L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


School in soup for helping students use unfair means
Break in answersheet series after copies randomly distributed to facilitate cheating
Anil Kumar

Ludhiana, April 4
“Irregular” distribution of answersheets among students appearing in the class X and XII examinations at Jamuna Model Senior Secondary School at Haibowal has put the staff of the examination centre under the scanner. 

Close seating arrangement in the exam hall at Jamuna Model School in Haibowal near Ludhiana; and (right) three students sitting in a row got answersheet numbers 44, 46 and 96. Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan

The irregularity came to light when a flying squad raided the centre and found that several answersheets bearing serial numbers were missing. It seems that the school authorities wanted to help certain students by providing them substitutes who could write for them. The other students were given “fake” answersheets to mislead the checking staff. 

Serious Issue: DEO 
The school may have preserved old answer copies in the store and used these during the examinations. The officials should check the stocks of the school. If there is a break in the series, it is a serious matter.
— Harbhajan Ram, District Education Officer (DEO) 

The in charge of the flying squad, Jasbir Kaur, said a notice had been issued to the school and the centre superintendent. Shashi Kiran, in charge of a flying team, said: “We got a tip-off on Saturday about the centre that was allegedly using unlawful methods to facilitate students.” 

“The answersheets were distributed randomly among the students. The series was broken and students were writing answers on sheets bearing serial numbers that did not match the series,” said Shashi Kiran.

According to the flying squad, the school authorities took some answersheets from the series and provided these to substitute students sitting in separate rooms. 

“Perhaps the offenders chose answersheets randomly. In the class X paper today, four students in a row (also according to roll numbers) were given sheets numbering PA3002744, PA 3002540, PA 3002796 and PA 3002748,” said Shashi Kiran.

Jasbir Kaur said the series in the answersheets used for each paper at the centre was broken. “We checked all the previous lists in which the students had to write their roll numbers, answersheet numbers and sign in respective columns. The irregularity existed in almost every list of examinations of both classes,” she said. They also recovered chits from behind the exam halls. 

Shashi Kiran said the back door was closed, but “when we broke it open, we recovered chits”. Centre superintendent Harpinder Singh said: “The observers distribute the answersheets among the students in the same sequence as the school clerk provides them with in a bundle.”



Creches using cough syrups to sedate kids!
Anshu Seth
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
Shocking but true. Helpers and maids at some kindergartens/crèches are administering cough syrups to children to sedate them and restrict their movement. The kindergartens functioning as preparatory schools admit children aged between two-three years who usually throw tantrums.

Thus, the maids employed at these centres to help children eat and use washrooms tend to take objectionable steps. In a recent incident, the parents of a two-year-old withdrew their daughter from a reputed kindergarten after learning that she was being given cough syrup by maids. Dr Vibhu, a paediatrician at Guru Teg Bahadur Charitable Hospital, said the girl disclosed that she was given pink medicine everyday ever since her admission to the kindergarten.

Over-the-counter products
In addition to phenergan and CPM syrups, which are over-the-counter (OTC) products, all cough syrups that are listed under scheduled “h” drugs can be procured from a drug store without prescription. Though Benadryl is a recommended OTC medicine, it has many side effects. It is mostly recommended for dry cough, hives rashes and sneezing.

“The parents brought the child to me saying that she was always drowsy and remained irritable most of the time and refused to go to school. Although the child was fine, cough syrups contain sedatives which should not be given without the prescription of a doctor,” the doctor said. Sangeeta, a clerk in a government office, stated that she had pulled out her son from a crèche after learning that he would often be drowsy and lethargic.

“Initially, I ignored it when my father-in-law brought it to my notice that my son be sleepy for long hours after coming back from the crèche, but I was in for a shock when one day I went to pick him up early and found him sleeping in the crèche. It was then that I realised that he was being administered some sedative,” she said.


Back To Square One
7 SDOs demoted
Manvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
Putting a question mark over its working, the state government has demoted seven subdivisional officers (SDOs) as they had been promoted out of turn by ignoring rules.

The orders issued by the Secretary, local bodies department, SS Rajpoot, on March 29 reflected the poor working of the state government, where laws were moulded or ignored to benefit blue-eyed officers.

The seven junior engineers (JEs) had been promoted by the state government about five years ago, ignoring the statutory rules laid down for promotions.

According to information, the municipal corporation (MC) had a sanctioned strength of 65 SDOs, of which 19 could be those promoted from lower ranks.

