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Clash of the titans
When all roads lead to Mohali
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
While hundreds of cricket fans in the city are disappointed they would not be able to make it to the World Cup cricket semifinal on Wednesday due to unavailability of tickets, the lucky ones who did get them are eagerly waiting to see the "high voltage" match between India and Pakistan at the Mohali stadium.

Ludhianvis, known for flaunting their style and status, had already “deputed” their people to get the tickets by hook or by crook to avoid last minute disappointment. Many tickets for this much hyped match have been arranged through political leaders, MPs, top bureaucrats and cricket board officials. Several residents had purchased tickets for their families and friends much in advance. But the demand for tickets suddenly increased after India defeated Australia last Thursday in the quarter final match in Ahmedabad.

For Rishabh Oswal, elder son of Kamal Oswal of the multicrore rupee Oswal Group, winning the match is a “prestige issue for India" and he has specially flown-in from Nottingham, England to watch it in Mohali. "I’m so excited at the prospect of seeing the semifinal with my family. Patriotic fervour gets stronger when you’re outside your country. Though I had to come later because of my classes I requested my father to let me join my family to see the match. I was overjoyed when he agreed to my request", said Rishabh.

All his cousins including Abhishek, Tanvi, Mannat and Siddhant have been continuously praying for India's victory in the semifinal clash on Wednesday. "For all of us it’s the final match of the World Cup. If it wins over Pakistan we’ll feel India has won the trophy", said Abhishek Oswal.

Sunita Sharma, an elated housewife, said her family members were excited about watching the match in Mohali. "When we bought the tickets about 20 days ago we didn’t know which teams would play in the semifinal. It’s our sheer luck that we’ll be able to see the crucial match between the traditional rivals (India and Pakistan). The event has suddenly become all the more special with the premiers of both countries, several chief ministers, Bollywood actors and actresses and top industry honchos expected to watch the match", she added.

Sunita’s son Kunal, a class 9 student, said he wished his friends had also been lucky to get the tickets. "We could’ve then enjoyed watching the match even more", he observed.


Indo-Pak clash revives long-lost personal ties
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
The long awaited World Cup cricket encounter between India and Pakistan has not only initiated the dialogue process between the two hostile countries but has also reignited interpersonal relationships that got buried in the sands of time.

No one had possibly thought that nearly 65 years after their forefathers were forced to leave their beloved land their grandchildren would be receiving messages on their social networking websites asking them to arrange tickets for the crucial India Pakistan semifinal match.

Many Pakistanis are using their old connections as well as social networking sites to coax city residents into arranging tickets of the match scheduled on March 30 in Mohali.

Extending a friendly gesture to their Pakistani brethren city residents are arranging tickets, booking hotel rooms and offering every possible help to their friends across the border to enable them to witness the match.

Sonu Neelibar, a local businessman, whose forefather hails from Bhurewala Mandi area in Pakistan, received a Facebook message from a man in Pakistan.

Neelibar, who bought six tickets of the semifinal match, had never imagined they would become a “prized possession”. “I gifted two tickets for my friend Nadeem Mushtaq Ramay from Pakistan. When Nadeem insisted he really wanted to see the match at the stadium I couldn’t say no and sent him two tickets. It wasn’t easy as I had bought them for my 9-year-old son Amol and 11-year-old nephew Harmehar,” he said.

Neelibar, whose family migrated from Burewala Mandi in Pakistan during the partition, met Ramay on the Web around eight years ago. “Nadeem also hails from Burewala Mandi and, when I checked his blog, I contacted him and that’s how our friendship began. Now we remain in touch on the Net,” said Neelibar.

Preet Chandoke, a local industrialist, was busy arranging hotel rooms for his Twitter friends from Pakistan. “I received a tweet this morning from three of my Pakistani friends who are coming to watch the match. They called me and told me all hotels in Chandigarh were full, so I arranged rooms for them in a local hotel located close to my home,” said Chandoke.

The local bicycle industry is trying to exploit the business potential involved in the Indo-Pakistani cricket encounter. Manjit Singh Khalsa, chairman of the United Cycle Parts Association, said: “We also expect bilateral relations to be normalized soon. Healthy ties between the two countries would immensely help in boosting trade. Currently Chinese bicycles are being sold in Pakistan. If the harsh trade regulations are relaxed then Pakistan is a good market for the Indian bicycle industry. We’ve already sent a request to PM Manmohan Singh.”



