Sunday, February 13, 2011, Chandigarh, India
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Brides Wanted

PCS/IRS or Highly Qualified from status Industrialist family match for convented, IRS handsome Khatri boy, Jan. 1983/5-9, belongs reputed business family of Ferozepur. Email:  098153-97100 C0-120039

SM for Australian PR Khatri boy 26/5'-5", permanent job. Required well-educated, B.Sc. Nursing/Engineering/Doctor line preferred. Caste no bar. Cont: 95010-55660. NAO-84417

Suitable match for Prajapati Hindu boy, 30/5'-8", M.Com., MBA. Working in Reputed company, Mohali. Contact 97798-20989. C0-121562

Well-qualified match for Hindu Punjabi non-professional Nai boy 5'-11",
26.7.81, 12:40 p.m., B.E. Electronics, MBA. Petroleum. Working MNC Delhi, 7 LPA. 098722-89032, 080547-49260. C0-121780

Suitable match for 29-1/2. yr, 5'-8", Mair Rajput Sikh boy, cleanshaved,
graduate business Admin. Only child. Family settled in USA since 1980s. Upper caste welcome. Email:  C0-110806

Suitable match for US Citizen, 37 5'10'Sikh Arora Khatri, well settled, handsome, fair, only son, down to earth, innocently divorced looking for beautiful, educated, homely girl. Caste no bar. Contact Ph. 001- 925-5701671 or email  C0-121253

Professionally qualified, well-educated, sober and beautiful match for handsome, fair, Rajput boy, decent family, Oct 81 born, 5'-7", MBA, working in Delhi 9 LPA/ sister married. Contact at 99141-07318, 98765-05874. Email:  C0-120417

Mair Rajput handsome manglik boy 27/5'-11", pursuing M.Sc. IT, wanted
well-qualified beautiful girl. Father own jewellers shop & agriculturist. Contact: 9023904974. E-mail:  C0-120551

Suitable match 4 Hindu Rajput (Kashyap) Australian citizen Engineer boy
26/5'-7". Contact: 98764-07213. E- mail:-  C0-120873

Chandigarh based MBA serving London, Brahmin Bawa boy, 10.03.86, 10:15
p.m. 5'-7", required serving match. Send biodata. Box 10343M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Punjabi Brahmin boy, Commerce Graduate, PGDCA, handsome,
12-09-1978/5'-10", permanent UK Resident, seeks well educated/B.Pharma/B.Sc. Nursing/GNM girl. Upper caste welcome. Family settled Mohali. Boy reaching India on 18th February. 0172-2230876, 9779144115.  C0-119497

Match for handsome, smart Brahmin boy B.Sc/ MBA/ 5'- 9''/ 03.10.1982/
11:20pm/ Ambala. MNC at Delhi. 9872415577, 0183-2220345. C0- 119611

Match for Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy 30/5'-9", USA Green Card holder
Graduate with Diploma in Computers working and earning well. Family settled in USA. Looking for a Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin girl from India willing to settle in USA. Parents currently in India. Please Email details with picture. Email: . Phone 9779595622 C0-119925

Suitable match for handsome Brahmin only son 30/5'-10", M.Sc., employed
in MNC in Delhi. 7.22 lacs per annum, settled in Noida. Status family.  098719-23499. C0-119963

Professionally qualified (MCA, MBA, B.Tech., UGC) working match for Manglik
Brahmin boy, MBA 5'-10", 26.02.80, 5:50 a.m. Ludhiana. Working Telecom Company, Package Rs. 8 Lacs. Contact only after matching kundli. 0172-2583604, 98150-82393. Box 10473M Tribune, Chandigarh. 

Tall, beautiful, well-educated girl for 31/6' handsome "Business
Accountant" boy settled in Australia. Father doctor, brother Elect. Engineer (Indian Navy). Contact: 0172-2557413.  C0-120255

Brahmin/Khatri girl for handsome manglik 5.10.78, 1:50 am, 5'-8". Diploma
Pharmacy, Diploma in Computers, Medical Representative in reputed company, Gurgaon. Posted at Chandigarh. Also own business at Chandigarh. Local serving girl preferred. Contact: 94634-94508.  C0-120379

Beautiful, professionally qualified match for 29, 5'- 10", Handsome B.Tech, Technical Lead, Infosys Chandigarh. Presently in US. Belongs decent Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin family of Chandigarh. Send biodata/profile with photos on Email:  C0-120385

