis on sound body and sound mind.

Avinash Kumar Sharma, general secretary, PAU Employees Union, felicitated the Vice-Chancellor for his efforts to raise the image of PAU in the international community, his meeting with the US President, bagging mega projects and expanding the academic dimensions by introducing a number of new innovative programmes.

Kisan Club meet

A monthly meeting of the PAU Kisan Club will be held on January 6 at Borlaug Wheat auditorium under the chairmanship of PAU Director of Extension Education Dr MS Gill. Besides the members of the PAU Kisan Club, the meeting will also involve the participation of the members of the ladies wing. Giving details, Amarjit Singh Punnia said that to enhance the knowledge and hone the skills of the farmers, Dr RS Gill would delve on the future of agro-forestry, Dr CJS Pannu would share his experience about agriculture in America, Dr JS Brar and Dr RK Sharma would highlight and deliberate on the health benefits of green leafy vegetables and the winter management of cattle-keeping. The Club president, PPS Pangli, and co-ordinator Dr Tejinder Singh Riar would discuss about the annual function to be held in February.



Alumni meet at RIMT
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, January 4
The third meeting of Alumni Association ‘Swarnim Sangam’ was organised to celebrate five years of RIMT-College of Education, Mandi Gobindgarh.

The alumnus from all batches gathered in large number on this occasion, wearing colourful dresses and shining brightly with enthusiasm. They were welcomed by college principal Dr Rajwant Kaur. The event was inaugurated by RIMT-IMCT director general Dr BS Bhatia. He highlighted the role of and need for ideal teachers in shaping the life of their students. He also interacted with the alumni and enlightened them about qualities looked in teachers during selection to various posts.

The alumni took the round of the college, exchanged their experiences with members of the staff.

The function concluded with a dance party and thanksgiving by Chetna Bharti.



Senior citizens’ seminar tomorrow

Ludhiana, January 4
The Senior Citizens’ Welfare Association (SCWAL) would organise a seminar on "Senior citizens - health and financial security" at the PAMETI conference hall on the PAU campus on January 6.

President of the association SP Karkara said the seminar was being held in association with HelpAge India and the federation of Senior Citizens’ Associations, Punjab, with active assistance of the PAU.

PAU Vice-Chancellor Dr MS Kang will inaugurate the seminar and also release the first issue of the official newsletter of the SCWAL. Experts in health problems of the elderly, human relations, laws relating to maintenance of parents by the children and financial security of senior citizens, will speak on their respective subjects and also interact with senior citizens during the seminar.

According to Dr Sarjit Singh Gill, general secretary of the association, the objective of the seminar was to help the elderly persons towards judicious fulfilment of their biological, social and psychological needs and the financial security. — OC



Illicit liquor seized, 1 held

Ludhiana, January 4
Cracking a whip on smugglers, the Shimlapuri police has arrested Joginder Singh, a resident of BRS Nagar, with over 80 bottles of whiskey from the Quality Chowk area here. A case has been registered under Sections 61-1-14 of Excise Act. In another case, the Koomkalan police has booked one Keshaw Pawan for carrying eight bottles of whiskey illegally.

Tractor stolen

One Amritpal Singh has lodged the complaint with police alleging that his tractor (PB-11-D-2663) was stolen from GT Road near Jugiana. A case has been registered under Section 379 of IPC. The driver of the tractor had parked the tractor on GT Road at night. When he returned in the morning, the tractor was found missing.

Car stolen

A Swift car (PB-10 CN-7800) was stolen from outside Gulzar Motors, Dholewal Chowk, here yesterday. The complainant, Ajay Gupta, had brought the car here for service. The car was parked outside Gulzar Motors. After coming out, the complainant found the car missing. — TNS



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