When the orders for promotion were issued by the state government, 19 JEs with the civic body had been promoted to SDOs and the orders was illegal.

Rajpoot had to revert them. Those reverted were RP Gupta, Hakam Singh, Deepak Kochar, Ramesh Kumar Garg, JP Panesar, Surinder Kumar and Sunil Kumar Sharma.

The orders were given to the MC Commissioner for necessary action. Sources revealed that after getting the orders, the MC authorities had reverted them immediately.

The sources also revealed that a majority of the officials reverted had a strong backing in political and administrative circles, due to which they had been able to manage things in their favour.

The sources revealed that the names of a few of them had figured for their dubious role in controversial projects like covering of the drain from Gurdwara Dukh Niawaran to Shingar cinema and the Pakhowal indoor stadium.

Public money had been wasted in these projects due to poor planning by MC officials. Owing to their strong ties, action had never been taken against them.



Budha Nullah will breathe again
Centre to fund bio-remediation project
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, April 4
The union environment ministry has approved the bio-remediation project for cleaning the Budha Nullah here. The multi-crore project will be funded by the Central Government and will be one of the largest projects of this magnitude undertaken in the country by the ministry.

Stating this here today, Ludhiana MP and Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said this happened only after the visit of union minister for environment and forests Jairam Ramesh to Ludhiana in September.

What bio-remediation means
It is a revolutionary method, which has been used with great success worldwide. It employs the use of microbes to eat away the waste component of effluents that are discharged into the water

Jairam Ramesh had expressed concern for the debilitating and overwhelming degree to which the nullah had been polluted due to the presence of untreated waste. The minister ordered site studies to be undertaken and a proposal for an “in situ bio-remediation project”. He said this revolutionary method (bio-remediation), which had been used with great success worldwide, employed the use of microbes to eat away the waste component of effluents that were discharged into the water.

Elaborating on the project, Tewari said: “By erecting green bridges or temporary barricades fortified with microbial consortia, the filters will be built through which untreated waters would pass. With every successive green bridge that the water passes through, there will be an expected reduction in the bio-chemical oxygen demand (BoD) and chemical oxidation demand (CoD) levels. These green bridges will be at set up at intervals of 1 km each or as mandated by the flow and quantum of water.”

In effect, the microbial consortia would chew away the organic load and industrial pollutants, leaving behind only clean water. The visible impact and benefit of the technology was expected to manifest in a period of three months, he said, adding, the BoD load was expected to be reduced by up to 40 per cent along with an apparent reduction of odour.

He said the microbial consortia was harmless and indigenously found in nature. No genetically modified organisms would be used in the execution of the project. It was an environmentally benign process and would not have a harmful impact on the surrounding eco-system.



Plugging of space nipped in the bud
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
Work on a road divider near the bus stand has snowballed into a controversy as residents of Jawahar Nagar have forced the authorities to put the move on hold.

They have asserted that the traffic police should ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the bus stand area and only then will they let the police plug the passage in the road to the Jawahar Nagar market.

The police, along with some municipal corporation (MC) employees, yesterday told labourers to lay a divider, but the residents reach the spot and stopped the workers. The police claimed that the move was taken to streamline traffic.

In the first phase, the traffic police, along with the MC authorities, put up a central verge near the Darpan Palace, the Preet Palace chowk and the Atam nagar chowk, which used to witness massive traffic congestion.

The city police, along with the MC authorities, plugged openings near small chowks, which were the main cause of traffic chaos. The police stated that the steps were taken following a survey and road dividers would be laid in other parts of the city.

A traffic policeman stated that the passage was being plugged as bus drivers turned their vehicle from the opening between the road, leading to traffic jams. The police were of the view that commuters who wanted to visit the Jawahar Nagar market should use the route under the bus stand bridge.

Rajiv Gagat, a local leader at the Jawahar Nagar market, opposed the move. “The police should smoothen traffic flow near the bus stand first. Only then will we let the authorities plug the space. The erratic parking of buses and auto-rickshaws is the primary reason for traffic chaos. Instead of dealing with traffic violators with an iron hand, the police are plugging the space between the roads, meant for the convenience of customers,” he said.

The police were planning to conduct a similar experiment at the Pakhowal road and the Ferozepore road. Traffic lights would be installed at other key chowks soon, said a senior traffic police official.