Match for Vegetarian Brahmin boy 26/5'-11", MBA (Finance) from U.K.,
working there. U.K. settled or well qualified girl from India required. Visiting March. Contact: 9888279668, 9780424290. C0-120443

Well qualified Manglik/Non-Manglik homely match from status family for
handsome, fair, teetotaller, V.Tech (Marine) Vats Brahmin age 28/5'-8", 30.7.82, Time 11:55 a.m., Pune, Second Engineer in Merchant Navy, salary 3.5 Lakh per month. Father Retd. Brig., working in leading Real Estate Company. Contact after matching kundli. E-mail add:  Tel No. 98152-38526, 92175-09484. C0-120451

Match for Gaur Brahmin healthy boy, B.Tech., 26.10.81, 10:15 p.m.,
Chandigarh, 5'-9", Manager MNC Kanpur, package 14.50 LPA. Send biodata with photo. E-mail:  Box 10499M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable qualified match for Punjabi Brahmin Canadian citizen, handsome,
fair, Civil/Environment Engineer boy, D.O.B. 11 Sep. 83, 5'-11'', salary $ 80,000 per annum. Girl should be fair, slim, smart, cultured. Ht. 5'-5" or above. Caste no bar. Girl's merit only criteria. Reply with photo/profile. 09417216730. Box 10500M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well settled boy 05.05.83, 5'-6", working in MNC Co. Chandigarh, 2.50 lakh.
Parents Govt. retired teacher, both sisters are married well-settled qualified family.  98768-08089. Box 10514M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Sarswat Brahmin manglik handsome 5'-8'' very fair well established
business 26.9.1982, 1: 15 pm Amritsar. Graduate in Computer Management, diploma in Export Management. Preferred Asr, Jal. 94174-70632. C0-120857

Suitable professionally qualified beautiful match for Brahmin slim, fair boy,
6-11-1980, 6.05 am, Jalandhar, 5'-9", B.Tech/SAP, employed MNC, 8 LPA. Doaba & Himachali preferred. Contact: 98143-25586. E-mail:  C0-120971

Professionally qualified, beautiful, cultured non- manglik working girl for fair,
handsome never married Punjabi Saraswat Brahmin boy M.Tech., Ph.D., 1974/5'- 8", Adi Nadi, Senior Scientist, Gazzetted Officer Defence Delhi. 98915-90999. Send BHP.  Box 10552M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for unmarried non-manglik vegetarian Punjabi Gaur Brahmin
1968./5'-10" Technically qualified (looks younger), well-settled Australian PR boy, coming India within fortnight. Sister Doctor. No demand. Simple marriage. Send biodata, Kundli at 1385/3, Phase XI, Mohali. Contact: 098154-78140, 0172-2210845. E-mail:  C0-121444

Compatible match from high status family for teetotaller, handsome Hindu
Saraswat Brahmin boy 25/5'- 10", MBA (HR), assisting in family business. Family is having professional colleges like Engineering, Dental, MBA, B.Ed., Polytechnic in different cities and also having good urban and rural property, financially very sound. Upper caste no bar. 98880-03674.  NA0-84280

Suitable match for handsome vegetarian Sarswat Brahmin boy 5'-10",
27.12.1982, 5.45 pm, (Moga), MBA, working in a reputed concern, only sister married Australian citizen, rural & urban property. Contact after matching kundli. 98142-62323.  NA0- 84413

Wanted professional Saraswat Brahmin match for very handsome, talented,
M.Tech. (Mechanical), well settled in Australia, June 1984/5'-8" boy, Doctor/Engineer girl with height 5'-4" or above from status family preferred. Boy from reputed educated family. # 98766- 07077. Email:  NA0-84720

Required professional working girl/Lecturer in NCR for MBA Brahmin boy,
5'-10", 10.9.1980/5.58 a.m. Jalandhar. Working MNC Delhi, package 10 lac. Contact after matching kundli. Khatri match welcome. 0181-2257938. Email:  NA0-84723

Suitable qualified match for smart Hindu Khatri Manglik boy. Software
Engineer in Noida, Package 7.5 Lac, 02.12.1982, 18:44 Patiala, 5'-10". Kundli must. Residence near Kurukshetra. Decent small family. 098967-41022, 098157-45762,  C0-120331

