Books received: english

Kashmir & Beyond 1966-84 by Jawaid Alam. Penguin. Pages 392. Rs 699.

Social Radicalism in Urdu Literature by Rajwanti Mann. Manohar Publishers. Pages 253. Rs 750.

The Dhamma Man by Vilas Sarang. Penguin. Pages 171. Rs 250.

A Splash of Love by Rajeev Ranjan. Diamond. Pages 212. Rs 100.

Siya Seth Decides to Die by Sneha Mehta. Diamond. Pages 255. Rs 100.

High School Love by Chocoholic Shadow. Diamond. Pages 262. Rs 100.

Traingle of Terror by Shamlal Puri. Diamond. Pages 247. Rs 100.

Widows & Half Widows by Afsana Rashid. Pharos. Pages 188. Rs 200.

Change Any Thing by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler. Platkus. Pages 262. Rs 275.

Girls Power by Professor Sampla Omprakash. Professor's Centre for Management and Pesonality Development. Pages 119. Rs 350.

Save Tax by Mukesh M. Patel assisted by Jigar M. Patel. Taxmann. Pages 317. Rs 325.

The Tangy Taste of Indian Politics and Beyond by N.K. Singh. Konark. Pages 424. Rs 795.

Big Boss. Diamond. Pages 203. Rs 100.

Flying High by Abhishek Singh Khatwal. Diamond. Pages 240. Rs 100.

Inside The Chinese Business Mind Jaico Pages 191. Rs 250.