Kissa CANNES ka!
It is only at home that we make such a fuss about Bollywood stars walking the red carpet. At Cannes, people aren’t bothered about who is who, shares Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi
Jasmine Singh

We’ve had enough dope on Cannes Fashion Festival…oops…The Cannes Film Festival. With every newspaper and the Internet report discussing nude dresses worn by the pretty damsels, outrageous gowns, high hair puffs, low waist lines, undertone colours…we thought they must have changed the name to Cannes Fashion Festival or better still, for us back home we can call it the Aishwarya Fashion Festival!

Because her dresses and style, for ages (yes it seems like ages), have been the only thing that we have been discussing when it comes to this film festival. And then yesterday, we saw a familiar face on television. The television camera zoomed on this guy sitting by the beach and enjoying a chat, and singing along with the reporter. He wasn’t mummified in any designer attire.

This was our Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi of Dil Le Gayi Kudi Gujarat fame. The next thing we knew, we were talking to this singer who was invited to attend the Cannes Film Festival. And you thought only Aish makes it to the red carpet or only Mallika Sherawat could Hiss in front on the foreign media!

So, here was one of the very few Punjabi singers ever, who have made it to Cannes on invitation. Well, for sure Jassi was carrying enough matter, which we expected him to share without any hiccups. The man from Punjab didn’t let us down…. “It was like one big mandi,” his opening sentence set pace for our spicy treat.

Punjabi singer to Cannes….that too on invitation! Did we hear it right?

Laughs. Sure you did. I was invited by Bobby Bedi who produced Bandit Queen. I had always wanted to go there, but I don’t know how everything worked out smoothly. It was an experience that is not easy to describe as clichéd as it might sound. It is an entirely different place, which has lot more than ‘just’ fancy dresses donned by our Bollywood stars.

Ah! Bollywood and Cannes, tell us all about it.

Excuse me for being so candid. If on one hand it was an experience, it also felt sad seeing how hard our Bollywood stars try to get noticed. Honestly, at Cannes not many (not anyone he means!) knows about Bollywood stars, who hang around at hotels looking for a right PR (personal representative) to strike some projects for them. Back home we keep discussing about Aishwarya or Minnisha Lamba’s dresses, but this isn’t what Cannes is. It is a film festival, naturally it is about films. Here again, we did not fare well this time. The movie directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Bollywood 50 Years was a total disaster. Almost half of the auditorium was asleep when the movie produced by Shekhar Kapoor was being screened. If you ask me, they shouldn’t have screened it at the first place, and embarrassed Indians there.

Bollywood actors are no celebrities at Cannes…

It is only at home that we make such a fuss about Bollywood stars walking the red carpet. At Cannes, people aren’t bothered about who is who. Except for 3-4 popular names they don’t know any Bollywood star. Some of them go there not to indulge in meaningful conversations on films. To them this is a platform for self-promotion. I was surprised to see that the Indian Pavilion set up by the tourism department was absolutely empty.

Been there done that, the experience…

It was great, nothing short of it. I met people who were interested in music. I got a chance to see various movies and attend conferences by actors who talked about movie-making, the creative process et al. I am thrilled to know people there are interested in Sufi music. Heer Ranjha is what interests them and not Dil Le Gai Kudi Gujarat Di.

Make way for Punjabi films too

It shouldn’t be treated as an exaggerated statement, but the market for Punjabi Films at Cannes is much more than Bollywood. All the same, folk music is something Bollywood directors seem to be interested in.

I didn’t carry any designer suit

I had to walk the red carpet, so I went and bought a formal Vogue suit. I was interested in Cannes Film Festival and not Fashion Festival!

Sunny side up
Nobody travels on the road to success without a puncture or two, shares Navjot Singh Sidhu

Navjot Singh Sidhu
Navjot Singh Sidhu

There is more to cricketer, commentator and politician Navjot Singh Sidhu’s life than what comes across in Laughter Challenge. Did you know, one of the highest paid corporate speaker of the country would take three days chutti from school if someone came as close to suggesting him to take part in a declamation contest! An extremely shy maverick, Sidhu looked for nothing more than whiling away life and more importantly joining the ‘Army’ when as they say life happened! Last on his mind was cricket that became ground zero of his innings as commentator, entertainer as well as politician.