It’s always a ‘battle’ for some
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
The partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947 may have left bleeding wounds among people on both sides of the border. Stories of crossborder friendship notwithstanding, any event where the neighbouring countries that have often gone to war against each other in the past come face to face takes the form of a “battle”.

Swayed by the same sentiment, a local restaurateur has put up photos of the 1971 Indo-Pakistani war along with cricketing greats. For Gurbir Kahlon, owner of Colonel’s Cabin restaurant and the son of a retired army officer, it is a war and will remain a war. “A cricket match between India and Pakistan has never been a game where one team wins and the other loses. It has always remained a battle”, he asserts.

Realizing the city residents’ mood, Kahlon has dedicated an entire wall of his restaurant to the Indian army’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war. He along with his father is currently collecting photographs of the conflict to put them on the wall of the restaurant.

“The match between India and Pakistan is the most eagerly awaited encounter of the World Cup. Everyone looks forward to it. And it’s never considered a game. Be it a hockey, cricket or even for that matter a ‘kabaddi’ match - all encounter between the two countries get special attention. My father was a soldier who fought in a battle in the 1971 war and has some memorable photos of the war. So I decided to dedicate a wall of my restaurant to the war pictures. Along with them I would put up pictures of outstanding Indian cricket players,” said Kahlon.



Hotels, multiplexes set to cash in on match fever
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
The city is gearing up to celebrate the World Cup cricket semifinal match between India and Pakistan, dubbed by many as the “mother of all battles”, on March 30 in a grand style. While a baker is all set to bake a 100 kilo cake, leading hotels are offering “exclusive” menus to draw in customers.

Multiplexes have also got on the bandwagon and are waiting for a “no objection certificate” from the district administration to show the match on large TV screens.

Satinder Singh, owner of Hot Breads, said: "We’re preparing a cake weighing 100 kg and if India wins we’ll distribute it among residents and our esteemed customers. We also wanted to be a part of the cricket fever that has gripped the entire country."

Said Jawed Grewal, executive director of A-Hotels, said” "An India-Pakistan cricket encounter has always been a big event and the icing on the cake is that the match is being played in Mohali. We have set up four LED screens in our restaurant and plan to install a giant projector for our customers. We’ve offered unlimited drinks for Rs 1,500."

Umesh Yadav, food & beverages manager at Majestic Park Plaza hotel, said the hotel had already installed a projection screen in the bar. “We’’ also offer an exciting menu based on the World Cup theme”, he added.

Said Amit Behal, a businessman: “The fate of the World Cup and particularly of cricket depends on the Indian team's performance. The game will be watched only if the Indian team does well”.

The city’s multiplexes also plan show the match on big screens. The authorities of multiplex were in process to obtain a no objection certificate from the deputy commissioner for telecasting the matches on the big screen. A multiplex owner reportedly sold about 250 tickets for the match to a major soft drink firm for over Rs 1 lakh.



Cheer leaders will entertain members at clubs
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
The elite clubs in city are not behind in prioviding "best" to their members on Wednesday- when Indians will play a crucial semifinal match against their archrivals- Pakistan. Hundreds of members of all leading clubs, including Sutlej Club, Lodhi Club and Ludhiana Club have already made their plans to enjoy the day with eatables, drinks and even cheer leaders!

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, general secretary of Sutlej Club Sanjiv Dhanda said that the semifinal between India and Pakistan was "special" for all countrymen. "We have arranged for a big screen, which will be put up in the lawns on Wednesday. Cheerleaders have specially been invited to make the event more enjoyable.

Besides, four dholis (drum players) have been arranged to beat on drums on each square drive and sixer played by Indian players. There will be discount on drinks and eatables will be served on tables so that members are not disturbed during the match", said Dhanda.

At Lodhi Club, dual arrangements have been made for the members. During afternoon, LED will be put-up in the lobby and in the evening, big screen with projector will be put-up in the lawns. The cultural secretary of Lodhi Club, Pawan Garg, said that since it was a "do or die" sitaution for India, the club had arranged bhangra boys and a dance troupe to encourage Indians. "We must enjoy these moments and pray for India's victory", said Garg.

While in Ludhiana Club, members have already chalked-out plans to gather at the lawns where another big screen will be put up. One of the member Ashu Jain said that friends had decided to wind up early at work to enjoy the whole match. "Had it been between India and some other country, there would not be much excitement but it is with Pakistan, everyone wants that latter is defeated. Watching the match on big screen is more exciting", said Jain.