Alliance invited from Professionally qualified working smart beautiful
cultured girl for handsome fair 5'-9" Punjabi Arora boy, 31 years, BE+MBA (USA). Working in Top MNC (NCR). Send BHP to :  or Box 10511M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Well known Jalandhar based Hindu Khatri family seek alliance for their son 24.12.1983, 5:20 a.m., Jalandhar, 5'-9", handsome, B.Com., family business. Girl should be cute, tall, lovable, professionally qualified working/willing to work from well-placed educated family. E-mail:  Contact: 98149-68069. NA0-83953

Tall beautiful match for handsome Khatri Anshik Manglik boy, 16.6.1982,
2:13 p.m., Patiala, 5'-10", MCA, working in USA.  93563-59709. NA0- 84311

Suitable match for cleanshaven Sikh, age 31, height 6'- 3", well built, smart,
intelligent, energetic young man. Born and qualified in Hamburg-Germany. Working in a field of "Freight & Forwarding" in a Logitics Import Dept. Drawing handsome salary. Seeking a tall, beautiful slim girl 25 onwards, an ideal life partner, with strong family values, caring good nature, ready to live in Germany. Boy will be in India early April for two weeks, but father is in India. Send recent Photo & Bio. Email:  Phone Delhi 081305- 05113. C0-119183B

Suitable bride for 36 years, 5'-7", cleanshaven fair, slim, Rajput Sikh, own
business Canada, Innocent divorcee, issuless. Interested contact: E-mail:  C0-119717

Professionally qualified, beautiful match for permanent settle in England
Parjapat Sikh cleanshaven boy 28/5'- 8", Eye Tech. in England. Coming India in First week of March. Preferred B.Sc. Nursing. Contact 98556-78344, 98146-53176. C0-120085

Australian Lubana Sikh family invites alliance qualified/ pursuing (Dentist/
Doctor/ Pharmacist) minimum 5'-5" with strong family values for their son Australian educated (B.Accounting) undertaking CA, 25/ 6', wears turban, visiting India mid Feb.2011. Lubana preferred but no caste bar. Contact 919779582167, +61413881560,  C0-120529

Match for UK born Mazbhi Sikh boy Age 28, Height 5'- 10", Govt. job in UK.
Beautiful, English speaking girl preferred. 89687-76517. Box 10533M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Parents seeking professionally qualified suitable match for their turbaned
Canadian Citizen Kamboj Sikh Boy, 29/5'-11", Engineer. Family well settled in Canada. Contact Email:  Ph: 647-978-0656. C0-121778B

US-based Jat Sikh parents looking for suitable match for their Doctor son
5'-9"/31. Currently doing residency in General Surgery. Girl should be MD between age of 25 to 29 and from Jat Sikh family. Please respond with recent picture and biodata at  C0-107038B

Compatible match for fair, handsome Jat-Sikh Grewal boy U.S. citizen 29,
6'-1", pursuing Executive MBA, working reputed H.R. Company. Salary high five figures. 98724- 53916,  C0-108313

6 ft boy, 27 yrs old been in Canada for 10 years N/S N/D good job and
settled. Looking for a btfl tall girl 5'-5"-5'-8", 23-27 yrs. old well educated and from well respctd family Sikh Jatt only. Pls also send picture. Email:  C0-108973

Well settled, Jatt Sikh business family based in Chandigarh/USA seeks
suitable match for 29 yrs old 5'- 11" post graduation in Bus. Adminstration, very handsom, running a part of family business in USA. Pls. respond with photo only. Contact:  C0-109359

Suitable match for Jat Sikh Doctor 30, 6', cleanshaven, MBBS (India),
currently doing MS in USA. Looking for smart, beautiful Jat Sikh girl, MBBS or MD (done/doing). +9181463-12152. Email:  C0-116808

Australian citizen Jat Sikh Amritdhari boy 25/6', well settled, large urban
and rural property in India, looking for a beautiful well educated girl from a Gursikh Jat family. Send bio-data and photographs by Email:  C0-116887

Suitable match for 30 yrs. 6' cleanshaven Engineer boy well settled in US.
Employed in top MNC. Small educated family. Girl main consideration. Send biodata photo:  C0-117535

Educated Jat-Sikh parents, well-placed family of Doctors in Canada, seek
intelligent slim tall beautiful girl from an educated well-placed family for their handsome doctor son 83 born 6'-2" tall clean-shaven born in India raised in Canada with strong moral and family values. Boy is doing residency in a surgical field in Canada. Only parents of MBBS, Lawyers, Dentist girls should respond with recent photos and complete bio-data of the girl and Naanke Daadke family by email:  Phone: 98780-41946. C0-118490