The creator of ‘Sidhuism’, shares a slice from his ripe life. The conversation opens with, ‘There is no fruit without the root’. The root in Sidhu’s case is his late father. “Cricket took me everywhere. I joined the game to fulfil my father’s dream,” he says. Nineteen years devoted to this gentleman’s game paved way for everything else. If commentary followed logically after the game, politics did not.

Apart from his father, Sidhu is grateful to his life partner. “A woman makes or breaks you,” he shares.

His take on ‘Sidhuism’? “I was humbled when told that none but George W Bush asked what ‘Sidhuism’ was and got the response ‘whatever the man says becomes Sidhuism’,” he says. But his witty dialogues have not come from prolific reading. “It’s not those who go to schools and universities but those who chant the divine’s name who become immortalised.”

Among other influences Sidhu quotes the year 1998 as life-changer. “It was a book by Swami Vivekananda that I came across that year. That’s what made my inner, diseased being healthy and made the doubts in my mind disappear,” says Sidhu, who wakes up at three in morning for meditation and chants the divine’s name all aath pahar.

Sidhu shares...

Courage is not absence but conquest of fear: Fear lurks around, but champions are ones who conquer their fears. Sehwag is one!

Blood, sweat, toil and tears: There is no shortcut to success, no lift.

Have tenacity: Character is not made in a situation, but displayed. It’s the grit to overcome the obstacles that matters.

Fear clogs, faith liberates: Real emperor is the one who controls the mind. One needs to tap the inner strength to achieve potential.

Adversity brings with it the manual of instructions: Each situation brings with it its set of lessons to be learnt. 

Once Upon A Time...with Prachi

Plan ahead: Prachi Desai

Actress Prachi Desai, who has been nominated in the best actress category at the IIFA awards for Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, said that the film brought her a lot of offers in Bollywood and she intends to do at least three films a year. "My debut film Rock On was a stepping stone but Once Upon A Time In Mumbai was a life-changing experience. The film was my first commercial, typical Bollywood film, while Rock On was cult-ish.

"'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai opened different doors for me... with different roles and films," said Prachi.

The actress, who shot to fame with Ekta Kapoor's Kasamh Se, made her Bollywood debut with Farhan Akhtar's Rock On in 2008. Then came Life Partner (2009) alongside Tushar Kapoor. In 2010, she appeared in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai co-starring with Ajay Devgan, Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranaut.

"I am extremely choosy about my work. I am looking at projects that are younger and different from what I have done earlier... I started slowly in Bollywood but now I am looking at doing two-three or four films a year or even more. "I have two films, one is tentatively titled Joker.

This film is directed by new director Vikram Tuli and it stars Rajeev Khandelwal and me in the lead. It is a young film and should be coming up this year. Then I have a Shrishti Arya's film with John Abraham," Prachi said.

About a rumour that she has turned down an on-screen kiss with John in the film, she said, "I don't make a list of do's and don'ts. If the situation, my role and the people involved in the film demand something then I will do it." — PTI

A hot workout cools this hunk

This hunk thrives on his workout. Hottie Gurmeet Chaudhary, though hardly gets time to unwind or relax due to taxing television serial shoot of STAR One’s Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, has some cool mantras to maximise his free time. Read on to know about his unwinding fundas.

I unwind by…

Workout. I enjoy exercise. I am a black belt in martial arts and love all forms of workout. I try to keep changing them to give my body a variation and also not get bored of the same routine. No matter what time I wind up my shoot, I always exercise before going home. I workout in the gym thrice a week and then do free exercises or run.

Dance is cool

Both my wife Debina and I love listening to music and dancing. The first thing I do is switch on the music when I am in my car or even home. We both love dancing too and Debina is a classical dancer too.

Parties and me…

I am not into parties as such. Sure sometimes they are fun but I don’t have to go out every weekend. I would rather stay at home with my wife, family and friends or go out with them. Basically to unwind, you should do any activity that relaxes you. It should make you feel light and happy.

I enjoy watching…

Movies. I hardly watch television due to time constraint. As for movies, I can divide a film in two parts if it gets too late, which you cant do in TV. I like watching all kinds of movies and Debina too is a movie buff.