Birthday bash themed on cricket!
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
For Sidhant Oswal, a class 6 student who turned 11 on Monday, it was a special birthday - dedicated only to cricket. He enjoyed every minute of the day with friends playing cricket, the theme of the party.

Talking to the Ludhiana Tribune, Sidhant said: "I simply love this game. We’re a group of about dozen friends who never miss an opportunity to play cricket when all are together. I came up with the idea to have cricket as the theme of the birthday party and all my friends readily agreed. We’re not going to play other traditional birthday games like musical chair and statue dance. For a good three hours we just played cricket in the lawns. I wish the Indian team also has a roaring time the way we’re having fun here today after defeating Pakistan in the semifinal in Mohali”.

Archit, a friend of Sidhant, quips: "We’re dedicating today's game to the Indian cricket team. See there’s absolutely no pressure on us, we’re enjoying the game thoroughly. We want our Indian cricketers to play like this, without any fears and pressures. We wish them the best of luck for Wednesday's semi-final match. We’ve heard if kids pray their requests are often answered. So we’ll pray continuously for India's victory".

Meanwhile, the craze for cricket among schoolkids is no less than that consuming any other cricket fan. Students of class 12 are relieved that their exams got over on Monday. "Now we can enjoy the game with a relaxed mind. We plan to sit together and watch this crucial match between India and Pakistan. A friend of ours has a huge farmhouse on the city’s outskirts and we intend to enjoy ourselves there with mouthwatering delicacies", said Sidhartha (not his real name), a student, at the Sarabha Nagar market.



India-Pak encounter
Stadium or television — You just can’t miss this one!

With just a day left for the “big game” between archrivals India and Pakistan, cricket mania has gripped city residents like never before. “CRICKET” is all that families and youngsters are talking about. Tribune reporters Mohit Khanna and Anil Kumar and lensman Himanshu Mahajan meet some city youths and residents at their favourite hangouts

Cozy at home!

Akhil Bharadwaj, Shikha, Anjali, Atul Sharma, Renu, Jaspreet, Kuldip Singh and Varinder Singh, all students of MBA, PAU, Ludhiana, in the match mood
Akhil Bharadwaj, Shikha, Anjali, Atul Sharma, Renu, Jaspreet, Kuldip Singh and Varinder Singh, all students of MBA, PAU, Ludhiana, in the match mood.

"We are going to watch the big match in the cozy environs of our home. I will break into a dance if India wins,’’ says Akhil. Kuldeep Singh, also a university student, is sure of India's win. He said, "India is definitely going to win the semifinal match. Pakistan will face pressure in Mohali due to the knockout system and also because there will be more spectators supporting India. I am going to be glued to the small screen at my home. Said Varinder Singh, a student."The match between India and Pakistan and our semester exams were scheduled on the same date.The university management has postponed exams due to some reason which has given us some relief. Now we will be able to watch the match patiently on TV,” he added.

Only on big screen!

Hersohena, Pallavi, Sangeet Sharma, Manmeet Singh and Rajan discuss plans for Wednesday
Hersohena, Pallavi, Sangeet Sharma, Manmeet Singh and Rajan discuss plans for Wednesday.

Manmeet Singh, another university student, said many fellow students had made arrangements to watch the match on the big screen with the help of a projector. "The students would install a projector at the centre of the playground inside a hostel and would enjoy the most crucial cricket match of this World Cup," he said. Hersohena, a student while disclosing her group's plans, said: “We have planned to make it a very special day watching the match with friends with more cheers and applause.” She pointed out that the Indian team can win the match easily if top batsmen stayed on the crease for a long time. "Suresh Raina is now an important player. He might be given another chance. Spinner Harbhajan Singh will succeed in scalping more wickets for India," she believes. Pallavi, another college student, is going to watch the match at Mohali with her friends. "We spent a lot on purchasing the tickets. This is for the first time that I am going to watch a cricket match in the field," said Pallavi, adding that she hopes India thrash Pakistan to enter the finals of the world cup.

Can’t miss it!

Budding cricketers raise slogans for Team India
Budding cricketers raise slogans for Team India.

Hisar-based youths Mohan and his four friends said they were going back to their homes today and would enjoy the cricket fever along with other friends there. Mohan said, "We didn't leave any cricket match between India and Pakistan till date. For a surprise, we once had missed our board examination due to a cricket match between both the teams." Sombir said they were here in the city for an industrial training. "I hoped to get a ticket for the Mohali match. But we couldn't manage it. Now we are going to celebrate the day as I am sure for India's win in this world cup," said Sombir.

