C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Khushpreet dead Residents go on rampage
Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

1,000 policemen (approx) pressed into action to control the rioters
300 Tear gas shells, shots fired, public lathicharged
INJURED: DSP among 14 policemen injured and rushed to hospital
STONES PELTED: Stones littered on the roads in Burail and adjoining areas
WATER CANNON: Used to push back protestors who had entered a religious shrine
Traffic disrupted as policemen cordoned off Sector 45
Section 144 imposed in Sector 45 from 8 am to 8 pm

Chandigarh, January 5
A strangulated body of five-year-old Khushpreet Singh, who was kidnapped from outside his house in Chandigarh’s Burail village on December 21, was recovered from near a road in Mohali’s Phase X at 4.30 pm thus marking a tragic and brutal end to the 16 -day kidnapping episode.

The body of the child was found in a pit besides a garbage dump near Manav Mangal School in Mohali’s Phase X. Still clad in his school uniform, Khushpreet’s blue-coloured patka had been tied around his neck suggesting that he had been strangulated. The police said the body had been lying for at least past two days with blood on the face. Besides, there was a deep injury mark on his upper lip.

Grieving father (blue turban) and mother.
Grieving father (blue turban) and mother.

Khushpreet’s curled up body was found lying on his stomach and was first detected by a passerby who went near the pit to attend to the nature’s call. He immediately called up the police control room following which the Mohali Police reached the spot and then informed their counterparts in Chandigarh that they had found the body of a child in school uniform.

The UT police reached the spot along with a dog squad and a team of forensics from the Central Forensic Scientific Laboratory, which collected blood samples and examined the evidence around the body.

A bag with the words

Khushpreet’s wrapped body.
Khushpreet’s wrapped body.

‘Dev Darshan Dhoop’ written on it was also found lying near the body. The police said they believed Khushpreet had first been strangulated to death and his body wrapped in a bag before the kidnappers threw it into a rough patch of land along a wall of a residential society and not far from a road leading to Manav Mangal Smart School.

The police then called Khushpreet’s father Lakhbir Singh to identify the body. Heart rendering scenes were witnessed when Lakhbir identified the body of the child as that of his missing son Khushpreet, following which he broke down.

Meanwhile, relatives of the family also reached the spot and immediately begun accusing the UT police of inaction during the entire duration of the kidnapping.

Soon after Khushpreet was abducted, his family received a ransom call for Rs 10 lakh. A deal was finally settled for Rs 4 lakh. The police had laid a trap to apprehend the kidnappers when the ransom was being paid a day later on December 22 but failed to detect or intercept the kidnappers when they collected the ransom in Desu Majra near Kharar. Tribune photos: S Chandan and Vicky Gharu



Violence erupts in Burail after Khushpreet’s murder
(Moments captured by Tribune lensmen S Chandan and Vicky Gharu)

CLASH POINT: A view of the Sector 45 police post after the clash.
COOLING DOWN: Cops use water cannons on the mob.
IN ACTION: Tear gas being fired at the mob.
IN ACTION: Tear gas being fired
at the mob.
RAISING THEIR PITCH: Agitated residents argue with a police woman at the police post.
Protesters put their point of view across to policemen.
ALL EARS: Protesters put their point of view across to policemen.
Sector 45 lights blocked during the protest.
UP IN ARMS: Sector 45 lights blocked during the protest.
The police cordones off the spot (encircled) where Khushpreet’s body was found at Phase X in Mohali on Wednesday.
BODY FOUND: The police cordones off the spot (encircled) where Khushpreet’s body was found at Phase X in Mohali on Wednesday.
Policemen in riot gears rush to the spot of violence.
MARCHING AHEAD: Policemen in riot gears rush to the spot of violence.



14 cops injured in stone pelting
Akash Ghai/Aneesha Sareen
Tribune News Service

WHAT’S UP? A passenger looks out from a broken window of a Punjab Roadways bus.

Chandigarh, January 5
Agitated and visibly upset Burail residents went on a riot as soon as word of Khushpreet’s brutal murder spread. Laying siege to the Burail police post and blocking all roads leading and around Sector 45, the infuriated residents not only shut down all the shops of the area but also indulged in heavy stone pelting that continued till late in the night.