District gears up for wheat procurement
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
The preparations for wheat procurement in mandis are in full swing with wheat expected to arrive in markets in the district within three to four days. The district administration has convened the first meeting with officials, agricultural experts, arhtiyas and inspectors here tomorrow to review the situation in mandis in Ludhiana district.

Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari told The Tribune that there were total 101 yards (purchase centres) in the district out of which 11 were big mandis. “We expect arrival of wheat in the yards within 3-4 days as farmers are all set to start harvesting — both manual and with harvester. The space has been arranged, besides gunny bags and crates have been kept in mandis in good numbers for convenience of farmers. The mandi officials have been asked to ensure safe drinking water and electricity etc.”

He added that, “We are holding the first meeting at Bachat Bhawan tomorrow where officials from the district will brief about the preparations so that farmers are not harassed. Apart from that, regular one-hour meetings will be convened with officials on regular basis,” said Tewari adding that the peak procurement days would be around April 20.

Both district food and supplies controllers Rajnish Kumari (DFSC East) and R Bhaskar (DFSC West) informed that the district expected 8.64 lakh metric tonnes of wheat this year.

“The District Transport Officer has been asked by the administration to arrange maximum trucks throughout this month so that the procurement process was not hampered,” said Bhaskar.

The Chief Agriculture Officer RS Pandher said since standing wheat crop was near maturity, the crop-cutting experiments would be started soon. “We expect that by April 10, manual harvesting will be started in fields while by April 18, combine machines will be used to harvest the wheat crop,” said Pandher. 


* Mandi officials asked to ensure safe drinking water/electricity arrangements in mandis for farmers’ convenience

* The DTO asked to arrange maximum trucks this month

* Regular meetings to be held from tomorrow to review wheat procurement

* Gunny-bags, crates arranged in sufficient quantities

* 8.64 metric-tonnes of wheat expected to arrive from entire Ludhiana district



Kitaab Bazar full to the brim, traffic overflows
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
The beginning of the new academic session at schools, coupled with the Navratras, has led to massive traffic jams in the old city’s busiest market, the Kitaab Bazaar. Erratic parking of vehicles in front of shops aggravates traffic woes.

A resident of the the Kitaab Bazaar said the recently conducted anti-encroachment drive by the municipal corporation was just an eyewash as some shopkeepers had encroached upon the road again.

Every year, at the beginning of the academic session, the Kitab Bazaar received the maxim rush as parents, along with their children, visited the place to purchase books.

The market remained chockablock the entire day, but no traffic cop or other policeman visited the area to smoothen traffic flow.

Miffed over the lackadaisical attitude of the police, Jasneet Singh said it had become common practice now.

“Residents are also to blame. Every citizen asks for his right, but tends to forget his duty. Before parking their vehicle in the middle of the road, they should think that it will cause problems to many commuters. Unauthorised sellers are also adding to the problem,” he said.



Trade unions slate govt over ‘black laws’
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 4
A rally organised by over 35 organisations of farmers, workers, trade unions and students at Grain Market here today resolved to carry on the struggle till the Union and the state government scrapped repressive “black laws” that were aimed at curbing the democratic rights of trade unions and other bodies seeking justice.

It also called upon the government to release human rights activists Dr Binayak Sen and Orom Surmeela of Manipur, under detention for the last 10 years.

Addressing the workers of the organisations that have launched a sustained agitation for restoration of human rights and right to peaceful agitation, the functionaries of participating bodies maintained that while major political parties were divided into the ruling and opposition groups, in practice they were one.

“Except for their names and party flags, there is practically no difference between any of these parties.”

Expressing concern over scams that were tumbling out one after the other, the trade union leaders said the country had virtually become a nation of scams to the extent that Indians had to hang their heads in shame before the international community.

Summing up the pathetic state of affairs prevailing in the country, they said those who ought to be behind bars were ruling the nation, multinational companies and corporate houses were getting richer with each passing day, while workers, farmers and employees were being repressed.

The speakers came down heavily on the government for the so-called economic reforms.

“The policies of privatisation, liberalisation and globalisation have started showing their true colours. The subsidies of farmers and unemployed workers are being abolished, workers are being retrenched, healthcare is being denied and education has gone out of the reach of the common man.”