I will wear blue shirt!

(From left) Subhen Batish, Aman Libra and Arsh Batish await the semifinal match
(From left) Subhen Batish, Aman Libra and Arsh Batish await the semifinal match.

"I am very excited I will wear the blue shirt during the Indo-Pak encounter and cheer Team India, during the semifinal against- Pakistan. I would have loved to see the match in Mohali but there are no tickets available," says Sushen Batish, who was taking a break along with Aman Libra, Ash Batish after a round of cricket at terrace of their home.

Aman and Ash were also planning to watch the match at home. "There seem to be a no possibility that we could get a chance to watch a match in the stadium. So we have decided to watch the match at home," says the duo.

"I will bring popcorns, while Arsh will bring soft drinks. We will watch the game and enjoy the snacks," said Aman.

I will pray for India!

(From left) Tarun Dutt, Drishti Sharma and Parbhav Sharma cheer for Team IndiaTarun Dutt says he will be praying for Team India’s victory by putting his bat in front of the deity. "I believe that God will accept my prayer and bring victory for Team India.

Parbhav Sharma and Drishti Sharma say they would colour their faces with the tri-colour to cheer for Team India. They decorate their room with the picture of Indian cricket team players.

"I have already told my mother not to ask me to do homework on March 30. I am planning to finish the homework in advance so that I should not have to get a wrap from teachers," says Prabhav.

Drishti Sharma is beaming with joy. "I would not let my mother to watch any teary soap opera. It will be cricket only," says Drishti.

(From left) Tarun Dutt, Drishti Sharma and Parbhav Sharma cheer for Team India.



33 employees found absent in govt offices
Tribune News Service

Checking in 49 offices

Eight teams conducted checking in 49 offices of the city during which 33 employees were found missing from duty during working hours. Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari said they had asked the chiefs of all offices to deduct a day's salary of the employees who had been found absent

Ludhiana, March 28
In order to keep checks on absenteeism in government departments during the public hours, teams constituted by the Deputy Commissioner (DC) conducted surprise checking in government offices during which 33 employees were found absent.

DC Rahu Tiwari had constituted eight teams under senior officials of the district for checking various government offices in the city. The eight teams conducted checking in 49 offices of the city during which 33 employees were found missing from duty during working hours.

During checking in offices of the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) and Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA), Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) SR Kaler found three employees absent from each office. Similarly during the checking, ADC (Development) Pradeep Aggarwal found three employees absent from the horticulture department, four in the main office of the Agriculture Department, two in the Block Development and Panchayat Officer (BDPO)- 1 and one in government dispensary Badowal.

During inspection of Sub Divisional Magistrate (west), two employees of Zila Parishad, one of the Civil Surgeon office and one each of the sewerage board Division 1 and 2 were found absent. Similarly, during checking of the District Mandi Board office, the District Revenue Balraj Kaur found one employee missing from duty.

SDM (Khanna) Inderjeet Kaur also found three employees missing in Assistant Food Supply office and five employees absent in the Improvement Trust Office. Mukand Singh Sandhu SDM Jagroan found on employee of the cooperative department missing and Dr Neeru Katyal Gupta SDM Payal found one employee each absent in the office of the Assistant Food Supply and BDPO.

DC Rahul Tiwari said they had asked the chiefs of all offices to deduct a day's salary along with a major penalty charge-sheet against the employees who had been found absent.



Clever Move
To avoid criticism, MC plans to approve F&CC agenda in phases
Manvinder Singh/TNS

197 items to be discussed

In the first phase, the MC will discuss 197 items on Tuesday. Under pressure from the politicians of the ruling SAD-BJP alliance, the MC authorities had initially asked its staff to draft an agenda of more than 700 items for the meeting of the high-powered committee

Ludhiana, March 28
In order to avoid public criticism over including a large number of items in the agenda of the high-powered Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC), the “shrewd” Municipal Corporation (MC) authorities have found a new method of approving items in phases.

Due to this, in the first phase, it would be discussing 197 items on Tuesday.

Under the pressure of politicians of the ruling SAD-BJP alliance, the MC authorities had initially asked its staff to draft an agenda of more than 700 items for the meeting of the high-powered committee.

The reason being that leaders of the ruling alliance wanted that developmental works to be expedited so that they could get the mileage of developmental works in the coming Assembly elections of the state. But the including of such a hefty agenda in the F&CC despite limited income resources had evoked a sharp criticism. MC officials have now adopted a unique way, which is that it would discuss the agenda in phases so that criticism could be avoided.

