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Clash of the titans
City top brass deployed in Mohali
Residents set to face inconvenience
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
City residents are likely to face trouble in getting their routine work done as the functioning of the district administration and the police is set to be affected due to the deployment of 22 top officials at Mohali for the World Cup semifinal match between India and Pakistan.

According to sources, keeping in view the scheduled visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Pakistan counterpart along with a large number of other dignitaries from the country, security arrangements have been beefed up at Mohali.

For this, a large number of officials from Punjab have been deployed at Mohali. Out of these, 22 have been requisitioned from Ludhiana.

Sources say as per the directions of the state government, four Punjab Civil Service officers have been deployed at Mohali.

These are Gurloveleen Sidhu, Mukand Singh, Prem Chand and Manpreet Singh who are currently posted as Sub-Divisional Magistrates at Raikot, Jagraon, Ludhiana (West) and Ludhiana (East).

Also, Ludhiana Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) Harsh Bansal, ADCP Jasdev Singh, ADCP (Traffic) Sajjan Singh Cheema and ADCP Harmohan Singh have been deployed at Mohali.

Besides, Assistant Commissioner of Police East Bhupinder Singh Sidhu and ACP (North) PS Pannu have been deployed for the match.

Similarly, 13 top officers from Ludhiana Range are on duty at Mohali. These are: Deputy Inspector General of Police Paramraaj Singh Umranangal, three Superintendents of Police and seven Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSP).

Though these officials have been deployed at the stadium to ensure good arrangements at the PCA stadium, the work here is likely to get affected as most of these officials are sitting on crucial posts of public dealing.

Though the officials were tightlipped over the matter, the sources claim that alternative arrangements have been made by the district administrative and police authorities to ensuring minimum harassment to city residents.

22 from Ludhiana

A large number of officials from Punjab have been deployed at Mohali to oversee the arrangements for the World Cup semifinal clash between India and Pakistan. Out of these, 22 administrative and police officials have been requisitioned from Ludhiana

Handling movement of VIPs

ADCP Harsh Bansal is in charge of law and order. He will look into the arrangements of traffic during the movement of VIPs in Chandigarh to ensure that no inconvenience is caused to commuters due to the match.


Cricket buffs alter travel plans
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, March 28
Thanks to the much-hyped India-Pakistan encounter in the second semi-final of the Cricket World Cup 2011 at Mohali tomorrow, that for the first time ever, confirmed railway reservation on one of busiest trunk routes of Ludhiana-Delhi can be had for asking on this particular day.

A majority of cricket lovers would rather keep themselves glued to their television sets right from the first ball of the match is bowled till the finish, which in all probability will be a cliff-hanger, rather than spend the time in undertaking a rail journey, even if it comes to altering their travel plans, rescheduling business meetings or social commitments.

If railway officials here are to be believed, most of the trains running on trunk routes in the evening have ample room, especially in upper classes. And perhaps for the first time ever, confirmed tickets in the “tatkal" category for the elite evening Shatabdi Express running between Amritsar and New Delhi for March 30 were readily available till this afternoon.

"Normally, the tatkal tickets, available 48 hours in advance for most of the trains, are exhausted in a few minutes after the booking opens in the morning," a railway official told The Tribune.

So much is the craze to become a part of the cricket history (that is the term cricket lovers here are using) when the arch-rivals meet in the Cricket world cup semi-final for the first time ever that a newly wedded couple delayed proceeding on their honeymoon for a day, and a family of four, having confirmed reservation in evening Shatabdi Express on March 30, cancelled their tickets and revised their travel plans.

Anuj and Rewati (names changed), who were married only last week, were to travel to Delhi on Wednesday morning by car from where they were to take a flight to Goa in the late afternoon for their honeymoon. "But the moment we learnt that it will be India that takes on Pakistan in the semi-final at Mohali, we changed our travel plans and put off the journey for two days. Even if it meant a lot of hassles to get alternative flight that, too, at a higher cost, and change in hotel bookings, it is worth it because we shall be able to see the match on TV," said Anuj, an ardent cricket fan and staunch believer in the strength of the Indian team.

