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Testing times
Jaspal Bhatti

I asked my nephew Mintu, "How are your preparations going on?" He said, "Uncle, I have bought a new TV for my study, and got the cables changed to ensure a flawless signal for the cricket World Cup." I said, "Mintu, you have got it all wrong. I am asking how are you preparing for your Board exams." He said, "Thatís what I am telling. If I didnít have a TV in my study, I would have to run to the living room every five minutes to check the score."

Some parents have contemplated snapping the cable connection till the exams are over but got warning from their children that if they dared to do so, they would`A0go to their friendsí places for study. I know the parents of a child, who had nibbled the TV cable with their teeth in the middle of the night when their son was sleeping and announced in the morning that some rat had done that deed. The son, instead of sitting down to study, spent the whole week hunting for the "anti-World Cup rat". Eventually, the parents arrange for a rat and got it killed`A0in a "fake encounter".

I again turned to Mintu, "Are you sure you will scrape through the exams?" "Donít worry, I will sail through with flying colours as I know how to study in between the ad breaks."