Rhyme time
Disaster in Japan

A sudden shaking under the sea

Brought disastrous waves of

water in the cities

Which killed thousands of Japanese

Many houses got carried away

That was the centuryís most

disastrous day

Cars floating along the water

And all buildings began to totter

The quake measured 8.9 on

the Richter scale

That destroyed everything

from head to tail

To escape from this Tsunami

was a task of dare

This undoubtedly was the

biggest nightmare

After this, there was a

nuclear explosion

Which caused the spread

of radiation

People of Japan are left with nothing

Neither electricity nor pure

water to drink

We Indians should forget all

our enmity

And help them showing the

quality of humanity

                                                                                     Hardikk, VIII-C, St Joseph Convent School, Bathinda

Exam time

As exams come near

Students tremble with fear

They start thinking why didnít we study through out the year

Mothers shout ó no TV, no play

Only study and study

throughout the day

Students are in a hurry

When will these exams be over

And little brains will be out of fear

                                                                            Urvi Mittal, II-Green, Spring Fields School, Yamunanagar