For it, MC officials have kept around 200 items in the agenda of the meeting to be held on Tuesday. Sources revealed that in this agenda, top brass of the civic body had asked the MC officials to ensure that no item relating to any estimate of developmental work was included. Rather the items in this agenda would be general items which would be discussed by the high-powered committee, added the sources.

Sources also revealed that the item related to the estimates of projects would be included in the meeting which is likely to be held after a gap of about a week. Sources said the MC officials were expecting two benefits from this move, as they hope that apart from avoiding public criticism, it would also facilitate them in getting the agenda approved from the state government which is already asking the MC officials to keep a few items in the agenda of the F&CC. When asked to comment on the matter, Senior Deputy Mayor Praveen Bansal said the agenda pertains to development and they include only those items which are of public interest.

However he said there was no strategy to discuss the agenda in phases, but the motive was of keeping the matters of high priority first.



Second show-cause notice to audit official in 10 days
Manvinder Singh/TNS

Ludhiana, March 28
Trouble seems to be brewing for Deputy Controller Finance and Audit (DCFA) SK Gupta again, as within 10 days he has been issued a second show-cause notice for negligence.

Gupta, along with accountant of the accounts branch Vinayak Kumar, had got a show-cause notice on 16th of this month after they had passed a contingent bill of around Rs 1.5 lakh for the installation of tubewells.

This despite the fact that MC Commissioner AK Sinha had raised an objection to the bill and had asked the Superintendent Engineer (SE) to submit the report regarding it as signature of some persons were missing from the file.

However, taking cognisance of the matter, the MC authorities have again issued a show-cause notice to him. The reason is that he had failed to check the fake vouchers of the bill produced before him by the officers of the building and roads (B&R) branch in November. Sources revealed that a show-cause notice had been issued to him in a case pertaining to the construction of the road at Kanganwal at the cost of Rs 44 lakh. Sources further said that a bill of Rs 36 lakh was to be made to the contractor against which officials had raised some objections.

However, three officials of the MC's B&R branch had forged the papers of the objections and had submitted the papers for the clearing of the bill which was duly signed by the DCFA, added the sources. But the matter was detected by MC Additional Commissioner Kanwalpreet Kaur Brar, after which the three officials, including an Executive Engineer, Sub-Divisional Officer and Junior Engineer, were issued show-cause notices. However, as the role of the DCFA was also dubious in the whole issue, now he has also been issued notice, added the sources.

When asked to comment on the matter, Brar confirmed that she had issued a show-cause notice to Gupta as he had failed to perform his duty well. She asserted that as he had signed the forged documents without checking them, he had been issued the notice.



PSEB blamed for inflated prices of textbooks
Lovleen Bains

Doraha, March 28
Parents of school students have accused booksellers of charging more for new textbooks than their maximum retail prices. However, the shopkeepers in turn claimed they were asked by the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) to jack up prices.

A class 6 student alleged a local bookseller charged Rs 53 for a mathematics textbook as against the price of Rs 39 printed on the book. Another student of class 10 said he had to shell out Rs 64 for a math textbook though the price printed on it was Rs 59.

Many say the booksellers are not to blame for the inflated prices being charged for school textbooks. The PSEB had provided a separate list of revised prices to all bookseller, which mentioned the new prices would be effective from February 11, 2011 but only “for the textbooks printed in 2011.

“The textbooks being presently sold at the new prices are old editions. How can revised prices be charged for books on which no extra cost has been incurred?” asked a shopkeeper.

Joginder Kirti, a local bookseller, complained: “We’re facing a grave problem due to this lapse on the part of the school education board. Since we’ve been charged according to the revised price list we have to sell the textbooks at the same prices. But the problem arises customers are not only reluctant to pay the higher prices but also argue with shopkeepers for no fault of theirs.”

“As we were really upset by every customer asking us about the difference in the price, we pasted stickers on them but this too is viewed with suspicion. Hence we discontinued the practice anymore” said a bookseller.

“Earlier, in such a case, the board itself used to put its stamp on every copy of the book and specify very clearly that that this particular rate should be charged for this particular book and hence there was no problem either for the shopkeeper or for the customer but now the board does not bother to take such pains” clarified a wholesaler.