Among the speakers were Hardev Singh Sandhu (Kirti Kisan Union), Joginder Singh Ugrahan (Bharti Kisan Union-Ekta), Buta Singh (Bharti Kisan Union- Dakonda), Satnam Singh (Jamhoori Kisan Sabha), Surjit Singh Phul (Bhari Kisan Union - Krantikari), Satnam Singh Pannu and Kanwalpreet Singh (Kisan Sangharsh Committee), Kuldip Singh (Kirti Kisan Sabha), Maghar Singh Kularia (Khetibari and Kisan Vikas Front), Zora Singh (Punjab Khet Mazdoor Union), Tarsem Peter (Pendu Mazdoor Union), Darshan Nahar (Dehati Mazdoor Sabha) besides activists of several other trade unions.



Farmer suicides move envoys
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Samrala, April 4
It is a matter of sorrow that there are reports of suicides by farmers in the rich state of Punjab, which is said to be feeding the country wheat and rice.

The government should take effective steps to stop these, according to Juan Alfredo Pinto, Ambassador of Colombia, who is leading a delegation of Ambassadors of Latin American and Caribbean countries, currently on a visit to Punjab.

The delegation interacted with a group of progressive farmers to know their lifestyle. They were informed about the high value of agricultural produce, the growing of seeds and the need for diversification.

Later the group visited the farmhouse of Gurpal Singh at Ghungrali Sikhan village. They viewed dairy farming and agricultural produce. They also went to see the standing wheat crop and fodder.

Talking to mediapersons, they said the main aim of their visit to Punjab was to improve knowledge about the role of Punjab in the history of India, achievements in urbanisation and development of modern cities and art by the people of Punjab.

They said they wanted to identify new areas of economic integration between their countries and Punjab. They added that they had already tied up with states like Gujarat and Maharashtra.



Shergill all for remakes
Anil Kumar

Ludhiana, April 4
Bollywood and Punjabi actor Jimmy Shergill has advised Punjabi film-makers to go in for remakes of Punjabi movies made earlier, like is being done in South Indian cinema.

Shergill was here to promote his upcoming Punjabi movie ‘Dharti’. Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, he advised Punjabi film-makers to be like their South Indian counterparts.

Talking about ‘Dharti’, Shergill said, “This movie has romance, action, drama, emotion and comedy. The movie revolves around a man and his two sons. The movie was shot at nice locations, including Chandigarh and Mohali.”

Surveen Chawla, Rahul Dev, Prem Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti and Ranvijay were in main roles in the movie, that would be released on April 22. Shergill claimed to have got much love from Punjabis and assured them of bringing out a big Punjabi project every year. 



Dead driver’s kin stage protest outside MC office
Had not been paid salary for 4 years
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
Irked by the death of a temporary driver, who had allegedly not been paid salary for the past four years by the municipal corporation, his relatives held a protest by placing the body in front of the civic body office here today.

Driver Amritpal Singh Happy’s relatives alleged that the victim had been under stress, as the civic body had not paid him his salary for the past four years, which resulted in his illness and ultimately his death.

Iqbal Singh, a relative, said Happy had been working as the driver of a fogging vehicle in Zone C for the past 14 years.

He said Happy was employed on contract but had not got his salary for the past four years due to which he been under tremendous stress.

The family demanded compensation along with a job for his wife in the civic body. The driver is survived by two children and his wife.

The protesters later met MC Additional Commissioner Kanwalpreet Kaur Brar and sought compensation from the municipal corporation.

The officer assured of taking a sympathetic view of the matter. She, however, said it was not possible for them to give a permanent job to Happy’s wife as he was employed on contract. She asserted that they would try to do the needful for the family. The protesters relented after an assurance from Brar.



Liquor vend on land meant for park
Residents approach MC Commissioner
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
Irked over the inaction on part of the municipal corporation in removing an illegal liquor vend from the space meant for a park at Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, the welfare association of the area has written to MC Commissioner AK Sinha demanding the removal of the vend besides action against the erring officials.

In a letter to the MC Commissioner, Nagar Sudhar Sabha president Rajinder Singh and general secretary Jaswant Singh said they had been complaining about the presence of the illegal vend on the land meant for the park for over a decade now. However, the civic body had not bothered to initiate action against the violators. They said even the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) authorities had been time and again telling them that the land was meant for a park. In a letter to the MC officials on March 9, the LIT officials had even stated that the land had been earmarked for a park in the approved layout plan of the locality.