Educated match for handsome, MBA, 78 born, 5'-10", cleanshaven, convent
educated boy, working with an MNC in Gurgaon & earning Rs 20 lakh/annum salary. Belongs to Chandigarh based status Jat Sikh family having rural & urban properties. Divorced after brief marriage, no issue. Contact:  C0-118494

Looking for well-educated intelligent, refined, caring match for Architect.
Grewal, June 80, 5'-8", very intelligent, defence background, reputed family. 98151- 94080.  C0-120113

Professionally qualified beautiful, tall match for Jat Sikh cleanshaven,
6'/1981 born, handsome boy, MIT Honours (Software Engineering) from Sydney, Residing in Sydney, PR applied, having urban, rural property. Presently boy in India. Contact: 94648-16693. C0-120287

Seeking beautiful, convent educated, professional girl for handsome,
cleanshaven boy, 33/ 5'-10", Canadian citizen, Software Engineer in Toronto, Canada, presently in India. Well-educated status family. Interested may send complete details, photo. 9815251736. Email:  C0-120539

USA well settled businessman, handsome Jat Gursikh, 5'- 10", 36 yrs.,
divorcee with 3 years old son originally from Haryana looking for well educated, beautiful, honest and slim girl from good family background. Please contact at:  or Ph # (001)917- 299-6662. Box 10501M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for US based Software Engineer Jat Sikh Sidhu boy, 28/5'-9",
clean shaven, teetotaller, born and brought up in Chandigarh. Graduate & Masters in Computers from top American University, Maintaining Indian values and presently working in Maryland (US) on work visa with green card in process. Belonging to well settled and educated family based in Chandigarh. Owning rural and urban property. Please respond to:  with full particulars with few latest snaps or contact: 94267-43895. C0-120623

Suitable match for Jat Sikh divorcee boy 34 years, 5'- 10", running own
Computer Software Company. Father retired Senior Air Force Officer, mother retired Senior Lecturer. Email:  Mobile: 093572- 50519. C0-120711

Match for Jat Sikh clean shaven boys aged 33, 31, 5'- 11", 5'-10", Elder
Hotel Mangement, younger PGDCA, doing TPT Business. Likely to migrate USA. Parents USA residents. Contact: 093567-01228, 001-805-861-1021.  C0-120831

Seeking Professionally qualified, beautiful and decent girl for 29/5'-8", Jat
Sikh, B.Tech., M.Sc., U.K. settled in London since 7 years. Please send biodata alongwith picture at :  , Mobile 094177-93327. C0-121041

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh Bhullar NewZealand citizen handsome boy,
34/5'-11", Professionally qualified well settled in NZ. Preferred educated, sober, caring, beautiful girl. Brief marriage annulled. Divorcee pl excuse. Early marriage, family presently in India. Seriously interested only email recent photo with biodata to  or call 96465-80270. C0- 121117

Match for clean shaven, handsome, intelligent, teetotaller Jat Sikh boy, US
citizen, height 6'-1'', age 28, MS Computer Science, Software Engineer in USA. Army officer family background. Visiting India in February. Girl should be at least 5'-7'', Engineer/ Doctor/ Dentist/PhD/Pharmacist/MBA aspirant preferably willing to study abroad. Caste no bar. Contact:  408 206 5464 (US). C0-121249

Suitable Canadian match for Jat Sikh Indian Grewal boy 26/6', Master of
Engineering from Reputed Canadian University. Contact: 94632-71961. E-mail:  C0-121277B

Jat Sikh match for Canadian born 'Basra' Age 36 year Divorcee having 7 yrs.
son, 5'-9", good looking, fair complexion, own business at Toronto, now in India. Only brother in America. Looking for professionally qualified age between 27 to 34, fair complexion, min. 5'-4". No concealment of facts, status match. Serious enquiry E-mail biodata with photos:  Contact: 9592274694. (Amrik Singh). C0-121374

Professionally qualified match for USA based Jat Sikh Bhangu 30/5'-11",
MCA, MS. Preferred match from USA. Contact with complete biodata and photograph. E-mail:- Mobile (USA) 001-720-343-0168. C0- 121626

Well-settled Jat Sikh parents seek tall, professional/Doctor match for their
28 year old, 6'-3", tall US born, Doctor son doing Residency in California. Please respond with picture and biodata to:  C0-98300

