Rapists deserve castration
Khushwant Singh Khushwant Singh

IT is an elementary principle of jurisprudence that punishment should fit the crime. To send a rapist to jail for many years does not conform to this principle; depriving him of has manhood by castrating him does. The criminal will never be able to repeat his crime.

The Delhi High Court has made the suggestion that such legislation would be salutary in dealing with cases of rape. It is now for any Member of Parliament to introduce a Bill to that effect in the next session. There is not likely to be any opposition to it and it will get unanimous support of all parties.

Better still, if Law Minister Moily, who is an able and forward-looking man, takes the initiative. Such legislation will earn the government much credit. You can take it from me that if this law is passed, there will be a rapid decline in the incidence of rape. Next is being hanged for murder. Males dread being robbed of their manhood. They are looked down upon as khusras or hijdas (eunuchs). So why not try it out?

Urine therapy

Having a mixture of camelís milk and urine is reported to effectively check several ailments of the body
Having a mixture of camelís milk and urine is reported to effectively check several ailments of the body

Many of our countrymen believe that drinking cowís milk as well as its urine are good for health. Likewise, some Arabs believe that drinking camelís milk as well as its urine wards off diseases. I came across this, published in the latest copy of Private Eye. I quote:

"I have been studying camel urine for seven years," Dr Fateh Abdel-Rehman Khorshid told a press conference at King Fahd Medical Research Centre in Jeddah, "and am convinced of its effectiveness in fighting cancer. The medicine we have developed is a mixture of camelís milk and camelís urine, and the active ingredient is PM701. It has been tested successfully on experimental mice with leukemia, and is now being tested on human beings. As well as fighting cancer, it can treat vitiligo, eczema and psoriasis. Nano particles of the urine attack cancer cells with success, and we can provide it in various forms ó syrup, capsules, ointment, soap or gel.

"Our clinical trials indicate that camelís urine does not possess any harmful side effects, and can halve the size of a tumour within a month. This treatment is not a new invention but is taken from the Prophetís legacy. Prophet Muhammad told his followers to combine camelís milk with camelís urine, and to drink it when they fell ill. After they had the combination, they recovered.

"After conducting separate experiments on camelís urine, Sabah Jassim of ABC (Arab Biotechnology Company) declared that the camelís immune system is one of the strongest of all animal immune systems. This new medicine has been registered with the UK Patents Office."

Morarji Desai believed that oneís own urine was better than any other urine and helped in remaining physically and mentally alert to the last. He had many followers around the world. Personally, I find drinking any kind of urine nauseating. It brings vomit to my throat.


My friend O.P. Sharma, former Additional Collector, Bhopal, told me a funny thing. He said: "If we add the Hindi alphabet ĎAí before some Hindi words, their meaning becomes negative like: Vishwas ó avishwas; shanti ó ashanti; kushal ó akushal; gyan ó agyan; shikshit ó ashikshit.

When we add ĎAí before the word sardar, the new words becomes positive and powerful too: Sardar ó asardar.

Whatís in a kiss

Ram Lal told his friend Sham Lal: "Every time, when I come home, my wife kisses me." Sham Lal said: "If your wife kisses you when you come home, it is not affection, but inspection of daru, perfume or lipstick. So be careful."

(Both contributed by J.P. Singh Kaka, Bhopal)