Food and me …

I relish home-cooked food as I have very simple tastes. I am not into fancy stuff and particular or fussy about food. Whenever I do eat out, I opt for Chinese. I like anything Chinese. — HRM

Comic comeback

New show: Farida Jalal

Veteran actress Farida Jalal who played the adorable nani in Shararat, is all set to make her comeback on the small screen. After doing films for innumerable years, she has accepted SAB TV’s new comedy show Ammaji Ki Galli.

Set in Amritsar, this show will entertain the audiences with a new Ammaji, a fun loving one as opposed to the matriarch in Naa Aana Is Des Meri Laado. Sources claim, “The story features six families living in a neighbourhood but all of them consider Ammaji as head of the family. The show also has another surprise in store in form of the comeback of Rakshandha Khan, who will play Parminder. The show will launch on June 20.”

After her cameo in Balika Vadhu, this show should be fun to watch.


Bollywood gossip
Chronicle of Bollywood

Anupama Chopra's new book First Day First Show is out which pens down the lives and times of Bollywood.The book, a collection of her articles, takes us through the ups and downs of the industry. It marks various trends which have taken place in Bollywood in almost the past two decades. Anupama has been reviewing Bollywood for a little more than 20 years.

The reactions that her status as a film reviewer has evoked in people are varied in the same social circles and thus she has a clear understanding of the industry the way it is.

She has been actively writing for Bollywood since the past two decades and has inside out understanding of the same. Her last book King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema was published by Warner Books in 2007 and was highly acclaimed. It was featured on the editor’s choice list of The New York Times’ Sunday Book Review.

First Day First Show is Anupama Chopra’s guide to this dazzling world of lights, cameras and stars, but also to its shadowing darkness. She takes us into the lives of the stars, and into the struggles of those who never make it to centre stage; she lets us participate in the making of legendary hits like Sholay and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and also the hard-won successes of independent filmmakers; she shows us the glamour as well as the murky links with the underworld. There is also the odd story of the royal bodyguard of Bhutan who became a scriptwriter, of the embarrassed Pakistani soldiers at Wagah border who could not allow their favourite Indian superstars to shoot. This book has all the ingredients of a Bollywood hit: friendship, love, heartbreak and triumph.

Sad states of affairThe status of Vishal Bhardwaj’s 2 States is unstable. Vishal is busy with Mira Nair’s play for which he is composing music. He has not got time to improve the script. The film was supposed to star Asin and SRK. —HRM

RAW deal;Salman Khan is playing a RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) agent in Kabir Khan’s next film. This is the most realistic character he has portrayed in the recent times. Kabir Khan used to be a documentary filmmaker so he might keep the film as authentic as possible.

Arbaaz Khan; says he is in no hurry to make the sequel to his super-hit maiden production Dabangg. Salman is busy with Bodyguard and another Yash Raj’s film. Arbaaz is very happy with the way his brother’s career is shaping up and he knows that he can cash in on Dabangg at anytime. 

Neil not dating Asin;Neil Nitin Mukesh has clarified that he is not dating Asin. He says that only he decides which films he takes up and turns down. He is currently in Russia shooting for Players.

Vir does some skin show!

Stand-up comedian Vir Das is one of the lead characters in Aamir Khan’s production, Delhi Belly. With his trademark good humour, he talks about the crime caper comedy, his role in it, the song DK Bose, and his favourite item girl.

Bhaag DK Bose and its impact: I think any guy named DK Bose is already pareshaan with his name! If children are singing Munni and Sheila, they can sing this song too! The song is beautiful poetry and captures the spirit of the movie. The three of us, Imran, Kunal and I, are running from aandhi, girls, mafia, etc. The youth will identify with the song. Amitabh Bhattacharya has written the song. He is very talented and funny. He is the only guy who can write a hate-mail reply if he gets hate-mail. 

Angry young man: I play a cartoonist named Auroop. He is a very frustrated and angry chap. I am bald in the film. Aamir wanted some skin show in the film so that is why my head is bare.

Item girl: I want Malaika Arora Khan to do an item song for us. We are getting badnaam in this film and she is already badnaam. So, she will fit into our film.Capturing Delhi: All the violence in the movie is true. I am from Delhi.