The story of Paramjit Singh Kohli, an auto parts dealer is no different. Kohli, along with his wife, was to board the evening Shatabdi for New Delhi on March 30 and attend a dealers’ meet of a leading company the next morning. But the excitement of the Indo-Pak encounter weighed heavily on him, which made him cancel the tickets. "Now I will be able to watch the whole of the thrilling match on TV rather than undertake a train journey at that particular time."

The businessman will now have to travel to Delhi on Thursday morning either by bus or another train, missing the first part of the conference. But he has no regrets. "For watching the two traditional rivals pitted against each other, and the prospect of being a witness to an Indian victory, this is a small inconvenience."


Craze unlimited

So much is the craze to become a part of the cricket history (that is the term cricket lovers here are using) when the arch-rivals meet in the Cricket world cup semi-final for the first time ever, that a newly wedded couple delayed proceeding on their honeymoon for a day. A family of four, having confirmed reservation in evening Shatabdi Express on March 30, cancelled their tickets and revised their travel plans.



Lending colour to patriotic spirit
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
Patriotic fervour has gripped the city residents, as saffron, white and green dominate the leading parlours and tattoo shops across the city.

To lend their support to India during their semifinal encounter with Pakistan at Mohali tomorrow, children and youngsters are getting their faces, nails, hands and even hair painted with the Tricolour, the World Cup trophy, the map of India, bats and balls et al.

With cricket mania gripping youngsters, parlour owners have started offering special discounts to students. A survey suggests that youngsters have specially been visiting parlours to get an expression for their “patriotic spirit”.

Indra Ahluwalia of Grace Beauty Clinic here says it is good to see the craze among youngsters for the game and the nation.

“We had no plans to introduce such offers earlier but looking at the craze among the youth, we have decided to fan their patriotic sprit,” feels Ahluwalia. Discounts are largely being offered to students. By paying anything between Rs 500 and Rs 1,500, they can get their faces, hands, nails and hair painted with a World Cup trophy, flags, bats and balls.

Deepinder, a youngster, says: “I will go to a club to watch the match on the big screen with friends tomorrow. All of us have decided to do something different. I am getting my hand and nails painted in the Tricolour. I am sure the Indian team will play an excellent match against Pakistan and win the semifinal. I am paying Rs 650 to get this art done on hands and nails. I feel so good that even my parents did not object to my paying so much to get myself painted.” Tattoo artists in the Sarabha Nagar market are also witnessing rush as fans want “temporary” tattoos on different parts of their body.

Raghav, a tattoo artist, says: “The craze is for the tomorrow’s semifinal match. Everyone is excited to see India give a tough fight to Pakistan. Youngsters are asking for temporary tattoos. We use colours that are skin-friendly. Besides the Indian flag, golden and silver colours are being used to highlight the tattoos. The range depends on the size of the tattoo. A temporary tattoo can cost up to Rs 500,” says Raghav.



Memories: Sweet & Sour
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
Cricket aficionados are once again caught between the rising and falling adrenaline levels as they wait for the much-awaited "bat and ball battle" between India and Pakistan scheduled to be played at the PCA stadium on March 30.
Anshu Seth talks to sports enthusiasts from across the city, who share their "unforgettable moments" from some previous matches between the two archrivals.

Navneet Jairath: Entrepreneur
Match: Sharjah Cup final between India and Pakistan
Date and Year: April 18, 1986
Played at: Sharjah CA stadium
Nostalgic moment: My friends and I were keeping our fingers crossed as Pakistan needed four runs to win the match off the last ball. We prayed and paced the room and the world came to a standstill when Javed Miandad hit a six off Chetan Sharma's full toss delivery to register the one-wicket win for Pakistan.

Dr Vivek Saggar: Dental surgeon
Match: ICC World Cup, India vs Pakistan
Played at: Centurion Park, South Africa
Date and Year: March 1, 2003
Nostalgic Moment: Sachin Tendulkar was going great guns but a short-pitched ball by Shoiab Akhtar ended the superb innings of the Indian hero at 98 in just 75 balls. My heart skipped a few beats and it took me sometime to return to my normal self. I can still recall the discomfort caused by cramps that led Tendulkar to get a runner in the last phase of his innings.

RD Singh: Former Indian Umpire in international matches
Match: Test match between India and Pakistan
Played at: Burlton Park at Jalandhar
Date and Year: 1982
Nostalgic moment: Being the executive member of the Punjab Cricket Association, I was in complete shock when Sunil Gavaskar marched back to the pavilion in the opening over. But seeing Anshuman Gaekwad playing brilliant shots to complete his first double century made me a proud Indian. The standing ovation for Gaekwad is still fresh in my mind.

