Sunday, January 9, 2011, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

Well settled reputed family of USA seeks match for their handsome, intelligent, MD doctor, turbaned 29/5'- 6" son with strong moral and family values. Born in India, raised and educated in USA. Family visiting India soon. Please respond with complete biodata and pictures to Email:  C0-107256

Professionally qualified, beautiful, cultured only from respectable family match for handsome cleanshaven Sikh Saini boy 1983/6-1, Commerical Pilot, working with reputed Airline, belongs to Landlord, Agriculturist Status family. Caste no bar.  Box 9808M Tribune, Chandigarh

PQ working match for non-Manglik Khatri healthy boy Jalandhar
born 5-8, 5.2.80, 5.55 a.m. MNC Bank, 9 LPA, transferable, well-settled, educated family. Caste no bar. 094173-85177.  C0-106542

Chandigarh based New Zealand settled Hindu Khatri family seek status match for their Australia settled Mechatronics Engineer son (18.08.1984, 14.20 Chandigarh). Draws handsome salary & owns house in Australia.  0064210470418. C0- 105971

Match for Sikh Khatri boy, 1984/5'-8", B.Tech, working Gurgaon, salary 4 Lac p.a.   09416960320 C0-107961

Suitable alliances are invited for UK born & educated Kumhar (Parjapat) Dentist, 36 years old, 5'-7", tall, fair complexion. Girl should be fair, slim, attractive and of a friendly personality. Girl should be happy to move to the UK. We do not require any dowry. Please reply with full bio-data and a recent photograph.  Box 9763M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Wanted professionally qualified, good looking Sikh girl from the city,
preferably Rajput (but higher caste no bar) girl for British born NRI Rajput Parmar Chartered Accountant boy. He is 28, 5'-9", fair & good looking. He studied in Mohali (Chandigarh) for 9 yrs so is well versed in both cultures. Please contact 00447984021699 or . C0-107024

Suitable match for 29 yr, 5'-8", Mair Rajput Sikh boy, cleanshaved,
Graduate Business Admin. Only child. Family settled in USA since 1980s. Upper caste welcome. Email:  C0-100798

Professionally qualified match for Garhwali Rajput 8.1.1978, Time 8:30 a.m.,
Narnaul Haryana, 162 cms, B.E., MBA, M.Sc. System Management Switzerland, currently working as Engineer in Switzerland. Respond with BH. Box 9830M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome Punjabi Brahmin boy 6'-1''/ 29 B.Sc. Hotel
Management Manager in five star hotel seeks qualified, beautiful cultured girl. Caste no bar. 09216143339, 08054619443.  C0- 105711

Well settled Kashmiri Brahmin family settled at Panchkula having their own
Transportation Business in Chandigarh, looking for qualified good looking girl for their Only Son, age 26 years, 5'-10", Engineering in Electronics & Communication. Email:  Box 9826M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Chandigarh based handsome Saraswat Brahmin boy, MBA (HR) from UBS
(P.U.), HR Manager, 5.5 LPA, 5'-11", 02.03.83, 5:45 a.m., Chandigarh. Seeks professionally qualified, beautiful, working girl. Contact with biodata, photo. E-mail:  Phone: 0172-2632949. C0-106766

Doctor boy, 21.1.1977, 4:15 p.m. 5'-6", just arrived India, settled New
Zealand. B.Sc Nursing, Physiotherapist, highly qualified match required. Contact:  Box 9859M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Preferably M.D./M.S./MBBS match for Saraswat Brahmin Doctor boy, Jan.
1981/170 cm, M.S. (General Surgery), Senior Resident leading Hospital Chandigarh. Early marriage. Contact: 94178-36792. Box 9862M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for Gaur Brahmin Manglik boy, 7.10.1982, 9:40 a.m., Delhi, 5'-8",
Captain in Army. Contact after matching kundli. 0172-2624465, 99882-92830. Box 9891M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Tall, fair, beautiful, professionally qualified match for tall, fair, handsome
Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy 34/6'-1", M.S. (Computer) working as Software Engineer in USA. Simple middle class family. Boy in India for only 15 days. Contact; 98764-12262, 98150-70860. Email:  NA0-74735

