Karuna Goswamy


6. Site of a famous Napoleonic battle

7. Imitate; mimic

8. Largest bone of the pelvis

11. ‘Buddhist’ town in Japan

12. Valmiki was one; so was Vasishtha

13. If you are at this, you are perplexed

14. Quantity of medicine to be taken at one time

16. Manner of walking or stepping

18. Pride oneself on an achievement

20. Written acknowledgement of a debt

21. Dark coloured viscid product


1. _____ Chishti, great Muslim saint

2. _____ Khusro, celebrated poet/thinker

3. Combining form meaning ‘three’

4. Crippled; physically disabled

5. Tract of land; region

9. Device producing sharp beam of light

10. Custom or practice

15. A potato, informally so called

17. Against; opposed to

19. ____ Bhatt, famous social activist