The father of a class 10 student asked: “If the textbook has not been printed afresh, why should students be charged extra for them? Either the books should have been reprinted to justify the increased prices or they should be made available at the old prices”.

“Is it not a shame that the same textbooks on which nothing has been incurred be charged differently form the students? Moreover, how much harassment it may carry in its wake. How will students come to know what they are being charged for textbooks and what the actual prices are? It is not the duty of the booksellers to show the revised price list to every student who comes to buy the books at his store?” asked an angry parent.

Meanwhile, elementary DO Harpal Kaur, when contacted, said fresh stocks of textbooks had already arrived at schools. “I’ll be able to comment only after I enquire into the matter”, she added.



House Tax
Rs 7.68 cr recovered from West End Mall
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
In a major achievement, the Municipal Corporation (MC) managed to recover Rs 7.68 crore as house tax from the West End Mall, whereas continuing its spree of recovery of arrears, the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) branch collected more than Rs 45 lakh from defaulters.

The house tax branch of the civic body got a major boost when it recovered Rs 7.68 crore from a leading mall of the city.

MC Joint Commissioner BK Gupta, in charge of the house tax branch, said that arrears of crores of rupees were pending against the West End mall. He said due to efforts of their branch, representatives of the mall finally submitted a payment of Rs 7.68 crore to them which, he claimed, was a big recovery. He also said that they had already expedited the recovery this year.

Officials of the MC's Operation and Maintenance branch also launched a major drive for collecting the pending arrears from the defaulters on Monday. The teams of Zone A and B led by Executive Engineer Kamlesh Bansal recovered Rs 13 lakh which was pending as water and sewerage charges. Similarly, teams of Zone C and D recovered Rs 32.55 lakh from the defaulters.



Lawyers observe strike, sit on dharna
Bar council chief's order evokes sharp reactions
Rajneesh Lakhanpal
Our Legal Correspondent

DBA vice-chief justifies decision

Meanwhile, DBA Vice President N D Chopra has justified the decision taken by the Bar Council chief. He said that there was nothing wrong in it. It was as per the wishes of the majority of the Bar members. Bar Council's newly appointed Returning officer NPS Gahir claimed that they had taken the charge and got requisite record to conduct the elections. The decision of removing the votes of lawyers would be taken soon, he added.

Ludhiana, March 28
Controversy arisen after the decision of the chairman of Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana barring the lawyers to cast vote in the coming annual election of DBA, who were not registered with the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana has deepened with the lawyers observing strike in the courts.

Lawyers led by District Bar Association President Naval Kishore Chhibber and ex-DBA president Parupkar Singh Ghumman sat on a dharna outside the library in the Lawyers Chambers Complex and also raised slogans against the Bar council chief's order.

The annual elections of DBA were scheduled for April 1. The Bar Council's order passed on March 23, 2011 has also shunted out two assistant returning officers by replacing them with two new assistant returning officers. One returning officer and chief co-ordinator was also appointed by the Bar Council.

Speaking on this occasion, the DBA president Naval Kishore Chhibber that the Bar Association was an autonomous body and was governed by its own constitution. There was no necessity of the Bar Council chief to interfere in the peaceful election process and that too at the behest of their opponents.

He said that the Bar council chief passed the orders acting on a complaint moved by presidential candidate Ashok Mittal and aspiring contestant for the post of secretary Ankur Ghai, which was not a correct decision.

Senior lawyer Comrade Kuldeep Singh stated that it was unfortunate that some lawyers not registered with the Bar council of Punjab And Haryana had been deprived of their fundamental right to vote despite the fact of their having membership with the local DBA for years. If any such decision was to be taken by the Bar Council then proper opportunity should have been given to the lawyers concerned.

Davinder Singh Saini questioned as to how a lawyer practicing in local courts and registered member of the bar association could be stopped from casting vote by the Bar Council. Was it a sin, if a lawyer was not registered with the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana but with some other state bar council ?



CMC Convocation
Medical, dental, nursing graduates get degrees
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, March 28
The annual convocation of Christian Medical College (CMC), Christian Dental College, College of Nursing and College of Physiotherapy, was held with traditional grandeur at the college campus here today.

The chief guest at the convocation Tikshan Sud, Punjab Minister Parliamentary Affairs, Medical Education and Research, Forest and Labour, in his presidential address said, “At the outset, let me thank the institute for inviting me here to participate in this memorable occasion and to distribute the convocation credentials to merit holders. The medical profession is prestigious, with ample scope for growth, and especially the medical graduates are part of the educated class that society looks up to, for guidance and awareness."