Usually in movies, Delhiites tend to be portrayed in a certain way: Old Monk, Tandoori Chicken, etc. In this movie, it is not like that. I like the angle this movie takes on Delhi. We have not shot it like a travelogue around the monuments. We have shot in real locations of Subhash Nagar, Punjabi Bagh, Patel Nagar, etc. 

Yothful talk: The entire movie is about how we young people speak. Akshat made it very easy with the script. Even the gaalis are what people use everyday. The language is very regular. 

I have done a few movies. If I have felt that a line could be funnier, I have exercised my right as an actor to make that suggestion to the director. I didn’t feel the need to do it on this film. It was a beautiful script. Delhi boy: Vir Das

Imaad’s alternative theory

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah's son Imaad Shah, who shot to fame with the film Dil Dosti Etc, doesn't believe that staying in constant limelight can get him good roles. 

The actor, who has only two films to his credit — Yun Hota To Kya Hota and Dil Dosti Etc— said, "I have consciously kept a low profile because I love my privacy and want to keep it intact". Imaad also believes that non-commercial cinema should be promoted and there is a lot of talent beyond commercial cinema. 

"I don't want to do commercial films, I want to promote independent cinema. There are a lot of talented directors out there to work with," Imaad said. The 24-year-old's latest release was a psychological thriller 404 in which he plays an eccentric and genius college senior, alongwith Tisca Chopra and directors Nishikant Kamat and Satish Kaushik. Imaad considers his father a harsh critic and said he has to live up to his standards. 

"He is quite a harsh critic with everybody and applies the same with me too. So, I always feel I have to meet the standards that he has set. But I take it in a positive way and as a challenge to always do good work," he said. The actor, who also makes his debut as a music director with 404, said he has a band named The Pulp Society and music has always been his passion.

"The music in the film is very close to me and is exactly my style. The songs in the past have been very repetitive but now, people are experimenting and fusing different kind of sounds with Hindi film music," Imaad said. Besides acting, Imaad also has plans to make his career as a music director in Bollywood. 

"I have already signed a few projects with big banners as a music director. I am happy that me and my band will be playing together," Imaad said. The actor believes that Indian films live 50 years behind time and the image has to be changed. "Indian cinema is constantly in the global focus and it is high time that quality and content improve. We should be coming out with brilliant cinema," said Imaad, who also works with his father's theatre group Motley Productions. — PTI 
Camera shy: Imaad Shah

Break loose 

Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson has called off her relationship with French deejay Mathieu Schreyer. The 32-year-old star broke up with Schreyer after dating him for nearly three years.

"They were always in separate places because of their careers. She broke up with him. Perhaps part of the problem was that her pals allegedly did not love his personality. He wasn't that smiley type of guy," a source said. In October 2008, Dawson denied that they were engaged, but later gushed about life with her French beau. 

"Sometimes relationships only work when all the fanfare is there. But it's great when it works when none of that is there," she said. Dawson previously dated Sex and the City star Jason Lewis, whom she reportedly lived with, before breaking up in 2006. — PTI 

Lohan in Carrie remake?

Renowned author Stephen King has recommended troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan's name for the lead in a big screen adaptation of his novel Carrie.

The 63-year-old author, who specialises in horror and thriller novels, wants to see the 24-year-old play Carrie White in the remake of the hit 1976 film.

"I've heard rumblings about a Carrie remake. Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White. It would certainly be fun to cast," said King.— PTI 

Nude look for Last Night

Hollywood actress Eva Mendes has said that she was keen to go with minimal make-up for her role in Last Night. The 37-year-old actress felt going make-up free would help lend her character a different 'sexuality' in the film. 

"In the opening scene, I might have a little powder on my face and that's it. That may not sound like a big deal, but these are things that really help create a sexuality in my character. "My hair, which as you can see today is naturally really big, we straightened it, tucked it behind and took away all the sex," the Hitch star said to chat show host Conan O' Brien. Mendes, who teamed up with Sam Worthington, Keira Knightley and Guillaume Canet in the movie, said she had concerns about the description of her character in the original script. 