Neelam Kanish: Businessman
Match: ICC World Cup, India vs Pakistan
Played at: Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney (Australia)
Date and Year: March 4, 1992
Nostalgic moment: Aamer Sohail was playing a mature game and it was his wicket that mattered the most. A tricky delivery bowled by Sachin Tendulkar lured the batsman to hit it big.But Srikkant took the catch that turned the tables on the Pakistani team. I still remember jumping with joy soon after the catch.



Foreigners, too, join the party
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
Fans not just from India and Pakistan but also those from other nations are converging on Mohali to witness the biggest cricketing rivalry of the World Cup.

Geoffrey (60) of Leicestershire and George Macarthur (25) of Northampton have flown all the way from England to watch the semifinal encounter scheduled for tomorrow.

Putting up in a local hotel due to unavailability of rooms in Chandigarh, the two hope for India’s victory over their archrivals.

“It is the mother of all matches in this World Cup. I bet the match will go down to the wire and provide the kind of entertainment that a semifinal deserves,” feels Geoffrey, whose two sons Bertie and Freddie play County cricket in England. George is a diehard fan of India and has even brought a Team India T-shirt to cheer for the team.

He says: “It will be a high-pressure game for India as they are the host nation and there will be a lot of expectations from the team. It will be a test of talent and temperament for the Indian team.”

The two were denied a room in the tricity one month prior to the tournament.

“We realised the magnitude of the game only after visiting Chandigarh. The city is drenched in festive spirit and celebrating the game of cricket in the best way possible. We have visited Chandigarh before but have never seen such intensity and excitement for the game,” they add.

Their only concern now is to get inside the stadium. As over 28,000 spectators will line up to watch the biggest encounter of the year, the two plan to enter the stadium five hours before the start of the match.

Geoffrey says: “The rivalry between India and Pakistan can be compared to the Ashes series. Both subcontinent nations do not like to lose to each other at any cost. Shoaib Akhtar’s charisma and Tendulkar’s experience will be put to test during the semifinal.”

India’s trump card

“Yuvraj Singh is the most bankable player in the Indian team and has proved his mettle against Australia. He is in tremendous form and will be the defining force behind India’s victory. I believe 280 runs will be a winning score against Pakistan,” feels Geoffrey.

Local help came in handy

The two visitors have been bowled over by Indian hospitality. Both George and Geoffrey are traders of machine tool in England. They requested Rajesh Jhanji, a local tool exporter, to arrange for the match tickets. Jhanji not only arranged the tickets but he also organised their stay at a local five star hotel. “Rajesh has been very hospitable. We expressed our desire to watch the semifinal and he arranged everything for us,” says Geoffrey.



Superstitions galore among fans
Anil Kumar

Ludhiana, March 29
Cricket indeed is a religion in our nation where cricket fans do not even refrain from practising superstitions in order to ensure a win for the Indian team.

Right from making a wish for Sachin's incomplete century to betting in favour of the rivals, Ludhianvis have tried everything, believing that being negative works in favour of the Indian team.

Team India fans are making bets that Sachin will return to the pavilion without completing his century, as this has always gone in favour of India in the past. A group of youths has put money on every six and four by Indian players promising a drink to his friends.

Dr Nitin Tyagi, a veterinary doctor, opines, "Being a true patriot and a cricket fan, I pray for India's victory. Thus, I will bet in favour of Pakistan, as I tend to lose every bet," said Dr Tyagi, hoping his superstition will help Team India in getting victory over Pakistan.

"Many times friends even taunt me for being unfaithful to my country. But after learning about the superstition, they wait with patience till the result of the game and maximum times, I lose the bet after ensuring a win for our team," said Dr Tyagi.

Ranjeet Singh is another cricket fan who is guided by his superstitions for India's victory as he does not allow his friends and family members to switch places while watching the last 30 minutes of the match.

Arvinder, a government employee, feels that Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is the backbone of Team India, but he should stay away from making centuries. "If Sachin makes 100 runs against Pakistan, we are definitely going to lose the match. It is evident from the past that whenever Sachin makes 100 runs, India loses the match," claims Arvinder.