Extending his best wishes to the new medical graduates, he said he wished all the young doctors the very best in life and a wonderful future with achievements with the confidence that they would also treat the poor people with compassion and dedication.

Talking about the institution, Sud said he was delighted to be here with the younger generation of doctors and nurses today. The CMC has a long tradition of pursuing excellence in teaching and research in science. He also appreciated the CMCH for its exceptional services in the field of medical science.

Dr Abraham G. Thomas, director of CMCH, extended a welcome to the chief guest and the distinguished gathering,

Dr SM Bhatti, principal, CMC administered the "Hippocratic Oath" to the graduates and postgraduates. He also presented the overview of faculty achievements. Fortysix medical graduates were awarded the degrees. The students excelling in various academic activities were awarded prizes and medals by the chief guest.

Alisha Sharma, Midhila Baby, Nina Philip, Sebastian Marker, Geetika Gera, Devki Verma, Amrit Kaur, Samson Charan and Jenni Mariam George were the prominent prize winners. Jensi Achamma George won the gold medal for being the best intern while Chepsy C. Philip was awarded the Jaswant Kaur Memorial award for being the best medical resident. Faculty award for the best outgoing orthopaedics resident went to Dr Suhash Masilamani.

64 B.Sc (nursing) graduates and 24 M.Sc (nursing) postgraduates were also awarded the degrees. Damanpreet Kaur B.Sc (nursing) 1st year, Harpreet Kaur B.Sc (nursing) 2nd year, Gigi M. George B.Sc (nursing) 3rd year and Harpreet Kaur B.Sc (nursing) 4th year secured first position in the college. Sarabjit Kaur secured first position in B.Sc (nursing) aggregate. Among the postgraduates, Poonam Sharma M.Sc (nursing) 1st year and Mamta M.Sc (nursing) 2nd year stood first in the university. Preety Alagh ranked first in M.Sc (nursing) aggregate. Special prizes were awarded to Sanchi Gureja for the "Best Community Health Nurse", Jaspreet Kaur HS for the "Best Bed Side Nurse" while Renny Grace Paul was presented with Anna Vohra Memorial Award for the "All Round Best Student Nurse".

Dr Abi M. Thomas, principal, Christian Dental College (CDC) presented the college report. There were 40 BDS and 4 MDS students who received their degrees. As many as eight students were awarded gold medals.

In his report, Dr Thomas highlighted the achievements of the faculty and students last year. Navraj topped in the final professional BDS examination. The overall percentage of students in BDS examination was 95 per cent, and four students got distinctions.



800 donate blood
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, March 28
Terming blood donation the noblest contribution towards humanity, office-bearers of some social and medical organisations called upon the youth of the area to help the needy. The call came during a blood donation camp organised by the local unit of the social welfare organisation at grain market here yesterday. At least 801 persons, including 260 women, donated blood.

Prem Gupta, secretary management committeeDMC and Hospital, inaugurated the camp, while T S Bindra, civil judge and Hanuman Singla were the guests of honour.

Stressing the need for voluntary blood donation, speakers, including Gupta, Dr Amarjit Kaur and Ravinder Puri councillor, urged office-bearers of the social organisations of the area to join hands in creating awareness about the significance of blood donation. "Blood donation, like donation of some other vital organs has been the noblest contribution as it cannot be manufactured synthetically. Moreover, a healthy body can produce transfused blood within a reasonable period. So, in order to save human lives, we should not hesitate in donating it," speakers said. The organisers felicitated the donors with mementoes. Society chairman Dr Rajinder Mittal and secretary Tarsem Garg thanked donors for their contribution.



Voluntary donation of blood safe: docs
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, March 28
Claiming that voluntary donation of blood was safer than replacement donation of the vital fluid, authorities at blood banks of the area urged office-bearers of social organisations to organise more blood donation camps in their respective areas.

A unit of blood donated voluntarily could save three lives with separated components whereas that donated under pressure was used for only one patient, maintained the blood transfusion experts.

Dr Amarjit Kaur, professor and head, the department of blood transfusion medicine at Dyanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, and Dr Jyoti Kapoor, district blood transfusion officer, Sangrur, said quality of blood donated by volunteer donors was always better than that transfused through replacement donation.

While only healthy and energetic persons donated blood during blood camps, members of families of patients requiring blood under emergency compromised under obvious pressure of urgent need. Moreover, authorities get sufficient time to rule out possibility of contamination of the blood with pathogens and germs.