"My only trepidation with my character was that on paper she read as a seductress. When I got together with the writer-director, we spoke about how to approach that character, and that it would be very boring and one note for me to simply play her as the other woman. "She completely agreed and we stripped this character down and we did some different things, such as I don't have any make-up on in a couple of scenes in the film," she said. —PTI

Par Excellence
The Three key clubs
 Jesse Grewal

While the search for our perfect swing continues, we must pay equal importance to the art of playing the game. Many golfers fall in love with the technique and spend their lives trying to prefect this while some others with apparently imperfect technique are able to play well and shoot good scores.

To shoot a good score we need a repeatable swing and not necessarily a perfect one, matching or well-fitted equipment, a good mind and physical fitness.

The practice we put in also must match the conditions we play on and the clubs we practice must be the ones we use the most. A lot of juniors practice with mid-irons, which they actually get to use the least on the course. They use a Driver from the tee and mostly hit their second shots with either a fairway wood or a rescue and are left with a short pitch. Why would they need to practice mid-irons?

On an average, a player who shoots level par (scratch handicapper) would have approximately 30 putts per round, 14 tee shots with the Driver and approximately 10-15 shots with their wedges, which would include full approach shots and pitches, chips and bunker shots. That makes 54-59 shots with three clubs (the wedges - pitching, gap, sand and lob have similar lengths and lie angles, and can be considered as one) of the total of 72 strokes played per round. This constitutes 75-80 % of the game.

If we want better scores these three clubs must work well - the Driver should be straight and the number of fairways hit should be high, as a lot of golf courses do not allow you to get back in the game if we miss the fairway. Apart from the technique of the swing, a very important part is to have a Driver fitted to your swing. We see a lot of players who are playing with Drivers which are either too long, too stiff or have too little loft. Swing mistakes are caused by a reactive change by the player to their Driver. A player gets thrown off his natural swing when the shape of the shot with a particular club (mostly Driver) differs from the shape of the shot with the other clubs. For instance if he draws the ball with all the clubs, but ends up hitting a slice with the Driver he will begin to make a swing change to hit the Driver straight and end up hooking the other clubs. A well-fitted Driver will allow you to play with your preferred swing.

Over 60 per cent of the game of golf is on or around the putting green. This is the scoring area of golf and if your scores are not improving you need to pay more importance to this area.

There is an old proverb 'Practice makes perfect' and to create perfect practice we must dedicate the appropriate time to each club or area of the game. If 75-80 per cent of the game is with 3 clubs, 75-80 per cent of your practice time must be with these clubs — The Driver, Putter and Wedges.

HEART talk 
Let love conquer all
Parvesh Rana

I am 27 years old and my partner is 10 years elder to me. We are planning to get married. I am in love with her but I don't know whether the age difference can create any problem in our relationship?

— Raghu, Chandigarh

This depends entirely on you and your partner. If you are mature enough to handle things then there is no problem in getting married to someone elder to you. However, I have seen that age differences do create some problems in a relationship. Also understand that your partner would be mature than you are at this age and you should know how to take it in your stride.

I study in Class XII and find myself in a strange situation. I have fallen head over heels for my science teacher. I believe he is the perfect man for me, besides he is unmarried. I hate when he pays attention to other girls in the class. Do you think there is something wrong in this?

— Suhana, Ludhiana

The love that you are experiencing is infatuation, just puppy love, which will fade with time. We all must have fallen in love with our teachers at some point in life. You needn't worry. Concentrate on your studies and try to not to think much about it. 

Sheer pleasure 
Soft fabrics such as sheer, chiffons, satins, taffeta and silks are the flavour this season
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

See through: A model in a sheer fabric dress

Summer is the perfect season to feel the softness of the fabric on your body. And as the weather opens up to a breezy summer lets talk about the fabrics in vogue for this summer season summer.

Though the runways are full of chic, sophisticated, shiny and rich dress material like chiffon, satins, taffeta and silks; it's the sheer fabric that is calling the shots. Though the trend for sheer fabrics has been with us for a while it is the sheer skirts that are going to be popular for the summer season. However, one can also find loads of sheer dresses, blouses and tops on the runway.

Hot and trendy sheer fabric aptly suits the weather condition of our city and thus makes it a perfect pick. “Tight sheer pieces, layers, delicate and feminine silhouettes are apt for the season. Remember that elegance really is the key to wearing the sheer fashion trend this year,” says designer Sabah Khan.

