Terror account
Jaspal Bhatti Jaspal Bhatti

IT took around $ 1.3 trillion to hunt down Osama bin Laden and avenge 9/11. No doubt, under the circumstances there was no choice for America to do what it has done.

But there is definitely a fault with our so-called civilised world in which we first harbour a terrorist and then spent millions on reining him when he gets out hand, and then, finally killing him.

Stage one of expenditure: When genuine rights are denied to common people, somebody or the other raises his head against the authorities. Immediately, some agency, foreign on internal, then starts financing the guy with all logistics.

Stage two: When the person gets mass support from a particular sect, religion or state, the agency further spends millions to engineer riots, arson, loot and war to make a super hero out of the person in question.

Stage three: Then the agency tries to use this super terrorist for its own interests. The terrorist refuses to tow his creators’ line. Again, the agency spends millions to control the monster and finally kill him.

Stage four: Billions are then spent again in media campaigns to turn his image from a super martyr to a super villain to avoid a backlash from the sect he belonged to.

Conclusion: In this game of terrorism, the accountant maintaining the record of expenditure on terrorism can also blow up (inflate) many expenses.