Rhyme Time
Republic Day

The day we became a Republic

Is called the Republic Day

Whenever I see this parade

on TV

My heart yells "Hooray"

Doesnít matter if it is January

The coldest month of all

All participants here stand tall

On this day, every colour of my National Flag soars high

Every Indian declares he is proud, without being shy

The march past starts at the Rashtrapati Bhawan

That is the Presidentís seat

And ends at the India Gate

Where every Indianís heart beats

Shamin Aggarwal, VI-D, St Johnís High School, Chandigarh

Lovely books

A book is our best friend

For examinations, on this we have to depend

Without these books

Useless the school looks

Those who donít read books

Go astray and become crooks

Books are useful things

They help us make earnings

Whenever we go to college

We find books are full of


If you want to progress in life

Go through books and try and try

Lavneet, VII-A, Guru Nanak Mission Public Senior Secondary School, Dhahan Kaleran