Lace is another trendy thing for the summer. If you want to show a little flesh this is the fabric you can go for. Global brands like Dolce & Gabbana to Issa are offering sexy lace tops for a chic and stylish look. In fact if you follow the fashion runways you’ll see some pieces are entirely made of lace and others have tempting lace insets.

Other than that georgette is also hot and happening. It can be reserved for your evening wears. Linen is another variety that is cool for the summers so is plaid cheese cloth, sand paper silk and of course cotton.

“We’ll be seeing a lot of linen this season," says designer Nidhi Gambir of the brand Walnut. She adds, “Though for formal wear we cannot rule out the silks in casual wear cotton is a staple. Net and lace will also rule the spring/summer fashion scene. And for prints we will witness a lot of hand printing.” 

Steamed Basa
pallav Singhal

This dish comes from the Sichuan region of China. It is steamed, healthy and very easy to prepare. In China, this dish is originally done with whole fish. However, it can be cooked using fish fillet to make it suitable for the Indian palate.


Basa fish fillet 250 gm

Light soy sauce 50 ml


Chinese wine vinegar 20 ml

Fresh finger 20 gm

Fresh coriander 10 gm

Fresh red bellpepper 20 gm

Fresh spring onions 100 gm

Sugar 5 gm

Salt 1 gm

White pepper 1 gm

For the sauce

To prepare the sauce, mix light soya sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, half of ginger and half of coriander and bring to a boil.

Simmer for a few minutes for the flavours to infuse and then strain the liquid through a strainer. Set Aside.

Steaming of the fish

Arrange the Basa fillets on a bed of long pieces of spring onion greens on a platter which fits the steaming vessel.

The spring onions not only impart flavour to the fish but also prevent the fish from sticking to the platter.

Then place the platter in the steamer (Electric rice steamer or pressure cooker without the weight) and steam for 10 minutes. Take the steamed fish out of the steamer and drain the extra liquid from the platter.

Assembling the dish

Pour the sauce prepared in the first step over the steamed fish while it is still hot and garnish with fine juliennes of fresh ginger, spring onion, coriander and red bell pepper. Serve hot.

(Singhal is the executive chef of JW Marriott, Chandigarh)

stress buster
Don’t worry,be happy
Renee singh

I hate you. Get away from me, Leave me alone- Is that the way you feel? Do you feel unhappy? Are you finding it difficult to enjoy your time with your family and friends? Are you not being able to focus and work hard? These are the common problem for most of us.

Life has become stressful right from the childhood through the teenage years and adulthood, down to the old age. Mood swings have taken over our lives.

A foul mood can wear or tear your body. You feel drained out and empty inside. Your mood swings can be dangerous not only to your physical health but to your emotional health as well.

Unhappiness can damage your relationships and hurt your family and friends. I know it's hard to feel better when your mood is constantly bringing you down and life becomes a constant struggle.

Happiness empowers us to live a more successful life.

Giving and maintaining a positive mood is hard but definitely a reachable goal.

Mood enhancers

There are factors that contribute to our physical and mental wellbeing. When we are happy only then can we spread happiness around us.


We know it is essential for good health but are we doing the right thing? Thirty minutes of pulse raising exercise, a minimum of three to five days a week is what experts recommend.

Eat healthy

With all the exotic foods and junk food around, eating healthy is actually a daunting task. Start making small manageable changes in your eating habits. Think smaller portions. Add small portion of veggies to your daily meal.


Did you know that your social life, time you spend with friends and family can help make you healthier and happier? Well, it does.

Manage mood

When we are not happy with our surroundings, we are at risk of a burnout. Just change your food and change your lifestyle routine, exercise and change your mood.

Don't worry, be happy. Let each moment of your life be a moment of joy for you.

(Singh is a Chandigarh-based psychotherapist)

Melon juice or pomegranate sangria?

Surprises never cease, says Surinder Mohan Malhotra, who has been in the food and beverages sector for 35 years. Time was when people would not dream of ordering melon juice at a restaurant, but now it's part of the exotic summer menu almost everywhere. Be it pomegranate sangria or pudina chhaas or melon juice, experimental drinks that are high on the health quotient and contain fruit and vegetable extracts have become a rage.

"I have been in this industry for 35 years and I have seen preferences change drastically. With time, people have become conscious about their health. They insist that drinks be made without artificial syrups," Malhotra, chef at Omnia restaurant in Saket, said.