Qualified match for Punjabi boy 6.5.83, 3.18 p.m. Hathras (UP), 5'-10" Army
Doctor Captain. Panchkula based well settled family. 094593-71198. Box 9804M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for fair, handsome, 30/5'-7", Doctor boy. Cleared all USMLE Steps, ECFMG Certified, done Rotations in Hospitals across US, presently working as Medical Officer in Haryana Civil Medical Services. Contact: 97295-42027.  C0-106710B

Beautiful match for clean shaven 1979/5'-7", Parjapat boy S/W Engineer BE
MBA 7 Lac annum, legally divorced short marriage. No dowry. Caste no bar. 092120-75051. Email:  C0-105653B 

Ramdasia Sikh handsome cleanshaven, slim boy, 1980/5'- 6", MCA, SW
Engineer MNC (Noida), package 6 PA. Applied for Australian PR. 9888216007, 9988036632. Email:  C0-106103B

Gursikh match for Ramdasia Sikh (Weaver) only son, handsome, teetotaller,
BE, 45/5'-7", looks younger, innocent divorcee, no liability, working as Manager in Air India, well settled at Delhi. Phone: 011-25592732, 098181-58125. Box 9850M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for 38/6'-1" cultured, accomplished Sikh Doctor. Family
well-settled in Canada for over 35 years. Issueless divorce. Please respond with full details. Email:  C0- 106716

Well-educated tall match for Gursikh boy, Doctor - Specialist Surgeon,
vegetarian, non-drinker, handsome, fair, 5'- 8", 37 years, Saini, Australian citizen, all family settled in Australia. Family of specialist doctors (Brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law). Boy visiting India in January. Email:  C0- 107042

Govt. employed match for Ramdasia clean shaven boy 29/5'-11", Graduate,
Govt. employee at Chandigarh. 94635-77649. C0-107260B

Gursikh Match for Turbaned 40/5'-7"/Issueless Divorcee, looks much
younger. Very well settled Software Engineer in USA. Belongs to well reputed family of Delhi/USA. Boy presently in India. Call: 088609-59989. Email:  C0-107350

Jat Sikh family well-established in US are looking for a girl for our intelligent
and handsome son (M.D. Degree), 26 year old, 6'-3", USA citizen, doing Residency. Looking for tall (at least 5'-4"), slim, beautiful girl who is goal oriented and has strong cultural/family values. Serious inquiries from U.S. or Canada with recent photo. Contact at:  C0-92590

Well established Jat Sikh family seeks match for their Gursikh son, US citizen
currently in India on family needs, AS Computer Sc. from CA, 38 yrs., 5'-11", handsome, mature, humorous, never married. Seeking well educated beautiful soulmate from a respectable family. Forward family details and photo to 3190 Sec 50-D, or call: 98151-84065. Email:  A0- 106321-OL

Suitable match for handsome USA based Jat Sikh boy from urbanized
educated family, B.Tech., just turned 39, 5'- 10", athletic, looks 32-33, teetotaller, clean shaven, employed as Development Manager earning six figures salary. Divorced with no issues. Looking for a fair, tall educated girl from cultured family with values. E- mail with photographs only: , phone : 001-818 760 5013 C0-100576

Educated and beautiful match of status family for handsome Merchant Navy
Engineering Officer, 30/179 cm. Son of Senior Defence Officer. /97794-89665. C0-104915

Wanted tall good looking Indian or NRI match for handsome never married
35 years, 6'-1". Tall, B.Tech. from IIT Software Engineer. Earning good salary. Email:  Box 9801M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for boy, 33/5'-8", working in world's reputed Software
Company with handsome package, having own kothi and plots in Urban area. Email:  C0-105549

Vancouver, Canada based well settled Jatt Sikh family invites
correspondence from well educated girl for their well employed Canadian resident only son, 26, 5'- 8", brought up and educated in India B.Tech (Mech.). Family has property in India and house in Canada and belong to Majha region. Father-mother retired from Govt. Jobs. Parents in India right now. Kindly respond with girl's particulars and photograph to  or call 99144-43405. C0-105571

Wanted beautiful match preferably Medico for 30/ 5'- 10'' handsome clean
shaven landlord Jat Sikh boy. Running own Nursing Institute. 8872588988, 9855960846. C0-105707

Dentist/Medico/Professional Khatri Sikh/Jat Sikh match for US citizen
cleanshaven dentist 1980, 5'-11", completing DDS soon. Doctor's family. e-mail :  C0-105899