Beautiful, highly qualified girl willing to settle in Mumbai for handsome,
cleanshaven Jat Sikh boy 31/5'- 11", B.Sc. (Med) from Govt. College, Ludhiana, Post- graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management from PTU, Jalandhar, Business Management course from IIM, Indore. Served in Army as an Officer for 5 years, now serving in reputed MNC at Mumbai. Urbanised, highly educated, status family. 0161-6545074.  NA0- 84279

UK born Jat Sikh Gill, 29/6', own business, landlord seeks well educated,
beautiful girl. Contact:  NA0-84585

Saini well settled family seeks match for their Canadian born son, 26/5'-8",
slim, graduate, highly paid job. Girl should be beautiful, tall, well educated, professionally qualified. Hoshiarpur Distt. preferred. E-mail:  97791-49999. C0- 119621

Beautiful match for Amritdhari, 5'-5"/30, Diploma Engg. Good income.
94648-70274  C0- 120582

Match for Chandigarh based Saini Sikh boy 5'-8", 81 born, MBA Marketing,
Master Mass Communication, PGDPR, working near Chandigarh as Public Relation Officer. Contact: 95920-85196. E-mail: C0- 120727

Professionally qualified girl in or around Chandigarh for Sood boy
01.09.1982, 5'-7", working in Telecom Industry-Tata Teleservices Ltd. at Baddi (HP). Father businessman & settle in Distt. Kangra (HP). Well settled family. 98764-80537. Box 10575M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professional match for M.Tech USA, Tonk Kashtriya cleanshaven 33/5'-10",
green card. $ 140,000 salary. Seeking girl below 28 years. Photos must. Caste no bar. 99889-13771.  A0-113514

Match for Tonk Kashatria 33/5'-8", fair, MBBS, Australian citizen. Well
settled boy. Caste no bar. 0061-430506784,  A0-118858-OL

Well settled in Australia Gursikh boy, 26/5'-8", doing M.Sc., whole family
settled in Australia. Seeks beautiful & higher educated with status family girl. Email:  (M): +61-4147 60942, 099884-42813. A0-118938-OL

Suitable match for Vij (Khatri) boy, UK citizen, born 1972, 5'-9". Girl should
be well educated, height min. 5'-5". Caste no bar. Boy coming India March. Contact: 98155-56358. E-mail:  C0- 118838

Mazbi Sikh 26/5'-8", Civil Engr. Degree clear from UK University equal.
Education girl first preference Canada citizen. Two sister in Canada, father Air Force retd. 98150-95864. C0-119487

Match for Hindu Khatri Australia citizen manglik boy MIS 29/ 5'-7'' own
business 9780481239.  C0-119993

Well-settled American citizen Punjabi Sikh Widower seeks pretty
independent lady (55+), life partner. Respond:  99146-86548. Box 10476M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome, Non-smoker, fair Manglik boy, 31/5'-10",
Working in Japan. We are a Delhi based Hindu family seeking for a beautiful, educated girl and comfortable settling abroad. Caste no bar. Contact with horoscope details to :  , Mobile 098733-68207. C0-120169

Well educated, good looking match for SC boy, 5'-7"/29, NewZealand
Resident, Degree in Cookery, good job, hailing from Ropar Distt. Caste no bar. 9988268920. C0- 120477

Teetotaller Khatri Sikh boy, 32/ 5'-7", Canadian PR, Government Permanent
job in Canadian University, double Masters from USA, now in India. Caste no bar. , 8146528933. C0-120513

Suitable match for UK born Mair Rajput boy, 02-08-81, 5'-10", own
business. Family well settled. Contact: 098884-50500, 098557-77111. C0-121017

Suitable match for Jatt Sikh Canadian Citizen 35+, 5'- 10", educated, well
settled, issueless divorcee from status family. Girl only consideration. Serious families to send picture and bio-data of girl. Email:  C0-121119

Educated, never married girl from educated family for 34 yrs old 6', professional, Engineer, fair, Canada settled Hindu # 100,000 per year, status family. Brief marriage annulled immediately. Upper caste no bar. Email:  C0-121279

Suitable match Canada settled only, for Canada living (study-visa), B.Com.,
doing Computer Networking Degree in Toronto, 5'-7", 29 years, handsome, turbaned Sikh, Tonk-Kashatriya vegetarian boy. Family settled in Mohali. Contact: 98727-61829. E-mail:-  C0-121360