In yet another interesting revelation, a superstitious cricket fan stated that he plays cricket video game before the cricket match starts.

"I try my best that India win the match while playing the video game. Indian team's win depends on the win in the video game," said Sunil, adding that he would play the video game just before the semi-final.

Gurjeet Singh observed that the previous records of World Cup reveal that Pakistan has never won against India in the World Cup. "Despite putting up a good show, Pakistan will not win tomorow's match," the fan added.



Not for weak hearted: Doc

A match between India and Pakistan results in high tension and uncalled for stress and anxiety. Thus, experts feel that people with weak heart should not watch the game at length.

Dr GS Wander, chief cardiologist at Hero DMC Heart Institute, has advised people with weak heart and cardiac problems to keep their anxiety levels low while watching the semi-final match on March 30. "There is a risk of minor attack or change in the pulse rate of people with weak attack as we had been getting such cases in the past also," said Dr Wander.

High adrenaline level is a result of the hormone produced by the adrenal gland. When it is produced in the body, it stimulates the heart rate, dilates blood vessels and air passages, and has a number of more minor effects. Adrenaline is naturally produced in high-stress or physically exhilarating situations.

n Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths during exciting game points if watching the match in the playground.

n Do not hesitate to walk out of the room if watching the match on screen at home, club or halls.

n Switching over to an entertainment channel would be a good idea if the tension mounts.

n Avoid watching the match alone. Instead watch it with family or friends.

n Distract yourself with some eatables and beverages at regular intervals so as to curtail the tension.

n Refrain from shouting or raising your voice. 



India-Pakistan Encounter
When cricket stars of the yore descended on city
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

looks on; Gerish’s father SP Kapoor gifting a sweater to Krish Shrikkanth

Kapil Dev cutting a ribbon to inaugurate an imported machine at Gerish’s factory during the Indian cricket team’s visit to Ludhiana in 1982.
(Above) looks on; Gerish’s father SP Kapoor gifting a sweater to Krish Shrikkanth; Kapil Dev cutting a ribbon to inaugurate an imported machine at Gerish’s factory during the Indian cricket team’s visit to Ludhiana in 1982.

Ludhiana, March 29
It’s time for Gerish Kapoor, a city-based industrialist, to relive the rare memories of the only visit of an Indian cricket team to the city and believes the current team have the capacity to win the World Cup as they have striking similarities to the 1983 World Cup champions.

Gerish, who runs a manufacturing unit, nostalgically searches for the pictures of legendry players like Shrikkanth, chief of the selection committee of the BCCI, Yashpal Sharma, Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev, who along with other legends visited the city way back in 1982 during the India-Pakistan friendship series.

“The intensity was just the same then as it is now. The political scenario was also quite similar. After drawing a Test match in Jalandhar, all players accompanied Yashpal Sharma to the city,” said Gerish Kapoor.

He said had a huge collection of some rare photographs of Indian players, but due to the renovation work some of them had been misplaced.

“Yashpal Sharma and Kapil Dev are my close friends and they along with the entire team agreed to visit my factory unit. I had purchased an imported machine and requested Kapil to inaugurate the machine. My father SP Kapoor gifted sweaters to Krish Shrikkanth and other members of the Indian team,” said Gerish Kapoor.

Giving an insight into the legendry cricketers of the yesteryear, Gerish added: “All payers were very playful and full of life. They used to play pranks on each other. Kapil, Shrikkanth, Ravi Shastri and Anshuman Gaekwad, Syed Kirmani and Sandeep Patil were all cracking jokes at one another, while Sunil Gavaskar was a no-nonsense and composed cricketer.”

He added that the visit was kept a secret. Initially, no one had a clue that Indian team was visiting the city. But the news spread like a wild fire soon after the team visited Yaspal’s house. The entire city converged outside the cricketer’s house and started dancing to the beats of the “dhol”.

“The intensity is just the same now. I hope the Indian team register an emphatic victory over their archrivals,” said Kapoor.



For cops on duty outside stadium
So near yet so far
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
It is a situation of so near yet so far for over 50 cops of the city, including senior police officials, who were hoping to get a chance to rub shoulders with the players of the Indian cricket team, but much to their disappointment, they have been deputed at a check post just outside the stadium.