Suitable match for tall, cleanshaven Jat Sikh 82 born boy, settled in US,
working in reputed MNC. 94177- 26013.  C0-106085

Professionally qualified suitable match from status family for handsome
cleanshaven Jat Sikh boy, MBA, 5'- 10", 24 Oct. 1979, working leading Investment company Bangalore, earning 8 lacs PA+perks. Father retired Army officer. U/R property. E-mail:  C0-106178

Suitable match for handsome Jatsikh 28/5'-10" boy. Soon permanent
Australia, 12 acre agriculture land. Only sister settled Australia. Maternal uncle settled USA. 094163-44308, 098138-12345.  C0-106184

Match for Jat Sikh Merchant Navy Officer age 28, Height 5'-8", Living at
Chandigarh, Own House. Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula and near Distt. preferred. Father, Mother Govt. Service. Mobile: 98885-08739. C0-106220

Compatible match for handsome Jatt Sikh turbaned boy, 28/ 5'-11", working
as IT Professional in US, belongs to educated noble family from Malwa region. US Citizen/ Resident preferred. Email: , Phone: 001-510-579-1100 (USA), 9814408567. C0-106258

Well educated match for Jat Sikh clean shaven Merchant Navy Engineer
Officer, Jan. 1981/5'-8", Defence background. Please send details with photo to  C0-106324

Jat Sikh 81 born, 5'-11", M.Sc. Own Institute Mathematics, Chandigarh.
Preferred Govt. job. 76965- 95945. C0-106344

Professionally match for Jat Sikh Lawyer, turbaned boy MA, PGDCA, LLB, 81
born, 5'-11''. 94175-89099. Email:-  C0-106366

Indian/NRI match for Jat Sikh Brar boy, 1984/6', very handsome,
cleanshaven, sober and well settled in Canada. Girl should be about 5'-5", beautiful, educated and homely. Dentist/Accountant preferred. 0172-2694284, 98766-36229.  C0-106400 

Jat Sikh parents seek beautiful match from USA/Canada for USA born only
son, turned 27/6'-1", handsome, clean-shave, Engineer, (B.Sc. Engg.), Manager in a US National Company. Family educated, respected, well settled in USA. No demand. Please respond with photographs:  C0-106404

Suitable match for Jat Sikh divorcee boy 34 years, 5'- 10", running own
Computer Software Company. Father retired Senior Air Force Officer, mother retired Senior Lecturer. Email:  Mobile: 093572- 50519. C0-106434

Seeking beautiful, convent educated, professional girl for handsome,
clean-shaven boy, 33/5'-10", Software Engineer in Toronto, Canada, presently in India. Well- educated status family. Interested may send complete details, photo. 98723-98756, Email:  C0-106438

Professionally qulaified cultured match for Jat Sikh handsome boy
25/5'-10", educated Australian citizen, own estalished business, rural, urban property. E-mail:  81463-45588. C0-106462

Professionally qualified match for cleanshaven, B.Tech., MBA, 32/5'-11",
package 45 LPA.  C0-106498

Suitable match for handsome Jat Sikh boy, 28/5'-6", Canadian Immigrant,
B.Tech. PG in Wireless Telecommunication from Canada, working as Manager in Vancouver. Father retired class-I Officer. E-mail:  Box 9837M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Very smart, pleasing natured Chandigarh based Height 6', age 25,
well-settled business Dhillon boy from decent family. Excellent urban property in Chandigarh and landed property around Chandigarh and in Uttranchal. 92164-40168. C0-106572

Alliance invited for handsome convent educated cleanshaven athletic
bachelor 37/6', PCS Class I Officer of high status family of Jat Sikh officers, tall beautiful fair decent well placed girl of high status family preferred. Upper caste no bar. Email:  Mobile: 99155-75483. C0- 106768

British born 28/5'-10" Graduate boy from London University, Degree in
Software Engineer working in London. Only son. Parent's Urban Properties in Chandigarh. No dowry simple marriage. 00447553843772. (Phone after 11:00 am). C0-106806

US-based Jat Sikh parents looking for suitable match for their Doctor son
5'-9"/31. Currently doing residency in General Surgery. Girl should be MD between age of 25 to 29 and from Jat Sikh family. Please respond with recent picture and biodata at  C0-107038B

Educated, well settled Jat-Sikh family having landed and urban properties
seek match for their handsome boy 28/ 5'-11", B.Tech. Computer Science. Australian PR applied at Melbourne, working reputed Co. Contact:  C0-107188