Professionally qualified match for Australian citizen Rajput, 29/5'-10"
B.Tech & Master's of Information Technology from reputed Australian University. Network Engineer in top MNC Melbourne. Handsome package boy currently in India for early marriage. No bars. Girl main consideration. Email  C0-121548

Suitable match for Australian citizen non-Manglik, 5'- 11" tall, M.Tech in
Mechanical, birth details 19.11.1983, 08:20 a.m., Jalandhar. Boy presently in India. Contact at:  or 9463581565. C0-121750

Suitable match for cleanshaven handsome UK returned Khatri boy,
32/5'-11", computer diploma holder preferred willing to settle in UK/India, caste no bar. Email:  97805-06345. C0-121790

Australian citizen Hindu Rajput (Chandel), 44/5'-9", single divorcee
vegetarian non-drinker, non-smoker needs educated girl with family values, upper caste no bar. +919780664459 or  NA0-83932

Canada-Australia-UK citizen girl match for Khatri 27/5'-11", boy, BA Hons.
(Accounts) from UK. Having work visa and earning 15000/- Pounds yearly. 98788- 75741. NA0-83944

Jat Sikh turbaned MCA, PGDECI, 29/175 cm, P.R. of Norway, highly
educated, well-settled family seeks alliance preferably from IT, Medical, CA/MBA. Girls education & family values main concern. Please send biodata with photo  94780-42224. Box 10506M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable (MBBS/MD) match for fair, slim 30/6' doing PG (Non-clinical) after
MBBS. Mobile: 94683-36689.  A0-116462

Match for Jat boy, 6', 1983, BE, MBA, Govt. job. Avoid Kaliraman, Lather,
Grewal. Father Gazetted. 9872882500. Box 10571M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Punjabi Khari well-settled parents in USA seek serious matrimonial
proposal for their Engineer son 27 years. The girl should be tall, beautiful with professional education and good family values preferably from a mediocre family with ambition to settle in USA. Response only from serious parents. Parents in India. Contact: with photographs and biodata. A0-118316-OL

Professionally qualified employed match for handsome fair Hindu Khatri boy
27/ 5'-5'' B.Tech/ M.S (UK). Working MNC Gurgaon, presently in China. Father SDO in Punjab Govt. Preference to Punjab based families. Contact: 80540-06941, 81465-95288. C0-119619

MD/MS (doing) beautiful match for handsome Punjabi Hindu Khatri boy,
27/5'-8", doing M.D. (Medicine) final year. High status family of Doctors. Ph: 78377-45590, Email:  C0-119699

Wanted Non-Manglik fair, slim match for fair, slim Khatri boy Proprietor
Software Company. Income Six figures p.m., B.E. (PEC), 29 yrs./5'-7", Status family, Girls merits main consideration. Send biodata, kundli. Box 10466M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Educated match for Punjabi Local Khatri slim boy, BBA, 27/5'-10", job in Australia. Boy presently in India for short period. Mob: 98881-07971, 0161-4629201. C0-119923

Beautiful, educated, employed manglik match for handsome Khatri manglik
boy 6'-2" (07.03.1984, 10:15 am) Chandigarh based, MBA (HR), employed Mohali: Package 4 LPA. Family owns house in Chandigarh. Box 10470M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for MBA Manglik Malik boy, Residence Derabassi, own Retail
business, 5'-8"/20.7.82, 5:02 a.m. Caste no bar. E-mail:  95013-38000. C0-120549

Professionally qualified match for Manglik boy, 79 born, 6', MBBS,
MBA(Health). Working with NPSP (WHO), UP Posted, 9 LPA.  , 98158-91659. Box 10532M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Seeks slim, beautiful, cultured and employed match from respectable status
family for near Chandigarh based Manglik Punjabi Khatri MCA boy, August 82 born, 5'-7". 97804-65820.  C0-121223

Suitable match for Khatri boy, never married, 70 born, 5'-4", Ph.D, Vice
President. Chandigarh based family.  Box 10551M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Compatible very fair match for Hindu Arora Handsome Merchant Navy
Officer 5'-10", 9th June 1978, 10.30 AM, Chandigarh. Salary 1.25 lac per month. Family Mohali settled. 9780101033, 7814101033.  Box 10537M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM (B.Tech./MCA/MBA/BDS/MBBS) for Arora boy 1980/5'- 8", settled in
USA (H1B). Early marriage. 96467-00224. Send biodata with photo.  NA0- 83881