While the entire stadium would reverberate with thunderous noise after every run scored during the semifinals, these cops would be anxiously chewing their nails and after a glance at the stadium, they would again be manning their check-post.

A majority of the cops would miss the action as they have been deputed around the stadium to provide security.

The cops have been deputed at a place where there is no habitation and certainly no television set available so that they could catch the glimpse of the match.

The cops have complained that while the local police officials have marked their duties inside the stadium, police officials from other districts were deployed outside the stadium to manage traffic.

“I am deployed hardly 200m from the stadium at a check-post put up on road. I could neither enter the stadium to watch the match nor are there any televisions available so that I could catch the action live. I would listen to the match proceedings on radio. It is very difficult despite being so near to scene of action, I would miss the historic match,” said a police official. Another cop lamented, “My children were very happy to hear that their father would be providing security during the Indian-Pakistan cricket encounter, but little did they know that their father would not be able to watch the match as he has been deployed at 500m from the stadium.”



Jail inmates offer prayers
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
Prayers are flowing in for the Indian cricket team from all spheres, even from the premises of the Central Jail here.

Hundreds of imates of the jail yesterday offered prayers at the gurdwara, temple and mosque within the jail premises. A yajna was also performed. Sources said the inmates expressed their intentions to the jail authorities, who made arrangements to fulfil the wishes of the inmates.

Earlier, the Central Jail had made special arrangements for its 2,575 inmates to watch their favourite cricketers in action. For this purpose, the jail department has installed television sets in each of the prison's 25 barracks.



Duped youth gets back money
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, March 29
A youth of Jagraon, who was duped of Rs 11 lakh by an NRI girl on pretext of marriage and taking him abroad, yesterday got his money back from the girl’s family with the intervention of Lok Bhalai Party president Balwant Singh Ramoowalia.

According to youth Lakhvir Singh of Sheikhdaulat village near Jagraon, he had met Amandeep Kaur, who had returned from Canada, at a function some time back. Gradually they both fell in love and decided to get married. Both the families also agreed on their marriage. The girl, who hails from Kurar village in Barnala district, returned to Canada after some time. Though she kept calling Lakhvir from Canada.

Meanwhile, the family members of Amandeep asked Lakhvir to give them Rs 11 lakh to make arrangements for sending him abroad. Following this, Lakhvir’s family somehow arranged for the money and gave it to the family of the girl.

But after taking the money, the girl began avoiding Lakhvir. When the family of Lakhvir contacted Amandeep’s family at Kurar village, they also began avoiding them.They even refused to give back their money following which, Lakhvir’s family brought the incident in notice of Boota Singh Chakar, president of Kissan Wing of the Lok Bhalai Party.

Boota Singh further brought the incident in knowledge of Balwant Singh Ramoowalia, following which Ramoowalia contacted the girl’s family and asked them to return the money or face police action.

To avoid police action, the girl’s family accepted Ramoowalia’s compromise offer and agreed to return the money. The family members of the girl today returned Rs 11 lakh to Lakhvir’s family and also apologised for their act.

The family members of Lakhvir also said that they were content after getting their money back and did not want to take any action against the family members of Amandeep.



GLADA Auction
Only 3 out of 18 plots go under the hammer
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, March 29
Public auction of freehold residential plots in Sector 32-A on the Samrala Road conducted by the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) here today turned out to be a damp squib as out of 18 plots offered for sale, only three were sold for a little over Rs 1.34 crore at a premium of just around 10 per cent.

GLADA had offered 11 residential plots, each with an area of 150 sq yd, and another seven plots of 125 sq yd each, for sale at a reserve price of Rs 29,200 per sq yd.

Even though around 10 buyers turned up at the auction and deposited the eligibility fee of Rs 50,000 each to participate in the auction, one plot of 150 sq yd was sold at Rs 29,400 per sq yd, while two plots of 125 sq yd each went for Rs 32,500 and Rs 40,100 per sq yd (facing park), respectively.

The outcome of the auction was in stark contrast to the one organised by GLADA earlier this month (March 17) when 19 residential plots in Sector 39-A on the Samrala Road were auctioned for a staggering Rs 12.5 crore against their reserve price of Rs 5.67 crore.

