Dubious entertainer
Except for rare moments and doses of catchy music, the disparate narrative of Yogi Bear doesnít really grip oneís attention
Ervell E. Menezes

Ervell E. MenezesIt looks like it is raining animation films these days. After Rio came Rango and now itís Yogi Bear. It would seem that the regular Hollywood stars are on holiday. But after the very high standards set by Rio, the latest offering Yogi Bear certainly suffers by contrast.

To start with, the establishing shots are weak and director Eric Brevig takes ever so long to get his act going. Then a verbose and meandering screenplay by Jeffrey Ventimilia and Joshua Sterrin doesnít help either. Yogi bear (Dan Aykroydís voice) is, at best, okay to start with but his sidekick Boo Boo (Justin Timberlake) has more spark. Both are in trouble as their home Yellowstone Park is being shut down by nosey Mayor Brown (Andrew Daly), who has plans of becoming Governor of the State.

How these animals set about negating the move is what the film is all about. Forest Ranger Smith (Tom Cavanagh) doesnít get along too well with the Mayor, who tries to play his deputy Jones (T.J.Miller) against him. Enter Rachel (Anna Faris), a documentary filmmaker, sent to cover the beauty of the Park ó that is before the move to shut it down. But this itsy-bitsy damsel is too fascinated by the bears and this preoccupation tells on the project.

It is a pretty slim plot and this "thinking bear" (which puts him in a class apart) has too much of thinking to do. It is about saving a near extinct frog-mouthed turtle. Plans are also afoot to popularise the Park so thereís a good deal of fireworks coming. But the disparate narrative doesnít really grip oneís attention, except for rare moments and doses of catchy music (La Bamba included).

Yogi picks up in the latter half but by then sparks are already flying. The Mayor cuts a sorry figure and Ranger Smith finds romance with the filmmaker. Not surprisingly, allís well that ends well but by then one is only waiting for an end to this rather dubious entertainer. See it only is you donít have anything better to do.