As a result, over 14 policemen, including a Deputy Superintendent of Police Jagbir Singh, and a civilian were injured and the Burail police post was also damaged by the angry protestors in the riot that lasted four hours from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Constable Gurinder Singh sustained a fracture to his skull. In retaliation, the police fired tear gas shells on the mob, fired bullets in the air, sprayed the public with a water cannon and resorted to a lathi charge to control the unruly mob.

Almost 1,000 policemen along with riot control vehicles was pressed into service to control the agitated mob. Alleging that the police completely failed to crack the case, the residents blamed the police for the death of the child.

The police cordoned off the area in and around Burail following the violence which began at 6.30 pm. The violent mob, which carried lathis and stones, forcibly shut down the market following which they came on the road separating Sectors 45 and 46 and blocked the traffic. While raising slogans against the Chandigarh Police for their complete failure in Khushpreet’s episode, the residents pelted stones at the policemen.

Following police retaliation, the protestors were pushed into the interiors of the village while using lathis and cannons. Undeterred by the police action, the protestors continued their fury and hurled heavy stones from different locations inside the village.

Interestingly, the police switched off power supply to the area to bring the mob in control. However, many people took advantage of the darkness to pelt stones at policemen before disappearing into the dingy bylanes.



Bedlam on roads
Smriti Sharma Vasudeva
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 5
With hundreds of agitators pouring onto roads, commuters were forced to either wait for over 3 hours in serpentine queues or take long detours to reach their destination.

Residents returning home from their offices faced a tough time with over hundreds of residents of Sector 45, Burail village and even the adjoining Sectors of 46 and 47 blocking all entry and exit points of Sector 45 where Khushpreet’s family resides. As a result, long queues of buses, trucks, cars and two-wheelers could be seen on the roads separating Sectors 45, 46, 44, 45, 32 and 33.

Consequently, commuters were forced to find alternative routes to reach their destinations, mostly by taking wrong turns on slip lanes. Many drivers were seen trying to safely drive their vehicles without grazing or hitting other vehicles. A few accidents were averted as buses tried to find their way out of residential lanes in Sectors 45 and 46.



All is lost: parents
Akash Ghai
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 5
It was a heartrending scene at Khushpreet’s residence at Burail as soon as the family learnt about the brutal death of their five-year-old boy at around 4.45 pm. An emotionally shattered father, Lakhbir Singh, had to be shifted to the Government Medical College Hospital, Sector 32, soon after he identified the body of his son while the condition of the murdered infant’s grandparents, both heart patients, deteriorated on hearing the news.

Lakhbir Singh, who returned home around 6.30 pm after a brief check-up at a hospital, said: “My life is over with my son.”

An inconsolable mother, Kulwinder Kaur, was repeatedly heard murmuring: “All is over. We have lost everything.”

“We are not in a position to talk. When we had given the ransom, why did this tragedy have to occur,”asked Khushi’s uncle, Sukhwinder Singh, with his eyes welling with tears.

Khushi’s elder brother, eight-year old Inder Singh, was seen sitting quietly in the lap of a relative.

As the news of Khushi’s murder flashed on television news channels, a large number of residents of the area started gathering at his house to extend their support. Agitated neighbours blamed the Chandigarh Police for its failure in the episode.

“Khushpreet lost his life just because of the inefficiency of the Chandigarh Police. Stern action should be taken against the police personnel who responded poorly in the case,” alleged most of the neighbours.

Villagers stunned

The news of Khushpreet’s murder sent a shock wave in the area. The street in front of the house of the deceased was flooded with people. “He was such a lovely child. I can’t believe that he is no more,” said Amarjit Kaur, a neighbour. “How one can kill such a little child? When the family had given them the ransom, why did they not release him?” were some questions being asked by those present there.

Family shattered

Khushpreet’s father fainted twice after receiving news of the recovery of his son’s body. He first fainted after visiting the spot where the police had called him to identify the body and later in the evening when he returned home. Kulwinder Kaur, the boy’s mother, had to be administered a sleep inducing injection. Both the victim’s grandmother and grandfather complained of chest congestion. The grandmother had to be rushed to PGI in the evening because of her failing health condition. In a commendable gesture, Amarjeet Singh, associated with the Anti-Corruption Society, helped the police in getting her out of the house to the vehicle which transported her to the hospital amid a mad rush of protesters.



Kidnappers known to family

Police has dismissed the theory that the kidnappers are strangers to the family. “Had the accused been strangers, they would have released the child. They killed him because they knew that the child will recognise them,” said a police official.