"Fresh fruit and vegetable drinks are the flavour of the season. Watermelon, melon and kiwis are doing great. Green leafy vegetables like mint gel well with drinks and add a refreshing flavour to it," he said.

The price of mocktails ranges from Rs 180-300 and goes up till Rs 550 plus taxes for cocktails.

Just a few summers back, one had to choose from limited options like aam panna, shikanji, fresh lime water, lassi or iced tea. But now more and more summer coolers and smoothies are joining the list.

Sahil Arora, executive chef at Marriott, Gurgaon, believes the health factor is mainly responsible for bringing in the change.

"I have lived a life so close to these changes in the past 13 years - at first, there was a phase when people were not conscious and particular about their health or taste. They used to follow what was in vogue that time," said Arora.

Refreshing, light drinks are what people prefer now and they are healthy. —IANS

Audrey’s French pleat an all-time favourite

Audrey Hepburn's hairstyle from the Breakfast at Tiffany's has been named the most influential ever, according to a poll of hairdressers. The actress's French pleat is apparently the most requested style in UK salons.

Marilyn Monroe's platinum blonde curls came second in the poll and Twiggy's crop was third.

The lead character of Disney's Little Mermaid, Ariel, was fourth, reports the Scotsman.

Aniston came fifth, whereas Beckham had to remain content with the sixth position. X Factor darling Cheryl Cole's long chestnut brown locks grabbed the seventh position.

The run-down then went more extreme with 'R'n'B' star Rihanna's daring bright red style at eight. Demi Moore's completely shaved head for the film 'GI Jane' managed to stay at the ninth poll-position.

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria's richly-coloured signature style was rated as number 10. — ANI

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Youngsters must curb outdoor activities. A relative may offer support. Relationship issues can be sorted out. A relationship that begins now is sure to last. Business negotiations should be profitable. Ask for a raise. A creative project can get financial backing. Plan a romantic evening. Tarot message: Good time to open new doors. Lucky colour: Golden brown. Magic number: 54.

TAURUS: There are many false starts at work because others fail to do what they have promised. Love life is unsatisfactory. Delay in travel plan is indicated. Make a fresh start in your relationship. Change likely in your close connections. Balance individuality and teamwork. Save wisely. Tarot message: Avoid gossip at work place. Lucky colour: Silver Magic number: 26.

GEMINI: The accent is on business dealings. Don’t allow others to influence your decision. Loved ones will be touchy. You are not going to get things your own way. You have inspiration and enthusiasm for new ideas. Don’t discuss business matters. Tarot message: Stabilise finances by investing in property. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 63.

CANCER: Leisure and pleasure activities are satisfactory. A hectic day for professionals. Financially you have nothing to complain about. Decisive action needed at home. Be careful with your health. Foggy Neptune duels with responsible Saturn, shuffling the boundaries between work and leisure. Tarot message: Over optimism could lead to mistakes. Lucky colour: Royal blue. Magic number: 27.

LEO: You cannot delude yourself. Happy moments are to be enjoyed at home. Escape from the everyday routine is likely to have a strong influence on your thinking. Add some playtime to your daily schedule. The spark of creativity and love can rekindle, setting you adrift in dreamland. Tarot message: Don’t overspend. Lucky colour: Golden. Magic number: 25.

VIRGO: A comfortable day for bizfolk. A visit of a friend will make you readjust your plans. Housewives will have a tiring evening ahead. You will realise your own mistake and take corrective measures. Stress makes you try harder. You may be spiritually inclined. Tarot message: You will get the help you need if you ask for it. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 37.

LIBRA:The heavens are smiling on you today. Esoteric or spiritual studies attract. A romantic attachment can grow into something special. Focus on the things that matter. Romance will be happy for students. Don’t think about changing job. Focus on shopping. Tarot message: Wait for things to get sorted out on its own. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 47.

SCORPIO: Diplomacy and tact are the key words for today. Don’t be afraid to air your feelings. The harmonious vibes on the home front will nurture compassion and empathy. Keep your private life to yourself. Business negotiations are positive. Love and friendship can go hand in hand. Tarot message: Be creative in business. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 59.