"Appreciating gesture of organisers of blood donation camps organised in the region, Amanrjit held more than 70 per cent of the blood transfused during past months had been received during blood donation camps. Students of various colleges had contributed maximum towards the noble cause.

Amarjit Kaur maintained that various components of the donated blood were used to save lives of more than one person.



Dr Sidhu nominated Planning Commission member
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
The Planning Commission (Agriculture Division), Government of India, has nominated Dr Rajinder Singh Sidhu, Dean, College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, PAU, as a member of its "working group on the outreach of institutional finance, cooperatives and risk management for the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-2017)".

Sidhu is the only member from northern India. The working group has high stature experts from national bodies concerned with financial service, administration, banks etc. Sidhu has more than 25 years research experience in farm economics and he specialises in agrikcultural finance and policy analysis.

Dr Manjit Singh Kang, Vice-Chancellor, PAU, has congratulated Sidhu for his induction in the working group. He added that it was a matter of great honour for PAU as he had been engaged in studying the role and contribution of institutional agricultural credit to growth as well as its adequacy to different farming groups.



Cops give tips to NCC cadets on road safety
Our Correspondent

Raekot, March 28
Cadets of NCC unit of Halwara School vowed to adopt traffic rules as part of their lifestyle during the concluding session of a training seminar conducted by the Number 4 Punjab Air Squadron, NCC, Ludhiana, today. Commanding Officer Wing Commander HS Gulati presided over the session and DCP Wazir Singh Kaira was the convener.

Responding to a call made by office-bearers of the traffic wings of the Ludhiana and Ludhiana (Rural) police, cadets assured the organisers that they would not violate traffic rules in their life. Head Constable Jagmail Singh and Sukhdev Singh from the Traffic Education Cells gave tips on road safety.

The Commanding Officer Wing Commander HS Gulati thanked the educator for valuable information provided by them.



Driver of bank manager tricks girl, withdraws Rs 2 lakh from ATM
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 28
The driver of a bank manager and his accomplice have been booked for stealing the ATM card from a girl and withdrawing over Rs 2 lakh from the latter's account. The accused identified as Sunny, who is employed as a driver of a PNB bank manager, along with his friend duped Geeta, a resident of Guru Arjan Dev Nagar, nearly three months ago on the condition of helping her.

The incident came to light when Som Parkash, father of Geeta, told his daughter that someone had tricked her and given her a fake ATM card. He further said that the trickster had smartly siphoned off Rs 2 lakh by using the ATM card.

Geeta reported the matter to the police stating that on December 31, she visited SBI ATM machine at Jamalpur road, where two youths took her ATM card on the pretext of helping her in withdrawing money and gave her a fake ATM card.

According to the police, the accused was nabbed when Geeta visited PNB Bank branch located at Shinghar cinema road to inquire about the possibility that the youths might have been caught in the CCTV camera installed in the ATM machine. Geeta told the manager that the accused carried out several transactions from the ATM machine. While Geeta was coming out of the bank, she spotted Sunny. To her shock, she found out that Sunny was working as a driver of the bank manager.

She further raised an alarm and told the bank manager how Sunny along with his friend tricked her and withdrew money from her bank account. By that time, Sunny and his friend fled the scene.

In the meantime, the police has booked the accused and launched a manhunt operation to nab them.



Missing child found in a water tank
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Samrala, March 28
A pall of gloom descended in the Sunder Enclave Colony, Samrala, after the decomposed body of missing child Krishna was recovered from a water tank of an abandoned house near his home. some children playing near the vicinity of the house noticed an arm of the child and they informed their parents and soon the people gathered there including the parents of the missing child.

The police was informed and they reached the scene and took the body to the Civil Hospital, Samrala, for a postmortem to know the cause of death. The body of the boy was found lying in a water tank in the abandoned house but the water level was low in the tank.

The child has been identified as Tanash alias Krishna (3) was missing from March 5 from his house after he came back from school and was playing near his house. After that the police was searching for the child and the abandoned house from where the body was recovered was also searched twice by the police but nothing was recovered from there .

According to the DSP, Samrala, it was ascertained after the postmortem that the death of child might have occurred three or four days earlier and the body might have been thrown here after murdering the child at some other place. He said that the real story will come into fore shortly but it seems that child was abducted and killed. He, however, said that the child might have died due to suffocation as some blood stains were noticed from his nose and ear according to the doctors who conducted his post mortem.



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