Clues found, finally, claim cops

“It is very unfortunate. We have got vital clues and are confident of nabbing the culprits very soon,” said officiating UT SSP HS Doon.

SSP avails leave; SHO denied

While he cancelled the ex-India leave of the SHO of the Sector 34 police station Inspector Uday Pal Singh because of the kidnapping case, UT SSP Naunihal Singh was today discovered to have himself proceeded on two days leave for personal work. The city was without its SSP while the city witnessed its first riot-like situation this year.

How the police botched up the case?

  • Laidback attitude of Sector 34 police station when the family first complained about their missing son.
  • Police swung into action only the next day by that time the family had received umpteen ransom calls.
  • The SHO Sector 34 police station and Burail post in-charge did not inform senior police officers about the kidnapping on the first day. Senior officers claim that they learnt of the incident only the next day.
  • A police trap to apprehend kidnappers failed: Police lost track of Khushpreet’s uncle, Sukhwinder Singh, when he went to hand over the ransom money to the motorcycle-borne kidnappers. The police did not avail use of surveillance technology to keep track of Sukhwinder.
  • Failed to record the telephonic conversation of kidnappers with Sukhwinder.

Case Timeline

December 21: Khushpreet abducted from outside his house at 1.15 pm; family receives ransom call at 4.30 pm.

December 22: Rs 4 lakh as ransom money handed over to kidnappers in Desu Majra near Kharar by Khushpreet’s uncle, Sukwinder Singh; 16-member police team fails to detect or entrap the kidnappers who came on a motorbike.

December 24: Police announces Rs 1 lakh reward.

December 25: Burail residents protest in Sector 17.

December 27: Police recover missing mobile phone of Sukhwinder Singh taken away by the kidnappers.

December 29: Khushpreet’s father meets UT SSP.

December 30: Police still clueless.

January 1: False rumours of child having been recovered raise hopes of the distressed family.

January 3: Family demands action against erring cops.

January 4: SHO of Sector 34 police station Inspector Uday Pal Singh and in-charge of Burail Police Post Inspector Narinder Singh Patial transferred to police lines

January 5: Body of Khushpreet recovered in Mohali: Burail residents stage a violent protest



Blanket of fog engulfs city
Anil Jerath
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, December 5
Flight and rail services were hit when mercury dipped further and heavy fog engulfed the city, this morning. “The general visibility was less than 100 metre in the early morning hours. The possibility of dense fog in the morning and evening is likely in the days to come,” India Meteorological Department director Surender Paul said.

There is no respite from cold and the mercury registered a further decline in both day and night temperatures of the region.

Even Punjab and Haryana reeled under intense cold-wave conditions with the mercury plummeting between 8 and 12 degree Celsius below normal.

Vehicular traffic on many state and national highways was also affected as visibility dropped considerably. Dense fog and overcast sky forced vehicle owners to move with headlights on.

With every passing day, the temperature is dropping and chilly winds have begun to disrupt normal life of residents. But the main sufferers are the poor, who are residing on footpaths or in the corridors of market places. To get little respite and warmth, they are dependent on makeshift fire arrangements.

There was practically no hustle and bustle in the markets today. While private educational institutions, banks, offices and business establishments remained open, normal activities were affected with relatively fewer people turning up.

Jagat Ram, a rickshaw-puller, said this was a testing time for daily wage earners. A cobbler said his daily business was suffering, as there were no customers. Meanwhile, the sale of woollens has shot up in the city.

Meanwhile, Balwinder Singh, an agricultural expert, said the severe cold was conducive for the wheat crop. “Wheat is a crop that requires chilly weather conditions at the growing stage and high temperatures at the time of ripening”, he added.

Sources said fog predictions could never be totally accurate since several factors played a role. "We need an ideal mix of low temperatures, high humidity and low wind for fog to set. If even one of these parameters is disturbed, then we won't have fog. However, we still manage to get a more or less accurate picture based on our observations," said the sources.

According to the weatherman, the cloudy conditions with mist/fog will prevail in the region tomorrow. The met office forecast a further fall in the temperature.

Flights cancelled, trains delayed

Many trains arrived late in the city due to the fog on the way. Passengers at the city’s railway station faced a harrowing time, waiting for hours together on the platforms. The Railways has cancelled the Chandigarh-Bandra train. Delhi-Chandigarh Shatabdi Express (2011) arrived half an hour late as against its scheduled arrival of 11.05 am.