Jatt Sikh Europe settled family seeks beautiful match for their son 32/6'-3" ,
Scandinavian/EU citizen, MBA Finance Graduate, working as Financial Analyst in London. No Dowry Email:  C0- 107296B

Tall, beautiful Jat Sikh girl preferably Doctor/Professional from USA/India for
handsome boy 1985/6'-2", B.E. (PEC), M.S. (UCLA), working reputed firm (USA) on very handsome salary. Parents and Grand parents Doctors. Send biodata and recent photograph.  98150-15627. C0-107354

Suitable match for Jat Sikh boy 26/6'-2", MBA, working in reputed Bank,
from Army background seeks tall, well- educated girl having good status family. Contact: 098726-95656. Box 9895M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Very handsome Jat Sikh Australian boy, 29 yrs., 6', B.Sc. (IT), Diploma
Management Sydney. Only brother citizen married. Urban property. High status officers family. Looking for beautiful decent educated noble girl. India/Aust preferred. Email:  Contact: 0061-432023758. C0-95610

Well-settled Jat Sikh parents seek tall, professional/Doctor match for their
28 year old, 6'-3", tall US born, Doctor son doing Residency in California. Please respond with picture and biodata to:  C0-98300

Seeking beautiful girl in Medical Field (RN, BDS, MD) for handsome, tall Jatt
Sikh boy from Canada. He is working as a consultant in Toronto. 6'-2', 30 years old, clean shaven, Canadian citizen. Born and raised in Toronto. Mom and family will be visiting India this January. No dowry. Please respond with complete biodata. Contact information and a recent picture to:  C0-98704B

A smart pleasant Jat Sikh girl between 24-28 above 5'- 3" for Jat Sikh
Merchant Navy Officer, 5'-9", 31 yrs, based in Mumbai. Please send details with picture to:  C0-98980

Match required for Jat Sikh Dhillon, 31/5'-10", M.Sc. Agriculture, Canadian
immigrant, B.Sc. Nursing preferred.  98142-39369. NA0- 74600B

Australian citizen Jat Sikh Gill boy, 28/5'-10", required well educated,
beautiful girl. Send recent photo & full biodata.  94631- 00328, 98722-70782. NA0-74656B

Wanted suitable match for very handsome fair clean shaved Jat Sikh boy 5'-10", D.O.B. 1974, working as Manager in Govt. Bank (Punjab). Permanent resident of Canada, 20 acres well established appreciable business with income 20 LPA. Other rural and urban property. Non-drinker, non-smoker legally divorced without any issue only. Sister married. Gynaecogist running her own hospital. Mob: 98151-78978, 94176-01314. NA0-74677

Norweing citizen Jatt Sikh handsome cleanshaven boy, 26/6'-0", student of
Computer Engineering in Norway ((studied upto Matric in District Jalandhar and Chandigarh), seeks alliance from professionally qualified Medico/non-Medico beautiful tall slim girl. Please mail biodata with recent photograph to , no dowry. Contact: 81460-65926, 81460-64057. NA0-75365

Suitable well educated match for Saini Sikh cleanshaven Australian citizen
boy, 33/6'-3", B.Sc. (Computer Science), Advance diploma in IT from Australia, Marketing and Management diploma from Australia, Diploma in Care Service from Australia. Girl should be beautiful, height min 5'-6" from status family. Contact: 98761-42338, 94631-85075. C0-106446

Suitable match for Saini Sikh boy 28/6'-1", Software Engineer, employed
USA, One Lac dollar package annually. Sister Doctor, settled Chandigarh, seeks tall, slim, smart girl. Engineer/Doctor/Lecturer preferred. Contact: 097795-80960, 0172-4609483. Biodata with photo  C0-106870

Kamboj Sikh Canadian citizen only son 27/6', raised in Canada, Law
Enforcement Diploma seeks MCA, M.Com., B.Com., under 25, slim, beautiful well versed in both culture with good family values. Affluent in English, Punjabi. Contact only Kamboj Sikh. 97791-54325, 0016474096208. Email:  A0-104517-OL

Compatible match for UK based Brahmin boy, 36 yrs./5'- 7", smart B.Sc.
Estate Manager in University. Presently in India for 2 weeks. Email:  C0- 105519