Suitable beautiful Gursikh match for Ramgarhia Sikh handsome boy,
27/6'-3", 8.2 Lac annum, working in US MNC as Associate Lead IT Industry Software Engineer. Highly educated well placed illustrious family. Mobile: 09013740314, Email:  C0-113585

Match for Hindu Dhiman teetotaller only son, Sept. 1981, 5'-8", MBA, B.Tech,
working (IT) MNC at Noida , 7 LPA. Father Senior Manager in Bank. Mohali based small educated family.  C0-119691

Match for Ramgarhia Dhiman cleanshaven 33/5'-9", slim, D-Pharmacy, own
business. Caste no bar.  84274-98364. C0-120923

Match for handsome Hindu Dhiman boy, B.Tech, 02.10.1983, 07:35 pm,
Ambala Cantt., 5'-8". Panchkula resident. Working Infotech Hyderabad, 8 LPA. 0172- 2550178, 98154-75338,  C0-121243

Well educated Ramgarhia family seeks homely girl for their Canadian born
boy 32/5'-11", pursuing MBA from Reputed Canadian University. Contact No. 001-519-432- 1338, 99149-54533. E-mail:  C0- 121275

Beautiful qualified, tall, match for Ramgarhia Sikh handsome clean shave
boy 31/6', Graduate + Hotel Management, job Dubai. Boy now India. Early marriage.  98780-24777, 98724-13413. NA0-84340

Sikh Ramgarhia teetotaller boy 28/5'-9", Engineer & MBA, running own
Event Management Business, also applied for Canadian PR. Preferred Canadian PR/citizen or NRI girl. Father retired from Indian Railways. Elder brother well-settled Canada. Caste no bar. Contact:  001-905-230-0088, 97808-09856. NA0-84361

Suitable match for Gursikh handsome boy 24.8.1983 (5'- 8") own settled
business, good earning. Father Class-I Officer. Own kothi at Mohali. Contact: 99147-04426. C0- 119165

Suitable match for Khatri Sikh boy 5'-7" slim, smart, intelligent, M.Com.
Diploma in Computer, Oct. 69 born. Never married. Status settled family. Having rural & urban property. Own well-established business. Email:  Box 10471M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for Sikh Khatri turbaned, non-trimmer,
non-drinker boy, 37/5'-10", (never married), double Masters, serving in State Govt. Deptt. at Chandigarh. Presently on abroad assignment. Coming next week for one month. Early marriage. 94644- 84834.  C0-121396

Australian Citizen 17 Dec. 1980, 5'-7", Non-drinker, Non-trimmer, only son,
own house (Chandigarh). Income in 6 figures. Both sisters married. 0172-2730956. E- mail:  C0-121884

Suitable match for Khatri Gursikh boy B.A., 29, 5'-7", self business required
beautiful girl. Contact: 097799- 43000, 0181-2262891. NA0-84509

Suitable match for Weaver Sikh boy 26/5'-9" BCA, MCA, Project Asstt.
Central Govt. Undertaking, Mohali. UK/US girl preferred. Box 10455M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable well educated preferably PQM for highly educated status
Chandigarh Ad-dharmi family's smart, wheatish, Engineer (PEC) 33/5'-8", holding Managerial position Central Navratan PSU Delhi. Seven figure annual package. Contact: 76961-46996. E-mail:-  C0-120143

Preferably NRI beautiful match for BE (Mech) Ravidasia boy 5'-8"/1980,
working MNC Mohali. Parents retd. High ranking posts. Educated well-settled family. Mobile: 98766-95956. E-mail:-  Box 10503M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Match for NRI handsome Addharmi boy, 37/5'-10". Working as AC
Supervisor at Dubai. Visiting India for three months. Chandigarh settled family. No demand. Contact 98789-92239, 0172-2745083. C0-120731B

Well-settled American Citizen Punjabi Sikh Widower, seeks pretty,
independent lady (55+), life partner. Respond  99146-86548. Box 10477M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Professionally qualified match for B.Tech. Jaryal Rajput boy, working NCR, 31.8.79, 2:20 a.m., Chandigarh, 5'-7", 10 LPA. Early marriage. Contact after kundli matching. 098059-03199. Mail BHP  C0-119715

Match for Sikh handsome Tonkshatriya boy 25/5'-10", B.Tech. in
Mechanical, working as Design/Quality Engineer. Elder sister married in USA. Preferred USA/Canadian only. Caste no bar. 94174-01456.  NA0-84170