Similarly, Lucknow-Chandigarh Sadbhavna Express also reached at 2.15 pm. instead of 10.15 am. All the incoming flights scheduled for the city remained cancelled due to foggy conditions today, Airport sources said. 



Cashier’s Murder
Three suspects released
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, January 5
A day after the police arrested the three youths in cashier’s murder case, the trio was released today after verification. The development is significant as the police had created much hype about the accused by claiming that one of them was wanted by Jammu Police.

The police claimed that the search operation was in process and the miscreants involved in cashier’s murder case would be arrested soon.

A police official said: “It will be the work of more than three persons, who knew each movement of the cashier and informed the bikers.”

With their release, it’s clear that the police so far is clueless regarding the murderers.

On Tuesday, the police arrested Kashu Sharma, Rajinder Kumar and Bikram after a three-hour search operation from Simran Apartment, Ekta Vihar, Baltana. The police official claimed that one of them was wanted and declared proclaimed offender.

Zirakpur SHO Yogi Raj said the accused had been released late this evening after the verification.

The parents of the youths had reached the city late this evening and took the youths with them after a guarantee was given by some residents.

The youths told the police that they thought that the J&K Police had come to arrest them and fearing the arrest, they tried to flee.

The police also claimed that a black-coloured motorcycle, which was found abandoned from Badal Colony in Zirakpur on Monday was stolen from Barwala and its wires were cut off while the two-wheeler was found.

On January 3, two masked motorcycle-borne youths shot a cashier at a liquor vend in Baltana while robbing him of Rs 5 lakh.



Prime suspect a proclaimed offender, says Jammu police
Archit Watts/TNS

Jammu, January 5
A day after the arrest of three suspects in the murder of Mahavir Singla, cashier of a liquor shop at Baltana in Mohali district, near Chandigarh, the Jammu police said here today that the prime suspect was a proclaimed offender and wanted in a number of cases.

The Punjab police had arrested the three suspects -- Kashu Sharma, a resident of RS Pura, Bikram and Rajinder Kumar- from a flat in a private colony at Baltana yesterday in connection with the killing of Singla.

Terming Kashu as a proclaimed offender, SDPO, RS Pura, HS Gill said, “Kashu, along with some persons, had attempted to kill a businessman here in 2007 and a case under Section 307 of the RPC and Section 4/25 of the Arms Act was registered against him,”.

He said Kashu, a resident of Ward No 4 in RS Pura, was involved in a number of criminal activities. He had also opened fire at SHO, Gandhi Nagar police station, Rafiq Manhas, at Bakshi Nagar here, about two years ago. Manhas told The Tribune that he had gone to Bakshi Nagar to arrest Kashu, but the criminal along with some persons opened fire at him.

The Jammu police said the Punjab police was yet to inform it about the arrest of Kashu. As per the reports, on January 3, two masked motorcycle-borne youths shot dead Singla.



MC nets Rs 6.83 lakh
MC rent notices to 2 Food Street kiosk owners
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 5
The municipal corporation has issued notices to the owners of two kiosks at ‘Night Food Street” located near PGI for not depositing their monthly rental. According to MC records though these kiosks were leased out last September their owners had till date deposited the rent only for a month. A source in the MC said civic officials had spoken to the two owners several times to pay the monthly rent on time but the pending amount had not yet been deposited.

MC additional commissioner TPS Phoolka confirmed that notices had been sent to the kiosk owners. “Action would be initiated against them for not depositing the pending rent on time”, he added.

The source said last year the MC had to again invite bids for all the eight kiosks after three of the allottees did not turn up after the auction. It added two of the kiosk owners did not paid their monthly rental for more than three months, which led to the MC incurring financial losses.

Last year the auction of the kiosks fetched Rs 6.83 lakh for the municipal corporation, which expected to get annual rentals of Rs 81.96 lakh. According to MC records, three of the kiosks were sold at monthly rents of Rs 1.21 lakh, Rs 1.05 lakh and Rs 85,500. Only last September all the kiosks were leased out. The civic body netted Rs 1.06 lakh (the highest monthly rental) for kiosk no 5 while the lowest amount — Rs 51,883 — was collected for kiosk nos 6 and 2. Kiosks nos 1 and 8 were leased out for monthly rentals of Rs 52,152 and Rs 54,000, respectively.