Wanted match for U.S. citizen Jat Sikh clean shaven 6'- 1"/33, professional.
Drawing Six figure salary. Father retired Army officer. Response from Defence/Bay Area preferred. E-mail:-  C0-105745

Ravidasia handsome cleanshaven Canadian boy 32/5'-8", seeks beautiful
slim 5'-4", B.Sc. Nursing/Medical Line girl, Doaba preferred. Contact: 88728-80282. Email:  C0-106578

Match for Canada citizen cleanshaven Mair Rajput Sikh 43 years, 5'-5", BA,
unmarried boy working Toronto, contact for serious marriage. Email:  or Phone 41624-94774. Box 9847M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Hindu Arora, non Manglik boy 27yrs, 5'-11", M.E., PR in
Australia, available in India mid Jan. to mid Feb. 2011. Send bio-data and recent snaps of girl on  C0-106808 

Well-educated tall match for Gursikh boy, Doctor - specialist Surgeon,
vegetarian, non-drinker, handsome, fair, 5'- 8", 37 years, Saini, Australian citizen, all family settled in Australia. Family of specialist doctors (brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law). Boy visiting India in January/February. Email:  C0-107032

Gursikh Match for Turbaned 40/5'-7"/Issueless Divorcee, looks much
younger. Very well settled Software Engineer in USA. Belongs to well reputed family of Delhi/USA. Boy presently in India. Call: 088609-59989. Email:  C0-107350

U.S. citizen Jat Sikh parents, presently in Chandigarh, looking for a pretty,
fair, slim, sweet natured girl with high moral values, well versed in both Eastern and Western cultures, for their U.S. citizen, tall, handsome, clean shaven son 44/6'-0", never married, banker in a leading bank in U.S. Son visiting India end of January. No consideration to dowry, religion or caste. E-mail:-  C0-97968

Match for NRI 3:55 p.m., Chandigarh born, 30th Aug., 1982, 5'-11",
B.Pharmacy boy working in Real Estate Company (Dubai), 11 Lac, LPA. Working girl preferred. Send BHP. 098967-22340.  NA0-74387

Handsome, well settled, well educated Tonk Kashatriya Canadian
26/5'-10", boy seeks alliance from tall, beautiful, slim, PQM preferably B.V.Sc./BDS/B.Sc. Nursing/Physiotherapist/B.Pharma girl. Caste no bar. Contact: 98720-40882.  NA0-74659

Punjabi Khatri well-settled parents in USA seek serious matrimonial
proposal for their Engineer son 27 years. The girl should be tall, beautiful with professional education and good family values preferably from a medicore family with ambition to settle in USA. Response only from serious parents. Parents visiting India in January 2011. Contact:  with photographs and biodata. A0-105851-OL

Hindu Sahni Khatri boy 21.11.1981, 5'-8" Kurukshetra, M.Sc.(S/W), MCA,
pursuing M.Tech side by side (Last Semester), own academy, excellent income. Preferred Bachelor/Master Degree in Computer-Science, Math, Physics. Email:  Box 9673M Tribune, Chandigarh.

B.Tech., MBA, 5'-11", 24.6.83, 5:25 a.m., Lucknow born, working as Branch
Manager in FMCG company. Mob: 09372348095, 09372654835. E-mail:  C0- 105329

Profesionally qualified match for non-manglik, Malhotra boy, 5.11.80/7:25
a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-10", teetotaller, pure vegetarian, B.Tech., Sr Software Engineer, Accenture, Gurgaon. Engineer girl preferred. 0172-2651750,  C0-105823

Well-educated, beautiful match for handsome Punjabi Khatri boy
24.10.1983, 1.55 a.m. (Chandigarh), 6', Graduate. Own Business. Handsome income. Employed girl preferred. Contact: 98767-71505. E-mail:-  C0-105885

Professionally qualified match for Punjabi Khatri (Ohri) boy, 6', 25.11.1981,
08:10 a.m. Ludhiana, MCA, working (IT) MNC Chandigarh, seeks working girl (IT/Banking) preferred.  99144- 41499, 0161-2441499. C0-106226

Status Defence family posh Kanal house other property Chandigarh only son
handsome Non-Manglik 29/6', BE (NIT), Software Engineer, Pune. 7.5 LPA. Teetotaller, non-smoker. No bars. Sister married.  C0-106416