Match for Tonkshatri USA boy, 5'-7", 29, MS (Comp.), veg. elder brother
doctor in USA. Only USA or Canada girl preferred. Caste no bar. 94179-47710. NA0-84261 

Mumbai based Punjabi 31/6', MBA well settled issueless divorce seeks
qualified smart, beautiful below 30 year. 09702030073. Email:  C0-116329

Suitable well qualified issueless divorcee/widow girl for issueless twice
divorcee UK citizen well settled Hindu Ahluwalia boy, Delhi, 12.5.1975, (11.45 p.m.), 5'-9", fair complexion MBA (UK), currently doing ACCA (only two papers left), own accommodation, caste no bar. Send details email:  98720- 14395. NA0-84524

Proposals invited from USA, Canada and India-based Sikh parents of Medico
and other professionals beautiful daughters for well settled/established US citizen, cleanshaven, handsome Arora/Khatri Sikh 27/5'-9", Doctor of Pharmacy, six figure salary. Caste no bar. Send particulars photographs. Email:  Telephone: 425-891-9215. C0-115507

DNB/MS/MD/Dipl./MBBS match for 28, 5'-8" handsome, DNB Anesthesia
Sikh Arora. E-mail:  C0- 120595

UK settled turbaned Sikh handsome boy (28/5'-11") BE Computers, M.Sc.
Business IT (UK). Looking for professionally qualified, slim, tall and smart Sikh girl. Latest photographs/details:  093121-90325. C0-121566

Suitable match for 30, 5'-9" Singla boy, B.Com Computer, Own well
established business. Educated family, Punjab. Only girl consideration. Contact: 98556-20327. Box 10391M Tribune, Chandigarh.

Suitable match for handsome non-Manglik Aggarwal boy, B.Tech., settled in
Dubai, 5'-9", 9.8.1985, 2.45 p.m. Samana. 090417-41187. Send biodata and pics at  C0-119653B

PQM for handsome Bansal boy 5'-7", 19.1.83, B.Tech., S/W Engineer, MNC
Gurgaon. 8 LPA. Preference for MBA/CA/C.S. Well settled family. 98159-72850. Box 10461M Tribune, Chandigarh.

PQM for Canadian Goel, non-Manglik, handsome Punjabi boy, 5'-8",
15.12.81, working as System Admin at Corporate Office of a MNC at Toronto, visiting India in February, B.Tech. with MBA, CA, BDS preffered. Contact with biodata and photos at: 98157-09245 or  C0-119809

Professionally Qualified/Suitable match for very handsome Bansal
(Aggarwal) boy, 20.12.1981, 9:30 p.m., Chandigarh, 5'-8", B.E. (Civil), Thapar University. Project Engineer, MNC, 7.20 LPA. Only brother (B.Tech.) from Chandigarh/Zirakpur based social, educated, religious, reputed Ladwa (Kurukshetra) family. Civil Design/Planning Engineer, M.Tech., B.Architect, MBA, Proficiently highly qualified, M.Sc. (Physics), (Chemistry) or (Math) with B.Sc., UGC Net qualified, BDS, BAMS, CA, CS, Bank Officer preferred. Service is no bar. Contact with detailed bio-data and standing photos at:  or 098766-74295, 098884-11644 only after matching kundli. C0-120053

PQ really beautiful status match 4 NM very handsome Ambala based B.Tech
Goel boy 27.11.1984, 9:30 a.m. Bhiwani, 5'-10", working MNC Bangalore 6 Lacs PA. Father Chief Engineer.  094172-16052. C0-120497

Professionally qualified MBA, MCA, B.Tech beautiful match for handsome,
fair Aggarwal Only Son, 23.03.1985, 02:40 am, Ferozpur, 5'-8", B.Tech, working IT Park Chandigarh, 2.70 LPA. Father Property Dealer. Zirakpur settled upper class family. Match from tricity preferred. Upper caste no bar. Contact: 99881-65616, 95016-70686, Email:  C0-120861

Suitable match for handsome very fair Garg boy, Born Oct. 75, 5'-10", B.E.,
MBA. 10.5 LPA. Working Manager MNC Banglore. Well settled family Chandigarh. 98724- 85776. Email :  C0-121882

Wanted B.Tech, MBA, MCA for teetotaller Gursikh Kamboj boy, MCA, 1977,
5'-8", Software Engineer, MNC Banglore, 8 LPA. Caste no bar. 97283-86748,  C0-120107


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