Kang challenges Pali’s election
Files plea before DC
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 5
Independent mayoral candidate Jajgit Singh Kang today challenged the election of Ravinder Pal Singh (Pali) as Mayor to the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (MC). An election petition has been filed by him before the UT Deputy Commissioner (DC) who is the prescribed authority to hear the petition for the post of Mayor held on January 1.

He was also accompanied by BJP senior leader Satpal Jain while filing the petition before the DC. The first hearing of the petition will be held on January 12 by the prescribed authority. In the petition, Kang has appealed that all records of the mayoral elections should be summoned by the authority and sealed. Kang has also asked that he should be declared as the duly elected Mayor of the MC for the term commencing on January 1 and the election of Congress candidate Ravinder Pal Singh (Pali) should be set aside. Kang further requested the prescribed authority to issue directions that during the pendency of the election petition, Pali should be restrained from acting as the Mayor of MC and his powers should be curbed. He also prayed that the petition should be taken up soon as the term of the MC Mayor is of one year. It may be mentioned that Kang had made allegations against the Union Minister and Member Parliament, Pawan Kumar Bansal, for misinterpreting the mayoral poll procedure. He alleged that Bansal had overruled the instructions of the presiding officer, Brig Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri, in using camera cell phone in ballot booths.



BJYM burns JKLF’s chief effigy
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 5
The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) today organised a protest demonstration against the statement of Muhammad Yasin Malik, chairman of the separatist Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF).

The BJYM members gathered in large numbers outside the BJP office “Kamalam” in Sector 33 and proceeded towards the Sector 33-34 rotary shouting slogans against the separatist leader.

Thereafter, the members burnt the effigy of Yasin Malik and condemned his alleged remarks against the party as well as the country.

State general secretary Satinder Singh and secretary Sachin Lohtiya addressed the youth and said disrespect to the National Flag would not be tolerated at any cost.

BJYM state president Maheshinder Singh Sidhu condemned the statement of Malik, in which he had dared BJYM president Anurag Thakur for bringing the “National Ekta Yatra” into Kashmir valley and unfurling of the National Flag at the Lal Chowk in Srinagar on January 26.



UT transport authority challans, impounds 606 vehicles
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 5
To curb the tendency of plying unauthorised vehicles with incomplete documents, driving overloaded vehicles and in order to make the city pollution free, the UT State Transport Authority (STA) carried out an intensive checking campaign of vehicles in December.

Over 1,500 transport vehicles were checked and 606 were challaned, impounded and issued notices.

Secretary of the State Transport Authority Mahavir Kaushik advised the people to keep the documents complete in their vehicles. They should keep the RC, the insurance, the driving licence, pollution under control certificate and permit ready and not overload their vehicles while travelling to avoid inconvenience, according to a press note issued here.

An amount of Rs 10,22,500 was recovered as composition fee, it added.



Officials inspect sites for garden projects
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 5
Senior officials of the UT administration, including the Home Secretary, along with UT Chief Engineer, UT Chief Architect, MC Chief Engineer, Director Tourism, and Dr Satish Narula, senior horticulture consultant, inspected sites where garden projects are to be developed with the support of the ministry of tourism.

The ministry of tourism, Government of India, has released Rs 7.36 crore for the development of two theme-based gardens in the southern sectors.

The officials visited the site in Sector 53 where the theme-based Garden of Spring is to be developed along the N-choe near the entry point to Chandigarh from Mohali.

The site falls opposite the area in Sector 42 where Garden of Palms is being developed.



Land Pooling Scheme
Planning board chief favours decision

Mohali, January 5
The chairman of the Mohali District Planning Board NK Sharma has welcomed the decision of the Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal of taking back the acquisition notices issued to farmers in the land pooling scheme.

Sharma said Badal had directed the financial commissioner, revenue department and chief administrator, GMADA, to cancel the acquisition notices issued under Section 4 in 2005 to farmers of Manak Majra, Bhago Majra, Lakhnour, Landran and Sohana villages.

Farmers of these villages were now to be included in the land pooling scheme.

Sharma, who attended the meeting with the Chief Minister, said the decision taken by Badal was in favour of farmers. — OC



Man run over by train
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 5
A 28-year-old man was run over by a passenger train on the Chandigarh-Ghaggar railway track near Dadua village yesterday. The deceased was identified as Mohammad Farid Alam of Bihar.