Educated beautiful Status family girl needed for October 1980 born, 5'-9",
Non-manglik MBA, working Reputed Bank, Chandigarh 5 LPA. Father retd. Chief Engineer, Settled Panchkula.  C0-106468

Punjabi Khatri boy, Oct. 1, 1983, 10:20 a.m., Ambala. Job in Ltd. Co. Salary
30,000/- p.m. Preferred girl with teaching job. Contact: 98131-70731 after kundli match.  C0-106670

Medico alliance for Punjabi Khatri boy, M.D. Medicine 32, 5'-7". Working PGI
Chandigarh.  098960-40436. C0-107180

Wanted Medico/Dental beautiful match for handsome Hindu Khatri
Pediatrician, 32/175. Father Doctor. Both run own Nursing Home. Younger brother Canadian citizen. Caste no bar. Box 9741M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified beautiful match for handsome Punjabi Khatri
Software Engineer working with top MNC in US. Aug, 78 born/5'-6". Non-Manglik, status family. Send BHP to:  NA0-75616B

Match for Arora Manglik boy 29 Sept., 1981, 4:25 a.m., Abohar, 5'-10",
working in Pvt. Bank, Gurgaon. Package 7 Lac. Contact: 94175-92016. Box 9810M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Medico match Dhiman Doctor boy 27/5'-8", MBBS, doing M.D., Ph.D.
Neurology Nimhans Bangalore. Permanent residence Chandigarh. Prefer doing MD/MS girl.  098722-02160. C0-106352

Doctor, Engineer, Non-Manglik match for Hindu Dhiman B.Tech. boy
5'-6"/29, Senior Software Engineer. Good package. Upper caste no bar. Mail, Biodata and Snap (must) at  Box 9849M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Ramgarhia Sikh cleanshaven boy Dec. 85 born, 5'-9", temporary resident
Australia. PR applied seeking well educated or B.Sc. Nursing tall slim beautiful girl. Send biodata with recent photo.  Contact: 98552-21713. NA0-74654

Alliance invited for Sikh Ahluwalia boy, 80 born, 5'- 10". B.E. Computer
Science from Thappar, Patiala, Masters in Computer Science from USC, U.S.A., settled in USA on H1B visa, working as Software Development Engineer with top MNC. Belongs to reputed business family Chandigarh. Boy in India for three weeks. Contact:  C0-104242

Professionally qualified for clean shaven Sikh Walia boy July 80/5'-10",
MBA, working in US Bank. Visiting India this week. E-mail:-  98158- 84307. C0-106001

Ad-Dharmi (SC) Sweden citizen 37/5'-10", smart clean shaven graduate.
Own business earned 25 lac INR annual. No demand. Boy presently in India. Seeks alliance educate beautiful girl. Marriage Bureau excuse. Only SC send recent photos and biodata. Email:  Mob No. 95015-05556. C0-105523

Match for Ad-dharmi boy 5'-8"/30, Graduate, residing in Australia. Since 4
year TR Holder. Applied for PR. Father gazetted officer, settled in Mohali. Doabian girl preferred. Contact: 98763-97650. C0-105753

Suitable match for Hindu Ramdasia Radhasoami boy M.Com., LL.B., 5'-9",
1979, working in MNC. Decent package.  Box 9882M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for Ravidasia handsome 1981/5'-10" boy. Doing M.D.
Pathology at Chandigarh. Father Class-I Officer Retd. Email :  Box 9869M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Beautiful, slim, well educated girl (above 5'-3") required for Canada PR Ramdasia Sikh 30/5'-7", Graduate, handsome, smart boy. Caste no bar. Send photograph and biodata:  97796- 15323 Ropar. NA0-74655

Suitable match for veg. Manglik Hindu boy, Kori (SC), 4.10.1985, 9.30 p.m.
Amritsar, 5'-7", B.Tech., permanent TTA (JE), BSNL, Amritsar, settled in Amritsar, belongs to UP, father Govt. employee (JA) seeks well qualified/BE having permanent Govt. job beautiful girl. Upper caste no bar. Kundli must. Mobile 98720-46821, 94636-40076.  NA0- 74683