However, they said the apathetic attitude of the MC authorities in taking action against the violators had deprived the residents of the park for over a decade. They alleged that MC officials had in connivance with the owner of the illegal liquor vend caused a huge loss to the government exchequer. “But the MC officials who are hand in glove with the vend owner had hardly cared about it,” they added.

In the letter, the office-bearers of the sabha have asked the Commissioner to remove the illegal vend at the earliest. Similarly, they have sought the registration of a case of theft of grills meant for the park against the vend owner. They have also sought the recovery of the losses caused to the state exchequer from the officials responsible for the mess and deposit the same with the government treasury.

Similarly, they have also demanded stern action against corrupt officials. 



Polish Ambassador to address LMA session
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, April 4
The Ludhiana Management Association (LMA) will hold a lecture on “Focus on Central and Eastern Europe and Business Opportunities with India” here tomorrow.

Ambassador of Republic of Poland Pjotr Klodkowski will be the main speaker.

Stating this here today, LMA general secretary Dr KNS Kang said Eastern Europe-India business provided an opportunity to better visualise and understand the region’s status, trajectories, and opportunities.

“Investment opportunities in Eastern European countries like Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine are huge especially in outsourcing,” said Dr Kang.



Navratras begin amid religious fervour
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
Navratras, the nine-day festival, started amidst religious fervour in the city today. Temples across the city have been tastefully decorated for the occasion.

Long queues of devotees were witnessed outside temples near Jagraon bridge, Dandi Swami, BRS Nagar and the Model Town area to offer prayers to Goddess Durga.

Some residents preferred to offer prayers at their home.

While puja will be performed all through the festival till “navami” (March 12), staunch believers are keeping fast on all nine days.

Devotees prefer to abstain from consuming liquor and non-vegetarian delicacies during the festivities. In many homes, homemakers shun the use of garlic and onion during the period.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune, Seema Duggal, a homemaker, said: “I wait for Navratras with earnest. The atmosphere turns so pious during the nine days as we offer prayers to the Goddess and her nine incarnations at home.”

Meanwhile, several clubs, hotels and restaurants are offering Navratra “thalis” to devotees who keep fast during the festival.

The price of the “thalis” differ from place to place. Depending on the quality and number of delicacies, these “thalis” start at Rs 100.

The “special food” remains an attraction for kitty-lovers.



Quality @ higher education = 0
Govt claim on development in this sector a farce, finds study
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
The government has been highlighting only that part of development which is visible, like roads, flyovers and thermal plants, whereas development in terms of the quality of education in institutes of higher learning is negligible.

The growth is more in terms of investment towards infrastructural facilities, number of colleges and number of students enrolled, but attention is not being paid towards maintaining standards and research-based studies.

These startling facts have been highlighted in a study based on discussions and observations. The study has been conducted by Prof Harpreet Singh, head of the management section at the Ludhiana Group of Colleges, Chaukimaan, and Prof Harjeet Kaur of the Bhutta College of Education, Bhutta.

The topic was discussed at length with about 75 educationists in the district, including principals, senators and syndics. The study laid stress on one common problem being faced by all institutions in Punjab, which was a comprehensive shortage of well-qualified faculty members in educational institutions.

In recent years, the education sector had seen growth, but not development. The growth was more in terms of investment and announcements of new colleges in many districts, but institutes of higher learning like IITs and IIMs were still a dream.

In most educational institutions, teachers were without formal training and into the profession not by choice, but by chance. The privatisation of education had opened an unsaturated employment avenue for fresh graduates and postgraduates.

Such untrained and inexperienced teachers aimed to produce professionals who primarily sought employment in the industrial sector. Many of these teachers, themselves aspirants for a good job in the industrial sector, could not find one and hence, joined teaching.

The researchers suggested that education was essential for maintaining the growth engine and hence, deserved primary importance in manifestos of all political parties participating in state elections next year.

Discussing the major reasons for shortage of faculty, the study found that lack of research avenues and low payment in the teaching profession were the main reasons. “Teachers should be paid handsomely to retain talent,” said Prof Harpreet Singh.

The study also revealed that teacher-training institutes, especially for professional education, were almost non-existent in Punjab. The researchers concluded that those who mattered should sit together and deliberate on the need to develop the sector.



PAU scientist awarded certificate
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
The Ohio State University (OSU), Colombus, USA, has awarded Dr Meharban Singh Kahlon, assistant soil physicist, department of soil science, PAU, the “Certificate of Recognition” for the successful completion of one-year training programme in “soil water dynamics, hydrological components and carbon pool studies.”

