Rhyme Time

Exam time

We are studying and studying

Suppressing all hunger and thirst

Sleep, what is it? We donít know

The stress wall is ready to burst

Heart pounding, head in hands, eyes full of tears

Miserable, spiritless victims of fear

In the morning, minds may be bluntly clear

So we have to sacrifice entertainment so dear

Percentages, percentiles and cut offs

Finals, entrances, admissions

Keeping our fingers crossed all the time

Faces appear sickly, pale and shrunken

By this examination system, we are vexed

Canít there be learning for fun, without being stressed?

Letís hope our grievances are addressed

And exams are history for the time to come next

Surabhi Sethi, XII-Com,
D. N. Model Senior Secondary School, Moga