ulta pulta

True diagnosis
Jaspal Bhatti

A doctor was called for as a mantriji was suffering from an upset stomach and had gone to the toilet thrice. The doctor asked his wife, "What did he eat last night?" His wife said, "Rs 5 crore or more for a land deal, I guess."

"I mean, what did he have for dinner?" clarified the doctor, while the ministerís PA blushed and the minister let out an uncomfortable groan. The wife said, "Oh, he ate only two chapattis with saag, paneer. Before that he had taken a drink of scotch and soda." The doctor pronounced, "Either the water or the paneer could be the reason behind the upset stomach."

While the doctor went ahead with checking mantrajiís BP, the PA phoned some officials of the water filter company and ordered them to come immediately to examine the machine. The wife vouched for the freshness of saag but wasnít much sure about the paneer. The PA then instructed the food department to raid the shop from where the paneer was brought.

The servant cut in, "But Dr Sahib, mantriji dashed to the toilet as soon as he opened the newspaper this morning." The doctor looked at a headline in the newspaper and said, "Yes, that seems to be the rootcause. It says WikiLeaks will upload the list of those persons who have hidden money in Swiss banks."