The highest successful bid for a plot with a reserve price of Rs 12,500 per sq yd had gone up to Rs 33,000 per sq yd, while the lowest successful bid was Rs 25,000 per sq yd.

GLADA estate officer Jeet Ram attributed the lukewarm response of the buyers to the reserve price, which was on a higher side as compared to the one for plots sold in Sector 39-A earlier this month.

“The reserve price of the plots put under the hammer today (Rs 29,200 per sq yd) is almost the prevailing market price in this colony. This is the main reason that the buyers as well as property dealers and investors did not evince much interest and majority of the plots remained unsold.”



F&CC yields to MLA’s pressure
Sanctions Rs 7.5 crore to Punjab Mandi Board for laying sewerage lines of the civic body
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
Though the Municipal Corporation (MC) officials have hardly bothered about recovering dues of road-cutting charges from those people who damage roads, but buckling under the pressure of a local MLA, the Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC) has sanctioned a sum of Rs 7.5 crore to the Punjab Mandi Board for laying down the sewerage lines of the civic body.

Despite limited sources of income, the civic body authorities are mostly generous when their political bosses want them to be. An example of this is that under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM), the MC is laying down sewerage lines in the city worth around 250 crore, the work of which is being executed by the Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board (PWSSB).

As owing to the work the roads of a few villages from which the lines are passing have been dug, the local Akali MLA has asked MC officials to repay the money to the Mandi Board which had constructed the roads.

For it, the MC officials had prepared an estimate of Rs 7.50 crore to be given to the Mandi Board and as the order had come from an MLA of the ruling alliance so the MC officers had put the matter in agenda of meeting of F&CC held here on Tuesday. After which the high-powered committee of the civic body approved the matter without much deliberations at a meeting that lasted for about two hours. But contrary to it, the sources revealed that the MC officials had hardly bothered to recover the road-cutting charges from private individuals, companies or even the public sector that do a lot of damage to the newly constructed roads of the city for laying down sewerage or water pipe lines and laying down of wires.

Sources also revealed that political pressure also plays a major role here, as mostly under the pressure of political leaders, MC officials refrain from collecting these charges.

However, refuting the charges of political intervention, MC Additional Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi, who is the in charge of the Building and Roads (B&R) branch of the civic body, asserted that they collect the charges regularly from the persons concerned. He admitted that if somebody conducts the work in a hidden manner, they are helpless. "But we try to ensure proper monitoring,” he added. 



Opportunities for managers discussed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
The GGN Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT) organised a seminar on “Emerging opportunities for managers in service industry” for BBA and MBA students.

Agamjeet Dang, manager, Acquitions North Metro Cash and Carry Pvt Ltd, was the resource person.

Dang initiated the session by encouraging and informing budding managers that the Indian service sector had emerged as the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world economy that had not only brought India on the global map but had also raised lifestyles, disposable incomes and standard of life to many.

Dang clarified it further by doing the comparative analysis of the contribution of different sectors to the Indian GDP. He highlighted the fact that about 63 per cent of the total GDP was being generated from the service sector.

Dang said due to the accelerated growth patterns in the service industry, multiple job avenues had opened up and would continue to open. He also informed that with more foreign investments coming in, the international brands and multinationals were scaling their operations leading to numerous job opportunities in metro and mini metro areas.

With the plethora of job opportunities queued up, Dang discussed with the students the right tool kit required by a manager to be successful in this sector. He advised them to work on their academic, leadership and communication skills to ride high in this sector.

The session concluded with the question-answer round where the students cleared all their doubts.



Kolkata-based conmen dupe city jeweller
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
Two Kolkata-based conmen duped a local jeweller of around 28 tolas of gold and Rs 1.2 lakh.

The Daresi police has registered a case and has started investigations into the case. The accused have been identified as Sandeep Das and his brother Randeep Das, both residents of Kolkata.

According to the police, a local jeweller, Sunil Kumar alleged that he owned a jewellery shop in Kailash Chowk area of the city.

He told the Daresi police that around a month back, the duo took around 28 tolas of gold and Rs 1.2 lakh from him on the pretext of making ornaments. But Sunil Kumar had to undergo an operation and could not ask for the ornaments.

He told the cops that when on March 26, he went to their shop situated in Sarafan Bazaar area of the city, the shop was locked and the area shopkeepers told him that the duo had closed down their shop and had left the city.

