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Osama had money stitched in his clothes

Washington, May 4
In indications that Osama bin Laden was prepared to flee at short notice, cash totalling 500 Euros and two telephone numbers were found sewn into his clothing when he was killed by US commandos deep inside Pakistan on Sunday.

US media reported on Wednesday that top intelligence officials gave this information to members of the Congress at a classified briefing at which CIA Director Leon Panetta was present.

Another US media report said the American troops that swooped on bin Laden's compound at Abbottabad may have laid their hands on the "largest potential intelligence coup of the post-9/11 era". The Navy Seals, which conducted the 40-minute operation, carried off five computers, 10 hard drives and more than 100 storage devices and removable flash drives, the Wall Street Journal said quoting US officials.

The evidence of cash, which amounts to $740 and phone numbers, was divulged to support the US Administration's belief that Laden was prepared to escape the compound if alerted to an impending attack, the publication quoted a source.

Who fired the fatal shot?

THE world will probably never find out which Navy Seal Team Six member fired the shot that killed Osama, but that has not stopped the public from wondering who this person is. Toasts are being raised to someone people may never know by name, but who could easily be their neighbour. Members of Team Six are never identified, according to standard procedure.

So what do we know about what “he” is like? We know the shooter is male, because all Seals are men. He's probably about 30-years-old, with a bachelors and possibly a masters degree. He is most likely white and may have a wife and children.

The Seal who delivered that deadly shot is no doubt in perfect physical shape. But he is also most likely hiding beneath a slightly disheveled exterior. He probably uses "modified grooming standards", including a beard and longer hair designed to help him blend in when in Pakistan and Afghanistan!

"If you've never met a Seal and you ran into one at a bar, you probably still wouldn't know he's one," said former Seal member Howard Wasdin. — Agencies

Young wife who defended Osama

OSAMA’S youngest wife, 29-year-old Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, identified by a passport found inside the Abbottabad mansion, was in the room when the Seals took the final, fateful shots at 54-year-old Osama and was herself shot in the leg. Treated for her wounds and in custody in Pakistan, Fatah is Laden's fifth wife and was the only one left living with him. She was a “gift” to the Al-Qaida boss from a Yemeni family.

'Motherlode' of Intelligence

DURING the 40-minute operation that took bin Laden's life, the US forces also found what one US official described as the "motherlode" of intelligence in the compound. The material, which includes more than 100 thumb drives and several cell phones, was likely used by the two couriers living with Laden. US intelligence officials analysing the content hope the info gleaned could help dismantle the entire Al-Qaida network.

Daughter saw Laden being killed

A young daughter of Osama bin Laden, now in custody with a Yemeni wife of the Al-Qaida leader, saw her father shot dead, a Pakistani intelligence official said today.

The official from the ISI agency said up to 12 women and children who survived the US raid on their villa were now in custody. “The child, reported to be 12 years old, was the one who confirmed to us that Osama was dead and shot and taken away,” said the official.

Four bodies were retrieved from the daring covert attack, including one of bin Laden’s sons, said the official. Up to three women and nine children, including the young Yemeni woman who was shot in the leg and a daughter of the Saudi-born mastermind, are in detention, he said.

Yousuf Raza GilaniGilani calls for world's help to fight terror

Paris: Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani today called for the world's help in fighting “terrorism and extremism” after the killing of Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden near Islamabad. “Security and the fight against extremism or terrorism is not the job of only one nation,” Gilani told reporters in Paris, where he met with French business leaders. — PTI





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