Dr Kahlon’s mentor, Dr Rattan Lal, director, Carbon Management and Sequestration Center and former president, Soil Science Society of America, said under the one-year training, PAU soil scientist Dr Kahlon conducted field experiments at the southern branch of Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center located at Piketon. Dr Kahlon prepared two review articles on soil-water, collaborated with Dr NR Fausey and Dr Martin Shiptialo of the United States Department of Agriculture and conducted extensive research on soil-water balance and C-sequestration in relation to soil quantity with adaptation and mitigation of abrupt climate change.

Congratulating him for being conferred the “Certificate of Recognition”, Dr Manjit Singh Kang, Vice-Chancellor, PAU, said Dr Kahlon had excelled in the scientific study and had been an outstanding ambassador of the PAU.

Calling him a dedicated scientist, he stated that the PAU has been sending its scientists to various foreign universities for the agricultural research so that upon their return, they should apply the acquired scientific knowledge for the benefit of the farming community.



School kids start session with joy
Anil Kumar

Ludhiana, April 4
With the start of a new session from today, the city schools were all energised. For some students it was the very first step in school while for others the joy was multiplying as they were promoted to the upper classes.

New books and dresses increased the enthusiasm among the students while going to school.

Getting admission in seventh standard at the KVM School, Aditi was very cheerful. She said: “It is my first day in the seventh standard. I have got new books of the next class. Besides, I have received many gifts from my parents, including a new school and formal dresses.”

She further said that she was planning to start taking part in sports activities, pointing out shooting to be her top priority.

Bhavya, a student of another public school, had got a new handy video game that she took along to show her friends. “We are going to enjoy the first day of the school. I have a new video game that my mother gifted me last night. I also purchased new books. I decorated my notebooks last night,” she said.

Along with private schools, the government school students also rejoiced the entry in new classes. Students of class VIII at the Government Senior Secondary Model School, Punjab Agricultural University, said they were asked to join the school on April 1, but they did not.

“After my examinations I went to my grandparents. Being there I learnt that I had passed the seventh class with a nice percentage. Now, it is my aim to do well in this class as well,” said Rajesh, adding that he received new free books from Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan today.

Newly admitted in second standard, Aman was feeling a little odd as he had to sit in a new class among strangers. But he was sure he would get new friends very soon. “I have English and Punjabi books in my bag that my father bought for me. He also bought me this new school uniform,” said Aman in his sweet voice.

Principal of BCM Senior Secondary School, Sector 32, DP Guleria said he would put his best efforts to groom children’s personality with the right blend of national and international perspective studded with intellectual excellence along with joint venture of parents.



PAU experts hone skills of trainees
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
A three-month training on crop production, organised at Kairon Kisan Ghar for the rural youth, concluded here today. About 44 ruralites from across the region participated in this programme.

PAU director of extension education Dr MS Gill, speaking on this occasion, urged the youth to contribute vitally to the agriculture and utilise the advice of PAU experts pertaining to the scientific innovative practices and technologies. He added that agriculture, today, was achieving new dimensions and youth should adopt latest techniques and methodologies to increase their farm productivity. He distributed certificates to the trainees.

The course coordinator, Dr Tejinder Singh Riar, informed that such type of training programmes were organised twice a year for the benefit of the rural youth. The university experts honed the knowledge of the trainees by imparting scientific information about crop production, horticulture, vegetables, their diseases and treatment for the same, he said.



From Schools
Victory celebrated

The students of Penguin Castle Pre-School, Udham Singh Nagar, celebrated India’s historic sporting achievement of winning the Cricket World Cup 2011. Tiny tots cut a cake and waved placards and Indian flag to express their joy. They danced to the tune of ‘Chak de India’ and ‘Maa tujhe salaam’.

The children had earlier wished good luck to the Indian team before the start of the tournament at a special programme during their Annual Sports Day. Kamal Preet Kaur, director of the school, said the victory would motivate and inspire all children to excel in all fields and would instil a sense of pride in being Indian.

Prize distribution

Bal Bharati Public School organised parents’ orientation and prize distribution function. The best performers in scholastic and co-scholastic arena of primary and middle section were honoured on April 2 whereas achievements of pre-primary kids were applauded on April 3.

Two resource persons, Punam Vig, Centre Head, ODE, Panchkula, and Rajshree Sarda, practicing psychologist, interacted with the parents.

