Karuna Goswamy


1.instrument with wooden bars that are struck

6. Command; authoritative


9. The third of the great Vedas

11. Amir Timur was in this state

13. Strive in competition or rivalry

14. Unsullied; clear

16. Informal conversation

19. Person related on mother's side

21. Large southern state in the U.S.


1. How Christmas is often referred to

2. Apparatus for weaving

3. Seed vessel, like that of a pea

4. Popular summer vegetable in India

5. Comfort; freedom from stress

7. Large, crow like bird with a harsh call

8. Choose or select by vote

10. Famous University in U.P. (inits.)

12. Our foreign ministry is so called

14. Bucket in other words

15. Phanishwar Nath, great Hindi writer had this added to his name

17. Original 'Dream Girl' of Bollywood

18. Large sea fish

20. Hard working but silly animal