SAGITTARIUS: Impulsive people may ruin your plans. A tough day for people working away from home. Things get better but personnel plans hit snag. Take advice of significant other. Watch your generous nature. Tarot message: Leave things open ended for best results. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 33.

CAPRICORN: Cash may be tight. Cutting old ties may be necessary. Misunderstandings and delays will clear away also. You make headway in your professional life. You may run into someone from the past and renew ties. Tarot message: Take care of an elderly member of the family. Lucky colour: Deep crimson. Magic number: 54.

AQUARIUS: An interesting & stimulating day. Businessmen reap profits. Steady efforts help in promotion. Love life needs attention. Respect your own thoughts and emotions. Watch out your need to please. Tarot message: Take limited risks and don’t jeopardise your long term capitals. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 57.

PISCES: Friends draw you out & make you forget the stress. New projects begin to pay off. Stars bless material matters. Matters connected with government agencies are a headache. Don’t criticise people. Watch your temper also. Evaluate work and health. Tarot message: Well-wishers give you sound advice. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 30.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is May 24...

Being a number 6 you are nurturing, responsible and dutiful. You have a rainbow coloured aura. July is good month and Fridays are lucky for you. Numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 15 and 24 are the favourable monthly dates for any important work in 2011-12.

As the numbers in 2011 add up to 4, it has excellent vibrations with your date which also has a combination of numbers 2 and 4. Try shades of blue, rose and pink throughout the year. Keep a careful record of everything you say. During August and September watch for a heavy news cycle! This year, the stars’ transits will bring exciting opportunities...but also confusing situations. A solar eclipse in Gemini on June 1 turns a huge spotlight on all forms of communication. This period helps you plan events and conduct research. Don’t miss a matrimonial alliance. A wonderful year to reach out and socialise and it won’t be a boring 2011-12.

Rajesh Roshan (originally Rajesh Roshan Lal Nagrath, May 24, 1955), is son of music composer Roshan and brother of film director and actor Rakesh Roshan. He is also uncle to actor Hrithik Roshan.

Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish, Jaane Tamanna are some memorable films for which he composed the music. Rajesh Roshan delivered several hit music scores pairing with his brother Rakesh, who had emerged as a director of great stature. 2011-12 may not prove a very lucky year due to unfavourable period till November.

Beat it 

Dj Sameer

Genre: Tech House

Song: Sinnerman - Daniel Dubb & Sean Miller

This is another release by Toolroom Records and this is an amazing track too. The track Sinnerman has a very solid lead and harmony. The song though has. very little vocals but everything in this has been put in at the rhythm and in the right quantity, which makes it a must listen to track. You can jamm in to the track they way you want to. Enjoy the track with a strong base.

(As told to Jasmine Singh) 

Chatter box
Celluloid choice

movie buff: Neha Sargam

Sweet and soft spoken Neha Sargam who plays Nivedita in Chand Chupa Badal Mein loves watching movies. Her show’s title is from a famous song. Here she talks about her favourite films and they are special to her.


I saw Titanic ages ago as a teenager and fell in love with both Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet. They seemed like made for each other. The fictional story woven with facts was the right blend and the cinematic quality presented in the film was spectacular.

Dil Chahta Hai

Aamir Khan was awesome in the film and every scene in the movie was rocking. The film had the right dose of romance, fun, laughter and intensity. I have seen the film several times over. Even today when I am watching it, I am unable to leave the room to fetch water or food. I can watch this movie for hours on end. It remains a favourite and lovable film.

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

I saw Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander as a kid. I could relate to it as it showed school going kids. The song and scenes all connected with my life. Pehla Nasha is a wonderful song and a favourite.


movie buff: Neha Sargam

The film made over few years showed the epic grandeur in the true sense. I loved Mughal-E-Azam for the classic feel, the story, the dialogues, the actors, acting and epic quality. The film is not just about our history but much more. Madhubala’s beauty was captured superbly on screen and it was a treat to watch her on screen.

Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

I have seen Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai 11 times. I loved the film too much. I fell in love with Hrithik Roshan when I saw the film. So meeting him at the STAR Parivaar Awards was super exciting. He looked adorable in both roles. They showcased him in a chocolate boy and dude look. The songs are still chartbusters and I can dance to them anytime.


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