On the first day of orientation Punam Vig enlightened the parents of primary and middle section about the problems being faced by them in tackling the unexpected and unwanted behaviour of their children.

She clarified that the behaviour of children was mostly the reflection of the mannerism being followed in the family. The children need a stern, yet sympathetic and positive guidance at home. She urged the parents not to condemn or criticise each other or the teachers in front of children. She interacted with the parents and answered their queries in a very impressive and convincing manner.

On April 3, Rajshree Sarda talked at length on the art of parenting and explained the parents that every child was like a seed whose talents and potentials displayed only when they were given proper nourishment of encouragement and opportunity. She advised the parents to spend quality time with their children.

She urged the parents to let children express themselves openly as this enhanced their social skills. After that the tiny tots of Mont-II mesmerised the audience with their acting skills by enacting the story of ‘The Sick Lion’.

Orientation programmes

An orientation programme “Parents -- our partners” was held in the auditorium of Guru Nanak Public School, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana. The programme aimed at focusing the concept of the joint venture of parents and teachers in the overall development of a child.

Principal Mona Singh said this programme was designed to promote parents and teacher partnership and their need to work together as a team for the overall development of the child. She also said, “This is a beginning and we shall be looking forward for more interactions in future.”

Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony was held at GMT Public School, kindergarten block, on Monday. As it was the day of beginning of the new session, the school was decorated with colourful balloons and flags.
Kids of GMT Public School, Ludhiana, celebrate after getting their certificates
Kids of GMT Public School, Ludhiana, celebrate after getting their certificates on Monday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

The students were also cheerful as India won the World Cup. The kindergarten block was equally decorated and well arranged for the ceremony organised for the tiny tots.

Children who were promoted from the UKG to class I were attired in beautiful gowns and caps.

They were given certificates of merit as they have graduated from kindergarten to the primary section. The directors of the school, Kashmir Singh Thind and Jasbir Singh Thind, along with principal Amarjit Dhaliwal congratulated the little kids on this occasion. — OC



3 held with poppy husk worth Rs 35 lakh
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, April 4
The Ludhiana (rural) police has arrested three persons and recovered a huge amount of poppy husk from their possession. All three accused were arrested by a police team near Binjal village situated about 10 km away from Jagraon.

The accused have been identified as Karamjit Singh, alias Sukhmandar of the Deviwala road, and Jaspal Singh of Jeewan Nagar, Kotkpoora, and Gurpreet Singh of Majhubania village in Ferozepur district.

Giving details of the incident during a press conference here this afternoon, SP (D) Ludhiana (rural) police Paramjit Singh Goraya informed that a police team from CIA staff, Jagraon, had put up a check post near Binjal village on the Jagraon-Raikot road this morning following a tip off.

“A police party saw a mini truck (HR-55-G-7853) coming from the Raikot side. The police officials signalled the truck driver to stop the vehicle. However, the driver reversed the truck and sped away from the scene, which made the police officials suspicious,” said Goraya.

Following this the police party chased down the truck and stopped it at some distance. When searched, the police recovered about 70 bags containing 2,450 kg of poppy husk hidden in the truck.

According to an estimate, the market value of the drug seized today is approximately Rs 35 lakh. According to Goraya, all three accused were members of a gang of smugglers which was active in the area since a long time. The number of members of this gang is expected to be more than 15.

Karamjit Singh, alias Sukhmandar, was also sentenced for 15 years by a court some years back in a drug smuggling case, said Goraya. Karamjit was out on parole in 2004, but he never returned to the jail and once again engaged in drug smuggling, he added.

The truck, which was used for smuggling poppy husk, belonged to Balwant Singh, a resident of Moga road, Ferozepur. The police has also summoned Balwant Singh to clear his position before the police.

Meanwhile, a case has been registered against all three accused under the NDPC Act at the Raikot police station and the investigation is on. The police has also impounded the truck.



Building violations in Sant Ishar Singh Nagar
LIT to turn heat on violators
Mulls cancelling allotment of erring residents
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
Acting tough against Sant Ishar Singh Nagar residents who have been carrying out commercial activities from flats, the Ludhiana Improvement Trust (LIT) is now mulling the cancellation of flat allotment of erring residents.

Following the directions of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the LIT authorities had issued notices to the erring residents who had carried out violations by engaging in commercial use of garages meant for parking of vehicles in the residential locality.