According to the Ambala railway police, the incident took place when Mohammad was crossing the railway track where the train hit him. Driver of the train stopped the train and took the injured to a hospital, where Mohammad died.

The police said the body of the deceased had been handed over to family after conducting an autopsy.

An inquest proceeding had been initiated, it said.

He is survived by his wife and two children.



UT’s bias out in open and how!

Vehicles parked opposite the UT Adviser’s house in Sector 7 A.
Road berms on Jan Marg are regularly used for parking in Sector 9.

Vehicles parked on government land adjoining the RBI office in Sector 17.
Callous parking on government land behind the Sector 22 market.

Parking on government land in Sector 34.

Buses being parked on public land behind a private hospital in Sector 44 C.




PhD Degree
PU issues fresh circular to depts
Neha Miglani/TNS

Chandigarh, January 5
Clarifying the status and modalities of “course work” to be done compulsorily with PhD degree now, Panjab University has issued a fresh circular to all departments. The course work of one-semester duration, in which basic research methodology would be taught to research students, was recommended by the University Grants Commission (UGC) last year, as a part of the minimum standards and procedure of award of Phd degree in 2010.

This notification issued by PU is in continuation to the UGC guidelines implemented by the university in 2010.

The fresh circular mentions that candidates enrolled prior to July 11, 2009 would have the option to do or not to do the “course work”. Additionally, research students whose cases have been pending will now be enrolled from a fresh date.

The notification issued on December 2, 2010 by the PU’s Deputy Registrar (general) also stated that the course work in the university teaching departments would start tomorrow. “The university has already implemented the UGC guidelines for research work in June 2010 and we have now issued a fresh notification clearing the status of all other queries that the departments have,” said PU dean university instructions BS Brar.

The notification also says if the number of successful candidates is more than the number of seats, the university departments would, respectively, hold an additional objective type test comprising 50 questions.

According to the new guidelines, the course work would consist of 105 teaching hours and three papers, out of which one would be related to research methodology.

Continuous evaluation consisting of book reviews, term paper and its presentation, seminar, etc., would contain 50 marks. The end examination would also merit for 50 marks.

For the examination and evaluation of the course work, the department would conduct the same. The result will be declared by the PU Controller of Examination as “satisfactory” (S) or “unsatisfactory” (U).



Pvt schools not inclined to extend vacations
Sanjay Bumbroo/TNS

Panchkula, January 5
Even though the state government had announced 10-day winter vacations in schools from January 7 in view of severe cold conditions prevailing in the region, private schools were not inclined to extend the vacations.

According to sources, Deputy Commissioner Ashima Brar held a meeting with the education department to discuss whether there was a need to extending the winter vacations by another week, at least for primary classes.

The sources further said district education official Nalini Mimani informed the DC that they were yet to receive any representation. The sources further added that principals of private schools have not shown any interest in extending the winter vacations stating that the schools would not be able to complete syllabi of the students. When contacted, DC Brar said it was confirmed that the education department had not received any representation in this regard and it was up to the school managements to extend the winter vacations or change the schools’ timings.

Meanwhile, some of the private schools, including Saupin’s School, Sector 8; The Gurukul School, Sector 20; and The British School, have extended the winter vacations up to January 11, while St Soldier’s, Sector 16, Panchkula, has extended winter break for Classes Pre-Nursery to I only. However, the school has changed the timing from 9.15 am to 2.30 pm for Classes II to X from tomorrow.

Meanwhile, while announcing the winter vacations in government schools, Geeta Bhukkal, state education minister, said all government-aided schools and private-recognised schools in Haryana would reopen on January 17. She also directed all DCs to ensure the orders be complied within letter and spirit through Section 20(2)(d) of the Haryana School Education Rules, 2003, in all schools.



Help services for Class X students
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, January 5
The department of geography, Panjab University, is all set to launch “Geography help services” for students preparing for Class X board examination to be held in March. In the help services beginning from January 6, the department will answer questions related to geography syllabus for students from any part of the country and offer solutions to the problems. Department teachers can be contacted by an email [email protected] or call at 0172- 2727714 between 4 to 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

Another service called the geography help desk is also available for students and their parents on Saturdays between 11 am to 1pm. Students can meet geography experts to get their answers.



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