Beautiful suitable Punjabi match for Hindu Ahluwalia fair boy 15.3.81, 5'-7",
Diploma in Instrumentation Engg. & Dip. in Electrical Engg. Technology. Employed in Canada. Caste no bar. Contact: 099694-37954. E- mail:-  Contact with Photo & other details. Box 9887M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Manglik, Non-Manglik match for B.E., 27/5'-7", clean shaven boy, MNC, 6
LPA. Preferably Ramgarhia. Upper Caste no bar. 97806-20998.  C0- 106960

NRI/Indian professionally qualified match for 5'- 11"/Sep. 1979, boy in
London (UK) on five years highly skilled Visa, working as Flash/Web Developer, M.Sc. IT. Boy in India for 30 days (extendable). Early marriage. 98728-75367. Send photo:  C0- 106904

Seeking suitable alliance 50/5'-9" divorees. USA citizen Jat Sikh Virk. please
Email:  or Call-01832-347-2114. C0-106494

Educated match for Canadian National, 45/6', Rancher. Contact: Robert
Marshal, 4466, Hullcar Armstrong, BC, Canada, VOE 1B4. Reply with photo. C0-102389

Educated match between 40-45 for Canada National 60/6'- 4", established
Farmer. Contact: Otto E Mulzet, 8935, Kalamalka RD, Coldstream, BC Canada, V1B 3C2. Reply with photo. C0-102393

California based American citizen Khatri Sikh clean shaven 34/5'-11",
Software Engineer, issueless legally divorced. Visiting India. Early February. 98729-67442.  C0-106832

Suitable match for divorcee, Hindu Saini, Graduate, Govt. employee,
44/5'-5", 30,000. Looks younger. Two kids with their Govt. employee mother. Upper caste no bar. But divorcee excuse. Box 9874M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified working girl required for Gursikh Arora Software
Engineer 25, 5'-10", working in MNC, earning six Lakh. Father businessman, brother Graduate doing CA. Box 9806M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Working/professionally qualified, 5'-3"+ match for B.Tech, MBA, Arora Sikh,
5'-8"/Jan. 1983, fair, handsome kesadhari turbaned trimmer boy, Marketing Manager Software. Mohali/Chandigarh based educated upper middle service class status family. 98724-11004. Email:  C0-105603

Status Khatri Sikh family of professionals, seeks professionally qualified
match for 31/5'-10", highly qualified Doctor in USA.  C0- 107058

Gursikh Match for Turbaned 40/5'-7"/Issueless Divorcee, looks much
younger. Very well settled Software Engineer in USA. Belongs to well reputed family of Delhi/USA. Boy presently in India. Call: 088609-59989. Email:  C0-107350

Suitable match for Singla boy NM Nov. 84, 5'-11", B.A., Involved in Family
Business girl only consideration. Panchkula based status family. Send biodata with photo. E-mail:  92168-87104. C0- 105737

Educated match for practising Advocate Bansal Manglik boy
20.09.1982/2:10 pm/Ferozepur, 5'-6". Reputed status family. 094160-28026. E-mail:  C0-105847

Beautiful, professional match for Goel handsome boy 1.8.81, 5:30 a.m.,
Ambala City, 5'-8", B.Tech., MBA, MNC Chennai. Package 12 Lacs. Parents Panchkula. E- mail:-  C0-106073

Canadian citizen Goyal boy, family looking girl for their 25 year old
(28.3.1985, 4 p.m. Ferozepur), pure vegetarian, Diploma in Business Administration ,well settled preferred M.Sc. or B.Sc Science, Nursing, Maths and tec. Email: , 098553-67004, 098146-30214. Boy in India for early marriage. C0- 106704

Professionally qualified match for Bansal boy 26/5'- 11", MBA, working MNC
Chandigarh, 10 Lac per annum. Father Class-I Officer Punjab Government in Chandigarh and Mother Central Government employee. Contact No. 78379-08061. E-mail:  C0-106714

Professional match for Garg handsome Australia (P.R.), Design Engineer
boy, 5'-11", 16.5.1982. Contact 98887- 38196. E-mail:-  C0-107232

Garg fair boy 5.3.1982/2:00 a.m., 5'-9", MCA, Lecturer in Chandigarh Group
of Colleges. Vegetarian, Business family. Contact: 094176-61781. Box 9892M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable quaified match for Goel N/M, teetotaller handsome Punjabi boy
15.12.81, 5'-8", Canadian PR, working at head office of a MNC, visiting India in February for two weeks. Contact with kundi and photo. Contact:  , +9198157-09245. Box 9886M Tribune, Chandigarh.


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