The LIT authorities had also issued public notices to the residents to remove the violations through newspapers.

On Monday, a team of LIT officials made public announcements in the area, asking the residents to remove infringements or face stern action.

Sources in the civic body said as the LIT authorities did not have the power to seal buildings, they were mulling the idea of cancelling the allotment of erring residents.

However, the sources added that before taking any action, the LIT authorities wanted to give a chance to the residents, living in flats for the past many years, to present their case to LIT officials, who would give a personal hearing to residents, before going ahead with the cancellation of allotment.

LIT’s Superintendent Engineer JS Pandher said they had detected at least 118 violations in the flats. Out of these, most violations were found in garages owned by residents.

He said most residents were conducting commercial activity from their residential colony, which is not in accordance with the law.

He said they would give a chance to the owners of the flats to present their case, after which they would start the process of cancelling the allotment of flats.

118 infringements detected

LIT officials have detected at least 118 violations in Sant Ishar Singh Nagar. Out of these, most violations have been found in garages owned by residents



Couple held for concocting kidnap story
Mohit Khanna/TNS

Ludhiana, April 4
A man along with his wife have landed in the police net for concocting a kidnapping story.

SSP Khanna DP Singh said accused Amritpal Singh (26), a resident of Doraha, along with his wife Rubina had made up Amritpal’s kidnapping story to pocket money.

A day after their arrest following a police investigation, the couple confessed to the crime. The couple told the police that they had concocted the story as they wanted to pocket money so that they could lead a lavish lifestyle.

Amritpal’s father Maghar Singh, whose elder son is settled in Canada, told the police that he had so far been thinking that his younger son was studying in a college in Kuruksherta. He was unaware of Amritpal’s marriage and his designs to usurp his elder brother’s hard-earned money.

Maghar Singh said Amritpal had recently come home and asked for Rs 40,000 as college fee.

“I arranged the money and Amritpal left home on March 17. Two days later, I received a call from a girl who stated that Amritpal had been kidnapped and that she need him to arrange money. They even called my elder son, Simratpal Singh, and told him transfer money through an agency lest they would kill my son,” said Maghar Singh.

The matter came to the notice of the police, following which a manhunt was launched for Amritpal.

Two days later, Amritpal was found from Ambala. Amritpal reportedly told the police that Rubina and her brother had administered sedatives to him and when their demands were not met, they abandoned him at the Ambala railway station.

However during investigation, it was revealed that Amritpal was not studying and had married Rubina.

The couple were secretly living in a rented apartment in Ambala. As they were hard up, they concocted a kidnapping story to pocket a huge amount in one go. The police has arrested the couple and booked them under Section 420, IPC. 



DMCH doctors celebrate India’s triumph
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 4
Celebrating the victory of Team India in the ICC World Cup, doctors of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital took some time off from their busy schedule to cut a cake.

Junior as well as senior doctors shared patriotism and took turns to appreciate the Indian cricketers’s performance in the World Cup.

Also, the Diabetes Free World and the National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA), Ludhiana, also celebrated India’s triumph by organising a cake-cutting ceremony during the 106th free diabetes camp in Civil Lines.

Dr Surendra Gupta, secretary NIMA, along with Dr Inder Sharma, Dr Pardip Nagrath, Dr Sarjivan Sharma, Dr Jagdev S Kehal shared their joy with the patients who had come for the tests at the camp.

The presence of the Indian Tricolor and balloons in saffron, white and green added to the patriotic fervour.



KVM invites cricket stars

Ludhiana, April 4
The authorities of Kundan Vidya Mandir (KVM) decided to celebrate India’s win in the ICC World Cup with a difference by inviting Indian Primer League (IPL)-fame and former Kings XI Punjab opener Kara Goel and national cricketer Gitansh Khera to the school.

KVM School, considered to be the nursery for budding cricketers in the city, has produced several players of national and international repute.

The school invited Karan and Gitansh to the school to inspire budding cricketers. The two later cut a cake to celebrate India's victory in the World Cup.

Sarabjit Dhani, first cricketer from the city to represent the under- 16 Indian team in 1994, hails from the city. Also, Tarun Khanish, who represented the under-19 Indian team, is also the alumnus of this school. The school has produced cricketers like Karan Goel, Gitansh Khera, Bharat Malhorta, who have represented the state at various levels, principal Navita Puri said. — TNS



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