Later, an inquiry was conducted and a case under Sections 406 and 34 of the IPC was registered against Sandeep Das and Randeep Das at the Daresi police station on Monday.



PAU plant pathologist is DWR project director
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 29
Dr Indu Sharma, senior plant pathologist (wheat) at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), has been appointed as project director, Directorate of Wheat Research (DWR), Karnal, by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

Having an experience of 33 years in research on wheat, she has played a pivotal role in monitoring wheat crop health, conducting demonstrations, organisation of exhibitions in kisan melas, imparting training to agricultural development officers (ADOs)/scientists/farmers on wheat disease management and as a resource person in workshops.

She has worked extensively on resistance incorporation in high yielding wheat varieties to Karnal Bunt (KB), rusts and loose smut.



Paper presentation

Doraha, March 29
A paper presentation contest was organised by the Commerce and Business Administration Club of GNN College, Doraha, today in which a total of 20 students of MCom, BCom and BBA participated.

Students presented their papers on various topics of marketing, finance and service sector.

Shubneet Kaur and Jaspreet Kaur of BBA-III secured the first position, while the second position was collectively bagged by Anu Puri (MCom I) and Manpreet Kaur (BCom II). Piyush Singla and Satinder Singh (MCom II), however, bagged the third position. Principal Dr Narinder Singh Sidhu and Prof Gursharanjit Singh, head of the department, congratulated the participants and gave away the prizes. — OC



Placement drive
Our Correspondent

Mandi Gobindgarh, March 29
Desh Bhagat Engineering College organised a one-day mega job fair here on the campus today.

The fair was inaugurated by Punjab government secretary general (administration) and former director, Technical Education and Industrial Training, VK Sharma.

The fair was presided over by Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar, academic dean Dr BS Sidhu. College principal, Dr Tejwant Singh welcomed the guests and participating companies. The companies selected 45 students on the basis of group discussion, written test and interview.



Four robbers arrested
Mahesh Sharma

Mullanpur Dakha, March 29
The police has nabbed four members of a notorious gang of robbers, while they were conspiring to rob a deserted brick-kiln near Pandori village near here this afternoon.

Four motorcycles, one Vespa scooter and three sharp-edged weapons were recovered from their possession. The arrested accused were identified as Jaswinder Singh, alias Mahna, of Prem Nagar, Mullanpur; Rajwinder Singh Vicky of Mullanpur Mandi; Jagjit Singh of Simla Puri, Ludhiana; and Manpreet Singh Banti of Rurka Kalan. Fifth accomplice, identified as Chhotu Ram of the local town, was reported to be absconding.

According to Gursharan Singh Sandhu, SSP Ludhiana (rural); Paramjit Singh Gorayan, SP (D), Jagraon; had received information about the illegal activities of the gang that was active at the local town and surrounding localities. An SIT, led by Prem Singh, SHO Dakha, was constituted to identify and nab the gangsters.

A team led by Singh arrested the accused, while they were conspiring to strike at some target today.



1 booked for duping youth of Rs 2.35 lakh
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, March 29
The Ludhiana (rural) police today booked one person for allegedly duping a youth of Rs 2.35 lakh on the pretext of sending him abroad. The accused has been identified as Gurdip Singh, alias Yodha, a resident of Rajgarh village near Sudhar.

In his complaint to the police, the victim, Jaspreet Singh of Manuke village near Jagraon alleged that he had met Gurdip Singh through one of their common friends in December last year.

During the meeting, Gurdip told Jaspreet that he is a travel agent and can send him abroad. Jaspreet told Gurdip that he wished to visit Canada, following which Gurdip asked to give him Rs 2.35 lakh and promised that he will send him to Canada on two-year work permit.

After this, Jaspreet gave the said amount to Gurdip in two installments. But when the accused failed to send Jaspreet abroad, Jaspreet asked him to return his money. But he neither returned the money nor he sent the youth abroad, following which the youth filed a complaint against Gurdip Singh at the Sudhar police station.

Confirming the incident, investigating officer ASI Parminder Singh said the police had registered a case against the accused under Sections 406 and 420 of the IPC and started the investigation.

The accused was absconding till the filing of this report. ASI Parminder said the police was conducting raids to nab the accused and he would be behind the bars soon.



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