Karuna Goswamy


1. Rotating disc for playing records

6. It falls in flakes

8. Scientific instrumentation body (inits.)

11. Intimidate or frighten psychologically

12. Anger; wrath

13. __Khan, head of the Ismaili sect

14. Muslim poet known for Hindi dohas

17. Adult male deer

19. Become lively, cheerful

21. Self-evident; obvious



2. Small vessel generally for ritual use

3. What you read every morning

4. The Congress party's top body (inits.)

5. Hawaiian garland or wreath

6. This army's knife is legendary

7. Dramatic musical composition in the western tradition

9. Salman Rushdie's classic work

10. Low mountains in Missouri, Arkansas

15. Combining form meaning 'field' etc.

16. Leftist theatre group in India (inits.)

18. You pay it on income; also on goods

20. Sports complex in Haryana